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Chapter 21: Just Us!


As I keep staring at her, I could not find just what exactly it was that made her so special in my life especially after meeting her recently.

She has been avoiding me ever since lunch, barely any skin contact occurred between us anymore. And right now, she is doing the dishes at we used for dinner. Even the Russian dish has not cleared the early cloud.

After what felt like an eternity, she sat on the chair next to mine.

"Thanks for dinner…and the whole camping idea" she whispered almost as if she was afraid on breaking the silence between as just as I was.

"A pleasure" slowly taking her hand in mine, warming and rubbing hers between two of mine. "I miss you" I said after a small amount of nothing being exchanged between Rose and I.

"What do you mean? We spent the whole day together"

"Not really" I said before getting down on both knees in front of her. She looked away but I made sure that she looked back with both hands on either side of her face.

"I will be honest with you. I toyed with a lot of women in the past." I wanted, no needed to tell her about the others.

"Toyed? Are you toying with me?"

Horrified, I pulled back my face which was only inches away from her without realizing them. "Why would you said that Rose, you know I would not do that to you"

She quickly got up and away, "That's the thing Dimitri. I don't know that…know you" she rubbed her face with both her hands. "I don't know you, for all I know this could be some sort of a game to you. And I hate to think that everything that happened might be it; a game"

I too stood up, "Rose it is not a game. I never, never felt like this before and I know it feels weird since we met not long ago but I feel it. It's very powerful."

"What is this?" she questioned me, pointing between her and I.

"I don't know but I want to find out" caring little about what I was doing, I took her hands in both mine again."Rose, do you know that humans, people look everywhere to find something close to what we found? I never thought…dreamed of finding something that would mean more to me than my family and Ivan but here you are." Needing to feel her, I took both her hands to my lips. "I never want to let you go but I am afraid that you might leave me if you knew everything"

"Tell me about the toying bit"she mumbled. She removed her hands from me and moved to sit on the sleeping bag next to a tent. She gestured for me to take a sit.

"Just promise you'll remember that it was long before I met you." She nods that she understood.

"When I was younger" that was the only way I could explain about living as long as I lived. "I was quite sexually active" I held my breath as I tried to read her face.

"Quite sexually active?" she asked.

"I would bed almost anyone"involuntarily she moved few inches away from me.

"Except whom?" she yet again replied with a question.

"Some kind of girls, my parents were not pleased but there were some females that I had to stay away from though."

"What good girls?" I laughed at her innocent question.

"Some things like that."

"About that lady who was here early, was she one of them?"

"I'm not proud but yes she was, more constant than most."

"Wonderful" she faked a smile.

"Far from wonderful am afraid. I never want to go back to that past. Never, no matter what happens in the future." I offered a small smile to her which was not returned. "I was a bad person Rose, every bad."

"What changed?" she asked.

"I'm not sure" I said honesty,"But one day I wanted to be better, for me. Something I could be proud of for once in my life." I laughed a non- humour sort of way.

"I'm sure you are not all bad"

"Believe me I was, still am. And I truly am afraid that you would leave"

"I will stay if you want" a beautiful girl like her feels the need to be insecure about wanting the presence she brings upon.

"More than anything" trying my luck once more, I slowly reached my fingers towards hers.

"What now?"

"What do you mean, Rose?" I asked confused at her question.

"Should I be worried about some ex of yours?"

"Ha hope not even so, I will be here to protect you"

"I still don't know how to make it up to you for what you did; for what you got me out of" she shook her head,hoping to get rid of the memory, I am sure.

"You don't have to ever make it up to me for that. Besides I met you that day and I do not believe anything could be better than that."

"Oh I see, Prince Charming" she giggled and that that moment I decided that was defiantly my second best sound in the world.

"What?" she asked as I kept staring at her.

"Do you have any idea on just how beautiful you are?"
"Nothing out of the ordinary Dimitri"

"That's where you are wrong" I taped her nose softly with a finger while I felt her fingers connect to my waited ones.

After some quiet moment between us, she spoke up.

"I – I had no right to get that anger towards you earlier. It's not like we-" when words failed her, she used her hand to move it been us; an indication.

"But I want you to" I said honestly. "Rose, I want to see you a lot even if your parents don't like it. What do you say?"

"Why do they hate you?"

"Hate is a very strong word, maybe dislike?" I asked in returned.

"No defiantly hate" she smiled a soft smile in my direction.

"Rose, parents sometimes know things that might be invisible to others"

"Know what you mean" she snorted her words out.

Not quite exactly Rose."Some things like that"

"Are we sleeping while on this 'camping outdoors' Dimitri?"

"I hope so, here" I stood up and passed her the sleeping bag.

Raising her one eyebrow, she asked "Where is your sleeping bag?"

"Thought we might share" she looked horrified at the suggestion. "Is it that bad if we share?"

With a smile only I have seen on her, she opened her mouth and spoke. "Would we be sleeping?" she asked right back.

"Of course, what else would we be doing?" Dimitri asked innocently.

"Oh of course, what was I thinking?" she asked.

Dimitri just smiled and pulled her to him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Why don't we just stay up a bit?"

"For what? Movie?"

"Just this" he pushed her head down on his shoulder as she started.

"What exactly does just us include? Will you tell me about the stars and blah?"

"I don't know much about stars but the blah perhaps" Dimitri smiled into her eyes as he just focused on her and no one else.

"Ok" Rose no his Rose said as she angled her face towards the farther end of the room. "But I still cannot believe you turned this room into a camp"


After a long moments of enjoying themselves as they talking about anything that came into the minds. Rose pulled away from him.

"Why couldn't we go out today? I mean you were going to talk me out, I know you were so don't even bother about lying" She silenced any denial that he was going to alter from his mouth.

"Just trust me Rose. I will tell you...just not now"

When then?" she whispered.

"Right time Rosemarie"

"Call me that again. I dare you"she looked like a kitten, very cute, angry kitten.


"How dare you?"

"You did dare me"

"That's beside the point" she slaps him on the shoulder.

"Ouch" I said as faked a hurt.

"You stone" she huffed as she sat back on her chair.

"Or it's just that you are not as tough" she turned towards me as I said that.

"Yeah right, I'm strong" she defended herself.

"Oh really?"

"Yes absolutely" she held her head higher.

"Ok you are, if you can prove it"

She nods as she rolled up her shirt, well mine as contracted her muscles.

"Waiting" I said as I kept watching her actions.

"What do you mean waiting? I'm showing it to you right now."

"Are you?" she nods. "You mean this?" I pointed at her barely there muscle. "Oh I see"

"You don't see do you?"

I shook my head no "Not really"

She laughing that sweat honey laugh as she sat once more, closer this time.
"Hey not everyone has ripped muscles like you" she touched my should as she said that.

"It's true"


"That's me"

"Thank you Dimitri, really I had fun"

"Me too"

She yawned "Need sleep."

"Goodnight Rose" I said as she got into her sleeping back.

"Are you sleeping?"

"Yeah soon, just need to make a call"
"Cool" with that my sweet cake was asleep.

"xoroshix snov" with a kiss on her forehead, I headed into the kitchen for dinner.

An: xoroshix snov means sweet dreams.