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He honestly didn't think she could look like that. Sitting there facing the setting sun, with the dying glow seeming to come from her instead of the sinking sun. Oranges and pinks washed away some of the color in her hair, turning it a soft violet hue, her sundress matching. She looked soft, impressionable, delicate and serene. It was his first time seeing her like this, ever since he came back a year ago.

She hadn't noticed him yet, or rather he should correct himself because it's usually he who thinks that and is most often false. It was infuriating, being around her anymore. She never backed down, instead she actively rose up to challenge him whenever she deemed fit. Regardless of the fact if he wanted to argue or just be left well enough alone. He figured she was sadistic in that way, always trying to annoy him, challenge him and yell at him. She'd even hit him more than a few times. Sakura had hit him! The Sakura he knew would have never even imagined doing that! In fact, she'd rather annoy him with date invitations that he always rejected rather than fists he was forced to dodge or take. He liked it much better when he could reject the annoyances, rather than now when he couldn't. Kind of hard to reject a fist flying towards your face.

Still, he made no move towards her and instead stayed idly by the lonely tree. A wind came by and almost swooped the straw hat off her head and she made to catch it with her hand, turning in the process. A soft giggle escaped her lips and a smile was already budding when her green eyes caught his charcoal ones. They both stiffened, one less noticeably than the other, but still it happened. She made a move to angrily retort about how the stupid sundress was not her idea, nor willingly but it seemed to die on her lips. It was only Sasuke anyways, she didn't really have to waste her breath on him, it's not like he ever did for her. She turned abruptly back to vanishing slivers of light musing about how it really wasn't as bad as she thought since she could still kick butt if it was needed. But catching her eyes with his really was. She hadn't meant for that to happen, she knew someone familiar was there she was just too lost in thought to realize that the familiar chakra signature was his.

A soft padding on the grass led her back to the edge of the cliff she was standing on with an approaching Sasuke. She mentally sighed, realizing that the one time she really hadn't wanted his company, there he was intruding on her. She gave a soft roll of her shoulders in a shrug before sitting down on the cliff's edge, feet dangling over dangerously and straw hat still held in one hand.

He didn't say anything when he stood beside her but he didn't sit down either. It made her uncomfortable for a moment before she ignored it. It would only give him satisfaction anyways. That's what she had learned about Sasuke. All he really wanted was for people to bother him so he could push them away, that or so he could one-up them in one manner or another. She only rose to the challenges out of anger, frustration and to show him how wrong he was about her. To show him how much she had grown, without him. She knew that bothered him a lot. That nothing was the same since he left. He had honestly believed that no-one could ever grow or become a better ninja if they stayed in this city. And yet, here she was, a living and breathing powerful example of just how very wrong he was. It rubbed him the wrong way for miles.

A smile wound it's way onto her lips. Sure, she knew he hated it when she rubbed it in his face, but that was exactly why she did it. His ego needed to be knocked down to a reasonable level in this universe, for Uchiha anyways. They were naturally cocky to begin with. It was fun, challenging him. He didn't go soft on her like Naruto because he had learned it was very painful and usually lethal to do so. Plus, unless he wanted to submit himself to the 'dreadful hospital', he had to go all out in order to be healed by her.


She looked up, almost startled at the sudden noise. Yes, noise.

"That does not qualify as a real word Uchiha." She rolled her eyes before settling back down on the purples in the sky turning darker.


She could have rolled her eyes again but she decided to take a deep breath of the cool air instead. Maybe it would clear her mind and she could focus on the scenery and completely forget about the arrogant prick standing beside her.

The sounds of soft crunching grass alerted her to the fact that Uchiha Sasuke was sitting down on the cold ground with her. She turned quickly to regard him but he was facing the other way, refusing to meet her eyes.

"The great Uchiha is sitting on the ground with moi?" She scoffed. "That's a new one."



He rolled his eyes at her. "Call me by my first name."

"And just why should I do that?" She was giving him an unhappy look. "Uchiha."

He scowled at her. "Because it's my name." He hissed back.

"So is Uchiha." She pointed out.

He glared at her hard. "You know what I mean. Why must you be so difficult?"

"I don't know." She replied with a shrug. "Why did you have to be so difficult and leave for three years?"

She hit it. She hit the mark and he grounded his teeth together.

"Do you even know why I came back?" There was venom when he spat those words at her, but he was merely returning the favor.

"Because Naruto drug you back." Her words were as firm as they were false. She knew it and he knew that she knew it.

"Whatever." He stood up suddenly, grass and leaves falling off as he stalked off and she gave a heavy sigh.

"Hey grass butt. Get back here."

He didn't turn around to face her, their backs both to each other but he did stop.

"Sigh." She rolled her eyes. "Aw come one, get back over here and properly yell at me. We both know you want to and there's nothing I enjoy more than a screaming match."

