Chapter 5: In Close Quarters

"The Kuchiki family archive," Aizen said appreciatively, gazing intently at the ornate and finely detailed wooden door, "I have always wondered what it was like inside. I am sure I will be fascinated."

Byakuya ignored him, and laid a palm on the door then spoke a soft invocation, waiting as a sharp click sounded and the door slowly opened to permit them to enter. Byakuya stepped inside, then guided Aizen in, before turning back to make sure that the door was securely sealed behind them. He laid a hand on the traitor's arm and urged him down a small corridor, then turned him into the first of several recesses, where the books and artifacts were arranged and stored.

"I am impressed," Aizen commented, looking around at the finely carved and detailed wooden bookshelves, and the numerous visual displays, "This is said to be the largest and most well kept store of shinigami knowledge and information in the three worlds."

He sighed, remembering as Byakuya continued to lead him past the bookshelves.

"Of course, it does not contain the history of the hollows," he went on, "only what texts were found in Hueco Mundo and brought here. Las Noches had a lovely store of knowledge and history, but there was a more complete ancient history text that we found while excavating the site of the old royal brother's purported home."

"You found a written history of the pre-Luisenbarn dynasty?" Byakuya said, pausing and frowning as he considered, "Why did you not inform Kisuke Urahara of this?"

"He did not ask me," said Aizen, "And as he has been less than hospitable, why would I willingly offer him any information?"

"Why did you offer it to me?" Byakuya asked, looking into his eyes, "If you are thinking to use something like that to take me off my guard, I assure you, it will not work."

"Oh, I wasn't trying to take you off guard, Byakuya, dear. If I was trying to do that, I would have succeeded already and you would be none the wiser."

Byakuya turned suddenly and forced him up against a tall bookcase, clenching the front of his yukata and glaring into his eyes. Aizen caught his breath softly as the other man's angry gray eyes flared, and then once again flashed a bright golden, before returning to their former state.

"Byakuya, are you all right?" the traitor asked curiously, watching as the noble swayed unsteadily for a moment, then seems to regain control of himself.

"Of course I am," Byakuya replied stiffly, "Come this way."

He led the former captain to a small, but comfortably lit annex that had been made up into a bedroom for the noble to use when conducting intensive research. A large, soft bed had been placed in one corner and a dresser and walk in closet held extra clothing. In the back of the room was a door that led into a small bathroom. Byakuya touched the band on Aizen's wrist as they entered the room, and it glowed softly for a moment, then the light faded.

"This band on your wrist," Byakuya explained quietly, "controls the seal on your powers. It also controls your movements within the archive, and your ability to enter or leave. Right now, you have no powers and you are confined to this room. You will remain here until this crisis is over, at which time you will be removed for execution."

"Execution by whom?" asked Aizen, "Will you be turning me over to Central 46?"

"No," Byakuya said, averting his eyes, "You will be executed for crimes against my family. As I said before, you used my sister and tried to have her killed."

"I remember," said the traitor, "Did you ever wonder why, Byakuya?"

Byakuya's eyes and expression darkened dangerously.

"It does not matter why you did that, only that you did it. Your actions could have cost Rukia and me our lives. You deserve to die for that."

"Ah," said Aizen, smiling at the noble charmingly, "but in truth, you were never my target, Byakuya. Not for death, anyway. You noticed how in addition to using Rukia to recover the hougyoku, I also used her to entice you into coming to be trapped in Hueco Mundo?"

Byakuya gazed at him in silence as Aizen's hand rose and touched the noble's cheek.

"You probably thought that it was just to steal power from the captains I would face in Karakura Town, ne?"

"Shut up," Byakuya snapped, taking a steadying breath and stepping back, "I do not have time for your nonsense. I have research to conduct."

He gestured briefly to a small kitchen area in the corner of the room.

"There are adequate provisions here so that you may care for your needs."

"How very kind of you."

"Now, before I go back to my research, I want you to tell me where that hollow history text is so that I might have it brought back here. It will likely be needed to help us understand more about the history behind this birthing process, and maybe how to stop it."

"I am not sure if it will be helpful," said Aizen, "I was still in the midst of translating it when it came time for the attack. And even if you could translate it, you cannot get to it without me. I am the only one who can open the vault it is stored in."

"We shall see about that," Byakuya said off-handedly.

He started to say more, but then paused and loosed a soft exclamation of surprise and pain.


The noble's lovely face went deathly pale and quivered unsteadily.

"Byakuya, you don't look well. Perhaps you should lie down and I will make you some tea..."

"N-no," the noble said, trying to brush off the discomfort, "I will be..."

