Dear Readers,

Thank you so much to the first ten reviewers and to those that may have reviewed (if any!) after I've written and posted this letter. I've written each of you back that I could, but I'll write another little note for you here! :

BrownEyesInControl – Thank you so much! You're the first reviewer! Haha! You're review especially cheered me up—not because it was the first—but because 1) YOU CRIED! I'm sorry for that, haha and 2) you made me feel really fantastic about my writing on how you complimented me about how I wrote. Thank you!

o0FLAM30o—Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

heather hesselink—There's most definitely going to be more, even if it's just a one-shot, haha!

ZuliaGirl—*Kyle and Warren run up and hug you. AGAIN! Wow, you're doing pretty well for yourself *

Angelyc—I was pretty unsure about the letter, but your comment on how beautiful it was reassured me. Thanks so much!

That nerd you know you love—You sound so much like me in your review! Thank you so much for your praise, and I'm definitely making a sequel!

Cheomara7—Phew! I thought they were all going to be out of character, haha! I'm glad you didn't think so

SerchBythol—Thank you and so was reading you're review!

Dee—At first, neither can I, but most women at heart have a love for children and this is really how I see Mercy after River Marked. She's still tough-as-nails, but she's grown a soft spot. Thank you

Vividly'xD—Yes! Definitely making more! Haha! Thank you for reviewing!

You ten have inspired me to write a sequel! I honestly can't say when I'll have the sequel up, but if you would like to read then just keep an eye out! I'm still thinking and plotting how it'll be formatted, but I'm having trouble.

One-Shot or Chapter Story?

Maybe you all could help me? Please? With a hug from loveable Warren? I think I want to do a chapter story, but I want your opinion. This is how I'm thinking I'll do one or the other:

One-Shot—Mercy finding she's pregnant, and then telling Adam.


Chapter Story—Mercy finding out she's pregnant, telling Adam the good news, and then a magical skip to when the baby is older-OR I might write a chapter for each year of the baby's life until he's grown and then do ANOTHER chapter story of his adventures where he takes after his mother!

What do you think? Please REVIEW and if you're adamant to send a long, LONG message to me then you can PM You With A Thousand Hearts! *Hugs and Kisses from your favorite character*

~Gabriella 3