Here's chapter two. I guess things will start to become a bit strange and confusing. I never expected to make a fanfic about Madara.

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Here's chapter two.

The End is the Beginning

終わりは始まりです (Owari wa hajimaridesu)

About ninety years later

Madara's life was over.

The old Uchiha could hear the cries of the enemy shinobi approaching more and more, ready to kill him for good.

All his plans to get the Ten-Tails, to make himself its Jinchuriki, obtain the supreme body, his Eye of the Moon Plan, the Akatsuki... everything... it was all over. Decades of planning, practice, experiments, manipulation and sacrifices had faded into ashes. Everything... EVERYTHING... had been for nothing.

Panting and exhausted, Madara could teleport away from the main battlefield, but even the former leader of the Uchiha knew it would be useless. His enemies were coming. Madara was too weak, it was impossible for him to escape again or face the ninja in battle. His body, despite all the experiments he had done for decades, was coming to its limit.

Filled with anger and frustration, Madara continued to walk through the grass and rocks, although he didn't know where he was. The only eye he had, his old Sharingan, was exhausted and the Rinnegan had been lost during the battle, leaving only an empty socket in its place. Finally, he stumbled on an old trunk and fell to the ground. Madara tried to stand but his legs would not obey him. Either way, it was of no use... he would not get away this time.

This time… he really was going to die.

"No!" thought the old Uchiha. Hatred and anger were the only emotions that kept him alive at this point. "It cannot end like this! Not after everything I had planned so cautiously! I can't die here! I won't let it be all in vain! "

Madara's fingers clutched the earth beneath his hands and squeezed it hard. It was then that his one eye widened.

In the palm of his left hand was a small object, old and dirty. Brushing aside the clay, Madara realized that was an old red amulet which, although soiled, was still very well preserved. In the middle of the amulet was written a single kanji:


Baffled, Madara looked at the amulet closely. Echoes of long forgotten memories sounded in his ears.

"That's… my legacy… it's the most valuable thing I possess. That's why I want you to have it. Please, Madara… promise me that you'll keep it."

Was that possible? Could it be the same amulet that he had thrown away when he went to see his father for the last time?

Madara looked around and recognized where he was. Those were the ruins of his old house... his parents' house. There was nothing left besides weeds, rocks and trees, but that had been the place where Madara was born and lived until he turned 13. This meant he was in the old Uchiha Clan Compound, before he became their leader and moved.


Before he could finish the question, Madara heard something break. When he realized what was happening, it was too late. The earth gave way and the Uchiha leader fell into a hole. The earth sheltered him from the fall, so Madara barely felt the impact. Anyway, after so many experiments to his body, Madara had ceased to feel painful stimuli.

When the dust settled, Madara looked quickly to his surroundings. He was in a kind of underground chamber, very old by the looks of it. He could smell the mold and moisture... could it be an old tomb?

With some effort, Madara was finally able to get up. The chamber was filled with various and dusty objects, many of them covered by giant cobwebs.

"This... isn't a grave..." Madara said, continuing to walk.

Finally, he remembered that place, although he had only been there about three times in his life. It was the Uchiha Hall of Treasures, where his clan kept the precious objects they had obtained over generations.

In the middle of the room, covered in a gray and moth-eaten cloth, Madara saw the object of interest of his father. The mysterious magic mirror... the Makyoh.

As if guided by an invisible force, Madara walked to the mirror and took the old cloth off it. The mirror was large, filled with elaborate designs and kanji... the strangest of all was that the mirror's surface was completely black and didn't reflect anything.

The cries of the shinobi from the Alliance were getting closer, probably they had separated to find Madara faster, but the Uchiha didn't care, as if hypnotized by that obscure mirror.

In his left hand, Madara felt the amulet warm. When he looked at his hand, he saw that the object was shining brightly.


The black surface of the mirror reacted to the amulet and also began to glow brightly. Madara had to close his eye. Suddenly, the amulet crumbled in his hand and the Uchiha felt an invisible force pulling him against the mirror. Too weak and stunned to fight back, Madara was pulled into the mirror.

A few seconds later, the mirror ceased to shine and its surface was black once more.

Madara heard screams. First, the voices were distant, but eventually a small group of people came to him.

Too tired and lethargic, Madara remained lying on the cold stone floor.

"They're the ninjas of the Alliance, huh?" the old Uchiha thought. "It's over... they found me..."

