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By the time Casey had changed into the black silk pajama set Olivia had bought her and her favorite pink cashmere robe, the noise from downstairs had faded. Just as she was about to exit the bedroom, the door opened, and Olivia stepped in, closing the door behind her. Casey smiled softly. "Hey, babe. It's quiet down there."

"I sent everyone home." Olivia sat on the bed, motioning for Casey to join her. Casey did, and Olivia handed her a cup of hot cocoa that overflowed with various colored marshmallows. "How are you feeling?"

Casey let her head fall onto the brunette's shoulder. "I'm okay, I guess. I think I'm still in shock, you know? He tried to make me…" She shook her head, unable to finish that sentence. "I'm going to have to recuse myself from the trial, Olivia. I mean I know I'm on maternity leave, but this is official. I can just hear his attorney now: 'We are here because the prosecution has an agenda against my client. Your Honor, I move for immediate dismissal on grounds of bias'." Casey sighed, sipping her cocoa. She barely noticed as the burning liquid scorched her throat. "I guess it's a good thing Alex is back…perfect timing."

Olivia wrapped her arms around her protectively. Casey inhaled the comforting scene of the detective's cologne and felt her nerves relax somewhat. "Just remember that I only love you," Olivia murmured as she rubbed Casey's back reassuringly.

"I know," Casey replied. "And I only love you."

Olivia kissed the top of her head. "How about we order some chicken chow mein and cuddle? We can spend the night watching cheesy love movies, like The Titanic."

Casey giggled. "Don't let any die hard Titanic fans hear you. We should also watch Romeo and Juliet. The Olivia Hussey version, NOT the Leo DiCaprio version. What else?"

"Let's start with those two for now." Olivia kissed her and got up from the bed. Grabbing the Romeo and Juliet DVD from atop the television, she opened the case and popped the disc into the player. Remote in hand, she pressed play and returned to bed, laying on her back.

Casey laid her head on the brunette's chest as the movie began. She let out a sleepy yawn and struggled to keep her eyes open. Nothing, after all, spelled romance like a marathon of the most far fetched loved stories ever made.

2:38 AM

As the credits of The Titanic scrolled down the screen, Olivia smiled. "What next?" When no reply came, she looked down. Casey was sleeping soundly with her head on her chest. Olivia shut off all light in the bedroom and wrapped her arms around the sleeping redhead. "I love you," she whispered, kissing the top of Casey's head. Casey stirred, threw her arms across Olivia's stomach, and a few seconds later, Olivia heard her breathing even out again.

Olivia, who was wide awake, allowed her mind to wander until it slammed into a memory of their wedding night. She smiled as the words and actions of that night floated back to her.

Casey emerged from the kitchen of their suite carrying a huge bowl of popcorn and two bottles of soda. As she placed them on the coffee table, Olivia's attention, along with her gaze, traveled lower. For as the redhead bent down, the smallest hint of her breasts peeked out from the dress. Olivia swallowed hard as she realized she was being spoken to. "Sure, sweetie, that sounds good," she replied, having absolutely no idea what she just agreed to.

"Are you hungry?" Casey asked, apparently oblivious to Olivia's confusion. She grabbed a piece of popcorn and popped into her mouth.

Olivia couldn't take it anymore. She had been controlling herself since eight that morning. With anyone else, it would have been simple, but with Casey…Casey drove her crazy in every sense of the word. "I'm starving," she murmured. "But what I'm about to devour is not food." Before Casey could react, Olivia had pulled her in for a passionate kiss. She unzipped her wife's dress and proceeded to undress herself. Once they were both naked, she pushed Casey onto the couch without breaking the kiss.

Casey moaned against her. "Am I in trouble?" she asked.

"What do you think?" Olivia growled, squeezing both of Casey's breasts as hard as she could. The whimpers that escaped the other woman made Olivia's head spin. She leaned down and pulled the attorney's right breast into her mouth, suckling it. She purred as the nipple turned rock hard in response to her twirling tongue. "Do you like that?" she asked as she repeated the same process on the other breast. Without warning, she bit down.

Casey gasped, throwing her head back. "Yes…"

"Yes, what?" Olivia demanded.

"Yes, I like it," Casey moaned.

Olivia smiled and kissed her. "Good girl," she murmured, moving her right hand downwards. She pushed Casey's legs apart and tickled her inner thighs. It took all of her self control not to have her way with her wife right then and there. Hearing Casey whimper again, Olivia looked up in time to see her throw her head back once more. She moved further and further in until her fingers were mere millimeters from Casey's clit.

Casey gasped seconds after Olivia's fingers began their torture. "Oh my god," she moaned quietly.

Olivia smirked and pushed the girl's legs further apart. She took her lover's swollen clit into her mouth, growling as it hardened. She felt Casey's fingers curl in her hair and glanced up. Casey's eyes were closed and her body arched against Olivia's touch as the detective sucked harder and faster. Suddenly, Olivia bit down, and Casey yanked on her hair.

"Oh no, Olivia, please," Casey begged as Olivia kissed her stomach. "Please don't stop."

"Why not?" Olivia asked. "Could it be that you need me?"

Casey nodded. "Yes," she cried. "I need you very badly. Please babe, oh god, please!"

Olivia found herself unable to resist the ADA, especially when Casey tugged her hair again. She moved down and resumed twirling her tongue in tiny circles around the redhead's throbbing clit. By now she could feel Casey's thighs quivering, and she knew it was time. Without hesitation, Olivia began sucking more feverishly, simultaneously massaging Casey's breasts. Casey cried out and crashed over the edge, yanking Olivia's hair as she did so. Olivia purred softly as the younger woman came in her mouth. After licking her clean, she swallowed and sat up.

Casey collapsed, panting against the couch. "Oh my god, babe," she murmured as her gasps slowly subsided, until she was able to breathe evenly again.

"I love you, Mrs. Benson," Olivia replied, kissing her gently on the lips.

"I love you too," Casey murmured.

Olivia pulled out of her memory with a smile. Nothing made her happier than making Casey happy. She looked down at her sleeping lover and kissed the top of her head. Still holding Casey tightly, she allowed herself to drift off to sleep. Tomorrow was another day, after all.