Symbolic Interactionism

By xxkoffeexx

Summary: When giving away one's jacket is no longer just an act of chivalry. Cheren/Bianca.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon or Blumer's idea.


Symbolic Interactionism: "…the meaning that things have for human beings are central in their own right" ("The Nature of Symbolic Interactionism," by Herbert Blumer). A sociological position that basically says every object or act has meaning attached to it.


At twenty years old, Cheren is a gentleman.

When she is sneezing because of allergies and tears are flooding her eyes, he shoves a white handkerchief into her weak hands. She thanks him with a watery smile, he makes a noncommittal noise, and everything is perfectly normal.

When she is staggering under the weight of large grocery bags, one in each hand, he grabs the heaviest one without a single word. Her warm gratitude buffets him like tidal waves and he adjusts his glasses to hide his pleased expression. It is to be expected after all. Any gentleman would do the same.

When she is shivering because the weather is super cold and she forgets her jacket again, Cheren graciously removes his own jacket and places it over her shoulders.

Bianca blushes.

Suddenly, everyone and their mothers are in his face, demanding to know when he and Bianca had become an item and it was about time they got together and who knew the gentlemanly Cheren could pull off the moves? Oh, and by the way, when is the wedding?

Cheren wonders, since when has giving a freezing girl his jacket become the equivalent for a marriage proposal? He decides he must have missed the memo somewhere along the road of life and researches in the nearest library, poring over books and modern magazines for days on end.

His friends kindly tell him he is being stupid and to just go with the flow.

Cheren may be a gentleman, but he is not stupid.

So the next time she shivers in the cool evening breeze and they are walking along the star-laden path and he thinks her smile is amazing beautiful, Cheren bends on one knee and pulls out a ring.

He is a gentleman and he is madly in love.



Author's Note: It is short, it is fluffy, and it is pointless. But it is Cheren/Bianca, which I adore. So.