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Such beauty…

Phillip could think of nothing else. Syrena was such a beautiful creature and so full of life. His soul be damned if he let her die.

Grasping tightly at his bloody side, the pastor ran as quickly as his tired legs would allow. He had to reach her… He had to save her. Syrena. The sun was already nearing its burning zenith in the sky. He prayed as he ran that he would not be too late.

His breath came in labored gasps. Though the journey to the pools was not a long one, it seemed leagues away. Weighted down with the fatigue of injury and the feeling of the weight of the world on his shoulders, Phillip pressed on, stumbling through vegetation and over slick rocks as he ran.

His keen eyes spotted her quickly. She hung with the skeletons of her sisters, deathly still. He suppressed a sob in his throat and fell on his knees at her side.

The sun beat mercilessly upon them both. Sweat stung at Phillip's brow and trickled down his neck. He had never been more afraid in his life.

"Give her back!" He demanded to the God he devoted his life to. "Give her back!"

Her face was burning in his hands. It felt as if he grasped fire. Breath caught in his chest. Her name clung to his parched lips.


An eternity passed before her eyes fluttered open.

Relief flooded through him, though he scarcely had time to register it before the creature he had devoted his last moments to, dove headfirst into the cooling depths of the protective water.

As he collapsed on his side, Phillip smiled.

His life-blood poured steadily from his body, and agony flared through him. Yet, peace like he had never experienced filled his soul. She was safe. Syrena was alive. He had made it.

After devoting his life to the service of his God, Phillip could think of no better death than saving the life of the most beautiful of God's creatures. For surely no creature of the devil could possess such beauty, body and soul.

With those thoughts, Phillip found serenity, and prayed only to live long enough that he might ask Syrena's forgiveness.