CHAPTER 1 - Kidnaping and Rescue

Author's Note: May 2011 - This was originally called The Secret Life of an Enforcer Commander. Like a few other stories of mine, I felt it needed a complete overhaul. Hope this version meets your approval and isn't as confusing as the first one was when I realized I'd constantly switched from first to third person all over the place and left far too much out of the plot.

Doing special patrols in search of the missing Chief Enforcer, the SWAT Kats were passing over the warehouse district late one morning, four days after Feral had disappeared, Razor's instruments picked up an odd power signature in an otherwise abandoned business.

"Hey buddy, go back over that area of warehouses we just went past. I'm getting some strange readings that just shouldn't be there," he ordered.

"Copy that," T-Bone responded, returning the jet to their last location.

"Pinned it down. Location is in the old Firebird Design Warehouse."

"I take it you want to check it out, eh?" the tabby asked, knowing the answer already, as he put the jet on hover and looked around for a secure and strong place to land the jet.

Razor snorted. "Well, it could be Hard Drive or Dark Kat who has Feral and this odd signal might be them so of course were checking it out. Set down on the next building over, T-Bone...it has a denser roof and can handle the jet's weight."

"Roger, setting down." T-Bone used the air jets to move the Turbokat slowly forward then lowered them down to the roof, smooth and easy, shutting the engines once its wheels had settled.

Shooting back the canopy, the pair leaped down onto the tarred roof. Razor secured the jet before they raced across to the short wall facing the targeted building. Using their grappling lines they shot across the space and landed quietly. Noting a skylight, they walked toward it as silently as possible, crouching down as they approached so the sun wouldn't cast their shadows within then peered in cautiously.

Through the grimy glass, the view was of an upper floor of the warehouse where they beheld a disturbing sight. They had found Feral alright but nothing prepared them for what they saw. No Dark Kat, creeplings or other omega greeted their eyes, only a male that didn't look like a Kat. Through a broken pane of glass they could hear what was being said below. What the odd creature was doing and saying held them spellbound with shock.

The room was mostly empty except for a chair and the immense four poster bed where Commander Feral was presently shackled to and lying face up naked on. The mattress was covered with cream colored silk sheets but had no pillows or blankets. The tom's feet had been spread wide and chained with cuffs to each bed post while his front paws had been gathered together and held by some kind of metal sheath that encased them entirely and was attached to the wall at the head of the bed.

The stranger, who was also naked, was stretched out over Feral's body, hiding it from view except for his face that they could easily see. The male was larger and taller than Feral and possessed the same colored fur and hair, except the hair was longer, cascading down his back freely, with a cream colored streak running from front to back and down the center of his head.

The scene itself wasn't that odd if this was an S and M tryst but judging by the look of sheer terror and anguish on Feral's face, the Commander wasn't there voluntarily and something else was wrong with this picture: Feral's eyes!

The big tom's normally gold colored eyes were missing and in their place were these eerie glowing, tri-colored ones (an outer ring of gold, inner ring of amber, and a center of orangish gold). They'd never seen anything like that before and couldn't figure out what could have possibly caused such an eye change in the first place.

Feral's terror ramped up as they watched the other male get comfortable, his face above the frightened tom's. The Commander made a valiant effort to unseat his unwanted sex partner, fangs snapping at the male's face, bucking his body wildly, but his tormentor only laughed and appeared unaffected. They could see the effects of previous failed attempts to escape by the multiple healing sores and dried blood visible on Feral's ankles.

His captor continued to laugh evilly at his victim's attempts to dislodge him, the same long fangs flashing into view, the sound sending shivers down the watchers spines. Defeated, Feral wilted and closed his eyes but that only angered the other male. "Keep your eyes open bitch!" The male barked, fetching Feral a harsh slap to the face. The Commander quickly opened his eyes again, tears beginning to fall down his cheeks as he stared upward at his kidnapper.

T-Bone made a move to rise and leap down to rescue the Enforcer but Razor stayed him with a hard grip on the tabby's arm. Drawing his partner away from the window so they wouldn't be heard, the smaller SWAT Kat hissed, "no, we can't just leap in there. My instruments indicate that tom is the one giving off the strange power signature I found and its risen off the scale. I don't know what he is, buddy, but he's most definitely not a Kat and we won't help Feral if we're incinerated before we even reach the floor."

The tabby gaped at his friend. "How can he do that? He's naked! You can tell he doesn't have a weapon on him."

