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So, with that. Enjoy the semi three short chapters giving you insight into Sephiroth's start into how he came to be with Raechel; the epilogue to this will tie together the story points that are covered in "I Write The Stories" so you guys get a laugh as to why things happened as they did.


College. A time for all starts to come about once we've left the confines of the lower grades. In Elementary school, we learn about the basics; numbers and ABCs. A perfect start to any education. Making friends, even a few enemies along the way that eventually grow out of their hatred. Even a few little school yard crushes. As we get older, those school yard crushes start developing into something else. Junior High is where it starts to become serious, but not too serious. Puberty starts to perk its little round head into our lives. A truly starting middle to an anticlimatic life. Once puberty as perked his head through, and has run its courses. That's when the high point of things begin. High School hits like a bull dozer and so does all the emotions. Emotions that had been developing since those school yard crushes in Elementary School. But High School holds dramatic drops and rises, even declining climax. Hearts are broken, friendships are tested, even broken. Things are questioned, from whom we run with to whom we choose to have relationships with; everything is questioned.

But once we reach the height of our education ladder, things are different. We realize now what it is all about. Because the story of our life, is like most stories. It has a beginning, middle and an ending; a beginning depicts a start to everything that is to come. Beginnings tell us how a person came to be, and their start. The middle, tells us the things that lead up to the individual's life and the changes they went through. The changes that shaped their personality and character. has come to change; the coursing changes of personality and character. As for the ending, the ending is just what it is. An end. An end to all that brings the beginning and middle to a conclusion.

And from this, we can draw the conclusion that life, is it own storytelling tale of woes, drama, suspense, mystery and everything else.

Fingers stopped clattering away at the typewriter as a heavy sigh passed through tired lips. Hands came to rest on the man's face as he leaned forward on his elbows against the desk. Finally, the final writing for the Semester was at its halfway mark. It just needed a finished end. Which could be written once he had a moment to breath and relax his tired fingers, but it seemed that peace and quiet wasn't going to come. He could hear the clatter of heels coming up behind him as arms draped down around his shoulders. Dainty fingers picked up the stray paper out of the typewriter.

Her eyes carefully read over the short story, "Not a bad start..." delicate feminine fingers placed the document back on the desk,"What is it about anyway?"

Soft emerald eyes loomed up; his fingers taking the paper to put it down on the desk, "A short story using the theme of beginning, middle and end. Much like a movie has a start, ascending plot line, climax, descending climax, and finish..."

Soft chocolate eyes looked at him with a look that read, 'You don't fool me...' "Or just another one of your short stories you'll start but never finish...much like the others..." her eyes swept across the room.

Around the room, there were stacks upon stacks of unfinished to unpublished short stories. For as long as she had known him, she knew he had gift for twisting words about to make magic. Magic that had captured her attention to help him work up some of his own works, even a few screen plays and stage scripts. A few of those scripts were used in a few of the College's productions during the Fall and Spring Season. Even some of his short stories she had helped write, giving inspiration here and there. Even, rewarding him for his hard work. But lately, some of those works went unpublished. It was as if, he had lost his drive, passsion, desire to work on such literary pieces. Half of it was due to the overloading load of school work that had begun to press on him. He was nearing the end of his time in School; he would be graduating in a few months with a Degree in English and Literature. With a Master's in Short Stories and Literary Tales. The coursework was becoming heavy and their time together was becoming short and few in between. Even if she came over to relieve him of the tension of going through coursework; he would brush her off.

Using some excuse that every male knows how to use against a female. And lately, she was growing tired of being pushed aside. She knew he cared for her, more then a friend. They didn't want to use the literal terms of "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". They were just, "good friends", with the occassional extracurricular activity in the sheets. It had been good while it had lasted, but now, he had to crack down. That special flame they had was starting to flicker out; much like the inspirational one that inspired his works.

Her hands came to rest around his neck, straddling his waist as she delicately placed herself in his lap; in a feeble attempt to retrieve the document again, "Give it a rest, Seph...you can try and try to write a short story, but you'll never figure out a theme that works for you..."

"Michelle...get out of my lap. I need to finish that assignment before tomorrow and you distracting me isn't helping anything..." the man's voice was gruff as he placed the document on his desk; so that his hands were free to remove her from his lap.

But it seemed, she wasn't ready to give it up. Her fingernails began to trace and claw up and down in the spot in between his shoulder blades; her bosom pushing in close against his chest, "Come on, Seph...one last time for old times sake..." her lips lingered in close to his ear as her dainty hips lingered in close against his, "...Just let me have this one last time to remember you by. I'm going back home at the end of the Semester and I want at least a little of you with me when I go..."

"Michelle..." Sephiroth sighed as he felt her begin her feminine wiles; it always started like this.

She would start her seductive dance of seduction, it always started this way. Next, she would start in with speaking sweet nothings in his ear, her hips would begin to move in closer to his. Moving in just a way that got him started as her lips would move from his ear to his neckline. If that didn't get his hands moving, she would start moaning out her sweet nothings against his neckline to move up to his chin. Those dainty hips would begin to roll in hard against his. And from there; it wasn't hard to realize what would happen next. And as it seemed, it worked, like it always did. Their sounds could be heard rolling through the walls as moans of ecstasy poured forth from dainty lips, legs wrapped around strong male hips as those hips rolled and bucked in hard. If this was what she wanted, he would give it to her. If anything to make her leave him be. Many a time, he had enjoyed the sight of her in the thralls of passion, the way her eyes would seem to roll back in her head. With each buck of his hips, she would seem to grow louder until finally, there was no sound from her as he felt the end. Much like his short story.

