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It all started when he began to crawl over the stiffened flesh of his betrothed like a hungry predator lavishing the sound of ones heartbeat as if it was a delicate gift to be held in ones hand and eaten whole.

Their lips were swollen and red as they chased each others mouths till they could breathe no longer, lungs burning and nostrils flaring as sighs of breath escaped and were never reclaimed.

To be raw and opened wholly, to be swallowed and bit and growled at like a Lion eager for his mates giving, it was perfect and wild and Tino felt the tightness in his body leave him as he was now able to succumb to his power of Damen Lejon in the bed chamber. Though a cub he surely was not, but a roaring mane donned lion or strong and fierce lioness he had become.

After seconds of nipping and biting and Berwald finding the curious courage to lick inside the mouth of the Finn with fever that could only be matched by a gangly youths impatience, Tino pulled back to grin. His hair was all mussed and his eyes shone brighter than any polished amethyst stone and it made Berwald groan low in his chest with want - with need.

"Husband, eager are you?" Tino teased, feeling a lump in his throat and a shiver at his spine. He splayed his hands tentatively on the Swedes bare chest, feeling the erratic rise and fall of his rib cage, feeling the raised scars and burns of battles won and lost. He remembered back to a time when he would have given anything in the world to stab a dagger through this chest, yet now, all he wanted to do was caress the heart inside and know its beating was for him.

Berwald had the gall, then, to blush and grin toothily, a smile that Tino had yet to see upon the Swedes roughened face. It made Tinos heart beat faster and his mouth dryer, tongue peeking out to wet his parched lips.

Tonight, he would be in control.

With hands that regrettably trembled, Tino ran his calloused finger tips over Berwalds cheeks, his thumbs stroking at the Swedes warmed lips.

Leaning downwards, the Finn lightly kissed those lips, the slowness of his movements seeming so out of pace in the heated tent. Then, with the sweetest and calmest of gestures, the Finn merely slid his lips down his husbands right jaw, the Swedes blond stubble causing the other to hum happily.

As the last of the innocent caresses were touched and invoked, Tino soon felt the coil in his stomach, the heat of his face and all about his body causing him to be bolder.

Moving down, his teeth curled over his kiss-swollen lips, eyes clear as day as they stared deeply at Berwalds own gaze. The Swede blushed furiously, a heady smattering of red across his cheeks. Tino softly laughed, his warmed breath skidding over the Swedes chest.

Slow, yet gaining speed, the Finnish man, ignoring the hardening of his own arousal between his legs, kissed and nipped his way down his husbands flesh, pausing for only the barest of moments to lick at a speck or two of irresistible skin along the Viking mans body.

The Swedes own gaze was heavy and hot as Berwald watched the Finn slowly slink downward, tongue catching on every crevice of his rough and harden body, sure that his skin still tasted like sweat and bloodied wounds from his previous battles. Berwald couldn't help the first wave of shudders to course through his body, hands stilling at his sides.

The mans belt bucked beneath him was cold as it slid over Tinos muscular stomach, the tightness at his belly making him feel almost queasy, the Finn hitching his breath.

Their eyes both caught each other at the surprised sound escaping Tinos lips, and the playful dance they had been eluding around for the past few minutes suddenly erupted into heat and thrumming power between the two. Arms straining and clamoring wrapped themselves tight around necks and hip bones, lips grappled for dominance, a fight the Finn was enthusiastically winning.

Not soon enough, one of Berwald's knees found themselves spreading the Finns legs apart, causing the Finn to gasp and rut downward, feeling the hotness of the Swedes flesh as it slid over Tinos opened thighs. The tunic that was sour with the smell of sweat clung to his body, and with a grimace Tino soon striped himself of.

Tino has no shame in baring his body, his flesh appearing golden in the candles light. He knew Berwald loved him, both body and mind, and so he felt no qualms sliding up and down Berwalds clothed body, enjoying the friction that tingled along his now leaking cock. He never felt so powerful, and it was all because of the look in Berwalds eyes. A look that was directed only at the Finn, only for him.

Fierce determination making his own fingers curl and itch, Tino quickly and with clumsiness he could not avoid, unraveled the Swedes belt. Hastily and without care, the Finn threw the belt of cow hide to the floor, hearing it skid over the dirt.

Berwald, wanting to touch his beloved, but unsure how to, silently commanded his hands to ghost over warmed skin. His thumbs twitched at the Finnish mans stomach, the lightest of touch causing Tinos voice to keen. His back bowed over the Swede, mouth barely containing the smirk at his lips.

Berwald, it seemed, was too innocent to be of much use in commanding the festivities of tonight, and so Tino would have to take the lead.