"According to my readings, that male doesn't need one. Somehow his body is a weapon. Sort of like Hard Drive's surge coat except this guy can apparently generate his own energy in some fashion. All I know is, if we jump down there right now, neither of us will live to save the Commander. I'm sorry but we have to wait until he leaves before we can help."

"But he's going to rape him?"

"Feral's been gone four days, buddy. How do you know the kidnapper hasn't already done that multiple times? By the looks of his ankles, the fear and pain on Feral's face, I think we can safely say he's been abused a lot already," Razor whispered, anger heavy in his voice and no happier than his partner about letting Feral continue to be abused. "He'll just have to put up with it again."

Furious, T-Bone subsided and reluctantly nodded. The two returned to the window and watched helplessly as the strange male spoke for the first time since they'd arrived, his words malicious and cruel.

"I love how you struggle my mate. It just makes taking you that much sweeter. I need to dump power so take my gift and remember you have only yourself to blame for your present predicament." Fitting action to words the huge male lined his hips up with Feral's and thrust forward, hard, which, considering the position Feral lay in, should have done nothing but bash the poor tom's cock and balls but instead the male slid inside something the two watchers couldn't see but definitely caused Feral pain as he wailed in a voice already too hoarse to be heard very well. The male laughed as he thrust fast and furious within his helpless victim causing the maximum amount of pain he could.

After more than ten minutes of brutal thrusting, the male climaxed, his body giving off a tremendous amount of energy that lit up the room like a small sun and caused the watchers to turn their heads or be blinded. As the light faded, they turned back to see the male, grinning with pleased satisfaction, pull out of Feral and climb off the bed, blood streaking his semi-hard cock.

Feral lay moaning and whimpering in pain. His now revealed body shocking T-Bone and Razor to the core.

"OMG! Feral's a she not a he!" T-Bone blurted, though he remembered, just in time, to whisper. Razor just stared down into the room in angry disbelief and horror.

The rapist gloated down at the revealed female. "Perfect as always my traitorous mate. Maybe later I will let you finally release your energy too, if you continue to cooperate that is. Until then the backed up power will remind you forcefully how displeased I am that you had run away. Perhaps you will finally learn to obey your master and clan."

He leaned closer, an ugly sneer of anger pulling at his mouth. "Just remember, you asked for this...all of it. You'll be lucky I don't kill you when I'm through for the humiliation you caused me by fleeing our home. The clan beat me and threw me out for allowing a breeding female to leave. I've searched these many years for you since I had no home and nothing else to do thanks to you. I plan to make you pay for all that lost time by getting you pregnant and dragging you back to the clan holdings, properly cowed, and regain my rightful place among them so plan on being used until you carry my cub, you worthless bitch. It's up to you how long this will take," he warned cruelly then turned away. He grabbed a robe that lay over the chair and pulled it on before striding to the door and out, slamming it closed behind him, leaving Feral to cry tears of despair and pain.

T-Bone saw red. That weird tom was a monster! From what he'd heard, the creature had been Feral's mate and had apparently abused her for a long time before she managed to escape and make it to Megakat City then he...no she had attempted to make a new life by hiding and pretending she was male. She nearly succeeded but her tormenter finally tracked her down. Obviously, despite her Enforcer training, the guy managed to ambush and take her prisoner, beginning his abuses all over again.

There was a place in hell for such a person, the tabby felt and he'd like to send that creature there courtesy of his own two paws. It sickened him to see the once proud Commander lay there sobbing like her life was over. Well she'd not suffer any longer, not if he could help it.

Without a word to his partner, he lifted the window up and propped it so it wouldn't fall then used his grappling line to drop into the room, his partner right beside him. They ran to Feral's side and studied the shackles holding her in place on the bed. They each took a corner and undid the cuffs on her ankles then went to the head of the bed. While Razor studied the device holding her paws over her head, T-Bone tried to calm Feral down. It twisted something inside him to see the once proud person he'd known as a rough and powerful fighter and leader reduced to anguished tears of despair, it just seemed so wrong in so many ways.

"Shh...it's alright...we're here to rescue you," he whispered, soothingly but she wasn't hearing him. He touched her arm carefully to get her attention but she flinched and kept her eyes closed, weeping silently.

It hurt to have her pull away from his touch like that but he understood and tried not to let it bother him. Not wanting to upset her further, he kept his paws to himself and studied his former antagonist more closely, cataloging with his eyes all the differences from the person he thought he knew.

