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This is a series of short stories, each chapter a new story that doesn't connect to the other chapters {unless stated}. They are short funny or romantic or sad stories, each with a different plot. This is the product of my practicing how to write fluently and come up with ideas. If you're interested, I pick 5 words from a random word generator and the goal is that I have to use at least 4 of the 5 words in my story. ^^ Hope you like them!

The words for this chapter: Phone, hangover, tap, diagnostic.

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Last Night

Sasuke woke up to someone slamming a sledgehammer against his cranium, the pain echoing around in his head. One slam and his brain shook. After a minute his brain settled down before it was rudely jarred again with the next hit. A groan of pain and sleep tumbled out of his mouth as his brain was jarred around in his skull. Vaguely he came to realize that the sledgehammer was the phoneringing. Another moan and his hand slapped around the bedside table before finding the blasted thing. Instead of being able to silence it he must have hit the talk button because in the next minute he heard Naruto's blaring voice.

"Oi! Teme! What's up? You've been ignoring my calls all day! Anyways, just wanted to make sure you weren't too hungover by the time-"

Sweet, sweet silence. He dropped the phone back on the table with a clack before rolling over to resume his sleeping. But fate, ah fate had no such plan for that to happen. This time it felt like a stabbing sensation in his temple.

Tap. Tap.

He tried to ignore it, he rolled over, shoved a pillow over his head and pulled the covers up further with an aggravated groan. About the fifth tap he thought he had finally blocked it out but it turns out, from the soft sound of wood brushing against carpet that they had just opened the door. His mind briefly wondered how Naruto got from the loud background of wherever he was to his house so fast but quickly dismissed it by pressing harder on the pillow.

"Go away Dobe..." It was a weak threat and he hoped the dobe would pay attention to the words rather than how weak they were uttered.

A soft giggle.

"It's me, Sasuke-kun."

"Mn?" He rolled over onto his back, pushing the pillow off and faced the green eyed beauty. "Sakura?" he flinched, the sound of his own voice paining him.

Without him even realizing it she had quietly tiptoed across the carpeted floor to sit on the corner of his bead, facing him. He appreciated this, his head throbbing less in agreement and he briefly wondered if he was that obvious about being hungover or if she somehow knew. Why did he get drunk last night?

She smiled softly at him, different from her radiant, knock you off your feet ones. He blinked. He opened his mouth to question her but decided last minute against it and surprisingly, she didn't attack him with questions.

He checked his hand, yup, ring was still there. His eyes flitted over to her hand and her ring was still there. Okay. Naruto? Nah, that wouldn't make her quiet with him... Obsidian eyes flashed over to the pink haired woman before him as he tried to figure out her unnatural silence and meek smile.

"I got the diagnosis today."


"They said all my diagnosticsadded up and so they did the test and well..."

She stopped and didn't look like she was going to continue. She bit her lip nervously, like she always did right before she was going to say something she wasn't sure he was going to take well. Just like... last night... Before he fled to Naruto's house shaking, in a panic he was sure would be cured by a drink. Several drinks... What was it she had said last night?

"I-I'm pregnant, Sasuke."


"Sasuke? Oh no! You are not fainting on me! You're not even the one who has to carry it around for nine months!"