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Tamaki sighed; he didn't understand why Kyouya always insisted on being the last one out at the end of the day! Honestly, he would work himself to death one day! "Well, I guess I'll go home now, Kyouya. See you tomorrow." Tamaki began to head out the double doors of music room #3. He had had a rough day, and just wanted to be home and wrap himself up in his warm comforter with a hot cup of green tea. Kyouya glances up as Tamaki reaches for the door.

"It's pouring outside, you idiot. You'll catch a cold," he continued, "stay inside until your car shows up" as he pushed his glasses into place with his fingers. Doing so caused a glare to hit them, spot on.

Tamaki turned around; "hm…?" he glanced out the window and saw the pouring rain. "Oh, I see… well I'll just wait by the front door, inside of course." He noticed the glint on his raven-haired friend's glasses and it sent a shudder down his spine. Not bad, not from fear, but from… something else perhaps? He felt his cheeks grow slightly warm as he turned back towards the door and headed out.

"Tamaki…" Kyouya was going to say something else when he saw a slight shade of pink appear on Tamaki's face… 'What could be making him blush' he thought to himself '…did I do something? No… that can't be…'

Tamaki stopped midstep, and, without facing Kyouya, he asked "Un, what is it mon ami?" Tamaki thought that Kyouya was acting strange, he always knew what to say, and he's usually so sure of himself, but the way he had said his name was… almost filled with unsurity… Tamaki wondered why the sound of it filled his stomach with butterflies.

'W-what's wrong with me…?' Kyouya thought to himself, 'I've never lost my train of thought before, but… the look on Tamaki's face was… was so… cute? No no no, that's crazy, isn't it?'

"Um… nothing," he replied, and he turned his attention back to his computer. He looked down and saw that he had unconsciously typed Tamaki's name multiple times, and his eyes widened. He deleted the name of his violet-eyed friend as quickly as his fingers would allow it. 'No, no, no! There… has to be something wrong with my mind!' he mentally slapped himself for allowing his attention to be diverted for even a second.

"O… okay…" Tamaki spared one last slight glance over his shoulder and saw Kyouya typing, but he looked slightly… frazzled. Tamaki could hear the soft pitter-patter of rain outside, and then he heard a car pull up. A few moments later his phone went off, signaling the arrival of his driver. "Okay, Kyouya… my driver's here so I'll see you tomorrow at school!" Tamaki was worried about Kyouya, but he knew he shouldn't ask.

He dashed out the doors, not realizing how quickly his feet were carrying him until he finally got outside and managed to slow his stride. Kyouya sighed as he shut his laptop and looked outside. When he did so, he noticed not only his own driver pulling up, but also Tamaki stepping into his limo, soaking wet.

'He looked… so… adorable.' Kyouya thought to himself as he stood up and left the clubroom. He met his driver at the front doors, and headed home in his jet-black limo.

Tamaki had to suffer the ride home sopping wet, though he hardly noticed, as he was thinking. He had decided to visit Kyouya later that day, as he was worried about his best friend. Tamaki thought he had heard Kyouya mention once that his father was away on business this week, maybe longer. When Tamaki and his driver arrived home, he barely noticed going inside and changing into something… drier, and he only vaguely remembers at one point thinking, 'I wonder if Kyouya will like this outfit on me…'. His outfit consisted of jeans and a black, loose fitting, waist-length jacket. The jacket covered a white tanktop; he was only checking on his friend, it wasn't any special occasion…

As this was occurring at the Suou estate, the Ootori estate was having not quite so similar problems. Kyouya's driver pulled up to the estate and Kyouya got out of the car, running inside his home. He ran up to his room, skipping a few stairs along the way, and threw himself inside, slamming the door shut behind him. He sighed, and slid to the ground beside his bed into a sitting position with his arms between his legs. "I wonder what Tamaki is doing…" he asked himself.

Meanwhile, Tamaki was sitting on his own bed, cuddled into his fluffy blanket, pouting. "What is wrong with me, why am I acting so strange… and why is Kyouya acting strange… I wonder what he's up to now…?" Tamaki said out loud to himself, shortly after he heard a knock on his door. "C…come in!"

