…….Kat leaped towards her father but it was too late, the gun had been shot. Kat inhaled her father's breath, it smelled thickly of Vodka.

"You were drunk?!" Kat yelled at her father.

The only thing Kat hated more than smoking was drinking, after all that was why her mother left her father a while back.

Kat ran over to Patrick. He had a wound in his arm. The mark showed that the bullet had gone through his arm and out the window.

"Patrick?" she whispered.

Patrick grumbled something and opened his eyes.

"Thank God you're okay!" she responded.

Kat walked Patrick outside, it wasn't safe for him to be at her house, especially since her dad was drunk. Kat opened her door and screamed!

"Oh my God!" she cried, "Oh my God!"……………….