Puck's POV:

I went outside and blew into my flute to call my pixies.

"Where is Sabrina?" I asked them. They buzzed for a minute, but didn't tell me where she was. I growled in frustration and they started pulling on my shirt.

"Okay, okay," I said and followed them into the forest. I could hear the rest of the family following me, but I didn't turn around to see.

"Puck look a castle!" Daphne said. The pixies buzzed with excitement at the mention of the castle. They started to pull harder on my shirt, but I held them back.

"How do we get in?" Jake asked.

"Follow the Pixies," I replied. The pixies led us behind the castle and high up the wall was a small window.

"How the heck are we going to get up there?" Henry asked. I popped out my wings in response and began to fly towards the window.

"Puck! Puck, get back hear," The old lady whispered, but I ignored it. I climbed through the window and landed in a hallway. The walls were filled with portraits of people that probably lived here once. The pixies pulled on my shirt and took me down the hallway and through a maze of a billion identical hallways and stair cases.

"I feel like we're going in circles," I told the pixies, but they ignored me and continued to lead the way. Finally we came to a small wooden door that was different from the others. I reached for the handle and twisted the knob. Shockingly enough the door wasn't locked and it came open easily. Behind the door was a dark stair case leading to a basement I assumed. It was so dark I could only see the first three stairs.

The pixies began pulling on me again and we began our descent down the stairs. Luckily the pixies led the way otherwise I would have fallen down the stairs for sure. Eventually I could see light at the bottom and I continued toward it. The stairs stopped and opened up into a big dungeon like room with Maleficent standing in the middle of the room with Sabrina. Maleficent was chanting something at Sabrina. When I stepped into the room Maleficent turned around to face me.

"Oh look, my darling grandson has come to join the party!" she said and she smiled like I imagined the devil would. I growled at the mention of our relation.

"Aren't you happy to see your grandmother?" she asked.

"Just let me take Sabrina and then we can both continue with our lives," I said.

"I couldn't possibly let you do that, the process is nearly complete," she said.

"Process? What process?" Suddenly I was terrified for Sabrina.

"Soon she will no longer be Sabrina Grimm. She won't have a mind of her own and she will obey my every command," Maleficent explained.

"Why would you want Sabrina to be your servant?" I asked.

"The spell wasn't intended for her, it was originally supposed to be you, but sadly she was the one who discovered the ring," Maleficent sighed.

"Then take me instead! Let Sabrina go and I'll take her place," I said desperately.

"I'm sorry, but it's too late now," Maleficent didn't look the least bit sorry.

"Then you leave me no choice," I said and charged her. She began chanting spells and throwing balls of glowing light at me. I dodged them easily. She was screaming something at me and I began to loose consciousness. I fell to my knees in agony and Maleficent laughed at me. She turned away from me and began to chant at Sabrina again. Sabrina's eyes began to glow green and Maleficent smiled. She had succeeded in turning Sabrina into her slave.

"Finish him," Maleficent said and pointed to me. My pixies buzzed around my face and pulled at my hair trying to get me off the ground.

"It's over," I whispered to them, but they only pulled harder. Sabrina began walking over to me, but I could feel my strength returning to me. One by one my pixies fell to the floor dead, they were giving me their lives. I stood up and transformed into a tiger. I charged for Sabrina, but I saw no fear in her eyes. I leaped over head and landed on top of Maleficent who screamed in surprise. I growled and then ended her life gruesomely. I returned to my human form. Sabrina was standing completely still. I walked over to her and her eyes were still green. I figured if I killed Maleficent the spell would end, but I was wrong.

"Sabrina," I whispered, but she didn't even turn her head. I touched her cheek and silent tears slid down my face. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She blinked a few times and her eyes returned to beautiful blue. A happy sob escaped from me and pulled Sabrina into my arms.

"Puck? What's going on?" She asked.

"Maleficent kidnapped you and then sort of possessed you I guess you'd call it," I replied still holding her.

"You saved me," she whispered.

"Yes, just don't look behind you," I replied.

"Why?" she asked.

"I killed maleficent," I said.

"Oh," She said and let me lead her away from the dungeon. I went up the stairs stumbling with Sabrina following behind. Without the Pixies it took a long time to find the window again. I climbed through the window and then pulled Sabrina out and lowered her to the ground where she was suffocated with hugs. I stood awkwardly off to the side.

"Puck, what's the matter? Where are your Pixies?" Daphne asked.

"They sacrificed their lives for me," I said.

"Oh," Was all she said in response. We began our long walk home. I walked behind everyone else and after Sabrina told her family everything that happened she came back to join me. She took my hand and squeezed it.

"Can I ask you something?" she said.

"You just did," I replied. She rolled her eyes.

"I'm asking anyway. How did you know where I was?" she asked.

"The Pixies follow you," I replied.

"You have the pixies follow me?" She said her voice sounding angry.

"They don't tell me where you are unless I ask, so it's not like I'm stalking you or anything," I said.

"How long have they been following me?" she asked.

"Since I handcuffed us together," I replied.

"You're a nut, but I love you," She said and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you too," I said and we walked into the house together.

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