A maid walked in with a tray that holds green tea. "Bocchama, here is the tea you asked for", she bowed and held out the tray.

"Arigatou…" Tamaki took the tea and the maid left, closing the door behind her. Tamaki sighed, and took a small sip of tea.

Kyouya, at his own house, was dealing with his confusion in other ways. 'Do… do I perhaps have feelings for that idiot?' he asked in his head, 'no, no, no that's crazy… and even if I did, that baka likes Haruhi…' he stood up and hit his head on the wall, hoping to knock some sense into himself. He wandered back to his bed and lay down, placing a pillow over his face. He closed his eyes; '…maybe a quick nap will clear my head, then I'll study again… if I can…' he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Tamaki finished his tea and stood up, glancing at the clock as he does so. He realizes he must have dozed off, because it says that it's 9:30 pm. He meandered his way downstairs, and placed the now empty cup in the sink. He called for his driver, "can you please drive me to the Ootori estate? Kyouya and I are… planning… to… to… study together!" Tamaki hoped his lie would be bought; Kyouya has no idea of Tamaki's plans. He was so concerned that he didn't realize the knowing look on his driver's face.

"Right away, bocchama."

Kyouya awakened to a gentle rapping on his door. He jumped, and almost fell out of bed.

"Mr. Ootori? You have a guest," the maid outside said.

"Thank you, I will be right down." Kyouya readied himself, "Who the hell is here this late," he grumbled to himself as he walked down the stairs and opened the door. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was Tamaki! "Hello Tamaki," he said shaking and opening the door completely, "come on in."

"Hi Kyouya… um… I was just…" Tamaki shuffled his feet, "I was worried about you, since… I mean… earlier it seemed as if… something was bothering you, so…" Tamaki trailed off, examining Kyouya. Kyouya's hair was a mess, his glasses were slightly askew, and was he… shaking? 'Wow, Kyouya looks…' Tamaki willed himself not to blush, and it worked, "are you sick?"

Kyouya laughed to himself and thought, 'sick? Maybe I am, that would explain a lot…' out loud, he replied, "Maybe, I'm not feeling so hot, but I'll pull through. You should come in so you don't get yourself sick, standing in the cold." He gestured to the maid to bring some tea into the sitting room.

Tamaki stepped inside, "I'm sorry I woke you, I… meant to come about an hour earlier, but…" his voice trailed off, not knowing what to say next. He followed up with, "May I sit down?" He mentally kicked himself for being so formal; I mean… this is only his best friend.

"Of course," Kyouya replied and pulls a blanket from the closet and drapes it over Tamaki's shoulders; he thought that Tamaki looked cold. He then sat in the chair opposite Tamaki and straightened his glasses, at the same time trying to tame his hair. Tamaki noted this and let out a gentle, amused laugh without realizing it until afterwards. He fell silent as soon as he had started. Kyouya looked up, hearing Tamaki's laugh. He could feel his face go a shade of deep red, 'what a cute… no, don't finish that thought, Kyouya!' he thought to himself, and, still blushing, he attempted to start a new conversation.

"So… Tamaki… do you have any new ideas for the club?" he said, and wants to smack himself afterwards. Why the hell can't he think of something better to say?

Tamaki was surprised, Kyouya was acting so… un-Kyouya-like, 'and I'm the only one who knows… this is my Kyouya… wait, what? No! Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!' he mentally smacked himself. "Well, no new ideas…" Tamaki, suddenly and unexplainably, wanted some privacy with Kyouya, though he couldn't explain why… he just wanted this Kyouya all to himself… 'this can't be love, right?'

"Tamaki?" Kyouya questioned, waving a hand in front of Tamaki's face. Kyouya knew Tamaki was thinking hard about something, but Kyouya couldn't tell what it was for the life of him…

"Hm…? O…oh ye…yeah, sorry, I, uh…" Tamaki blushed a deep shade of red, and went silent. "We…well I'm just… I don't… know…" He suddenly got an idea. A wonderful, horrible idea that he hated, yet wanted so badly. His face turned even redder, "I…" he began to violently cough, faking sick.

