Interlude – 1

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Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate, determinate
Push until you can't and then demand more
Determinate, determinate
You and me together, we can make it better
Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate, determinate

Lemonade Mouth

- Your ancestors called it magic, and you call it science. I come from a place where they are one and the same. -

X Jane Foster/Thor Odinson X

"So, what are you going to do now?" Jane surprised herself with the softly spoken question. They had spent the last three hours talking about her research. At some point they had moved onto the same chaise and even closer. She hoped that he wouldn't notice that her heart was in her throat. He was like no one she had ever met before. Thing's she had studied for years seemed almost common place when he spoke of them, and then there were things she took for granted he knew nothing about.

His reply was spoken just as soft. "I do not know." He in that moment noticed just how close he and his hostess had become while they had been speaking. Her face seemed to glow softly in the fading light of the fire. It was as though she were lighting a fire within him. He cleared his throat and dropped his eyes back to the fire. "I have nowhere to go. I have been banished and I have been made mortal by my father. The Bifrost is closed to me."

She placed a hand on his thigh. "I'm sorry." Catching his eye, she drew a quick breath. His eyes seemed to see deep into her soul. Her heart caught and sped up. "You can stay here. With me."

His own heart swelled with joy at her offer. Lifting her hand he pressed a kissed to her knuckles. Seeing heat blossom in her eyes he smiled feeling an answering heat warm his belly. "We should not."

Jane didn't even bother pretending that she didn't understand his meaning. "If you're going to stay with me, then why not?" Placing her free hand behind his head she pulled his down to meet his lips with her own. "I want you."

Thor's breath caught as she pulled on his lower lip with her teeth. It was getting harder to remember why he should object. He was no innocent, but he didn't think that just one night with this woman would slack his lust for her. If anything he feared that if he tasted her than he would never be free of her. Her dark eyes met his again, a plea he could not resist in them. "Inside. The son of Coul will have me watched."

A quick nod was her only response as she quickly rose and pulled him along behind her, her need for him not abating as she led him into the building. If anything Jane felt as if she would stop breathing if she couldn't have him soon. Finding the back office that she had set up for herself but rarely used, she tugged him inside and locked the door behind them. "Can't see us here."

Thor chuckled at this and removed the flannel jacket and button down shirt that had been given to him earlier. Placing one hand to either side of her head against the door he knew he had to ask again. "Are you sure?"

Running her hands up his side under the very well fitted t-shirt was her answer. With a sigh she fused her lips to his again. A quick tug and her sweater and over shirt were pooled at her feet, as was his t-shirt. His heat darkened eyes met hers once more as he lifted her with ease and pressed her against the door. "My Jane." He buried his face in her neck as she wrapped her legs around him and squeezed.

A few moments of fumbling and giggles saw the rest of their cloths spread on the floor and being used as a rug would be.

With gentleness that he hadn't realized he possessed, Thor ran one hand lovingly down her side, reveling in the feel of her silken skin under his fingertips. Leaning down to her he kissed her gently and they both sighed in rapture as they became one. As he stroked her towards bliss he could feel himself falling farther under the sweet spell of Freya's design. And as they groaned their pleasure for any who would hear, he shattered.

With a heavy breath he looked down into the bliss-filled eyes of his love, his Jane, and knew he could never be without her again.

But it was not to be quite so soon…

"I'll return for you. Deal?"

- Cont in 'When You're Gone' and possibly more interludes.