Hello! It is I, the elusive author Kisshulover1 (also known as cousinnick, also known as Nick).

I'm not a fan of like, reaching out to my readers in this manner—what readers I have left. By that, I mean, posting info on a content-chapter page because it sucks for people who were looking for a real chapter update, yadda yadda. However! I do have good news (maybe?)!

I've never been comfortable with just leaving my unfinished stories as they are, and it has been weighing on my mind these past years that Barbarians Healer has never been finished. I love this story, and the others I've left unfinished, dearly. So, I've been thinking, and I've been writing newer notes and test chapters for Barbarians Healer. Basically, I have a proposition for any readers I still have, old and new.

Would you all like it if I continued Barbarians Healer? What I mean by that is, I would completely re-do it (I wouldn't totally gut it, but let's be honest the story is a little shaky and cringe worthy).

I'd be willing to keep this original version up, for old times' sake, but I would like to essentially redo and update, and eventually finish the story. I'm a grown man in my 20s and I actually am a proud student of Medieval Scandinavian Studies now, so I'd like to give you a good story that's also pretty damn historical and does justice to the Nordic 5!

Anyway, there's a poll on my profile you can vote on, with the question I proposed above, or you can message me or leave a review on this particular chapter, it's your preference.

Thank you for your time.