There were the unusual eyes and the faint hint of the same cream streak the male had but that she obviously had dyed and needed to do again, as well as those unusually long fangs. Her built, height and muscles were similar to that of a male Kat but that was where the similarity ended. She possessed ample curves and breasts that he was surprised no one had noticed especially her own Enforcers. It was obvious she had worked very hard to perfect her male disguise, including the voice, proper male posturing, and walk, carrying off the charade with great skill all these years. He had to give her a lot of credit for doing such a good job fooling everyone. But what exactly was she?

Razor stopped trying to remove the restraint holding her paws and asked that very question. Leaning down over her, he asked softly, "Feral, I know you're hurting and afraid but before I can remove this thing holding your paws I need to know what you are."

Feral didn't react to the question at first, too miserable and afraid, until she felt a warm breath of air brush her face and catch the scent of someone other than her mate. Surprised, she opened her eyes to stare in confusion at the masked face of a familiar cinnamon tom. She hadn't heard what he'd said, so grateful was she to have been found even if it were by a vigilante, that she begged him to release her.

"Get me away from here before he comes back!"

"We will, I promise, but we need to know what you are as these restraints are holding something back and I'm afraid to release them until I know what might happen if I do," Razor repeated, gently.

"Oh..uh...I'm a Sabaren."

"Wha...I thought you guys were a myth!" Razor reared back in shock.

T-Bone eyed them both in confusion. He'd never heard of a Sabaren before.

"They are a species of feline that can absorb the energy created by nature and expel it through their paws as a weapon or defense, making them the most dangerous creatures in the world and thought to be a myth or at the very least extinct," Razor explained, still shaken by the discovery.

"Obviously, they are very much alive, buddy," T-Bone snorted, eyeing Feral curiously. "So what does that mean about getting her out of this mess?"

"Well, I know it's made of a special alloy and now I know why. It keeps her from expelling her power when he dumps his. The cruel bastard actually added to her own energy load, backing it up. It can't be comfortable and will kill her if he doesn't let her release it soon."

"The son of a bitch..." T-Bone snarled angrily. "So we help her release her power."

Razor blushed and looked both unhappy and uncomfortable at the same time.

"You must do what my mate did to help me release my energy," Feral interrupted, hoarsely, looking both resigned and anguished at the prospect.

T-Bone's mouth gaped in shock then snapped shut before he blurted, "...no...we can't do that...he's already hurt you badly, besides which of us could do this? Why can't we just release your paws? Wouldn't that allow you to dump your energy?"

Feral gave him a sad smile. "Sorry, no. These horrible restraints are a favorite toy of his to punish me. It simply keeps me from dumping my energy when he dumps his."

Razor shifted his feet, totally embarrassed by this subject. "I'm afraid you're the obvious choice, T-Bone. I'm unable to perform in public and you're the more experienced of us two." He felt terrible leaving this burden on his friend but someone had to do it and it wouldn't be him.

T-Bone rolled his eyes and felt strange to be put in such a position but as the more Kat about town and sexually skilled, the deed would have to be done by him. Shaking his head, he stared down at the still traumatized female watching him with frightened, pleading eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I've never hurt a female in my life and he's made you bleed, it will surely cause you pain if I have to do the same to you despite me being more gentle about it but that's the only option we've got to get you out of here before he comes back. Can you trust me to do what I must? I'll try to make it good for you if I can, promise," He said, feeling just sick about this.

Eyeing the upset SWAT Kat, Feral didn't need T-Bone telling her she was out of options but it helped to hear the anguish this caused him. It meant he was sorry and concerned for her something no one had felt for her before in her life.

In a strange way, it made her feel better that he found no enjoyment in having to do this nor sought revenge against her for the way she'd treated them both. She'd heard tales of his compassion but hadn't believed it until now. That was a good thing to know in this situation however, he was male and she'd been hurt so many times by that gender it was nearly impossible for her to trust one now but she had to escape and he was the only way she'd be able to do that.

Swallowing down her fear she whispered, "I...it's hard to let a male near me after what he's done to me, but I want my freedom. I can't bear anymore of his cruelty so do what you must but hurry! He will be back soon! Just make it quick, please."

Well if that didn't kill ones libido he didn't know what else could, though having sex with an unwilling female certainly was a close second, he thought then shrugged it off angrily. It was the only way and dragging it out was even crueler, so swallowing his distaste for what he was about to do, he called on all his skills as a lover to make it as good for her as he possibly could given the short time period. While he readied himself, his partner averted his face and focused on removing the restraint device, trying hard to ignore what was about to happen right next to him.

With as much care as he could muster, T-Bone tried to ignore her shuddering and flinching at his touch and her tightly closed eyes as he began a gentle massage of her body trying to relax her and gain trust, starting with her shoulders and working down her torso. Her fur was thicker and plusher than any Kat female he'd been with and felt wonderful under his fingers as he dug into her tense muscles.