He was hoping it would work, Tamaki just wanted to stay the night at Kyouya's house, and he would make it happen.

"Tamaki!" Kyouya said, alarmed, "I told you, idiot, that you would get sick standing outside that long, is anyone besides yourself and the maids at home?" he felt horrible because Tamaki got sick standing outside of his home… 'if Tamaki's sick, I'll take care of him myself, it won't be too awkward…right? We're friends… friends do that… take care of each other… they care about each other…'

"We…well…" Tamaki coughed weakly, "nobody else is… at home… b…but grandmother, and she…"Tamaki coughed a second time, and inwardly smirked, 'I don't know what will happen, but he seems to be falling for it… why… why do I… want… him… so badly…' he wondered to himself.

Kyouya gathered his thoughts for a second before responding, stuttering, "then… maybe you should… st…stay the night he…here then… so… umm… you won't be alone…" Kyouya was hoping he didn't sound too forward.

Tamaki had a small coughing fit, then replied, "if… y…you're okay… with that…" he coughed gently once more, "you would… know how to take care of me best… I suppose…" he blushed a deeper red than before, thinking about… other possible meanings that could have, 'no! Bad subconscious! He's my best friend, and I don't feel that way about him… do I?'

"Very… very well, I will have someone call you grandmother," Kyouya

added, "are you well enough to walk?"

Tamaki coughed weakly, "I… I don't know…" he saw this as a perfect opportunity. He stood up, holding the edge of the couch for support. In reality, this was an unnecessary action, but he wouldn't give up the act when he's finally getting his chance.

He took a step forward, purposely faltering, hoping Kyouya will catch him and have the heart to carry him upstairs. "Tamaki, you moron!" Kyouya said, running up to Tamaki. He grabbed Tamaki's shoulders and looked him in the eyes, "I might have to carry you, if that's alright"… 'holding… Tamaki….' That thought made Kyouya's cheeks burn red, with the brightness, not to mention heat, of the sun in less than 10 seconds.

"Y… yeah, that's…" Tamaki blushed, "okay…" Tamaki thought of the feeling of Kyouya's arms around him, their bodies pressed together as one, and… NO! 'No, let's… stop this train of thought, it's… dangerous…' Tamaki blushed about a million shades of red, and this time he actually almost did fall as his legs didn't seem to want to work anymore. Kyouya caught Tamaki as his legs gave out, and he put his arm on the small of the blonde's back and his other hand on the bend of his knees, picking him up without too much difficulty.

Kyouya pulled Tamaki close to his chest… 'I think I'm falling for this idiot… no no no no no no! It can't be, That's wrong… isn't it?' he thought to himself as the pair ascended the stairs to Kyouya's room.

Tamaki wrapped his arms around Kyouya's neck taking in the megane-boy's scent. 'could I… be falling for my best friend? That… I… I think I just might be… even though it's wrong…' Tamaki held himself close to his friend's chest, loving the feeling, but wanting more… there's nothing wrong with experimenting, right?

Tamaki sighed, contentedly though unintentionally as they ascend the stairs 'I hope this lasts forever' Tamaki thought, satisfied.

Kyouya reached his bedroom door and pushed it open. He walked in and laid Tamaki down on the edge of his king-sized bed. He placed an extra pillow underneath Tamaki's blonde head, and, lost in violet eyes, he forgot his hand was still beneath his best friend's head. Tamaki felt Kyouya's hand, warm and gentle, on the back of his head, as he stared back into the raven-haired boy's onyx eyes, lost.

Before he could stop himself, he drew his face closer to Kyouya's and lightly touched Kyouya's soft lips to his own, unable to stop himself.

Kyouya felt Tamaki's lips touch his. At first, he was in shock, but after a second he relaxed into Tamaki, running his hands through Tamaki's golden hair and leaning further into the kiss, and therefore, Tamaki. Tamaki moaned lightly in surprise at the other's reaction, and he felt his eyes closing.

