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Ash's POV

The wind in the air as Charizard flew Pikachu and me through the air made my hair go all over the place. The wind also almost made me lose my hat and I sure as hell didn't want to lose it from over 500 feet or however high we were up in the air and waste the rest of the day searching for it.

So I just decided to put in my backpack so I wouldn't have to go through all of that trouble.

I've started to consider ditching wearing that kind of hat it has really gotten old at this point I mean…I've worn the same type of hat for almost SEVEN YEARS now.

I mean yeah sure I've worn different variations of it with different logo designs or colors but essential I've been wearing the same kind for almost a DECADE.

I haven't had a hair cut in over six months my hair is at least three inches long coming up on four inches and it's been getting harder and harder to keep the hat from falling off. I actually might ditch wearing a hat all together because of my hair.

It looks like I might be missing out on Dawn's contest so I can and explore these beautiful Tohjo Falls I've been hearing about for such a long time now…and I hope its worth the trouble I'm gonna have when I back to the rest of my friends…if they even still want to be my friends when I get back.


Dawn tapped her feet on the floor repeatedly as she sat on a bench in the Contest Hall's preparation room as she waited for the return of Ash, Max and Bianca. The Cubone who had joined them in Lavender Town sat on the bench next to her who had been rather silent since they left the town.

May ran into the room and Dawn sat up.

"May, Are they back?"

"Well…yes and no"

"What do you mean?"

Bianca, Max and Togekiss entered the room but there was no Ash or Pikachu. Dawn figured out what May had meant by what she had said.

Bianca was the first one to speak "Ash didn't come back with us"

Bianca was still angry because of how rude and rather mean-spirited Ash was to them back on Route 27. She wanted to have some time away from him just as much as he wanted time from them.

"But why, what happened is he okay?" Dawn asked.

Bianca didn't give an answer so instead Max decided to do, so that Dawn wasn't left in the dark about what had happened "Well ugh…Ash needs some time alone for himself right now, he was in a bad mood when we found him and Pikachu on Route 27"

Bianca decided to say something, she sat up and yelled "Yeah and when we tried to reason with him he cussed and yelled us, he acted like a total prick to us back there and he even said that he might not come back!"

"What, he can't be serious?"

"I'm sure he isn't serious Dawn, he'll probably come back when he's calmed down" May said.

"Yeah, lets hope for that" Dawn said.

Bianca frowned and clenched her fist "I can't believe I kissed him in the first place!" She thought to herself.

Meanwhile Charizard continued to fly through the air as he got closer and closer to the entrance of the infamous Tohjo Falls.

Pikachu saw something that was coming up in the distance that made his super cute mouth drop open in utter amazement.

"Pika, Pi…"

Ash could tell that Pikachu must have seen something amazing up ahead with a look on his face like that, so he looked out himself to see what it was all about.

Once he saw it…he was left completely speechless by what he had seen.

It was Tohjo Falls.

It was everything one could use to describe the word beautiful.

The Water flowed down probably a hundred or more feet down and the sun glistened off of the water, there was even a small rainbow that formed on top of the falls where the water was coming from.

"Whoa…now I defiantly want to check this place out, fly us down Charizard!"

Charizard looked up at Ash, he frowned and growled at him in annoyance.

Ash faceplamed himself as soon as he realized what Charizard meant with his soar reaction.

"Oh yeah I forgot that if any of that water touched your tail's tip fire, it'd go out and you would die…silly me"

Charizard then turned away from Ash.

"I'm sorry I forgot, I just caught up with how beautiful these falls look!"

The Flame Pokemon simply rolled his eyes in response.

Ash then tried to remember if he had any other Pokemon on his current party who were capable of flight that wouldn't die if they came into contact with some water from the falls.

Then it hit him, he DID have another Pokemon that can fly in his current party that could fly across or into the falls without the risk of death.

He reached for his belt then he removed two Poke Balls. One of the balls were Charizard's own Poke Ball and the other ball contained the Pokemon that he was going to use to fly right to the falls to explore it.

"Latias, I choose you!"

Ash then tossed the latter Poke Ball into the air, which opened up and released the Legendary Guardian of Alto Mare who flew over next to Charizard. Ash then jumped right off of Charizard with Pikachu and landed on to Latias' back.

Ash let out a sigh of relief "Good thing you were right next to Charizard Latias or else me and Pikachu would have fallen to our deaths down there". Ash then pointed at Charizard his Poke Ball.

"Thanks for flying us all the way out here Charizard, you should take a rest"

Ash then recalled Charizard back inside of his Poke Balls and placed it back on his belt. Once that was taken care of Latias descended toward the Tohjo Falls that was even more beautiful now that the trio was even closer to it.