Though they had an unknown length of time before her mate returned, there was just no hurrying this. A sharp clunk of sound startled them both. Looking up quickly, he saw Razor give him an apologetic look as he removed the shackles and her arms fell limply at her sides, not within her control as circulation had been cut off for some time. She hissed at the unpleasant return of blood flow.

Halting the massage of her body, he picked up an arm and briskly worked at getting the circulation moving then moving to the other arm. She sighed in relief when the severe pins and needles finally eased and she could move her arms more easily after several minutes. Once her arms were more comfortable, T-Bone returned to massaging her body making his touches more intimate. He never noticed his partner withdraw and take up a guard post at the door the male had disappeared through. His whole focus was on getting her ready for his invasion while hoping he could perform under such conditions.

Her eyes still closed, she realized in surprise that she had all but ceased her flinching at his touch and was actually enjoying his massaging fingers. For the first time since her kidnapping her body was able to relax.

All her life, she'd only known rough treatment, first by her father than by her mate that had been chosen for her. Sex was something to be endured rather than enjoyed. That hadn't changed with her escape to this city. Because of her need to hide her true sex, she was reduced to dumping power with males on the fringe of society who could be paid for their silence. Far too many of them were cruel, clumsy, or downright nasty. Only a handful had tried to be kind and gentle but those were very few and she couldn't risk developing a relationship with them and retain her secret identity making sex for the past twenty years just a harsh necessity.

So as this male treated her gently and with consideration, she was totally unprepared for how good this felt. It was a new experience that she was almost afraid to enjoy for fear it would turn out to be just a dream. Her body, however, was having no trouble believing the reality of this more pleasant treatment and was reacting in a way she'd never associated with sex before.

Her head wasn't certain how to respond so she let it go blank and let her body lead the way. Doing that allowed her to feel the power singing through her as it strained for release. It had never been this strong before and it scared her. Would this male be able to handle it...or would it be too much for them both. Too late to turn back now.

A sigh of pleasure was surprised from her lips as a particularly enjoyable touch sent a tingle of sweetness through her. Wow, what was that? She wondered but couldn't bring herself to open her eyes and see what he was doing.

T-Bone sighed mentally, relieved to see her beginning to enjoy his touches as he pressed his advantage, hurrying a little as he felt time passing quickly. Licking his fingers, he drew wet rings around her nipples then blew on them causing them to rise into hard peaks then drew those same fingers down her chest to her belly then her mound. Here he was as gentle as he could possible be, caressing with light feathering touches to her poor abused clitoris.

Her whole body jolted in pain and pleasure, the mix confusing her while also exciting her at the same time. He teased the hood carefully knowing it was sore but relieved it wasn't too bad for her by the reaction he got. She gasped and jerked again at each of his touches, the last brush against her soft folds causing her eyes to open in surprise, staring at him questioningly.

Those amazing tri-colored eyes fascinated him. They helped keep him from seeing the Feral he knew from before and only seeing the female he was trying to please right now. He could almost picture how she would look if her hair were allowed to grow long and silky once more with that intriguing cream streak in it, softening the harsh features of her very male looking face.

Allowing that fantasy image to make him more receptive to her scent and very female body, he felt his own sex begin to rise. Continuing his attentions to her soft folds, he flicked his finger up and down in a slow rhythm that got her hot and wet.

Oh, the touch felt so good and so very different from any of her past experiences, she thought in surprise. She stared at him, fascinated, as he pulled so many incredible sensations from her she never knew she could feel. The only thing that spoiled it a little was her energy straining harder to be released. She knew she couldn't hold out much longer.

Seeing her excitement increase and her body begin to glow, T-Bone knew he had to make his move now. Releasing himself from his g-suit, he climbed on the bed then covered her carefully, not quite lowering his body completely on hers, allowing her to get used to him simply being there. This close to her he was surprised by a current of energy caressing his body and making him harden more. He blinked in surprise. Well that was certainly handy, he thought. Let's just hope she's ready too.

Carefully and gently, he tested her readiness with a single finger. She groaned involuntarily but not in pain at his touch. His finger came away with clear fluids and he detected she was receptive now.

With great care he nudged her with his now hard pole. She raised her hips to make it easier for him and he slid home into her warm body more easily than he thought possible since she'd already suffered from before but that seemed to have been swept away by proper lubrication and preparation on his part.

