House Call

Chapter 1

Amy Pond-Williams sat in the TARDIS and was absolutely bored. She had watched the Doctor and Rory run around for about a half-hour now trying to fix something under the console. It was mad and it was fun for a while, but now it was just getting old. Quickly, she hopped off the seat and walked down the stairs towards her boys and said, "Doctor, don't you think its about time we took off already?"

The bow-tied man lifted a pair of goggles off his head and replied, "Ah, no, no we're not done yet Amy. You'll just have to wait a little longer. Re-calibrating new space and trans-dimensional navigation equipment can be a bit tricky. Why don't you go read a book or something or make us a some tea."

Annoyed, she said, "God, why don't you make your own tea? I'm not the maid here."

The Doctor raised his brow and replied, "Oh, so sorry I forgot the magic word, didn't I, Rory. Now Amy, could you please make me and Rory a cup of tea? Thanks."

The Time Lord didn't bother any acknowledgement and descended back at the task at hand. Meanwhile, Rory have his wife an apologetic glance and said, "I'd really appreciate it, sweetheart."

In response, Amy scuffed but then playfully grinned and said, "Well, since you asked so nicely, why the hell not. But when I get back you'd better get this thing in ship shaped."

The Doctor answered her as he heard her retreating footsteps from under the console and shouted, "Aye, aye Amy!"

"Yeah, thanks," muttered her spouse.

Rory then looked at the Doctor and watched him grin. He picked up a few wires and began to strip them before hook them up to what looked like a weird box. The Doctor absently examined a plug and said, "Well, this is an interesting part. I wonder if it's Hooballian. Hmm, Rory give me that rag on the floor there. I need to give this old bit a spit shine."

Curious, the nurse did what he was told and watched as the Doctor suck his own tongue and actually spit on the box confidently. Rory was taken back at how gross the Doctor was being, but it was like him to be that strange. The Doctor rubbed the part clean with the rag and to his amazement he was able to read the manufacture of the part.

"B-A-D-W-O…hm, badwo…well, that's an odd name. It's kind of like a dog sound."

Rory narrowed his brow and took the part from the Doctor and said, "Here, let me see. Oh, no, you didn't clean it all the way. It spells B-A-D-W-O-L-F, bad wolf."

Stunned, the Doctor froze and said, "What?"

"Bad wolf. That's what it spells, Doctor. Why? What does it mean?"

The Doctor instantly turned away and muttered, "Oh, nothing. It's unimportant. It doesn't mean a thing. Yeah, why don't you go scamper off to the kitchen and help Amy with the tea? Bring some jammie dodgers while you're at it."

"Ah, sure."

Rory then got up from off the floor and whipped his hands on a towel and headed towards the innards of the TARDIS. However, the Doctor knew he was a bright man. He'd probably figured out there was something a miss, but the second he was alone he began to let himself freak out. He quickly scrabbled out from under the console and reached for his sonic screwdriver in his pants and began scanning the part for any strange readings.

"Come on, come on. What are you telling me? Bad Wolf—in all the galaxy, in all the space stations, in all the junkyards, why did you have to be in the same market place as me?"

Suddenly, there was an explosion and the TARDIS began to shake. The Doctor stumbled back and had to grab hold of the railing. Railings were good. Railings kept you safe. They saved your bacon. However, in a loud rumble and then a bright flash everything grew still.

Then, the emergency lights flickered on and the Doctor found himself standing alone in the dark. "Oh, that's not good. No, it's very, very bad."

Though, without warning the sound of a TARDIS re-materializing echoed out in the control room and out of thin air appeared a—a tool shed? Bewildered, the Doctor slowly approached the other TARDIS and unexpectedly the door threw open and out came a plume of smoke. The sound of someone coughing then drew near and out staggered a man dressed in a leather jacket.

"Oh, Rassilon! I don't understand. This shouldn't have happened."

"Well, you should have listened to me when I told you she wasn't working right. You don't know what you're doing," answered a female voice from somewhere still inside the shed.

"Oi! I know what I'm doing! I've been traveling around a lot long than most civilization, Ms. Tyler. Whatever happened to respect to the designated driver?"

"Impossible…" breathed the Doctor as he watched the strange man continue to cough and heave.

The unknown man turned when he heard the Doctor's voice and amazingly the Time Lord saw that it was him in his 10th regeneration. It was the old mop hair and the teeth—it was so nostalgic.

Yet, rudely the man narrowed his brow and asked, "Who are you?"

Amused, the Doctor grinned like a madman and threw his arms out into the air and pointed to himself and shouted, "Why, it's me! Oh, I never thought I'd see the old me again ever."

The bow-tied man hugged his former self enthusiastically, but it wasn't appreciated. The leather-clad man shoved him away and replied, "Oi! Hands off!"

The Doctor disappointingly watched as leather-man frowned and backed away. He looked like he just noticed he was in the TARDIS, but things weren't making any sense. First, why was he wearing leather? Why didn't he remember this? Third, what happened to the TARDIS? And last, if this wasn't his 10th regeneration than was he the human-time lord meta-crisis he left with Rose in Pete's world? My god, there was so many questions.

Though, before he could utter a word Amy and Rory ran in at last from the kitchen. They both saw the state of the TARDIS, the stranger and the tool shed and were shocked.

Amy immediately marched up the Doctor and asked, "What happened?"

"I don't know."




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