But instead attacking, the people continued to talk to each other, with a bothered and bewildered tone of voice. Shortly after, someone took off the mask of his face and an old man looked directly at his Sharingan. The man gasped while looking at Madara and said something to the people who were with him. Within seconds, they brought a gurney and placed him on top of it.

"Can you hear me?" the old man asked.

Madara nodded, although he was confused by what was happening. Were they taking him to be tried in court? It made sense... the Great Five Nations would want to see his public execution to make sure that, this time, he was definitely dead.

"What's your name?"

Madara almost laughed. What a stupid joke… everyone knew who he was.

"Tobi" the Uchiha replied with contempt, feeling dizzy.

The old man kept talking to him, but Madara couldn't understand his words. His vision became increasingly blurred and there were moments when he wavered between consciousness and slumber. The last thing he saw before definitely passing out was someone to look at him from above. He must have been hallucinating ... because he could have sworn that this person was staring at him with the Sharingan.

"He said something else, Benjirou?"

"No, Hiraku-sama" the old man said, staring at the mysterious and disfigured man lying on the futon in the small clinic of the Uchiha clan. "He just said he is name was Tobi. And he looked at me with Sharingan activated."

Hiraku folded his arms across the chest with an collected expression.

"One thing I doubt not, sir" Benjirou continued. "He's an Uchiha. That eye was not transplanted... however… I am unaware of any Uchiha Tobi... I also don't understand how he suddenly appeared in the Hall of Treasures. The chamber was locked and nobody had access in two months. "

The leader of the Uchiha continued to stare at the strange face of the sleeping man. They had placed a patch in were his left eye should be, although there was no wound or signs of trauma. The man's body was not natural.

"What do you want me to do, Hiraku-sama?" the old medical ninja asked. "I've never seen anyone with a body like this... should I try to heal him? Or do you intend to follow a line of investigation first?"

Hiraku turned to one of his subordinates.

"Where's Tetsuya?" asked the young leader of the clan.

"He and his wife are either at home or praying at the temple" said the ninja. "Tetsuya is still mourning his son's death."

"Go get him" Hiraku ordered coldly. "Tell him I want to talk to him privately. His mourning is over. "

Half an hour later, Tetsuya followed the ninja Hiraku sent through the icy snow, clutching his jacket to his chest. Chitose had stayed in the temple with other young women making her company. Fortunately, his wife had managed to make some friends among the younger and more open-minded members of the Uchiha. Still, nothing could ease the pain of losing a child.

Upon entering the clinic, Tetsuya got into a small room where there were only Hiraku and someone lying on a futon next to the fireplace.

The ninja closed the door and Tetsuya stared at the Uchiha leader, frowning.

"What do you want from me, Hiraku?" Tetsuya asked. It was obvious that Hiraku didn't want to be heard, that's why Tetsuya paid no need to formalities.

Hiraku pointed to the man lying on the futon. After seeing the face of the unknown Uchiha, Tetsuya slightly widened his eyes, but pulled himself together in time to Hiraku not notice.

"This man came out of nowhere, in the Hall of Treasures..." Hiraku looked at Tetsuya covertly. "Right in front of the Makyoh."

"Really? How peculiar..."

"He said is name is Tobi. And we have already seen his chakra signature and sharingan... he is an Uchiha" Hiraku continued, always attentive to Tetsuya's face, which remained impassive.

"What do want, Hiraku?" asked Tetsuya sharply. "Chitose is waiting for me."

Hiraku laughed.

"I wonder if you don't mind that... I take care of this unexpected visitor?" Hiraku asked.

Tetsuya looked again at the old man lying on the futon; his black eyes became as cold as the falling snow.

"No" Tetsuya said, ready to leave. "Do what you want with him."

Hiraku smirked and looked furtively at Tetsuya as the latter left the room without looking back.

Ok, so things get strange now, huh? Please tell me what you think so far of the OC, since I'm dealing with Madara's past. I just hope I can make them as interesting as the canon characters.

If you want to know… Name trivia:

Tetsuya – from Tetsuya Nomura, the video game director and character designer working for Square Enix, best known for his work on both the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. It means "Arrow of philosophy".

Chitose – from Chitose Hibiya, a character from Chobits. It means "Ascend with the strength of a thousand".

Hiraku – it means "Expand, Open, Pioneer".

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