There was not much room to be coy now, and both of them began to realize as such. Both men had been taught in their rude environments to be strong and careful, loving and thorough with those their hearts have attracted - and so Tino wasted no more precious time. Delighting in teasing tongue and cheek wouldn't release this pent up frustration and hungry urge to feel pleasure.

"You have no shame in taking this man to your bed?" Tino panted, hands coming to curl at the shortened hair at the nape of the Swedes neck. By the end of this summers military campaign, his husbands hair will have grown as long as a horses mane, all wiry and gold. Tino smirked softly to himself as he tugged ever so lightly at the fine combed hairs. Berwald winced, growling slightly. Tino could only grin.

"Shame does not suit me, not when I have my lover in my arms, eager to be pleased." The laugh that Berwald chuffed after his confession was throaty and hoarse - he himself mere seconds from losing his mind in delectable anguish at the hand of the man flush atop him.

"Aye, and not soft skinned am I?" The Finn made a point of rocking his hips downwards, dragging his bared ass against Berwald's clothed erection. Harsh hands immediately came to grab at the Finns thighs, Berwald feeling the muscle underneath his husbands skin. Tinos body had grown hardened over the last few days, but Berwald couldn't seem to mind one bit.

"Be gentle, my love - the wounds are still tender…" Tino hissed as a jab of his husbands thumb accidentally poked a sore bruise at his hip.

"'M s'rry…" The Swedish royal mumbled, hands gentler, softer now. Tino only smiled sweetly, his shyness returning to his eyes briefly before lust swallowed his irises whole once more.

"—hardened heart I have held for you - are you sure it is me you love?" Tino stuttered a whisper once more against Berwalds lips, the Swedes eye fluttering closed, brows furrowing.

"There are rules, surely, of a groom laying with his professed husband…" Tino licked his lips and drew back just as his husband was about to bite his mouth for a much wanted searing kiss. They both knew the prospect that this treat of skin against skin could perhaps be off limits, dangerous to tradition, and frowned upon. All the more fun.

"You are not ah woman, nor a woman that can beget w'th child, yer virginity is not ta' be locked. You may delight in what pleases ya'." Berwald sighed as the Finn began to move once more, this time slower, in an excruciatingly wanton display of pleasure. Berwalds eyes could no longer avoid the sight of Tinos flushed erection, the length of it sliding softly against Berwalds stomach. Pearls of cum soon created a wet sheen along the rigid lines of the Chieftains splayed hips.

"A double standard that is most cruel for women" Tino frowned, sharp teeth biting at his lower lip as an especially wonderful thrust of his hips enticed the hardness beneath him to rub at his entrance. Berwald needed to be naked. Now.

Berwald nodded, hips finally thrusting up to relieve the tightness in his breeches. "Such a shame shall be remedied, but first, tell me what ya' wish my love?"

Tino smiled happily, hair stuck with sweat sticking to his face. With fluid movement he placed his hands atop Berwalds own which were tight along his hips, warm flesh that slipped and glided over his dusty purple bruised body.

"I wish to be united" He hummed, his neck within reach of Berwalds lips. The Swede made a grunt of consent before laving at the Finns scarred throat. Without another word from his husband, the Finn busied himself happily.

With fingers that were frenzied and none too coordinated, Tino yanked at bone buttons at his husband's trousers, ripping off half of them in his eagerness.

Berwald himself watched with a tinting of pink on his cheeks as his husband made quick work of his pants, shucking them off with delight.

Yet before the leader of the Northern Lions tribe could deduce what the Finn was going to achieve next, he felt a tight heat envelop his aching erection.

"Ahh, T'…T'no!" Berwald gasped, hips bucking instinctively into the soft wet heat that was so foreign yet so delicious.

Tino hummed at his place nestled between the others thighs, mouth hollowed out some to swipe at the others shaft with his tongue, causing a wrecked sob to release itself from Berwalds throat.

Tightening his eyes, Berwald could only pant softly, his hands idle at his sides, curling themselves into the pelts at his back that made up their bed. He had no clue what possessed the Finn to make such a bold move, but the Swede could only silently praise the Gods above for such a skilled husband in the ways of pleasure and heart. Berwald truly was a lucky man, a fact that was made even more apparent as the Finn began to suck with slightly clumsy lips at the others cock.

Berwald let out a garbled groan, his already rough voice positively hoarse as he seemed to physically struggle in his imaginary bonds, the Finn reducing him to shivers and trembles.

Breathing carefully through his nose, the Finn fluttered his eyes softly, concentrating on his task that Nikolas had told him of. Berwald would need to be hard and wanting, for Tino did not want to disappoint his husband once the Swede was buried inside the Finn, but Tino himself knew the act of sex would hurt.

