"I'll protect you."

The fire crackles lightly beside them and his arms are wrapped tightly around her. Too tightly. She can't breathe. She's not sure she'd be able to anyway.

There's too much smoke. There's too much pressure. There's too much disaster surrounding them after the bomb.

The bodies of soldiers are littered around them. Enemy soldiers, but still soldiers. Still dead.

She knows that her husbands is somewhere among them. He'd tried fighting them off. He wasn't near her when the bomb went off. The magic, protective barrier that her family had put around her years ago hadn't covered him. Only her and the boy in her arms; her best friend.


He was still whispering the same words, over and over and over. "I'll protect you. I'll protect you."

He had tried to protect her. He was not capable of protecting her from a bomb. He was not capable of preventing her from knowing that the family she'd built for herself had all been killed again.

"I'll protect you."

He was in some sort of form of shock. He lived next door. The family he'd built was also dead.

His sister lived down the street. Also dead.

It was summer break. All of their kids would have been home and so they, too, were dead.

The fire licked at the barrier. The rest of the house pushed down on it from above. If she just tried, she knew she could cancel the barrier out. It would fail. The house would crush them, the fire would eat their remains.

"I'll protect you."

She feels out the barrier with her nullification. The barrier is stronger than usual, fighting to hold up the weight of a house. If she pushes it just right, it will crumble over them.

She finally finds her breath.

"I'll protect you," she whispers back to Jamie.


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