Latias flew in close to the rushing waterfalls of the Tohjo falls. They were so close in fact one of her jet-like wings touched the clear and pure water. Latias closed her eyes and smiled as to her the water felt very cool and relaxing on her wings.

Ash couldn't wait anymore he needed to get inside those falls just to see what was inside "Alright, Latias bring us through the falls!"

Latias per Ash's command flew back around then she dived straight forward through the waterfall that covered the entrance of the inside of Tohjo Falls.

Now that the trio were inside of Tohjo Falls Latias levitated herself down to the ground. Ash and Pikachu jumped off of her where Ash squeezed the water out of his clothes and Pikachu shook himself off. Thankfully they weren't wet enough to leave them soaked.

Once that was over they looked around in the inside of Tohjo Falls

There was a huge lake of water within the entrance that seemed to have a deep depth that would allow people to swim in it and the water from the lake reflected all over the entrance thanks to light from the sun.


Ash then dug into his backpack and pulled out a flashlight then he switched it on.

"…Let's see what's around in here, guys"

The three of them then began to travel deeper into the falls to see what lies ahead.

Inside the contest hall was now jam-packed full of spectators who had come to watch the contest. There were so many people that almost every seat in the entire place was filled.

Lillian Meridian walked into the center of the Contest Hall. Meridian is the announcer for pretty much all of the Contests in the Kanto region, which has been her job for a number of years now. It could get tiring at times but someone had to do it.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, its Showtime! Welcome who came to this year's contest coming to you LIVE from here in Gardenia Town!" She announced through the microphone.

The crowd cheered loudly.

Bianca, Max and Cubone among the crowd in the hall as they watched Lilian give some pre-contest exposition even though most already know these things but at this point its obligatory so people who have never been to a contest before will know this information.

"For our coordinators, here's what you'll be competing for…"

She pulled out a Purple ribbon to show to the cameras.

"The Gardenia Ribbon!"

The cameras then pointed to the panel of Judges.

"Now please allow me to introduce the contest judges…"

"Mr. Raoul Contesta head of the Pokemon activities committee!"

"Thank, thank you all it's a pleasure to be here!"

"Next the President of the Pokemon Fan Club, Mr. Sukizo!"

"Thank you, remarkable!"

"Last but not least Gardenia's beloved nurse and close friend, Nurse Joy!"

"It's wonderful to be here, thank you"

Inside of the Contest Hall preparation room the coordinators waited for the appeal round to begin where they'll show off their Pokémon's skill and beauty. Then they'll judged and only the ones who impressed the judges the most will be able to move on to the battle rounds to try and win the ribbon.

Dawn and May were there too as the former was participating in the contest as May was taking a break from contesting since Johto.

Dawn choose not to wear anything too fancy for this contest since it was more of a thing for contests in the Sinnoh rather then the ones in Kanto. The thing she dreaded the most about this contest besides not getting past the appeal rounds were that Ursula was probably going to try and push her buttons a bit before the contest starts to throw her off focus so she'd probably lose focus during the appeals.

Dawn's POV

May tapped on my shoulder, which meant she was trying to get me to see something that she had just seen so I turned around and…oh sweet Arceus help us all.

It was…Ursula. She had the same cocky smirk on her face she always has and I knew she was coming over to us to…well be Ursula. Somebody just kill me now so I don't have to listen to her talk.


"So Dee-Dee you actually decided to show up, I'm surprised"

Dawn was about to sit up and probably punch Ursula right in the teeth but May decided to speak up to her special friend's rival herself so they wouldn't get kicked out of the Contest hall for assaulting someone.

"Do you have anything better to do then just bothering people, Ursula?" She asked.

"Why of course, I have many things better then talking to either of you losers I could make a list but I don't have much time to waste but I'll tell you winning that ribbon sure is one of them and I just happen to be the first one in the appeal round"

Ursula then turned her attention the door that lead to the contest hall. The appeal round was about to begin and she was convinced that the ribbon was hers already before she officially won it.

"Now lets the appeals round started, lets welcome our first contestant Ursula!"

Ursula gracefully bowed to the crowd and pulled out a Poke Ball.

"Garchomp, its Showtime!"

She tossed the Poke Ball into the air, which opened up and released her signature Pokemon Garchomp who landed on the ground in a graceful manner. Then she mimicked what Ursula had done when she entered the hall, she bowed to the crowd.

"Garchomp use Sandstorm!"

