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Six months later…

"I now pronounce you husband and husband, you may now kiss," the minister said to Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt smiled and turned to Blaine, pulling him into his arms before kissing him soundly on the mouth.

Kurt heard the minister repeating the words to Jeremy and Brian, before he heard shuffling and a round of applause.

Kurt was too busy kissing the breath out of Blaine to care, though.

"And now for their first dance as a married couple Kurt and Blaine Hummel!" The DJ said, from his place in the front of the room.

The soft sounds of guitar played over the speakers as Blaine tugged Kurt onto the dance floor.

Do you remember when we were just kids
And cardboard boxes took us miles from what we would miss
Schoolyard conversations taken to heart
And laughter took the place of everything we knew we were not

"I love you," Blaine whispered into Kurt's ear, as they held each other while swaying to the music.

I wanna break every clock
The hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment (stay in this moment)
For the rest of our lives
Is it over now hey, hey, is it over now

"And I love you, Mr. Hummel," Kurt said.

Blaine smiled brightly and kissed Kurt softly before resting his head in the crook of Kurt's neck.

I wanna be your last, first kiss
That you'll ever have
I wanna be your last, first kiss

Blaine began singing along with the lyrics as the song played on.

"Thank you," Blaine whispered in Kurt's ear.

"For marrying you?" Kurt said with an amused smile and a quirked eyebrow.

Blaine laughed, "Well that too. But thank you for letting me take your last name… and for waiting for me."

Kurt smiled brightly, "It was my pleasure, and I understand why you wouldn't want yours anymore after what your grandfather did. And I didn't have to wait for you, I was always yours Blaine."

Blaine tightened his hold on Kurt, "I didn't want you to have that reminder of what he did. I'm sorry you had to go through all that."

Kurt kissed Blaine's temple and shushed him, "I have you now, and that's all that matters."

Blaine buried his head in Kurt's shoulder again and they continued swaying.

Amazing how life turns out the way that it does
We end up hurting the worst, the only ones we really love

I wanna break every clock
The hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment (stay in this moment)
For the rest of our lives
Is it over now hey, hey, is it over now

"Do you remember when we first heard this song?" Blaine said.

"Of course I do," Kurt smiled, "We were lying in my backyard during my senior year. You had a playlist of songs playing that neither of us had heard before because you wanted us to 'broaden our musical tastes'."

"…and this song came on and you loved the opening," Blaine said.

"I did," Kurt replied, "And you said you could learn to play this acoustically."

"And I did," Blaine said.

"That you did," Kurt said with a grin, "And when the chorus came on we both looked at each other and kissed and since then it's been our song."

"Exactly," Blaine said, cradling Kurt's head and kissing him.

I wanna be your last, first kiss
That you'll ever have
I wanna be your last, first kiss

Is it over now hey, hey, is it over now
Is it over how hey, hey, it's not over now

I wanna be your last, first kiss
That you'll ever have (that you'll ever have)
I wanna be your last, first love (that you'll ever have)
Till you're lying here beside me with arms and eyes open wide
I wanna be your last, first kiss for all time

The end of the song played and everyone clapped as Kurt dipped Blaine.

"Now it's time for Jeremy and Brian Charles-Williams first dance as a married couple," The DJ said.

Jeremy and Brian walked to the dance floor, stopping to hug Kurt and Blaine on their way.

A soft piano tune played over the speakers as Blaine and Kurt sat at their table.

Kurt looked out across the room, everyone they loved was here. Everyone from New Directions and their close friends from the Warblers, Jeremy and Brian's close friends and all of their parents and close family.

Burt and Carole sat at a table not far from them conversing with Lucy and Graham. Burt caught Kurt's eye and smiled brightly at him, Kurt smiled back.

Finn and Rachel danced not far away from them; Rachel had tears in her eyes as she looked at Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt could understand why.

Blaine wrapped an arm around Kurt's shoulder and Kurt leaned against him.

