"Oh that's nice," said Cindy on the phone with her niece Jessica, who had just told her she had just graduated from college and will start at the Target corporate office. "I'll be looking forward for your visit." And so ends that conversation.

"Mother!" shouted Ashlin. "How could you allow her to come at a time like this?"

"A time like what? What's wrong with it?"

"She's a stuck up bitch!" answered the livid Ashlin. "She thinks the whole world revolves around her!"

Jennifer, Ashlin's older sister, who was in the room, put in, "You're the one who thinks the whole world revolves around you. You're a spoiled brat bc apparently, everyone is supposed to like you! Just wait until I tell everyone what happened to you at work and school."

Ashlin then lost it and stormed up to Jennifer and said it a soft, venomous voice, "I did not get fired. Know why? At least I didn't fraternize with management like mom did a long time ago." And indeed, a long time ago, Cindy indeed had dated her boss Gary at the radio station and did not care to hear the sensitive part of her life.

"That's enough, Ashlin," she scolded. "Don't ever talk about me like that."

Incensed, Ashlin got up and went, "I'm going to work."

"Your last day," Jennifer mocked. Ashlin then slammed the door and got in her car. On the way to work, Ashlin felt rage building up inside her, accelerating under it's own steam. Finally, as she speeded towards the traffic light, it turned red. Ashlin was even more angry and repeatedly honked at it to make it turn green until she came to the attention of the police.

As he pulled her over, he said through the open window of her car, "License and registration please." Ashlin pulled out both documents. He then asked her what she was thinking, to which she replied she was gonna be late for work. He subsequently wrote her a ticket of a coupla hundred bucks.

At JC Penney, Ashlin cooled down within the first 5 minutes. She was her old self again and was pleasant to be around until she ran into Carrie again at the break room. "Carrie," she pleaded. "Please like me. I'll give you $100."

"Oh my God!" said Carrie. "You're like such a creep. Get away." Ashlin spent the rest of the break staring at Carrie, who reported her to Stacy, who paged Ashlin to see her in the office.

"Ashlin," said Stacy. "We do not tolerate that kind of behavior. If I didn't know the 2 of you, I'd think you were in love with her."

"I'm not a dyke!" Ashlin retorted.

"I didn't say you were-"

"Do not call my friend Carrie a dyke!" shouted Ashlin, who ended up with a written warning. If this behavior continues, she will be terminated. A few hours later, Lynn, who Carrie liked very much, found her coat sprayed with restroom cleaners. However, since no one could prove it was Ashlin (which it was), they had no grounds to discipline her.

As Ashlin arrived home, Cindy was welcoming Marcia and Jessica, who asked Ashlin how work was. "Perfect," said Ashlin sarcastically as she ran upstairs and slammed the door to her room.

"What was that all about?" asked Aunt Marcia.

"Hell if I know," replied Jessica. "Nothing's ever been right with her."