He pulled Kyouya all the way onto the bed and put his hand on the small of Kyouya's back, whilst his other hand played with, and becomes entangled in, onyx hair. Tamaki attempted to switch their position, so that he was on top… he likes being in control.

Kyouya allowed Tamaki to do this, he loved the feeling of Tamaki against him. He loves the feeling of Tamaki's lips on his. He wrapped his arms around Tamaki's neck and pulled him closer, allowing his eyes to close as well.

Tamaki's mind was screaming at him to stop, 'this is wrong, this is my best friend, we're both guys, and… and… and the feeling of Kyouya underneath me is enough to make my pants uncomfortably tight… and… and… no this is wrong!'

Tamaki pulled away from the kiss, breathless. Sitting on top of Kyouya, he looked down, Kyouya looked so… so… helplessly adorable… "Kyouya, I…" he didn't know what he intended to say, he just knew that if they were caught… although Kyouya's dad was away on business, the maids might hear something.

Kyouya took a deep breath when Tamaki pulled away, very disappointed as Tamaki looked down at him. 'What just happened?' he asked himself, 'did I… oh shit…' "Tamaki… I didn't mean to… umm…"

Tamaki looked ashamed with himself, "n… no it's not… I just…" Kyouya would probably never want to see him again!... and… "I… I guess I'll umm… show myself out…" he was very disappointed, that had been the most wonderful experience, yet… "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have… that was stupid of me… gomen." He began to get off of Kyouya, though his body didn't want to move. He forced his body to move, however, and slowly, shakily, he got up.

"No! I… I mean… you're sick, you need to stay in bed…" Kyouya stood up and made Tamaki lie back down, "I will send my maid up in a moment… I have… matters to… attend to…" he says, heading to the door. Kyouya was ashamed he allowed his feelings to take over, but he couldn't ignore them for long, "you have free reign over everything in the house."

Tamaki protested, "Don't lea-… I mean… where are… you going, and… what… what are you doing…?" Tamaki didn't want Kyouya to leave, but they both knew he had to, because if they aren't separated, their emotions may take control once more.

'Tamaki… doesn't want me to leave? I don't want to, but… I can't stay here alone with him, or….' Kyouya thought, then out loud he stuttered, "I have… to… do… my h… homework, it's… in the library…." Kyouya knew he couldn't let this go any further, no matter how much he wanted to stay with this blonde idiot… this hot blonde idiot… and… 'to be in his arms is…wow, okay no more thoughts on this subject…' Kyouya looks at Tamaki sitting on his bed, and he felt quite… uncomfortable as certain… places… grew.

Tamaki took notice of the growing bulge in Kyouya's pants, "I wonder if I could fix that problem for you… WAIT! No I didn't… mean… to say… that… I was… I…" Tamaki put his hand over his mouth before he shared any other thoughts, 'dang it, why… why did I… that was…' he sighed, "Kyouya, I think I'll take a nap… that may… be the best for… both of us..."

Tamaki rolled over so he is no longer facing Kyouya, "good luck… with homework, I mean…" 'I wish I were his homework… no! Don't think that!' After that thought, Tamaki mentally slapped himself for being such an idiot.

Kyouya felt a blush creep over his face and, without thinking, he answered, "If you would like that." Kyouya put his hands over his mouth, eyes wide. He couldn't believe he just said that! "I… I mean… I should go now!" He reached for the door, but when he tried to turn the handle it was locked. He heard giggling maids, twin maids who are often troubling Kyouya, on the other side, so he yelled, "open this door! Right now!" he hit the door with his fists.

Tamaki rolled back over, "W…what happened?..." he chose to ignore Kyouya's comment, for the best… it would… help lessen the awkwardness.

"Those damn twins locked the door! They always get into trouble! I wish my father would fire them already…" Kyouya yelled and hit the door once more, "open this door or you will WISH you were never born!" he hit the door for a third time and thought 'this is going to be a very long night'.

