House Call

Chapter 19

When the Doctor wake up, he shot up like a zombi fresh from the grave and saw that he was inside his own TARDIS. He checked to see if everything was in order. He wondered if he was really still in once piece since he and his friends were supposed to be facing oblivion in the depths of a failed Eye of Harmony in a jaws of a gravity well.

"Ah, teeth, legs, hands, hair…bow tie…cool."

Gingerly, he rose to his feet and saw that strewed all around him were his sleeping companions. There was Rory and Amy and River, but no Joe Noble or Rose. Bewildered, he checked on Amy's pulse and saw that she was fine. She was only asleep. He tried waking her up by giving her a good shake, but there was no response. Curious, he tried a little more firming to rouse Amy, but it was to no avail. She was simply out cold, but otherwise fine.

"Doctor," called a voice by the door.

Eleven looked up and saw that it was Rose, but it wasn't. He soon realized that it was in fact not Rose Tyler, but the Bad Wolf in all her glory. In her eyes spun stars and the raw energy of the Time Vortex and beyond. In her sights were everything that was, what is and whatever could be. It was all there all staring back at him and oddly it made him feel a bit small.

Tentatively, he approached her and said, "Bad Wolf, what have you done exactly?"

Bad Wolf smiled and replied, "I saved the world, Doctor. Don't worry about your friends. They're all right."

He cautiously circled around her and said, "Yeah, thanks, but what happened to Sally? And Skaro? And Davros? Did you divide their atoms or something? Does everything turn to dust?"

"No, Doctor. This time everybody lives."

Bad Wolf then walks up to the Doctor and wraps her arms around his neck and holds him in her warm embrace. Slowly, her body begins to shimmer into a billions beads of golden light until there is nothing left of her, but radiant rays of pure time. The sandy mist then travels all around the Doctor like a cloud and is draw back into the heart of the TARDIS. Meanwhile, he hugs her back with all his might and closes his eyes as the particles rush by him and disappear. It isn't until Rose grows limp in his arms that he opens his eyes and carefully carries her over to the seat to sit down.

Eleven takes a moment to gaze down on her peaceful form and again feels lucky that they had ever met. Carefully, he loops some of her blonde hair over her ear and said, "Rose Tyler…simply magnificent."

"Oi! Hands off the Blonde!" shouts Joe as he leans on the railing and shuffles closer to the pair. Eleven quickly withdraws his hand and turns to see that Joe looks to have a headache and his rubbing his temple like it hurts.

Joe is in a daze, but manages to reach Rose and checks her pulse and in relief he swoops down to kiss her head. Eleven notices the tender gestures, but doesn't say anything. Under the circumstances he might have done the exact same thing, though he can see the love shining in the other man's steel blue eyes. Affectionately, he pets Rose's hair and moves her so her head is resting over his single human heart.

"Thank, Rassilon she's all right."

Eleven smirks and leans against the console and said, "Yes…and you are behaving awfully human."

The leather-clad man looks up to meet Eleven's eye and replies with a smile. "Yeah, well I'm practically an ape so it's no wonder I'm starting to act like them. Jealous?"

Eleven crosses his arms and narrows his brow in false indignation. "Oh, no. Me? Jealous? No. Never. Well, perhaps maybe a little bit. I mean after all when I was you there—"

"There wasn't anything else in the world you wanted more. Yeah, I know. I used to be you, remember?"

"Yes, well I don't remember being this honest with myself before, I mean when I was you. Is this some sort of side affect from being made half human?"

Joe smirked and said, "Oh, you'd think that, wouldn't you? Well, I hated to disappoint, but it's got nothing to do with being half-ape. It's got everything to do with time. I'm done wasting it. I've got barely 60, maybe 70 years ahead of me and I'm not wasting them by not sharing my bloody feelings. And so what if it makes me possessive, worried and—god forbid—domestic. It's worth it as long as I got Rose."

Bashfully, the Doctor said, "Well, you're definitely the right man for the job. I'm glad she has you. If anyone deserved to have the slow path and the stars, it would be her."

"Yeah, well the same old life is fantastic too. Nothing to scuff about."

Eleven broke out into a smile and looked back at Rose lovingly and said, "Yeah, but things were always better with two."

"Or three," interrupted Amy as she finally got up and held her head. She rose up in a groggy state and leaned heavily onto the Doctor's back and held on to his shoulders to stay on her feet. She rested her head onto his shoulder and began to focus.