Garchomp then yelled out a mighty roar, which caused sand to somehow just come out of nowhere even though there isn't any sand in the hall, which formed a massive sandstorm around her, thankfully no one got any in their eyes.

"Alright, now let's see if this impresses them enough...I really hope it does!" Ursula thought.

"Now use Dragon Rage!"

Garchomp within the sandstorm opened her mouth wide then fired a powerful blast of blue and black energy. The beam shifted into the shape of a blue and black dragon where it flew around within the sandstorm. This created a visual interesting effect in the sandstorm.

The Sandstorm then dispersed along with the Dragon Rage that combined with it to create the combination.

This was not Ursula's intent.

"What, what t-that wasn't supposed to happen…It was supposed to make the sandstorm change into the shape of a dragon then it would breath a beam of sand…what the hell went wrong?" She asked herself.

The Judges all had very mixed opinions by Ursula's appeal performance.

"Hmmm…it looked amazing at first, but it wasn't really anything I haven't seen already in my long career as a Contest judge"

"I can't really say that it was anything quite remarkable to be totally honest"

"I liked it for what it was…but it could have been a lot better"

Ursula was clearly distraught in their reactions to her performance. Her turn was over now so she simply recalled her Garchomp back to her Poke Ball and exited the Contest Hall in shame.

Having watched the whole thing from the monitor in the waiting room, Dawn smirked as she thought that Ursula's lackluster appeal performance was simply delicious to watch. She thought that this would surely cost her a chance of advancing to the battle round of the contest. She knew that enjoying this was a bit wrong but couldn't really help it since Ursula would have done the same to her had their roles be reversed.

"Now its time for our next contestant, Zoey!"

Dawn's mouth dropped as she saw on the screen her sort-of rival and friend Zoey walk into the contest hall. She knew that Ursula probably won't get through the appeal rounds but Zoey on the other hand…probably will.

Drip! Drip! Drip!

Water dripped from the rock ceiling to the growing puddle on the ground within the caves of Tohjo Falls.

Several Zubat hung upside down on the ceiling. Suddenly a flash of bright light could be seen close by which caused them to get startled and fly away to a dark lightless part of the cave.

The source of the bright light was the flashlight that Ash had in his hand which served as the only source of light he, Pikachu and Latias had as they journey deep into the caves of Tohjo Falls. This point they had been in there for over an hour.

They've gone through a straightforward path there hasn't really been anything interesting happening and for the last half hour its been dead silent so Ash decided to say something "Latias, Pikachu I have to be honest…I have no real clue where the hell we're going in these caves"

Ash could not see the two of them but he knew that they probably had annoyed looks in response, which he expected, and to be quite honest in Ash's opinion, he didn't blame them.

"You know guys what I just said about not knowing where the hell I was going…that's really my saying in life isn't it?"

"Pika, Pikachu?"

"I mean Pikachu you've been traveling with my for about three in a half years short of a decade and all I've been doing this whole time is running from one region to another, picking up new travelling companions each new region and then separating from them once I find out about a new, losing tournament after tournament…and the last time I lost one without a doubt the WORST of all my losses, I mean I lost…I mean…I lost to Cameron, FUCKING CAMERON of all trainers!"

Unknown to both Ash and his Pokemon he was being watched by someone…or something which hid in the thick darkness of the cave and whatever it was…it wanted a fight.

"I mean the kid thought he only need…Seven, SEVEN badges to compete in the Unova league! If I didn't say anything to him he would have gotten kicked of the registry and if that wasn't enough to prove how uniformed and kind of stupid he was…he thought that the tournament was taking place in Ecruteak City, in the FUCKING JOHTO REGION!"

The thing in the shadows smiled a rather sinister smirk as it moved in to attack.

"My point is that…I've gotten essentially nowhere in my goal of becoming a Pokemon master, the only victories I've achieved is defeating Drake and winning that trophy and conquering the Battle Frontier…but even those haven't really helped!"

Ash sighed "Maybe I should have just accepted Scott's offer all those years ago to become a Frontier Brain, at least then I'd have some sort of purpose in life then just losing all the time…"


Ash heard this yell "Well, our day just got a little more interesting"

All of sudden out of nowhere a Wild Makuhita jumped out in front of Ash and his Pokemon. This one looked pretty tough and in the mood to fight.

"I didn't know there were wild Makuhita that lived in here, but then again I don't really know what the kind of Pokemon live in these falls…but enough of my ramblings, let's just fight"

He then reached for his belt and grabbed a Poke Ball off of it.

"Here's one that I've actually been meaning to train for sometime…Beldum I choose you!"

