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So, here is an excerpt I wrote real quick for the sequel I had a few readers ask me for! I've decided upon a Chapter Story, and amazingly enough I have an almost full plot that I have yet to write down! Tell me if it's interesting, and I quickly edited it so I apologize for lack of detail and any mistakes you may find.

This is going to be located most likely a few chapters into the story, but the scene and idea as a whole popped into my head while I was walking up the stairs. STAIRS! Who knew they forged such wonderous ideas? I believe you all will like the story I will be working on this summer, and I look forward to feedback :)

This story has yet to be named, but I will be running up stairs to forge one soon! Haha. I'm taking great care, because a title really makes a story and ties it together. At least from my point of view.

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"Tell me the truth, Ray. Now." She crossed her arms and jutted her hip, a stance I'd been given all-too-often these past few days. I gave her and icy look, un-amused like I would have been just three hours ago.

"Rebecca." My nostrils flared, and I launched myself across the room. I had her safely under me by the time the shower of bullets rained down upon my little one-bedroom cottage. I cursed, her knee jabbing my gut painfully. I shoved her leg down harder than I intended to and ended up cracking the mahogany floor board. I groaned: how was I going to pay for that? The wall with bullet holes in it was enough; I didn't need to go replacing the floor either.

My small moment of revelation that I was all out of money for repairs was short lived. The floorboard cracked inches from Rebecca's skull, and gazing one second longer left me glaring at a blade as long as my forearm. It gleamed deadly black in the moonlight, and my eyes widened.


I was suddenly slammed up against the far wall, cold hands gripping my throat. I was stunned for a moment until Rebecca's loud shriek broke the silence that had settled over me. "Ray!"

I focused to my left, watching as a pale, pale man with blood-red eyes dragged Rebecca by her hair from the living room. She was fighting him, and appeared to be winning, but I knew better. She surprised me when she jutted up and bit his life-less wrist.

"Shit!" he shouted with the hint of a French accent, bringing his wrist to his mouth. "You little—"

"Come now, John. She's not worth the trouble. Just kill her; we've got the mutt here. That's who the boss said to grab," spoke the woman holding me, and my eyes bled amber.

Ian's eyes bled black, and I knew then he hadn't hunted in a long, long time. I went still. He took a big whiff of the air as Rebecca stared in confusion. Fool, I thought.
"You're going to taste mighty fine, salope." He sneered the words as his long, needle-like fangs lengthening and gleaming like the dagger three yards away.

Rebecca's eyes widened. "Ray," she whispered, crawling backwards. I heard her easily, even though the insane mutterings of the French vampire before me were all I was focused on. That and swinging just right to hit the woman practically crushing my windpipe. "Now would be a good time to help."

I jutted my leg out at an awkward angle but landed the hit to the French woman holding me. She flew back, hitting the wall and stirring up dust. A few of the pictures hanging against the wall fell, shattering, but at this point I knew it was hopeless. The more I worried, the more the damage would be. It was best to think of the worst that could happen and welcome it so maybe it would fly off to torment another cashless teen just trying to avoid the capture of two French vampires.

I glanced back towards Rebecca just in time to witness the Frenchman's foot connect with her shin. She cried out, and the audible 'crack' was a sign he'd broken something. Black flooded my vision.

I lost it.

With a snarl equal to a thousand men seeking retribution I propelled myself at the vampire while shifting mid-air. The last thing I saw of the blood-sucker before I reduced him to dust was his surprised expression. He expected his girlfriend to keep me at bay, which—on my part—was quite insulting. Did I appear that weak?

Worrying about hitting the gym would come later, but for now I tore myself away from my kill—unwillingly so—and saw Rebecca staring at me with wide eyes. I surveyed the scene: the woman lay in a motionless heap underneath a wall of shaky pictures, and the man lay slaughtered behind me. His blood was seeping into the fur on my paws, so I padded over to Rebecca. She didn't shy away, and it surprised me she stood her ground so firmly. The look on her face was more of admiration than fear.

I bent my nose to sniff her leg, gently nudging her. The bone creaked but melted with the sound of her muffled cry. She held my jacket to her face, and I stared at her. Smart, I thought, to even think of muffling her scream. If there are any more—

My ears flattened and I whined, huffing. I knew there was no way she was walking or driving, so I shifted easily and stood, walking over to the duffel I'd left by the front door. I was very naked and it was all of a sudden very cold. In my opinion, those two were not a good combination. But I needed to get her out of here. I wasn't going to let her suffer anymore for my demons.

When I was dressed I zipped the duffel back up and turned to meet Rebecca's staring gaze. Her cheeks flushed and she quickly looked away.

I couldn't help but smirk and think of where those beautiful green eyes had roamed.

When the vampire-woman across the room stirred I found my body reacting without my minds consent. I grabbed the duffel, slinging the strap over my shoulder, and was scooping Rebecca up before she even noticed I'd moved.

To her credit she didn't utter a word, just slid into the passenger seat of my truck and buckled up.

I threw the duffel in the back before following her into the cab. I patted my pockets for keys, my heart leaping into my throat before I found them in the second pocket of the pale cargo's I adorned.

Throwing the truck in reverse, I sped out of the neighborhood as I usually would. As if nothing was out of the usual. It was like a normal night, like I was heading to the fields to run under my Mother Moon. Save for the fact that I had just had a highly frustrating, highly beautiful girl in my house, gotten attacked by two French vampires, spent the past few days preparing to take off once again—this time to Alaska—and now I was running for my life from said vampires.

A simple, peaceful night would have been normal for anyone else. For me? Getting attacked by vampires, spending the next month on the run and fleeing to save not only my life but countless others was uneventfully normal.

But of course life had to throw a curve ball at me, just to make things a little interesting.

I heard two loud 'clunks' and a few 'dings.' The car rattled.

"What was that?"

"Shit," I muttered just before the car flipped.

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