"I can't believe we're finally married," Blaine murmured into Kurt's hair.

"Me neither B," Kurt said, wrapping his arms around Blaine.

Kurt looked up at Blaine as Blaine looked down at Kurt, so neither of them noticed the photographer coming over and snapping a quick picture of the two of them. A picture that would be placed on their mantle for years to come.

As the reception died down, only Kurt, Blaine, Jeremy and Brian, their parents and grandparents remained.

"I'm going to miss you guys," Kurt said to their parents.

"We'll miss you too, sport," Burt said, hugging Kurt and then Blaine.

"Don't forget about us while you're gone!" Carole said, pulling them both into a tight hug.

"We won't," Blaine said.

"You'll have to come over for dinner when you get back," Carole said, not letting go of them.

"We will, Carole," Blaine said.

Carole pulled back with a sniffle, "I'm so happy for you both."

"Thank you… Mom," Kurt said.

Tears started falling from Carole's eyes and she moved to hug them again, but Burt grabbed her, "Don't suffocate our children Carole."

Carole sniffled and hugged Burt, "My boys, I have three boys now."

Blaine and Kurt hugged her and Burt before hugging his parents.

"I'm so happy for you both," Graham said.

"Thank you, Dad," Blaine said, hugging him.

Lucy had tears in her eyes too, and hugged Kurt tightly, "Welcome to the family, darling."

"Thank you," Kurt said with tears glistening in his eyes.

Blaine hugged his mother and Kurt moved to shake Graham's hand, but Graham pulled him into a hug, "I'm glad he married you Kurt, you're a great addition to the family."

Kurt hugged him back and said 'thank you', trying to keep his voice level.

Blaine and Kurt moved up to Grams and she held out her arms for them, "My darlings, I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks Grams," Blaine said while Kurt tried to discretely wipe his eyes.

"I'm leaving tonight for my trip, but when I return we will have dinner," Grams said.

"You can count on it," Kurt said, his voice thick.

Grams kissed them both on the head and squeezed them one last time before they walked toward the door.

Blaine and Kurt waited outside for Jeremy and Brian to finish their family goodbyes.

Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine, "How are you, my dear husband?"

"I'm quite well," Blaine said.

"Oh really? Just well?" Kurt said, pulling back.

"I am spectacularly amazing," Blaine said, pulling Kurt back into him.

"That's better," Kurt said, slotting his lips to Blaine's.

Blaine wrapped his right arm around Kurt's hips and his left arm around Kurt's neck, pulling him tighter against him. Kurt backed Blaine up against the building and pressed himself tightly against his husband.

Kurt licked across Blaine's lips and Blaine parted his lips and allowed Kurt to slide his tongue in.

Blaine's hand gripped tightly to the back of Kurt's head and he breathed deeply through his nose as his tongue tangled with Kurt's.

All of a sudden, Blaine heard a cough to his right and he pulled his head back to see Jeremy and Brian holding hands and staring at them with an amused expression.

"Do continue," Jeremy said.

Blaine laughed and slightly untangled himself from Kurt. Kurt whined, but allowed Blaine to detangle himself and backed up a little so that Blaine could move off the building.

"Hey guys," Blaine said, as Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's shoulders from behind him.

"Is your flight tonight or tomorrow?" Jeremy said.

"Tomorrow morning, then Rome here we come! I can't wait to see the Coliseum," Kurt said.

"What about you?" Blaine said.

"Tonight, I can't wait to get to the Caribbean. I wonder if Johnny Depp will be there," Brian said.

Jeremy pushed on his shoulder and laughed, "Probably not, but hopefully he left some rum."

They all laughed before silence settled over them.

"It seems a bit surreal, you know?" Jeremy said.

"Yeah, I do," Blaine said, holding onto Kurt's hands where they were clasped across his chest.

"You're still the greatest Blaine, all of this was resolved because you went to Kurt," Jeremy said.