Tamaki got a sly smile on his face, "you mean… they won't let us out?" he looked over at Kyouya, "though… we both know we shouldn't be doing… well… you know what I mean…" Tamaki blushed, thinking of how good it would feel, to be… inside… he coughed awkwardly and continued, "anyways, we could still… make the best of this situation…" Tamaki blushed, "I mean… it's only….. one night… and…. never mind, I'm sorry for this. It would get us both ruined if we… I'm just gonna shut up now." Tamaki was embarrassed more than he thought possible, how did it come to this?

Kyouya blushes a deeper red, adding, "we could… no one would know, and… no one… can walk in…" Kyouya was trying desperately to ignore the pain between his legs, though it was becoming more uncomfortable by the second, "ne…never mind…"

Tamaki blushed, feeling slightly uncomfortable as well, "w…well… I… wait, you… you want… I mean… that is to say… I… I… I thought for sure…" Tamaki's voice trails off.

Kyouya looked at Tamaki, confused, "wh…what?" Kyouya was too preoccupied by certain pains in certain places to try and understand Tamaki right then.

Tamaki smirked, he knew he was the only one who had ever seen Kyouya this way… he also had a strange urge to keep it that way, "well… it's nothing… why don't you… come and sit down" Tamaki sat and patted the spot beside him. His voice was gentle, sultry, and somehow pleading. At this moment, all he wanted was Kyouya and he didn't care who knew, who caught them, or how much Kyouya may hate him later, "don't be shy, I won't bite… unless you want me to" Tamaki added innocently.

"o…ok…" Kyouya went to sit on the bed, but he sat as far away from Tamaki as the edge would allow. He wanted to be near Tamaki, but he was scared… nervous… he'd never been this close to anyone or felt like this before. Tamaki scooted closer to Kyouya and whispered into his ear three words he never thought he'd say, "I… love you…" he began gently massaging Kyouya's shoulders and kissing his neck. 'Wow, he tastes so… so…' Tamaki sighed against Kyouya's skin. Kyouya began to moan, "I… love… you… too…" he said between little moans. Tamaki moved his hands to the front of Kyouya's shirt, unbuttoning the cumbersome buttons, one by one. He moved his lips to Kyouya's collarbone and bit down, ever so gently. He then turned himself so that he was on Kyouya's lap, pushing the other teen down against the bed whilst his lips never broke contact with Kyouya's skin. Kyouya moaned a little bit louder and raised his shaking hand to pull off Tamaki's jacket, while removing his own, already falling off, shirt. Tamaki smirked and pulled away, "so, you still think this is a bad idea?" He looked down at the squirming Kyouya beneath him. Tamaki gently placed his hand on Kyouya's chest, he wanted to make the most of this situation. He knew he could make Kyouya beg if he tried hard enough.

"I… no…" Kyouya replied, and put his arms around Tamaki's neck, attempting to pull Tamaki back down to him. Tamaki resisted Kyouya's attempts and stayed sitting up, his knees gripping Kyouya's hips between his legs. Tamaki, slowly and gently, trailed his hand down Kyouya's chest and stopped, right above his pants. Slowly, painfully so, Tamaki ran his hand along Kyouya's waist. Kyouya gasped, stiffening, "Ta- Tamaki!" he gasped breathlessly, and again tried to pull Tamaki closer to him. He also tried to sit up slightly to get closer, yet to no avail.

Tamaki gently pushed Kyouya back to the bed, that sly smirk still adorning his face, "you want me to stop? Okay then… I guess…" Tamaki removed his hand and sat there. He absentmindedly reached down to grab Kyouya's glasses and placed them lightly on the bedside table.

"No, please, don't stop!" Kyouya whined, looking up at Tamaki through his eyelashes.

Tamaki's smirk grew wider, "oh, so you do want me… how badly?" Tamaki was enjoying this almost too much, though it was beginning to be painful for him too, and he couldn't keep this act up much longer, 'he's so damn adorable like this…'

Kyouya blushed at Tamaki's comment, he did want Tamaki… more than he would ever let on, "p…please?" he whispered, barely audible.

