Soul never attended college; he took over his family's business. Soul married an heiress named Evangeline on March 15th, 2017 when he was 24 years old. Their identical twin boys, Hikaru and Haru, were born on January 19th, 2019. He and Evangeline were married for only 6 years before he divorced her for committing adultery.

Maka attended New York University where she took part in the Creative Writing Program. At NYU, she met Darren. After she graduated from NYU, she married Darren on July 5th, 2019 when she was 26 years old. While she received a job at the New York Times, her husband decided to join the military. Her husband died in war on October 18th, 2021 while Maka was 7 months pregnant. Her daughter, Tahlia, was born on December 15th, 2021.

Yori set Maka and Soul up in 2023 when they were 30 years old. They dated for about 8 months before they decided to move in together. Although their children had issues getting along, they still managed to feel like a family. Soul proposed to Maka on Christmas Eve after dating for only 10 months and she said yes.

Originally, Yori was set to be Maka's maid of honor and Black Star was Souls of honor. That was until Yori was killed by a drunk driver on February 8th, 2024 and Maka had to find a new bridesmaid. Maka promoted Tsubaki too being her maid of honor.

They adopted Yori's daughter, Keera. Keera's father (Yori's ex-boyfriend) was a severe alcoholic who was imprisoned before Keera was born.

They got married on October 3rd, 2024 at a gothic church.

They didn't have any children together nor did they want to have any. Soul quit his family business and became Death the Kid's death scythe when he took over his father's position as Lord Death. Maka became a famous poet and wrote many beloved poems known worldwide. They lived in Death City their whole lives. Their children all went to college and got married. They had a 3 grandchildren from Hikaru, 3 from Haru, and 2 from Tahlia along with 1 from Keera (a grand total of 9 grandchildren).

Soul was the first one to die. He died at the age of 83 years old of a stroke. Maka died at the age of 91 of basic old age.

After Maka's death, their children and grandchildren went sorting through their parents/grandparents old items. They found Maka's old diary.

The last page of Maka's diary was never filled in.