He then tossed the Poke Ball, which opened up and released the Beldum that Ash had acquired from the President of Silph Co. after he liberated the building from the grip of Team Rocket in Saffron City.


Makuhita didn't look very scared of Beldum because of its small and rather simple look so he charged right at it prepared to use a powerful Arm Thrust attack to knock it out. Ash had different plans in mind however.

"Beldum, dodge it!" He commanded.

Beldum obeyed and swayed the other way. This caused Makuhita to miss Beldum, and instead smashed its fist right into a rock. The rock shattered into over a dozen little pieces.

Makuhita groaned in pain but it wasn't about to give up the fight.

"Beldum use Take Down!"

Beldum then charged itself straight at Makuhita and smacked right into the plump fighting type Pokemon. This caused Makuhita to get smacked into the cave wall and lose some of its health.

Beldum then groaned in pain.

Ash was actually confused by this but it suddenly hit him why Beldum lost some of its own health.

Take Down is one of those attacks that will cause recoil damage to a Pokémon's own health.

A friendly rival that he had met during his Hoenn travel, Morrison had a Beldum that would get recoil damage when it used Take Down...the only move the species can learn and use.

"All right I'm going to use a different one for this"

However he knew that Latias disliked fighting and he wasn't about to force her to do something she was against. Pikachu on the other hand had no problem with fighting and was ready to battle.

"Pikachu use Iron Tail!"

Pikachu then hopped in the air and swung his tail. The tail then glowed for a moment and turned metallic silver. He then plunged down to where Makuhita stood and swung his tail once again to try and smack the fighting type Pokemon to weaken it.

However...Makuhita only smirked at Pikachu's attack that was about to hit it.

Pikachu's Iron Tail attack then reached Makuhita…but before it could hit the fighting type it swung its fist right into the electric mouse's tail with a Knock Off attack.

This counter-attack caused Pikachu to be flung into the air and he landed on the other side of the cave. Makuhita turned over to him and gave him an arrogant smirk as it assumed it could kick the ass of any Pokemon that Ash had on his current party.


Makuhita caught wind of this and turned around…he regretted doing this.

Beldum slammed right into the stomach who used yet another Take Down attack where it got slammed against the cave wall which caused Makuhita to lose even more of its health and like the last time Beldum used Take Down some of its own health was sacrificed because of recoil damage.

"Quick, Pikachu use thunderbolt while it's still down!"

Pikachu jumped into the air then it began to charge up his attack.


He then fired the electric type attack. It struck Makuhita as if it had fired from Mjölnirthe mighty hammer of Thor.

Makuhita fell to the ground; it had finally fainted after the combined attacks of Pikachu and Beldum. It was ready to be captured.

Ash then pulled out an empty Poke Ball from his backpack to capture the fainted Makuhita and add it to his roster of Pokemon.

When suddenly Beldum began to glow.

Beldum was evolving.

Its form began to shift as it evolved. It shifted from its cylinder form to a shape that resembled a disc and two legs grew on both sides of its body and five spikes grew on the back. A spike also formed in the middle of its face.

The glow then faded away and Beldum was no longer a Beldum. It was a Metang.


Ash was amazed by this as now he'll be able to use Metang more often in a battle then he was able to with Beldum since it'll be able to learn more moves then just simply Take Down which wasn't that strong an attack to begin with and was more of a liability then anything.

Ash walked over to Metang to get a better look at it.

"I wonder if you've learned any new moves from evolution" Ash commented.

He then dug out his Pokedex, which he barely uses anymore since besides for his newly evolved Sylveon he had already seen most of the Pokemon in all of the five regions that he has traveled through over the years to scan his Metang and see if had learned any new attacks since evolution.

He turned on the Pokedex's scanner and pointed it at his Metang. The results popped up in literally a second "Lets see…Take Down, Confusion, Metal Claw and Magnet Rise" He said as read the Pokedex scan results.

"These are some pretty useful moves Metang, they'll be great the next time we battle somebody"

"Metang, Metang…"

Ash then remembered that the Makuhita that he and his Pokemon had knocked out was still on the ground unconscious and was ready to be captured with a simple Poke Ball.

"Poke Ball, Go!"

"Hey, What?"

"Pika, Pi?!"

Suddenly a Poke Ball was tossed out of nowhere and landed on the fainted Makuhita on the ground, which absorbed it inside. The ball wobbled and blinked until it finally stopped and sparkles bounced off. It had been captured by whoever had thrown the ball.

A female hand reached down to grab it and Ash saw who it was that captured the Makuhita that he and his Pokemon defeated.

It was Georgia the Dragon Buster.

To Be Continued…

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