Tamaki frowned, attempting to seem troubled, "well, I'm afraid that if I don't know what you want from me…" Tamaki smiled lightly and put his hand on Kyouya's cheek, gently caressing his face, "mm, Kyouya, has anyone ever told you that you're adorable when you don't know what to say…?" Tamaki gently closed the gap between their lips, only for a second, and then pulled away, along with his hand.

Kyouya blushed about 50 different shades of red and realized that Tamaki was right; for once he didn't know what to say. Despite Tamaki's knowledge, Kyouya would never let him know that, "please continue…?" he said in a whiny, almost questioning voice.

Tamaki smirked, he had Kyouya under his control… he sighed, "well, I suppose it couldn't hurt…" he leaned down and lightly brushed his lips against Kyouya's before pulling away and moving his lips to plant kisses down Kyouya's chest, gently licking and biting everything they found there. Tamaki moved his hand down to Kyouya's pants, with every intention of removing them. Tamaki sighed once more, "you taste… so… mmm…" Tamaki almost moaned against Kyouya's ivory skin, but not quite. Kyouya tensed with every move. The vibration of Tamaki's half-moan made Kyouya grow harder as he let out the moan Tamaki had held back. He ran his fingers through Tamaki's blond hair, which felt like kitten fur. It was so soft that every move Tamaki made tickles the boy underneath him. Tamaki couldn't stop himself at this point, even if he tried. After unbuttoning Kyouya's pants, he tore them off (along with Kyouya's boxers) and threw them to the other side of the room, never stopping the assault of kisses on Kyouya's chest. Tamaki pulled himself up to Kyouya's face and kissed his lips, roughly for the first time that night. Tamaki was slowly losing what little self-control he may have had at the start. Kyouya's eyes were clouded over with want, lust, passion, love, and excitement. His hands traced slowly down Tamaki's back to the edge of his jeans. He played with the edge of Tamaki's jeans, following it to the front and attempting to use his shaking hands to unbutton Tamaki's pants, although his hands fail him. Tamaki moaned loudly against Kyouya's lips, the feel of his hands was simply wonderful… he bit Kyouya's bottom lip asking for entrance, and yet he decided he wouldn't wait for permission and instead pushed his tongue into Kyouya's mouth forcefully. Tamaki let out another loud moan inside Kyouya's mouth, and started grinding his hips against Kyouya's hips, moaning for yet a third time as his tongue explored Kyouya's willing mouth. Tamaki loved the sensation of Kyouya against him, flesh to flesh, yet wanting more of Kyouya. Kyouya moaned in sync with Tamaki, and he finally undid the button on Tamaki's damn stubborn jeans. He tore them off and quickly discarded them on the ground. He opened his mouth wider, giving Tamaki more room to move his tongue, and he allowed their tongues to intertwine as they both let out a long moan.

Tamaki moaned into Kyouya's mouth for about the millionth time that night, he was so hard that it was almost painful… he needed Kyouya and he needed him now, "K…Kyouya… I…" he stopped grinding against Kyouya, and moved his head down Kyouya's chest, again trailing kisses, leaving red marks everywhere his mouth would reach. Finally, he reached what he needed so badly, and he gently moans as he pulled the length of it inside his mouth.

Kyouya bit his lip and gripped the sheets tightly in his fist, trying to cry out in pleasure, but only succeeding in a barely audible whining, pleading, whisper, "Ta… Tama… ki…" he moaned louder than before, arching his back. His lungs seemed to be failing him, as he would gasp but no air would come in. Tamaki smiled at Kyouya's reaction as he drew a bit more of Kyouya into his mouth, slowly. He pulled away quickly and licked the tip teasingly, enjoying Kyouya's squirming. Tamaki was, however, unsure of how much more he could take before it hurt him to move… below the waist, I mean. Kyouya held his breath, feverishly trying to hold back everything building inside him as long as possible, hoping to be quiet enough so as to not draw attention to their actions. Tamaki pulled as much of Kyouya's length inside his mouth as possible, using his tongue to increase Kyouya's arousal. He sucked on Kyouya and moaned, attempting to heighten the pleasure of the boy shaking beneath him. Kyouya fought against the sensation building up inside him, wanting the pleasure to last, he bit his tongue so hard that he can taste blood in his mouth. He didn't know how much longer he could last. Tamaki took note of this, and he pulled away as quickly as he had started, "K… Kyouya… you know… I…" he bit his lip, deciding, looking down at his…, 'damn it… I… I need my fun too, but to tell him might upset him… dammit!' Tamaki therefore decided to return to his previous activities after taking a glance and seeing those lust-filled onyx eyes, despite his own pain. He sighed, then nibbled gently on the tip, slowly pulling Kyouya's length back into his mouth, sucking harder and harder every second.

