A Kagamine One-shot

Thank you to a Drama show

'… You always love her…'

'Aiko! Listen to me! I can explain!'


Oh wow. She's violent.

Well, you normally expect people to say this for introduction like, it was a peaceful, sunny and bright morning. But no. It wasn't I speak the truth.

It was a gloomy, rainy morning.

And my brother, Kagamine Len and I, Kagamine Rin were sitting at our living couch, watching a Drama, what was it called again? Oh yeah, Complexity of Love something cliché like that. I only watch it cause it fits my own real life experience. What is it about? Well it is about a family where the sister fell in love with the brother. Hmm? Oh. Yeah. Indeed. I, the great and awesome and pretty and hot and cute and- ouch I bit my tongue, anyway I, the- okay I will stop. I, Kagamine Rin. Is officially in love with my twin brother, Kagamine Len. Yeah I can see it, the future.

To parents.

'Oh hey mom and dad. I like Len.'

*Spits water*


To friends.

'Oh hey guys, I like Len.'

'Oh my…'

*runs away*

To readers.

I, Kagamine Rin. Is officially in love with my twin brother, Kagamine Len.


Yeah, you get what I mean. I can't possibly tell this secret to Len. He will probably tease me or freak out.

Why is my life so miserable.

'Hey Rin. Rin~ Rinny~'

Oh shit.

'Hu-huh? Oh er, wh-what's up?'

'Geez, did you even listen to a single thing that I just said?'

'Oh, er yeah?'

'Okay then, What did I just said?'


'Oh, er, well, erm. I forgot.' Great excuse Rin.

He chuckled. Then pin me down the couch and said.

'Oh really? Or did you just got all dreamy just by looking at me?'

When did he learn to be seductive?

'E-er, yeah. Re-really. Anyways, who would get dreamy looking at you? And… D-do you m-mind?'

'Hmm?' He looked at me, as if confused with what I was saying.

'Erm, get off.'

'Ah~ Rinny's all shy~'

'S-shut up!'

He chuckled and got off me (finally!). And continued watching the drama.

'H-have you really loved me? Even for a second?'

Oh wow, cheesy-ness.

He stayed silent for a while. And pulled her into a hug.

If Len would do that to me. Wait what? Oh my god. What am I thinking! Snap out of it! No one will approve your love!

'This is my love for you…' And he kissed her in the lips.


Oh great. What have you done Rin.

Len looked up and stared at me. As if trying to say what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you. I just sat down, embarrassed. He chuckled then said.

'Do you want it?'


'Er, want what?'

'A kiss, on the lips.'



'But you want it don't you?' he said with a smirk.


Oh shit. What did I say!

Len looked at my with his eye wide. I began flushing like crazy and attempt to run away when he grab me by the wrist.

'Len! What do yo-'

But I was cut off, by Len's lips.

Yes. He kissed me. Finally. FINALLY!

He was about to break apart when I pulled him closer.

When we broke apart. (Yes I am too lazy to describe the wonderful feeling of it. [ Yeah, I am jealous.] ) He was panting when he suddenly said.

'I make sure to play particular episode everyday.'

Oh what a naughty boy.