He broke off again and took a staggering step back, then collapsed in a pretty heap at the his former colleague's feet. Aizen gazed down at him, frowning, then dropped to one knee, leaning over him and checking for signs of life.

"Byakuya?" he queried, shaking the clan leader and massaging his wrists gently, "Byakuya, wake up."

He looked around the room and out into the archive, then rose and started out the door. As he passed through it, the bond on his wrist flickered, and a strange feeling of disorientation passed over him. He found himself standing back in the room with the fallen Kuchiki clan leader. He tried again to leave the room and met with the same result. He thoroughly searched the room he was in, but found nothing that it appeared would be useful in helping him to escape the room. He returned to the noble's side and tried repeatedly to rouse him. Failing that, he lifted Byakuya and carried him to the bed. He loosened the noble's clothing, a smirk rising on his lips as he contemplated how quickly the Kuchiki heir would kill him for such a thing.

Yes, he would not be pleased...

The gentle scent of sakura rose up from the unconscious man's body and fell hypnotically across Aizen's piqued senses. He gazed down at the more revealed, lovely, slightly flushed skin of Byakuya face, throat and partially unveiled chest.

"Beautiful," he said appreciatively, "but then that was one of my reasons for desiring you as my consort."

He touched Byakuya's comely face with light fingertips and called his name again.

"Byakuya? Come now, I do not wish to be trapped in here. Byakuya, I..."

He went silent as the other man's eyes opened and glared intently into his. And again, Byakuya's eyes lost their normal gray color and flared bright golden. A sound shock went through Aizen's body, and he suddenly lost awareness, his own eyes changing to match the spellbound noble's.

As Aizen continued to stare down at Byakuya, the noble's abdomen flickered and then began to pulsate softly with a gentle white light. The illumination captured the enslaved Aizen's eyes, and he reached down and began to undress the other man. Byakuya laid perfectly still, his odd golden eyes locked on Aizen's as the former captain continued to slowly bare him. When Byakuya's clothes were set aside, the traitor's eyes became more feral and he undressed himself. He leaned over the noble and gently infused his glowing belly with his reiatsu.

As the infusion continued, Byakuya gazed up at his former colleague through deeply hazed eyes, then reached up to tentatively brush his fingertips against the other man's face. A soft, echoing growl sounded in Aizen's throat and Byakuya's hand trembled, but his fingers remained touching the other man's face. Gradually, the flow of reiatsu between the two men slowed and then stopped.

The ensnared Aizen glared down at the equally senseless Kuchiki heir, admiring again, the man's lovely naked body and his desirous expression. He reached out and touched the noble's cheek, coaxing a sigh from the man's solemn lips, then sliding down along his fine-carved jaw, down the length of his slender, graceful throat and onto his white, softly heaving breast. His eyes strayed down to the noble's exposed genitalia, and his lips curved upward as he took in the enchanting sight of Byakuya's revealed genitalia. He bent over the noble, capturing his lips in a firm, plundering kiss, letting his hand continue to move downward until he reached the man's blushing privates.

Soft, impatient growls issued from both men and their kisses became rougher and more passionate. Aizen's hands roamed freely over Byakuya's body then, caressing and stimulating as the noble shifted restlessly and his expression became more wanton. He surged up against Aizen, snapping at his mouth and clawing at him impatiently as the other man hastily prepared him, then entered him.

Byakuya's mouth opened in an exclamation of pain, but his face was quickly made over into frenzied pleasure as Aizen moved atop him, causing intense friction between them. Their lips crashed together and their motions became faster and rougher as the two bodies threw themselves carelessly against each other.

Moans filled the archive as the two men's bodies raged at each other, and beads of sweat broke out on their writhing forms. Byakuya's eyes glazed over suddenly and his body seized forcefully in release. Aizen's mouth opened into a groan of intense pleasure, and he collapsed on top of the exhausted noble, gasping with delight and panting heavily. Byakuya went still and quiet beneath him, as Aizen's eyes sought the noble's lovely face again. He smiled dazedly and kissed the other man's sweetly flushed lips, then let his head fall onto the trapped noble's shoulder as the two drifted off to sleep.


There wasn't much left in the three worlds that could surprise Sousuke Aizen. A highly intelligent and devious man, he was usually well ahead of the curve in anticipating everything from the probable results of his actions to the likely responses of others around him. He had proven, time and again, his penchant for being able to outthink everyone, but perhaps Kisuke Urahara. But even the startlingly wise and crafty Aizen found himself taken aback by his situation as he woke.

He found himself stripped naked and sprawled carelessly across an equally naked (but he thought, much lovelier) sleeping Byakuya. There was no denying the stickiness on their skin and the warm scents of their recent lovemaking.