He turned only to glare at the back of her head. His body was beginning to shake at all his pent up frustration at this girl. She clearly understood nothing about him! He did not want to yell, he detested showing that much weakness to the person who caused the anger and yet here she was telling him to yell at her! She could have been as much of an idiot as Naruto! He wrinkled his nose at her and turned on heel to continue leaving her there all alone. She was the one who constantly rejected him, put him down and beat him until he was black and blue! Then she was the one who healed him! As if that wasn't gasoline to the fire as it was but she had the gall to talk about him like she knew him, continually bring up his departure and then smile at him innocently as if she knew nothing of what she was doing to him!

"What?" There was a deadly evenness in her voice that expressed that yes, she had just heard what name he had called her, and no she was not going to take that sitting down. She jumped up to her feet and stormed up to him, the dress whipping all around her in the wind, the only remaining traces of her previous delicateness. He didn't turn so she disappeared only to reappear in front of him a finger already making it's way to shove into his chest.

"You! Just who do you think you are to call me a female dog!" Emerald eyes were narrowed down at him in the way he had been accustomed to, but they way they pierced through him left him startled and hating it immediately.

"And just who are you to keep pretending like you know me or what's best for me!"

Indignation was still aflame in her eyes but they widened slightly at that. "Pretend?" She asked incredulous, "Pretend?" He held back a flinch, sincerely hoping that she would not screech at him. He didn't know what would happen if she did, but it wouldn't be good.

"Honey, I have pretended nothing!"

"You don't know me."

"No. I don't." She answered flatly, receiving a barley visible widening of the eyes on his part.

"You never let me. I only know pieces of you from before. From when you weren't such a Jerk with a capital J." Her eyes never left his. "And that's putting it nicely."

He scoffed and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Playing the mute again?" She placed a hand on her hip and leaned towards him slightly. "Oh I could do that too, a lot better than trying to talk for the both of us. Even Naruto couldn't do that." She stared at him, at his barrier between the two and decided there really was nothing she could do. If he was going down, he was obviously determined to bring her down with him.

"Whatever Sasuke. Just try not to bring me down when you do." She had turned to leave but he caught her by the wrist and her straw hat flew away on the wind. She sent him a fiery glare. He didn't say anything, he didn't glare, or smile or even let go of her wrist. They both just stood there for long moments before she quietly said, "I don't think this is going anywhere Sasuke." He let go.


She stared at him for a moment before softly saying, "You know, you could try asking."

His eyes whipped to hers in a matter of moments and she hastily added a "Nicely." Regarding her for a moment with questioning eyes he said nothing. It was dark out now, and as it got thicker it became harder to see around them. The stars were hidden by the clouds and they only saw blue forms of each other due to their proximity.

"It's not that easy."

"Why not? Heaven knows I'm tired of Naruto trying to piece you and I back together."


"Look Sasuke, I'm sick and tired of being mad at you, you trying to prove to me that I'm the same weak little girl you left -when I'm obviously not- and getting glares from you all the time."

"I don't glare at yo-"

"Yes you do. You glare at everyone as a matter of fact, probably just used to doing that to chase that pedo snake man away." A small grin was on her face weakly as she was trying to use humor even when she knew it was obviously Naruto's forte and not hers.

Sasuke gave a heavy sigh. "And just how am I supposed to do that? I am not getting down on the ground-"

She was laughing and he sent a glare towards her, making her laugh more. "No one's asking you to get down on the ground and grovel Sasuke! Honestly! What do you take us for?"

He snorted, having obviously thought that was really what she had wanted.

"You're the only one that really hasn't... welcomed me back."

She cocked an eyebrow and looked at him boredly. "Oh yeah?"




"I said, 'yes', as is in say an actual word instead of a darned noise that we have to assume or guess is affirmative. Really Sasuke, where did you learn your vocabulary?"

He scowled and she continued on, "I can just see it now... Your poor kids, they're all going to get teased for not knowing any real words. The simple ones really! Like 'yes', 'no', 'like I care' and 'go away'." She paused, hand over her lips as she thought something out. "Oh, on the other hand, they would probably be able to understand drunken people's various moans and groans." He was full on scowling at her as she rambled on.

"And who said I was even going to have kids?"

She looked at him pointedly.

"What?" Came his exasperated reply. But she only motioned with her fingers for him to turn around.

"Damn it Sakura! I am not turning around like some fool for you! And I am not leaving until you forgive me already!"

"Geeze Sasuke! I was only going to point at the Uchiha crest on the back of your shirt! Who's got your boxers all up in a knot?"

"You obviously!"

The hot retort died on her lips instantly. "W-what?" She was sputtering but still she couldn't get a reign down on her thoughts.

