Hey guys, this story has been in my head for so long that it drove me crazy and so I had to write it. I even brainstormed for it. I know... Crazy, yeah? Wish you will enjoy. And thank you Debbie for the editing.

Disclaimer :As you all know these amazing series of Vampire Academy was created by the talented Richelle Mead... Sadly even Dimitri. Love you Richelle Mead!

Chapter One


Here I am, walking alone in the dark and I don't even know where I am anymore. I guess who would know if you were lost in your own thoughts


I was walking down the stairs when I heard my family in a very heated conversation, well if you call it that. I walked as slowly and quietly as possible while making sure that I was covered by darkness... Well you see, my family always kept me away from conversation that serious... Whatever it was. They always stop talking or tell me to go away before I get to discover what has automatically changed their personality and moods. So I had enough and started to pay attention.

"The Belikovs have been seen around here from what I heard. Always after sunset of course" says my father Abe Mazur.

"Oh Abe, what are we going to do? I mean, What about Rose? What do we tell her?... If we move again" replies my mother Janine Hathaway.

"I really don't know, love" says Abe which was followed by a long silence.

"We have to keep her away from them. Last thing we need is them getting their hands on her" says my Aunt Alberta Petrov (took her husband's name), my mother's sister.

"But now, let's not forget the son Belikov. If he gets to her, she is doomed' says Mikhail Tanner OK, he's not related to me but I still see him and his woman as Uncle and Aunt.

"Guys shhh, I have a feeling that Rose's around" says Sonya Karp, Mikhail's wife.

They all looked around carefully until they saw me.

"OK guys, I had enough of the secrets. What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Language Rosemarie" said my parents unitedly.

"Stop changing the focus. What is going on? And don't lie to me."

"Oh it's nothing baby, really. Just not happy about some neighbours" replied my mother.

"Mother, please stop the crap and tell me what it's about."

"Little girl, your mothers right just the usual neighbour problem."

"Oh really? So if what you're telling me is true then why not make a fuss about the Ivashkov and Rinaldi moving just across the road?"

They didn't reply which got me mad as I realized that they will not tell me anything as usual.

"I'm going out and no one can come with me" I said quickly before protests began. I half walked- run and shut the door with a loud bang to let them know that I'm not in the mood. You see, I lose my temper quite quickly.

-End of flashback-

It just got me more worked out every time I think about that conversation I had with the people who meant everything to me. Still walking after what feels like eternity and the cool wind started to get to me as I felt goose bumps all over my arms. Great, just great Rose not only are you lost and angry but also cold. I rubbed my hands up and down my arms for a friction to create some heat to provide my body.

"Well well, what do we have here? A fresh meat" says a voice from the darkest part of the street. They started laughing and from what I could hear there were more than three maybe four of them.

I quickened my steps as I was trying to not be their victim... They probably were some low lives dick heads that usually wonder off into the night. That thought alone made me walk faster than before. Throughout me trying to escape, I could hear them keeping pace with me yet getting closer to where I am. I shivered and not because of pleasure or the cold breeze but the thought of them laying their hands on me. There is no way I'm losing my virginity on the dark street to a stranger, well strangers

"Come on babe, honey. Please slow down, we only want one thing more like two things. I'm sure you can give us what we want" says a different voice which I named voice 2. By now, my heart felt like it was going to burst right through my chest... I know even through my ribs. So I like Human Biology... sue me! Wow I'm talking to myself, geesh Rose don't go crazy. This time I started to run any direction with lights on. Dear Lord doesn't the State Government ever heard of street lights that works instead of these crap ones. I felt better as I put more distance between them and I but still felt unease about how fast they seemed even when they were just walking. As if I'm some sort of a prey that they are getting ready for. Dear God why did I get out of the safety of my home? Oh yeah because I am a hot headed person. Huff, what am I suppose to do now. No matter how fast I run, I can't seem to put enough distance (safe distance) between those bastards and I. My breath started coming short as my body stated to feel the pressure on my lungs. Damn it I knew I should have done more exercise and probably not lazed around in my P.E (physical Education) sessions. I kept running and running and running while hoping some how they would be tired of the chase and leave me alone but from the noises they keep making, I knew then that the chase has in fact encouraged them into wanting me more. Huff, what the hell am I meant to do apart from keep running? All the sudden one of them was about 100 feet in front of me while the rest were making circle with me in the middle. At that time I knew they would take whatever it was they wanted.

Me being me, I said. "What the fuck do you want from me?"

"Looks like someone needs to wash that dirty mouth." Said the man in front of me while the other five laughed and continued closing in on me. At some point of them closing in on me, I attacked as it was too close but he was able to block me easily as pushes me back in the centre.

"Feisty, just the way I like them. They put out a fight even if it's useless." Says what I assume would be the leader with an evil grin on his face. OK come down Rose, they are just trying to mess with your head, I said to myself hoping that would calm me down well at least my breathing and overworked heart. One of them attacked my right side quite hard which I could have sworn I heard a rib break if not more. I cried out in pain as I bended to hold my right side carefully to reduce the pain. I stood up straight; you see I don't like showing weakness to anyone especially strangers. From the corner of my eyes, I saw one f them making their way towards me with unnatural speed which I surprisingly was able to avoid it. But not the second well third one if you count the right side attack, I felt yet another pain go through my body as my left side was hit. I let an agonizing pain cry out which could be heard through the dark quite street.

One of them grabbed me by the throat and slowly started to cut my air supply. I used my lower body parts to swing my legs forward into his groin which to my satisfaction made him lose his grip on my neck and I fell onto the ground as my legs were not able to carry my body weight from the pains and shock of tonight's turn of events. I felt two different set of legs kick me everywhere that would cause me pain. I felt so useless to know that I couldn't even defend myself from such violence. I started bleeding throughout my body which seemed to bring some kind of an animal out of them with that hunger look in their eyes. I kept coughing blood up as if things could not get any worse but somewhere deep down I knew it was going to be so much worse than these pains. As I started to lose consciousness I was able to notice that they were backing away as a new presence appeared.