Kyouya couldn't take anymore, this was too much for him, "T- TAMAKI!" he yelled as he released into Tamaki's mouth, blushing, "I… I'm so… sorry Tamaki…"

Tamaki drew back slightly, as the salty liquid filled his mouth. He swallowed it, then smiled gently, but obviously in pain, "i… it's okay… I just…" Tamaki sat up on the bed, wincing, "I…" Tamaki looked down, blushing, hoping Kyouya would get the message. Tamaki looked at Kyouya and leaned over for a warm embrace, 'damn it… how do I tell him without telling him? It hurts… so bad, I… I can't… I want him so much…' Tamaki blushed at the thought, grimacing as he became even more aware of the pain between his legs.

Kyouya, normally so quick but his senses momentarily dulled by the fun he was experiencing, finally noticed his friend's discomfort. Kyouya gently placed his hand on Tamaki's erection, smiling. Tamaki stiffened, "K…Kyouya…" he closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of Kyouya's hand, "mm…" he softly moaned, ready for his friend to continue. Kyouya smiled to himself at Tamaki's reaction, and wrapped his hand around Tamaki's hard length, pumping slowly. Tamaki began to moan gently, "Ah… K… Kyouya…" he was making no attempt to silence himself as he whimpered, "f… faster… please…?" he opened his eyes slightly, pouting at Kyouya, hoping to get his way. Kyouya began to pump harder and faster, squeezing Tamaki harder than before. Tamaki's hands balled up into fists as he grabbed the sheets, "K… K…

Kyouy-AH!" he moaned loudly, not caring who heard. He yelped a little when Kyouya squeezed harder, but it wasn't from pain. In fact, the host club king rather enjoyed it. Kyouya placed his lips over Tamaki's tip, encircling the blonde's length with his tongue. He nibbled at the end of it, moaning slightly, teasing Tamaki. Tamaki shuddered and let out the moans that Kyouya sent up his spine. His hands were gripping the sheet so hard that his knuckles were turning white. Despite this, he was determined to make this feeling last, "K…Kyouya…mmmmm…" Kyouya pumped his hand harder and faster all while still sucking on the tip, loving Tamaki's taste and hoping for more. Tamaki continued shaking, resisting the urge to thrust inside of Kyouya's mouth, fearing that it might hurt his dear friend. He moaned loudly and shuddered, knowing he was on the edge and that he couldn't take much more.

Kyouya removed his hand, feeling he could give Tamaki the most pleasure with just his mouth. He then pulled All of Tamaki's length inside of his mouth, as Tamaki shuddered beneath him, tensing and moaning with Kyouya's every move. The blonde gasped as Kyouya sucked harder and, being unable to resist, he moved his hands to his friend's hair, and pushing inside of Kyouya as far as he could, simultaneously releasing the pressure that was built up in him only seconds before, "Ah, KYOUYA!" Tamaki was embarrassed that he couldn't control himself more, but was glad that the pain was over. Kyouya swallowed and sat up again, "Kyouya… I… did I hurt you…? I didn't…" Tamaki blushed.

Kyouya smirked, "No, no… I'm…" he yawned, partially trying to get his breath back and partially tired, "You didn't hurt me… I…" Kyouya's eyes closed as he yawned a second time.

Tamaki put his arms around Kyouya before he collapsed, and smiled, He yawned as well, realizing how tired he also was. He pulled the blanket over both of them, and gently drifted off to sleep, while thinking, 'Kyouya… my Kyouya… I love you.'

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