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BTW, the first section is Kyouya's POV :

I woke up in what I believed to be a small room. The darkness made it hard to tell. I tried to stand, but it seemed I was… tied to a chair. What the hell!? Whoever thinks they can kidnap Kyouya Ootori and get away with it is gravely wrong. I struggled against the rope holding my wrists.

"He's awake." There was a voice that sounded extremely familiar…

"Indeed, he is." Light flooded into the room, and I realized that the darkness was only thanks to a hood that had obscured my vision. Just as I thought, when the light stopped blinding me, the twins were my captors.

"Don't say anything yet, Kyouya. We wanted to tell you something." Hikaru had his arms crossed and looked in my direction, clearly pissed off about something… But I don't remember doing anything to elicit this. "You upset the boss. I don't know how, and I don't know why, but he called up the rest of the club… crying. WE had to deal with the idiot at 2 in the goddamn morning. Fix it… or else."

I suddenly felt bad about what I'd done. He cried over something so fucking stupid? What an idiot.

Kaoru looked over at Hikaru and then back at me, "Well, that pretty much sums it up." Kaoru glared at me, and I resolved that I had to fix this issue. Without anyone else figuring out what happened.

I nodded, "Fine."

Saturday; After the incident

As I pushed the door open to my house, I tried my best to act normal, cheerful… how I normally am around others. My energy was gone, though. I had really thought that Kyouya and I… Well, I didn't mean to cause any trouble for him. I guess it would be bad if someone found out… I mean, that should never have happened, but he was just…

I sat down on my bed, hoping for some peace and quiet to think as I ran a hand through my bright hair…

Well, last night was wonderful, but it would definitely ruin both our families if ANYONE found out. Anyways, Kyouya hates me now, so I don't have to worry too much about anyone finding out. Or about that happening again… But…

Would a second occurrence be so bad?

I grimaced slightly and looked down. I don't think that was the right thing… What I did to Kyouya, what I forced him to do. Though it felt so good. I don't know why he would just kick me out like that, it didn't seem like anyone was around… Was breakfast too much to ask…? Or even just talking. About what to do from here anyways. I mean, really. I shouldn't have pushed him to do that, I just couldn't help it.

He just made me want him so much. It's his own fault, right!? Always so aloof, acting like he has no feelings… Everyone wants to, well… have fun and feel good… I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes, sighing about how stupid I was.

I was hoping that it would work out well! I just… I wanted to have some fun, and I was hoping Kyouya would enjoy it enough to open up a bit more. I know how he really feels, well, I know that he feels, anyways. I just want him to talk to me sometimes. He opened up that one time when he showed his anger, and that was nice.

He should learn to trust me more, though.

I curled up and closed my eyes, feeling very tired. Last night was a waste of time and effort. I frowned, trying to make myself feel better despite my misery. Kyouya should have, at least, let me stay for a while.
I fell asleep and stayed that way for a few hours.

As my eyes fluttered open, I yawned. My dreams had not helped my earlier thoughts, in fact, one dream in particular made everything worse… I stretched my arms up and tried to sit up. As I moved, however, I became painfully aware of certain issues the dream had left me with. I grimaced.
So on top of being emotionally wrecked over what to do, my body now needed to be touched. Annoyed, I sat up, wishing that I wasn't alone. I had hoped that I could spend the day with Kyouya, but he… Well, he was clearly angry and… and he wanted me to leave… I was so stupid, so damn impulsive! I should've waited, then maybe I'd… Well… I don't know, but it wouldn't be this miserable!

Then, I had a great idea! I could just call the other members and get their opinions on what to do!... But they can't know what actually happened…

I squirmed, trying to get comfortable but knew that would be impossible right now. Sighing, I picked up my phone. I didn't check the time, of course; why would they be angry with me? This is clearly a crisis!
As the conference call was set up, I hit call and listened to the ringing, wondering if they would even care enough to answer…

They did answer! Quickly, I explained my dilemma, ignoring their annoyed replies of, "It's 2 in the fucking morning. Go. To. Bed!" Without saying what had actually happened, I was able to tell them how I felt and how upset Kyouya was. At some point, I realized I had begun crying lightly, though I'm not sure when, or why… I didn't think I was THAT sad about the whole thing…

Anyways, I didn't get much advice, just disgruntled replies from my friends who hated that I woke them up. I ended the call and set my phone on the end table. As I did so, I checked the display on my alarm clock. Sure enough, it read 2:40 am. Laying down, I felt the tightness of my jeans. Despite this, I simply rolled over, curling up and trying to sleep again. This wasn't something that I wanted to deal with right now, my mood was too low.