"We appear to be alive."

"Yes, Amy. We are alive."

She narrowed her brow and turned towards him and asked, "How are we alive? Not that I'm complaining or anything."

"Oh, remember when I told Rory that the universe was big and ridiculous and some times miracles happen?"


"Well, I did. And it happened. A miracle, I mean."

Amy was confused and pointed at the Doctor and said, "Hold on. You're saying we were saved by a miracle? That you had nothing to do with it? Because I clearly remember that we were about to be sucked up in a big ball thing in the middle of a evil lab when suddenly everything went white."

"Yes and no, Amy. We were in an evil lab, but I wasn't the one who saved us. It was—was something else. Something not human. Now, go fetch Rory and I'll go woke River Song."

Amy was not satisfied with that answer. She knew the Doctor was hiding something and she would get to the bottom of it, but it would keep for now. She frowned at her otherworldly friend, but kept her mouth shut and poked him in the chest and said, "Ok, but you're telling me everything later."

"Right, can't pull a fast one on you, Pond. Now, go get Rory. That grating doesn't make a fun face print."

Amy turned to wake her husband as the Doctor instructed, but Joe couldn't help looking on in amusement. "She's a spitfire, that one."

Eleven rolled his eyes and muttered, "Rassilon, you've no idea" before marched up to River Song and giving her a wild shake on the shoulders. Startled, the future-companion finally got up and unexpectedly gave Eleven a slap across his face.

"Ouch! What the in world did you do that for?"

"Oh…sorry, sweetie. I was dreaming."

Eleven held his face and rose to his feet and said, "You dream about slapping people! That's barbaric. That's no dream, that's a nightmare."

"I said I was sorry. No need to get your nickers in a twist. So, why aren't we dead?"

The Doctor quickly answered, "Miracle, I was due one eventually."

"Yeah, I don't believe that," answered Rory.

"Hold that thought, Rory," said Eleven.

The bow tie man then ran to the TARDIS doors and threw them open to see what was on the other side. And to his amazement the first thing he saw was Joe's young TARDIS in the shape of a tool shed. She was in a beautiful matching blue to his own TARDIS and her doors were open revealing the coral template he used to have when he was Ten.

Bewildered, he called back to Joe. "Copycat!"

"Sod off! It's organic."

Eleven then looked beyond the young TARDIS and saw that in front of him was the planet Paris. They were parked right outside the city limits by an old iron gate and within was a town that looked a bit like Sally's.

"Oh, hello."

River then ran up to him and asked, "Doctor, what do you see? Where are we?"

He called back, "We're back on Paris." He then popped his index finger into his mouth and then pulled it out like he was testing the weather and noticed, "51st century. Thursday, yes definitely a Thursday. Oh, I like Thursday."

"Doctor, you're rambling."

"Yes, yes I am. So back in the 51st century, but not exactly. There have been changes. Definite changes."

Amy wondered up to the Doctor and asked, "What sort of changes?"

"Well, first off there is no longer a castle over on the hill and second, this town is real."

The redhead frowned and said, "Hang on, how do you know this town is real and not another illusion?"

The Doctor smiled whimsically at her and leaned closer to her and said, "Because, my dear Pond, this town is called Mal Wolf." He then looked up and at the gate and added, "See the sign."

Amy nodded her head and made a noise of recognition and the Doctor joined in with a grin, but then a second later she made a face and said, "Nope, I don't get it. What's that suppose to mean?"

Exasperated, Eleven said, "What do you mean 'what does it mean'? It's Mal Wolf, Amy it's a clear sign from Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf! The goddess of Fortuna? It doesn't ring any bells? No? Oh, never mind. It's obviously a cosmic joke on me. Haha, have your laugh. Well, it's worth it and do you know why? Because everybody lives!"

The Doctor then spared his arms in joy and ignored the townspeople as they walked by. Amy thought she heard somebody tell their kid not to make eye contact with the crazy man and that was her cue to grab the Doctor and push him behind the young TARDIS.

"Yeah, nothing to see here. Just—just keep walking!" Amy then glared at the Doctor and said, "Would you stop acting like a big crazy man and explain."

Eleven fixed his bow tie and said, "Well, I can't explain, Amy and that's what's so cool. Now, who wants to take a stroll through Paris?"

He then offered Amy his arm and she replied, "All right, why not?"

