This is the first chapter of my first story here on FanFiction since I joined in November 2010.

This entire story takes place a year after the Unova saga (Which I'm predicting Ash will lose but anything could happen).

This chapter is a revision of the first time I posted in May 2011 before I improved my writing style.

Read, Review and enjoy.

Ash Ketchum a teenage Pokemon trainer who has traveled threw the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova region has been living in his home town Pallet town in the Kanto region for a year now since his adventures in the Unova region he caught several Pokemon in that region during his travels.

Ash had decided to take a break from journeying for awhile to spend more time with his family back in Kanto and for the past year it had been nice, usually Ash would simply learn of a new region in the world and decide to travel there but not this time (Don't ask me why).

While Ash enjoyed spending time with his family in Pallet town (He has other relatives besides his mother there) he missed challenging Gym leaders and going against the Pokemon leagues even though he never won but he forgot he could always try again another year but for some reason Ash has never bothered to have done this.

One day Ash was at Professor Oak's lab watching his herd of over thirty Tauros which he caught in his first journey in the Kanto region in the Safari zone running threw the fields of the research lab when suddenly it hit him in his mind of what he could next.

Ash then realizes what he can do and that is to try it again.

Ash then goes over to his house tells Delia all about what he plans to do which to once again travel threw the Kanto region collect gym badges and challenge the indigo plateau and hopefully this time win it.

"At least you were here longer then you usually are when you leave dear" Delia says after hearing that "You'll have a better chance of winning the Indigo Plataea since your Pokemon have gotten stronger" Professor Oak says also hearing this.

He decided to bring his Unova region Pokedex with him, which had data on over 649 Pokemon from all five regions along with several supplies he might need during his journey and after saying goodbye to his mother Ash, and Pikachu were off.

Ash and Pikachu soon got to the exit of Pallet town and just before they entered Viridian forest the two hear a rustling in the bushes and an Eevee pops out "Eevee!" the Evolution Pokemon says and Ash is amazed by this and pulls out his Pokedex.

"Eevee the Evolution Pokémon. Because its genetic makeup is irregular, it quickly changes its form due to a variety of causes"

"Whoa that's awesome!" Ash says and pulls out a Poke ball and throws it and his Gible is unleashed from his Poke ball "Gible!" He exclaims "Gible use Dragon Pulse!" Ash says and Gible opens its mouth and a turquoise ball of energy appears in front of it. It then fires the ball at Eevee, which knocks the Evolution Pokemon out in one hit.

"Now go Poke ball!" Ash says and throws an empty Poke ball at Eevee, which absorbs the Evolution Pokemon and wobbles and blinks several times and then halts and sparkles fly off confirming its capture.

"Yeah! I caught an Eevee!" Ash says holding up the Poke ball "Pika-pi!" Pikachu says and the ball then teleports away right in Ash's hand.

"Oh yeah teleports to Professor Oak's lab if I have more then six Pokemon on my team" Ash says and Ash notices Team Rocket is following him due to seeing a shadow behind him in the shape of a Meowth which is their balloon.

Ash and Team Rocket have had this boring routine for the past six years where they would continuously try and steal Pikachu fail every time and he was just sick of it "I know your there team rocket! I can see the balloons shadow!" Ash yells out and just before they could do their motto (Which got old years ago) Ash turned and so did Pikachu and Gible.

"Pikachu use Electro Ball on the Balloon's carriage!" Ash says and Pikachu unleashes a ball of electricity at the carriage of the hot air balloon carrying the trio of Pokemon thieves that has been causing the two friends trouble for the last six years.

The Electro ball hits the carriage causing the trio of thieves to fall down and hit the ground but they quickly pick themselves up looking very peeved the longhaired Jessie spoke first.

"Oh you twerp now your gonna get it!" She says very angry and opens her Poke ball and in an instance her Yanmega is unleashed from her Poke Ball "Yanmega use AncientPower!" She says and the ogre darner Pokemon begins to generate a sphere of energy.

"Gible use Draco meteor!" Ash says The land shark Pokemon fires the attack at Yanmega before she could fire AncientPower making her faint and Gible then stands and roars in victory then he begins to glow and grow and Ash looks amazement as his Gible evolves finally the light stops and Gible has become a Gabite "Gabite!" Ash then pulls out his Pokedex

"Gabite the Cave Pokemon the evolve form of Gible. It loves sparkly things. It seeks treasures in caves and hoards the loot into its nest."

Ash then unleashes his other Pokemon, which are Bayleef, Totodile, Emboar and Quilava, and they all stare down on Team Rocket and they cover they're heads cowering in fear. Ash then takes out his phone and dials 911.

Several moments later Officer Jenny and at least two other cops arrives and cuffs the entire trio places them under arrest.

"Don't worry they won't be bothering you anymore with all they did they'll be put away for life" Officer Jenny says and after giving Jenny his statement leaves and with his Pikachu goes into Viridian forest.

To be continued.

Okay that was my revised version of Chapter 1 of the story before I improved my writing style. I merged the first two chapters into one and used my improved writing style on it to those who have been reading this since the beginning I hope you like the revised version.