Cartman waited for the guys at the bus stop again.

"Where the fuck are these guys?" Cartman grumbled.

"Hey Cartman!" BeBe yells from across the street.

"Ahh shit!" Cartman mumbled., "Not Kyle's little pussy Girlfriend."

"Can I wait with you?" Bebe asked as she rubbed up against Cartman.

"Well I guess since you Hippie ass is already standing here." He responded.

"Thanks." Bebe answered sweetly.

"You know, Wendy was going to carpool me here like always but she got sick and-"

"I don't give a fuck you skanky bitch!" Cartman replied.

"Oh." Bebe whispered.

Cartman looked at her like he never had before. She seemed almost immortal the way she stood there with her beady eyes and puff of blonde hair framing around her face.

"Want a homemade cookie?" she asked Cartman.

"Oh fucking Sweet!" he responded.

Cartman grabbed all of the cookies from the lunch baggie and swallowed them In one gulp.

Bebe looked at him with her beady eyes wide open and her mouth dropped.

"Fuckin fat ass! That was my lunch!" she shouted at Cartman.

"Fuck you! You tree hugging hippie! I am not fat! I'm big-boned!" he cried back.

Cartman ran home. Right after he had left Kyle and Stan and Kenny came to the bus stop.

"Where the fuck's that fat ass!" Kyle groaned.

"I think….well….I think I may have hurt his feelings" Bebe whispered.

"You can't hurt that fat assses feelings!" Stan replied.

"Mmm mmm mm mmmmm mmm." Kenny said.

"Ya that's right kenny! He has no feelings, just Lard! Hahahaha!" Kyle responded.

Everyone laughed except Bebe. She felt a little bad. Never before had she cared for Cartman. But today how the sun hit him and how his hat stood so ever slangy on his head made her feel almost attracted to him.

"Hey guys, tell everyone I'm sick! I gotta tell Cartman something." She said.

"Okay." They said in unison.

Bebe ran over to Cartman's house. She knocked on the door.

"Yes." Cartman's mom answered.

"Is the fat ass….i mean, Cartman home?" she responded.

" I already cancelled his skank show for tonight, please come back later." His mom responded.

"I'm not a skank." Bebe grumbled angrily.

"Oh well than go right on upstairs. Eric is in his room eating Chocolate chicken pot pies."

"Thanks" Bebe cheered.

Bebe ran upstairs to Cartman's room. She opened the door wide to see Cartman making out with Wendy.

"I thought you were sick!" Bebe yelled.

"oh shit." Wendy grumbled.

The two girls wrestled on the floor fighting for Cartman's unconditional love.

" I learned something today." Cartman said, " I have learned that no matter how much people tease you, you are really a hot stud like me."

Wendy and Bebe ripped each others hair off. Cartman's mom came in. Cartman started making out with his mother.

"Oh fucking weak!" the two girls yelled.