"I think a night on the town would be quite nice," said River as she took the Doctor's other arm.

"Hey! She's my wife!" cried Rory.

"Then you'd better come chaperon, Rory. I don't trust, Mrs. Williams."

Rory then jogged up to his friends and took Amy's free arm, but the Doctor paused to call back to Joe. "Coming?"

The Doctor saw Joe had gotten Rose to her feet and she was beginning to wake up and blink. Joe kept her close. He replied, "Nope, I've got to get my girls home. And besides, it was really Barcelona I was aiming for. This is just a detour."

River asked, "You're leaving?"

"Yeah, I've got a whole other universe to impress. You be good, Professor River Song."

River was amused by his statement and replied, "Oh, I'm always good, Joe. You sure there isn't another one out there like you?"

"Nope, sorry, River. We're fresh out of clones. You'll just have to be content with the original." Joe then escorted Rose towards their ship when suddenly she stopped at the door to hug Amy.

Rose whispered into her hair, "You be brave. You keep your boys safe."

In response, Amy hugged her back just a bit tighter and said, "Yeah, always. It was good to meet you, Rose."

The two women then drew a part and Rory awkwardly waved goodbye, but ended up getting a hug from Joe as well before the couple disappeared into their tool-shed shaped TARDIS and vanished into thin air and into another reality. They waited until the sounds of the engines were gone before they returned back to their stroll on Main Street.

"Well, that was exciting," announced the Doctor. "Now, who wants some chips? Chips are always good after saving the universe."

Amy laughed and skipped over to the Time Lord and said, "Yeah, but you never pay."

"Oi! I do too pay…just not that often."

"No, he never pays," said River with confidence. "But, I'm sorry I can't join you. I should really be getting back."

Amy said, "What? You're leaving too?"

"I'm afraid so, but we'll meet each other again real soon, Amy. You can count on it." The two women hugged since they were still in a huggie mood from leaving Rose and Joe. However, River just gave the Doctor a smirk before saying, "Bye sweetie" and zapping away on her temporal manipulator.

Amy sighed when she left, but noticed that the Doctor seemed distracted. Curious, she saw that he was looking at a flower shop and there to the Time Team's amazement was Loretta and Sally. The two escapees from the Time War were selling bouquets at the stall. It turned out Bad Wolf was more benevolent than the Doctor thought—everybody had lived.

Instantly, the bow-tied man marched up to the ladies and sensed right away that Loretta was strangely human and so was Sally. The Doctor was about to speak with Loretta, but Sally approached him instead and handed him a rose.

"Would you like to buy a flower, sir?"

Eleven narrowed his brow and gazed at her shrewdly and said, "Sally, what are you scheming this time?"

Sally smirked and replied, "Nothing. I got what I wanted."

The Doctor fished around in his pockets and pulled out some credits to purchase the single stemmed red rose and playfully tapped her shoulder with it and asked, "Oh? And what's that? I thought your dream was to blow up Skaro."

"No, my real dream was to spend forever with Loretta. You see, she's human now and so am I."

Shocked, he exclaimed, "What? But you're an avatar. That's impossible."

Sally winked at him and said, "Well, nothing is impossible, Doctor. I thought a man like you knew a thing like that. Oh, and keep the change. The flower's on me."

Stunned, Eleven watched her go and greet her other customers with Loretta. He stared down at the single rose in his hand and knew that Rose's big heart had bested even Sally's bitter lust for revenge. Tenderly, he gave it a whiff and inhaled its gentle sweet aroma in peace.

"Hmmm…Rose Tyler, still fantastic."

However, Amy then swiftly plucked the rose out of the Doctor's hand and placed it between her teeth and wiggled her eyebrow suggestively and gave him a spun before taking it out. "Come on, Doctor. You owe me and Rory some chips! And you my friend are paying."

"Alright, Amy Pond. If you want chips then chips you shall have, but how about we go to Jabberdog instead. They have one of the galaxies best chips this side of the Brax system and they give you an assorted variety of toppings. You can't go wrong with that. I think I still have a coupon from the High Priestess in my pocket somewhere. "

Amy was thrilled and the two rushed back into the TARDIS, but Rory lagged behind with a sigh and said, "Oh no, here we go again."


The End.


Sorry for taking so long to write the final chapter, but I was stuck. I felt like a built it up so much that there was no way I could top it. I hope I haven't disappointed. Bad Wolf works in mysterious ways.

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