"Reduce him to rubble, like an ensnared man weak at the knees with pleasure - then, though your love making will be splendid, it will also be quick. This is your first time, my cousin, and such pains await you in the bed chamber as well as pleasure."

Nikolas had said, and though Tino knew it was slightly deceitful, he took his cousins counsel to heart. There would be many more nights for the Swede and him to consummate their love like giddy newlyweds, but Tino and his husband were sore from wars abuse, a quick but pleasurable romp would suit them both.

Releasing his mouths hold on the others cock, Tino delicately tongued at the slit, causing a whine, so very shocking from the others mouth, to erupt. Tino smiled smugly to himself, giving one last quick lick up the others shaft before he pulled back, wiping the shined spit from his now reddened lips.

He could hear Berwald panting, know that the other, more than likely still a virgin in many ways, was close. Tino, feeling that churning in his gut again, feared that he himself would faint lest he move now and swiftly. So, biting at his lip, he leaned over the sweated body of the Swede, fumbling with his grip at the stool near the front right of the sunken bed, the small expensive looking bottle of whales oil snatched up by his sweating palms.

Coming down from his own pleasure to huff slightly a groan of need, Berwald eyed the bottle in his lovers hands curiously, eyeing the liquid that looked like captured liquid amber in the candle light.

Biting his lip and praying to Odin's raven of memory, the Finn hoped against hope his recollection on how to properly go about this was still retained in his mind, less it hurt more than it should.

Opening the lid of the bottle, biting at the cork and spitting it out, the Finn dripped some of the contents into his hand till it pooled like thinned watery gold. Berwald watched memorized, swallowing hard.

"An' what are ya' to do with that?" Berwald mumbled, his voice slightly strained from having the other almost suck his brains out through his dick. Berwald, his body still sensitive, jumped as the Finn steadied himself back over the other, hips straddling Berwald's waist.

Tino smiled nervously, "Patience and you will see." He hummed, Berwald watching his every movement as if he was a gaze starved man, feasting upon the face of his beloved for the first time. His eyes did well to calm the Finns nerves, his heart swelling in his chest with a happy murmur.

The first stretch of a finger burned, and Tino could not help but gasp in raw pain, his fingers curled over Berwalds shoulder as the Swede, frightened by what the Finn was doing to himself, rubbed his hands over his back and over his spine.

"T'no... If it hurts too much -" He started but the Finn would hear no protest from his husband.

"Be quite, Berwald." Tino growled, the second finger entering him and making him whine slightly. The pain was still there, and it ached terribly—but it was becoming hotter, searing him inside and he found he liked that, liked being full.

Swiping his tongue over his lips, he started to massage himself with his fingers, probing and sliding them back and forth, the walls inside him seeming to be angry with the intruding movements.

Sighing, toes curling slightly, the Finn was about to give up, to lace his hands with more oil until he shined wet with the stuff—but then, at his fingers careful probing and curling, he yelped.

"What?! Are ya' alright?" Berwald cooed, sitting up slightly, worried jade eyes fixed upon the Finns face that shown like a mask of shocked pleasure.

Eyes wide, mouth slacked and panting, Tino swallowed, urging his fingers forward to that bundle of nerves, rubbing inside himself softly. At another touch of that spot, he keened, high in his throat, almost losing his balance and falling against the Swede. Berwald, hands clutching at his hips, caught him.

"Feel good?" He murmured, traces of worry still apparent in his eyes. Tino, opening his weary eyes again, smiled. "Very," he slurred, trying to force his fingers in deeper, but they were caught at the knuckles, the odd angle of the Finns probing not helping his relief. Whining with frustration, he added the third finger, this one sliding in nice and easy, his body greedily swallowing it.

Berwald, from his place beneath the Finn watched with heated fixation, his eyes blinking, drinking in the sight of Tino fucking himself on his fingers, twisting and flicking his wrist as he groaned and whimpered. Berwald was captivated by the sight fixed so hungrily, so temptingly in front of him. His beloveds flesh now glittered and gleamed with sweat, his own girth bobbing slightly against his stomach as he drew his fingers faster inside of him.

Feeling his own neglected cock weep, Berwald gritted his teeth, waiting for the others instructions, and soon enough he was not disappointed.

Fearing he would cum too soon and be left boneless in a heap of bliss, Tino reluctantly slid his fingers from his now lovingly stretched entrance, his cock giving an interested twitch as he drew them from his body.

Taking a few seconds to catch his breath, he then grinned, turning his sharply excited eyes to Berwald who had a look of excited frustrated arousal in his gaze.

"Are you ready my beloved?" He cooed, sitting up, leaning and aligning himself with Berwald's cock, lightly tugging his hands at the appendage to coat it in the last remnants of the oil.

Hissing slightly at the light touches at his cock, Berwald nodded, bucking up into the waiting hand insistently, like an uncurbed wild animal that had been deprived of necessity for so long.