Blaine ducked his head and Kurt tightened his grip on him, "I'm glad you came to find me," Kurt said.

"Me too," Blaine said, looking up at Kurt.

Jeremy wrapped his left arm around Brian and they stood silent for a moment.

"We're going to move into a house of our own when we get back," Jeremy said.

"You don't have to do that, the house is more than big enough for the four of us," Blaine said.

"I know, but it's time," Jeremy said.

"How about we talk about this when we get back? We'll all only be gone for two weeks, you guys get back one day before us, so stay in the house and we'll talk this over when we get back," Blaine said.

"Yeah, we haven't really had time to talk about it in the last six months with wedding plans," Kurt said.

Jeremy looked at Brian and nodded, "Okay."

"I'll miss you guys, we've been inseparable for the last six months," Brian said.

"We'll miss you guys too," Kurt said.

Kurt let go of Blaine and they moved into a big hug between the four of them.

"We should get going, we have to grab our bags and head to the airport," Jeremy said as they all pulled back.

"Yeah, we have to go get checked into our hotel anyway," Blaine said.

"Our flight leaves at 5, so we figured it'd be easier to stay at a hotel near the airport so we don't have to rush to leave in the morning," Kurt said.

"Smart plan," Brian said.

"It was Kurt's, so no wonder," Blaine said.

Kurt smiled and knocked Blaine's shoulder.

"We love you guys," Jeremy said.

"We love you, too," Kurt said, wrapping an arm around Blaine's shoulder.

"Thank you Blaine, you gave me my life back. I'll never be able to repay you," Jeremy said.

Blaine sniffled and smiled, "There's no need. I have everything I want."

Kurt's arm tightened on his shoulder as if to say 'so do I'.

Kurt pushed open the bathroom door after he was done showering.

Blaine, who had showered before Kurt, lay in bed with 'Pride & Prejudice' propped up on his lap.

Kurt leaned against the doorframe and took in his husband, from the curls on the top of his head, to his reading glasses, down his shirt-less chest and down to his hips where the blanket lay ruffled.

"Are you going to stare all night or come join me?" Blaine said, not looking up from his book.

Kurt laughed and pushed off from the doorframe.

Kurt crawled into the other side of the bed and laid against Blaine's chest, peering into the book.

Blaine was in the middle, and Kurt closed his eyes as Blaine began to read aloud.

"There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me," Blaine read.

"That's a very good quote," Kurt said.

"I agree," Blaine said, placing his bookmark in and closing the book.

Kurt wrapped his arm around Blaine and they laid in silence.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" Blaine said.

Kurt laughed, "No Scotty Wiseman, you haven't."

Blaine laughed when he realized his accidental reference to the 1945 Scotty Wiseman song, "Cute. But seriously, have I?"

"Not recently," Kurt said, breathing in Blaine's musky scent.

"Well, I do," Blaine said, kissing Kurt's forehead.

"As do I," Kurt replied.

Kurt moved from Blaine's side and settled himself on top of Blaine.

Blaine raised an eyebrow but said nothing as Kurt tangled his hands in his curls and pulled his face to his.

Blaine placed his hands around Kurt's back and slid his mouth against Kurt's.

Kurt moaned softly and opened his mouth to allow Blaine's tongue to slide in.

As Kurt slid his and Blaine's pants off, he looked into Blaine's eyes. Blaine didn't say anything, because everything he needed to say was conveyed in his eyes.

Blaine ran his finger down Kurt's spine before drawing his finger across Kurt's back. Kurt kissed Blaine soundly and felt as Blaine spelled 'I love you' into his back.

Kurt gripped Blaine's hips as he slotted his to Blaine's.

Blaine took a deep breath through his nose and continued tracing the word 'love' across Kurt's skin.

Neither of them said anything as they rubbed against each other.

Anything they wanted to say was written across their skin.


Sometimes it lasts in love
But sometimes it hurts instead