"Oh don't act so innocent, Sakura!"

"B-but your boxers!"

His mouth opened but nothing seemed to come out as a pink dust flitted across his cheeks in a matching manner to hers.

"I already told you how to fix that." She was looking away now, hoping he really couldn't see her blush like she could see his.

"I do not have a-"

"I meant about me!"


She grabbed her head as a frustrated groan exploded from her. "Kami! I feel like I'm talking to Naruto when I talk to you about emotions! You're such a baby when it comes to them Sasuke!"

Indignation rose high in him but she cut him off with a suddenly softer voice.

"Is it really that hard to ask?"

Silence cloaked them like the night and briefly Sakura considered walking home right then. He wasn't moving or saying anything yet something held her glued to the spot. Something told her that if she left now, there would be worse than nothing left and she would never feel right again. The amusing thought of Sasuke becoming a professional mime briefly flitted in her mind with all the forewarning of how absolutely out-of-place that thought was as it was amusing. Sasuke with white face paint on, red lips and a tear drop painted on his cheek.



Irritated he looked up sharply but softened at the clear look of honest confusion.

"I... I said I'm.. Sorry. I'm sorry. There. Don't make me say it again!" He gave her a short glare and she giggled. "Don't worry, I wont." She smiled at him and turned to leave.


"Hm?" She turned and looked over her shoulder at him in the darkness alone. He scowled and jogged up to her.

"That's it?"

"Mh-hm." She nodded at him gleefully. "I told you that you don't have to say it again."

"That's not what I meant Sakura!" He stopped her walking by standing in front of her. Face to face with his chest she looked up to him towering over her, her heart thumping just a bit faster. She grinned at him.

"What Sasuke?"

He was gritting his teeth again. "You know what I mean."

"Oh! That?"

"..." Her innocent voice was wearing his patience thin. After all that work! After even apologizing to her after she constantly attacked him, refused him, even punched him! He apologized!

"Oh, well, you didn't ask." She shrugged her shoulders and walked around him, leaving him there, staring at the ground in shock.


"What Sasuke-kun?"

"Y-... Kun?"


"You said 'kun' after my name."

"Eh? No I didn't, you must be hearing things."

"What?" He caught up with her again, "I am not! Uchiha's do not just hear things!"

"Oh, then maybe I just heard that 'Sorry'."


"Anyways, what you're waiting for is a response to a question."

"But I apologized to you already!"

"Yeah, and I appreciate it. But you still have to ask."

He needed to punch something.

"I'm waiting..."

Where was a stupid tree when you needed one?

"Oh, look, my house."

"Fine!" He huffed, glaring at the house not more than six feet away and stopped. "Do.. I can't believe you're making me do this." She was smiling at him now. "..." He looked away, gave a heavy sigh and looked in her direction at anything but her. "Do you forgive me!"

"Gosh it sounds like you're issuing a challenge!"

"Take it or leave it Sakura. I'm not saying it again."

"Okay, okay. I forgive you." When she had walked up and stood so close to him, right in front of him he didn't know. He only realized how close she was when he went to search for her eyes. There was something in her smile, something he didn't recognize on Sakura, but something he seen before. Her breath was minty as she whispered, "That wasn't as bad as you thought, was it?"

Something spiked, he wasn't sure what, but it spiked and he couldn't look away from those emerald eyes. Her voice was quieter now, softer and out of the corner of his vision he could see her soft dress swirling around her legs. Pastel pink brushing against skin here and there. Her lips were closer now, and he was lost in a trance not entirely sure what was going on.

"I'll have to reward you for that..."

Hm? Reward? Something in Sasuke decided, somewhere in the back of him, something that wasn't quite used to the liberty of making decisions, decided that he would enjoy and accept that reward. Maybe even anticipate it and slowly close his eyes as hers drifted shut. A brush of cold air ran by him and his eyes flew open to an empty street in front of him. Whirling around he saw Sakura waving from her front porch at him. She was giggling and smiling to herself as if she was the one who had just won something and she leaned towards him, hand gripping a pole to keep her balance.

"Goodnight Sasuke-kun!"

Then she was gone, leaving a very emotional-retarded man in the middle of the street, alone with so many emotions that he couldn't even think straight.


His head whipped up to see her leaning out of a second story window, her dress flapping gently behind her in the wind.

"By the way! You owe me a new straw hat Sasuke-kun!" The window shut before he had even comprehended what look he had been giving her to receive such a victorious grin and before he could even fully realize just what mess he had gotten into and with whom.

"...I need a shower." He turned on foot, the scowl a confused one on his face. Somehow it felt sort of out of place and right then Sasuke decided that yes, he did need a shower and in fact, he needed one now. Possibly a scalding hot one or one that would freeze him to his core. Immediately.

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