Mulan's father leaves with her mother and grandmother to prepare dinner.

"She's got a handsome man there." the grandmother laughed as she elbowed Mulan's father.

Mulan's father wasn't too thrilled about Mulan having a man, but he was happy that she would bring the family a long-waited honor.

Mulan looked at Shang.

"Thanks for returning the helmet." She smiled.

"You're welcome.", Shang replied, "You were a great warrior. It was great knowing you. You are a great person Mulan, and I am honored to know you."

Mulan stared at his huge smile. She watched as his muscles pulsated beneath his shirt. Shang was a handsome guy, and she felt a giggly feeling under heart every time she saw him.

Shang's view of Mulan also filled his heart with joy. She had such a marvelous smile and her normally flushed cheeks became engorged with blood, giving her a nice whisk of color. Shang couldn't take it anymore. He moved his hand up to her red cheek. He brushed his hand against it quickly. Mulan grabbed onto the hand and pressed it against her cheek, holding it there for several long minutes. Shang jerked his hand up and moved her face closer to his.

Then without warning, Shang pressed his mouth against Mulan's. Mulan inhaled deeply from her nose. His soft tongue rubbed against her own as his sweet lips tickled her lips. He opened and closed his mouth several times as Mulan moved her hand up to his cheek and rubbed him slowly.

They pulled away slowly and looked at each other in an almost heavenly glance. Mulan blushed a little as she turned her head away from Shang.

Shang grabbed her hands and caressed them.

"Mulan," Shang began, " Well, I think that….actually I am quite certain,….uh….well…umm…..what I mean to say is, well Mulan, I love you."

Mulan felt as if she were going to cry. The way he spoke and the way he touched, she knew he was being sincere.

Mulan wrapped her arms around him. She felt his six-pack clench against her stomach. Shang felt her breast press up close to his well built chest. She leaned in and gave Shang one last long, passionate, and moist kiss.

Mulan said seductively and watery-eyed, "Shang, I love you too."