That hurtle out of the way, he began a gentle thrusting movement but because she felt no pain for the first time in her life, only a wonderful fullness and a rising sensation of pleasure, she grew restless and eager. Suddenly, she wanted this and didn't hesitate to tighten around his tool and rock her hips against him causing even more waves of pleasure. It felt incredible.

He could tell she was enjoying the ride and was no longer as fearful. He picked up the pace as waves of sensation washed through them on a gentle tide of pleasure. His paws continued to rub up and down her body increasing the sheer erotic intensity he was building, sending her higher and higher.

As for her energy, it rose to a fever pitch till she could take no more and released it in a strong wave of orgasmic energy sending them both over the edge. T-Bone bite his arm to keep from roaring his pleasure while she bite her lip, accustomed to staying silent during sex. The room glowed so brightly, Razor had to hide his face in his arms. When he could see again he found the pair limp and breathing fast.

Putting his ear to the door, he carefully listened for anyone coming on the other side but all was quiet. Assured it was safe at the moment, Razor hurried to the pair's side and began shaking his partner.

"Come on buddy, we've got to get out of here" he hissed, urgently.

Struggling to rouse himself, T-Bone carefully disengaged from her and climbed off the bed. He set his clothes to rights before coaxing Feral to rise from the bed, giving her a paw to help her stand. When she was on her feet and reasonably steady, he searched around for something to cover her nakedness when the door suddenly slammed open and in strode her mate.

He was dressed in a simple green t-shirt and black jeans with black pull on boots. For a split second, he could only stand there in shock and confusion at the sight before him but, in the next instant, that was wiped away by a blinding fury as he launched himself at the two strangers who dared to take his mate.

Shoving Feral to her knees to keep her safe, T-Bone raised his glovatrix and fired a tarpedo at the furious male. It caught him in mid leap and ruined his attack causing him to fall to the floor, long talons at his face trying to remove the gooey substance.

Razor hadn't been slacking as he immediately fired a net missile at the Sabaren, entangling his limbs. That seemed to halt him at first, but as soon as he was able to remove the tar, his long talons made short work of the net treating it as if it were string rather than weaved steel.

Free, the Sabaren leaped from the floor to the nearest opponent which was T-Bone sending them both to the floor. T-Bone struggled to fire another missile but the Sabaren had his weapon's paw in a death grip. Those talons threatened to rip the tabby open from face to crotch but Razor was quick to fire a flashblub missile that blinded the male and forced him away from T-Bone.

The burly SWAT Kat rolled quickly away before jumping to his feet. Blinking furiously to clear his eyes, the male roared again and lunged at them. The two fighters split apart letting their opponent miss them but Sabaren's are super fast so the male was already spinning on his heel and heading back toward them before they could take a breath and decide what else to try in such a confined space.

Suddenly a scream of fury rent the air and a dark shape hurtled itself toward the male, slamming him into a nearby wall then falling to the floor and rolling around as each tried to win against the other.

T-Bone and Razor watched in shocked surprise as Feral fought her mate with her talons and ultra long fangs that she used to rip and tear at him anywhere she could reach. Her fury was such that she had lost her fear and was determined to kill him. Blood began to fly as she tore at him mercilessly.

The male did almost as much damage to his mate. Using fists and claws, he broke ribs and dug a nasty furrow down her back as they struggled to overcome the other. She pulled back a fist and fetched him a bruising upper cut to his jaw but he blew it off and slammed a fist to her head setting it to ringing.

She'd never beaten him in the past or when he'd taken her some days ago and she wouldn't succeed doing so now, he thought arrogantly.

But Feral wasn't just a highly trained Enforcer but a Sabaren who'd been pushed to her limit and beyond and wanted revenge. Her mate found himself fending off blows that were those of a trained fighter and that were actually getting through his defenses and causing serious damage which only infuriated him more.

As for the SWAT Kats, the combatants were too close together for them to get a clear shot at the male. Razor was making the decision to knock them both out with a gas grenade before one of them succeeded in killing the other when Feral finally got the upper paw.

When the male had managed to hamstring her arms and legs with her back pressed against his chest, she made one last ditch effort. Jerking her head backward and to the side, she managed to bite his neck and, using her fangs, rip his throat out. Tearing his carotid artery, he bled out fast making his body too weak to hold her any longer. He collapsed to the ground, blood gushing out rapidly.

His eyes stared up at her in shock as she raised off him, his blood dripping from her jaws and soaking her chest. As she glared at him, he felt his life slip away, a look of dumbfounded disbelief filling his eyes as he realized she had actually succeeded in killing him. She watched as the light left his eyes forever and his chest stilled, her revenge complete.