After 10 minutes of doing everything I can think of to fall asleep, I realized how difficult this task had become. Sighing, I rolled onto my back and reached down to my pants. There was clearly no other way right now.
My dream came back to me, flashed in front of my eyes as I undid the painfully tight jeans and pulled them off, tossing them onto the floor. Being left in just my boxers was relieving, but still uncomfortable beyond belief.
Realizing that I wasn't home alone, I pulled the blanket over myself in order to be discreet… just in case, of course…
I felt the warmth gather in my lower abdomen as the dream came back to me in full. As I slipped a hand into my boxers and wrapped my hand around the shaft, I gasped gently. This was something that I couldn't help but do… Thinking of him, I gently stroked myself and closed my eyes.

Imagining it was his warm hand, I increased the speed slightly. Before I could get any further there was a knock on my door. I snapped back to reality and, flustered, curled up as if I were about to fall asleep, "Y-yes…?" My face was red, but I hoped that the maid either wouldn't notice, or would assume it was the heat. After all, this was mid-summer…

She walked in, announced she was only here to pick things up a bit, and left just a moment later, closing the door behind her. Finally. I rolled back over, and continued where I left off.
I focused on the steady rhythm of my hand pumping up, down, slowly and softly. I wanted this to last. Gasping lightly at the sensation, I wasn't sure if that was a possibility tonight…
I picked up speed, and my breathing grew heavier. I could feel my heart rate increasing, and… then I heard the door open. What the hell is going on!? Quickly, I stopped, pretending as though nothing were happening. Annoyed, I watched her until she left. Her face was flushed, it seemed… Well, it doesn't really matter. Everyone does this sort of thing, so even if she had caught onto what I was doing before she barged in, it didn't matter really… Before she left, I reminded her to knock and wait for a response. She nodded and darted out, trying to hide her embarrassment.

I was fed up with this. Fine, since apparently 2 in the morning is the correct time to go around cleaning, I decided to finish up early. Before anyone could walk in on me… again. I grimaced slightly.

I wrapped my hand around my member, ready for release, I gasped. My hand was oddly cold from being above the blanket, even though it was only 5 minutes or so. The contrast felt pleasant, as strange as that may sound. I let my eyes flutter shut.

My hand moved up and down, gathering speed. My breathing and heart rate both quickened once more, and I leaned my head back, groaning. The sensation of my hand pumping my shaft was at a quick pace, but not fast enough… I needed more… Any rhythm that I may have had was lost, and I became lost in the pleasure. The heat went down, gathering in my groin. I gasped lightly.

Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough. There was another knock on that goddamn door. I stopped immediately, hating the loss of warm friction. Fuck them, fuck them all… Now beyond the point of mild annoyance, I responded, "What is it…?"

The door opened and a few maids entered. "We would just… um… like to gather up your laundry… Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll be done in just a few minutes." They bowed and went to gather the clothes.

I shifted uncomfortably, how long would this take…? Suddenly, I had an idea. A wondrous, horrible idea that could get me in a lot of trouble. But it was worth it… I think.

I rolled onto my side, trying to make this as inconspicuous as possible. Making sure the blanket would cover all movement, and that I could muffle my voice in a pillow, I reached down slowly. Any movement could be noticed, so I had to be careful…

I gripped myself lightly and bit down on my lip gently in order to keep quiet. Slowly, I began stroking my shaft. My hold tightened and I inhaled nearly silently. I trusted myself, for the most part, to stay quiet enough. I usually wasn't loud, so I didn't worry even when I quickened the pace and silence was more difficult. The movement became erratic and I shut my eyes tightly. However, this still shouldn't have been visible from where the maids were standing. I imagined it was Kyouya touching me, and I sped up even more.

The whole keeping quiet thing was getting more and more difficult as the heat spread, once again, further down. I was so close to feeling the sweet sensation of release and, as I came shortly thereafter, I was unable to hold back a sound, though I stifled it to a quiet gasp. There was an embarrassed giggle or two from the other side of the room, and I knew that they had heard… Well, so much for that.

My face turned bright red and I curled up into a ball, trying to make myself as small as possible as they all quickly left the room, surely to tell everyone else about my moment of weakness.

I drifted into sleep, trying to relax despite the events that had just occurred.

In the morning, I got up and dressed. Immediately after, I gathered my bedding up in order to wash it myself… I was too embarrassed to let my maids clean up my mess.

In the laundry room, I loaded up the washing machine and heard a chuckle behind me.

"Son, why in the world are you washing your own sheets?" Of course, it was my dad…

My face immediately turned into a dark blush, and I turned around. As I did so, I managed to stammer out, "D-do I need a reason…? Isn't… Isn't that my own business?"

He smiled knowingly, "They don't mind cleaning that up, you know."

"Dad, what in the world do you think I did…?" I tried to sound convincing, as if he had the completely wrong idea, but he just shook his head, chuckled once more, and left the room.

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