And his romance with her.

He had realized it early enough a few weeks before now that he couldn't love her anymore. This would be their last and final climax together. He would have to tell her about his "experiment" a few weeks ago. The few weeks ago when she had gone to visit her parents for Spring Break. He had invited an old friend up to visit and as it seemed, things seemed to had turned out differently then he had expected. But, even after the one time; they had begun to question of it was true that each chose to be with someone of their same sex. The other knew exactly he was for males, but Sephiroth. He wasn't too sure.

Both chose to never speak of it again.

But for Sephiroth, he had to say something...he knew that people experiment in High School, even College. He had known his old friend had done such a thing in High School, but while talking to the friend. He had learned that his friend was starting to have feelings for a young man he had met recently. And he knew from past experience with such people, that they got hurt just as easily as everyone else. They would never be the same strong person as the one he wanted. He had never considered himself to be one to give advice on matters of the heart, but all he could say to him was, 'If you feel that its right for you two to take it further...then just take it slow.'

Michelle softly sighed with content as she held onto Sephiroth in her arms; sweat beading on their bodies in the dying heat of ecstasy, "Mmm...I knew you couldn't resist one last little roll in the sheets. Mmm...God you are so good at what you do. You're going to have so many girls chasing after you, just wanting what I've had..."

If only that was possible...

"Mmm...Care for one more round before I let you get back to your work, Mr. Future Award Winning Author?" her hands slow slid down his back; her nails tracing over the curves his scuplted posterior, "You could do with a little more sexual release and I wouldn't mind giving it to you..."

Sephiroth groaned as he felt her fingernails dig into his posterior, "M-Michelle...stop..."

"What's wrong?" her eyes were still burning with an utter passion to have him pound her again, or the positions turned around this time.

Her fingernails were digging in harder, one latched onto a pert cheek and the other was dancing upon his lower spine. She knew what spots made him hot and bothered and the ones that made that little man come alive again, "Michelle, please. Stop. I need to say something."

"Please...just one more time...Just one last little time..."

"I said stop!"

Ministrations stopped as she felt the bed dip as he slammed his hands into the mattress; her eyes were met with an angry gaze from the man, "...Sorry."

"J-Just let me get up and put on a robe then..."

Silence hung heavy around her head as she listened to him go on and on about his visit a few weeks ago. How it had started out simply harmless, just a couple of old friends just talking, reminiscing. And then, when he got to the part where they had decided to play a drinking game. He described how it had started harmless; he had known his friend to be a sloppy drunk. And when his friend's lips had met his; he was hesitant at first to push his friend off, but it had become a little more then friendly. It was embarrassing to talk about how he had "experimented" with another man; he had seen how her face had changed colors and shades. Once his story was finished; he wasn't sure if she was sick or just confused about what she had just heard.

"So, let me get this straight...you're...gay?" Michelle questioned the man as she turned about on her heel, her gaze confused.

Sephiroth sighed as he placed a hand to his face, "I don't think that is what I am...it was just a one time thing...my friend is the one whose gay. He won't admit to the label, it was just a mistake..."

"Tell me something..." those words never boded well for either gender, "When you kissed me earlier, not to mention, the...things you did in bed...did you feel anything of attraction or impulsive attraction to me?"

"Or were you imagining your friend while you drove into me?"

There was no right or wrong answer for this, but it seemed that the mood was ruined as the man glared at her, "Do you want to me to tell you that I imagined you were a big, muscle built man while I pounded you? Is that what you want to hear? Do you want me to say I imagine you as man when I was kissing you?"

"Is that it?"

Silence met his question as her once brown eyes looked to the floor, "I think I should go..."


Beginning, middles and ends. They always work out with a rising start, a middle climax with dramatics and interactions that lead to a heightened climax. Only then to, become a dramatic decrease into an ending that could turn into a sad ending, or happy ending. The ending here was neither; there was no real ending. Just a cut off of a story, cut short before its wrapped up ending. Soft, padding foot steps could be heard padding beside him as soft brown eyes passed by him. She had attempted to soften things between them, but neither one could bring themselves to say goodbye.

"...I guess...I'll see you around..."


Once she was gone, the door closing behind her was the only sound that echoed out throughout the room. Silence hung heavy in the room; scents of what had happened still hung in the air. Slow ticking of a wall clock could be heard as his foot steps padded to his desk. His short story left to be nothing less then a final reminder of what he once had.

Yet another thing left to go to pot...

But it had a potential to become something more; memories still hung around his head as he placed the paper into the typewriter. Fingers went wild as they touched the keys. Every stroke was stoked by a fire of rage, anger, depression, heart ache, confusion, pain. What once was meant to be a simple two page assignment, turned into a novel by the time he had managed to pull away from the typewriter. It seemed that the most well rounded and written tales are drawn out from emotion and personal experience.

And another was about to start as he looked over to spot that his answering machine light was blinking, Heh...now who wants to bug me?

"You have one new message..."

Thanks a lot Professor Genius

"Message One: Hi, my name is Raechel Cunningham and I'm a Publisher working under my own Writing Company and I came across one of your works that fell into my lap through a friend of mine. One of your Professors actually. And I would like to get together with you sometime in the next two weeks to discuss maybe working together. If you get this message, please call me back at your earliest convienence. Thanks."

"End of Message..."

What an odd message...