But for the life him, the man could not remember a thing about how he had seduced the Kuchiki clan leader, nor of the details of the seduction or (more regrettably) the plundering of the beautiful noble's body.

"What a dreadful shame," he mused, lifting himself slightly and gazing down at Byakuya's handsome sleeping face while he tried to make sense of what had happened.

Byakuya's lips parted in a discontented moan and his eyes flickered open. The steely gray centers focused slowly on Aizen's face, then blinked and cleared. Shock registered in those eyes, then fury as Byakuya tore free of Aizen and came to his feet, staring down at his naked body and backing away.

"What is this!" he cried furiously, "What have you done to me, you bastard!"

Aizen's eyes widened as reiatsu flared around the incensed noble.

"What are you talking about?" Aizen asked, frowning, "Byakuya..."

"You raped me!" the Kuchiki heir shouted, his eyes blazing dangerously, "I'll kill you for touching me!"

"Byakuya, I didn't..."

"You hypnotized me and raped me, you disgusting filth! How dare you lay hands on me!"

He loosed a hard kido blast, which Aizen barely evaded, then backed the powerless former captain into a corner.

"You think that you can do whatever you want," Byakuya went on, his pretty, naked body shaking with anger, "You think you can take advantage of anyone and get away with it, but you will not get away with doing this to me!"

Aizen's hand rose and caught the noble's slender wrist as Byakuya prepared to strike again.

"Byakuya, think for a moment," he managed, holding the other man away, "I have my powers sealed and even if I didn't, I do not have any connection with my zanpakutou. There is no way that I could have used hypnosis on you under these circumstances."

Byakuya didn't answer, but continued to glare at him through hateful, infuriated eyes.

"Look at your body. There are no signs that I forced you to do anything. And don't accuse me of healing you. As I said, I have no powers to do that. I am telling you the truth. I did not rape you. What happened between us was apparently consensual."

"Consensual?" Byakuya hissed, "How can it be consensual if I do not remember what happened?"

"I don't remember what happened either," Aizen said quietly, "Byakuya..."

The noble's eyes widened suddenly in distress and he reached down to clench his abdomen. Sweat broke out on his forehead and he flash stepped away from the prisoner, hastily seeking the bathroom. He slid to a stop inside and dropped onto his knees, retching helplessly. Aizen stood for a moment, his back against the wall and his expression thoughtful

What is this?

What happened between the two of us?

Byakuya despises me, and rightfully so. There is no way that the man would willingly seek physical pleasures with me. Something overcame the two of us and caused this.

He walked quietly to the bathroom, where he found Byakuya collapsed on the floor. Sighing in confusion, he shook his head and carried the noble back to the bed, where he dressed him in a soft, loose yukata and tucked him into bed. He leaned over the noble, checking him carefully for signs of some injury or illness, but could find nothing.

He left Byakuya sleeping and retreated to the small kitchen nook, where he prepared two cups of hot green tea and sipped at his silently while watching Byakuya sleep.

Why did this happen? I found him desirable, and I had in the past, sexual thoughts about him, but I did not plan to act on them. To infuriate him when I am not capable of stopping him from killing, this was something else...something that removed our mental boundaries and opened us up to each other.

But how?

What is the mechanism of this, and why don't either of us remember? As far as I know, neither of us had any reason to do this, especially not now, in the middle of this odd.

"Sousuke Aizen?" Byakuya's voice said suddenly, bringing the former captain out of his reverie.

He rose and returned to the bed, where Byakuya laid, still looking uncomfortable and too pale. He sat down in a chair and observed the noble for a moment as both struggled to think of something to say.

"You say that you do not remember what happened?" Byakuya asked.

"That is the truth," Aizen answered solemnly, "I did not seduce you. I don't remember anything of what happened."

"Neither do I."

Byakuya's frown deepened, and he reached out a hand and let his reiatsu coalesce around him. He slowly let his fingertips touch Aizen's face, then loosed a soft, dismayed gasp as Aizen's reiatsu emerged and curled snugly around his.

"What is it? What did you do?" Aizen asked, tilting his head in askance.

"I sensed that reiatsu was flowing between us, even after this...after what happened."


"And," the shocked noble said, his already ghostly face managing to go a shade paler, "our souls are resonating at a very high level."

"I don't understand," said Aizen, "What are you telling me?"

"This resonance should not exist," the stunned noble whispered, looking down at his hand, "This is a binding resonance that occurs only among nobles."

Aizen stared as Byakuya took a steadying breath and forced out words that took both of them aback.

"It occurs only among mated nobles," he added, his voice shaking slightly, "when they create the next noble heir!"

His widened eyes struck Aizen's forcefully.

"You...impregnated me."