"I could never deny my Chieftain," Tino murmured, his voice bold and dripping with lust as he lowered himself down upon the other. Gasping at the feel of Berwald nudging at his entrance, of the feel of his own body sinking downward onto the Swede, caused the breath of his lungs to be punched out.

Berwald himself was no better, crooning out a groan as he desperately fought a battle of wills to steady his hips that wished to jerk and roll, thrust up into the Finns tight heat.

It was amazing and it left them both winded and yet aching for more, so much more. Tino could not blame even himself as he started to inch himself downward, taking in more and more of Berwalds girth as he sunk downward, till soon his ass was flushed against the others skin, his own curvy thighs saddled to either side of Berwald's strong hips that threatened at any moment, like the twang of an archers bow, to hitch upward. But still, the Swede fettered himself with an insistent mind that he must be patient, he was most loving to the Finn after all, and any pain caused to his dearly beloved would sooner cause him disastrous pain in his own heart.

However, Tino could not placate his body's need any longer, and so, with a little hiccup of a whimper, he lifted himself up, only to stab himself back down in a long stroke of his slightly trembling legs, his hips cautiously rolling, his ass greedily taking in Berwald's hardened cock.

He honestly had not the faintest idea how he was fraying the other's nerves, making Berwald gasp like a famine sickened man upon his dying, his face red and spotted with sweat as he bucked upward to meet Tinos rutting.

The Finn was positively greedy, he himself not remembering how delightful the feeling of hot skin on his truly was, for he could honestly say he enjoyed the feeling of his husband inside him more than those farm boys back at home...well, Tino thought with a sudden flush in his stomach, that wasn't home. Here instead, now this was where he shall reside, in the open arms of his waiting and kind husband.

A power that he could not rightfully call a sallow tug at his heart, causing the Finn to rock harshly downward again in his aching need, to remind himself over and over again that this was right and what he himself yearned for.

This man underneath him was no longer his enemy, but was his love.

"Min...Man," Tino breathed out suddenly, the words that would be foreign to his own tongue sounding pleasant and unbidden. Tino himself could see the renewed spark in his husband's eyes that wasn't purely from lust or love, but was from a swelling of affection and disbelief.

"Min man, min man...Min man." Tino gasped as he raked his nails along the front of his husband's stomach, leaving sharp little lines that adorned his already slighted and bruised body. Already the words that he now brought into the soft warmth of the room were becoming strained with each pulse of the others warmth inside him, as Berwald hung onto him for dear life, spurn on by the others words that sent his body to shaking.

Hands that were rough with work and battle seemed smoother along Tinos thighs as he all but bounced up and down, haphazardly and without a sense of true motion, only a sense of true need. But already it as becoming too much for the both of them, as if they were still cradled in the wantonness of youth that sapped them of their inhibitions and worries.

It was with a surprise to the both of them when Berwald came, strong and frenzied, his own eyes widening as a yelp was torn from his throat without warning.

Tino loved the feel of it though, the oil on the others cock and inside him already making him so sweetly wet, and yet he still craved that motion of being full, to be warm all over his insides by his husbands release.

Berwald himself was struggling, his teeth clamped over his lip as his nostrils flared, grabbing at Tinos hips and pulling him down with a slam, fucking him shallowly as his cock began to soften inside him. Tino himself felt his toes curling and knew he was close, warm all over and sweet sheened a he came with a grunt and a sigh, collapsing onto his husbands stomach, his cum smattered all over the Swedes rising and falling chest.

All at once he then felt it, strong arms hugging him softly and gently, mindful of his aches and pains and the fact that he was slipped between the swedes legs.

Tino heard the small whimpers and sighs, the noises of a man who everyday must come to the realization that the ones he loves the most could be so easily taken from him. But in this moment Tino would make his husband forgo such thoughts. Crawling upward, wincing with a pleased shiver as his husbands flaccid cock slipped from inside him, Tino nestled himself against the man who was breathing heavily like some big cat.

"Come here..." Tino mumbled softly, cradling the man's head onto his shoulder as he caressed his scratchy chin and cheek and kisses his lips softly. Berwald made a slight yawn, eyes still wet, as he cuddled into his smaller husband, their legs tangling perfectly into a heap of stiff and sore limbs.

"Jag älskar dig," Berwald sighed, exhaling through his nose as he snuffled and wrestled himself closer to the Finns thrumming warmth.

Tino smiled softly, knowing he easily felt the same. He kissed his husband atop his crown of golden hair and whispered back, "Jag älskar dig, min man," before they both fell asleep with the truthful notion of safety in their hearts.


Author Notes,

Min man – my husband

Jag älskar dig – I love you.