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FLASHBACK: Two Years Ago… (and a few hours)

Rachel and Finn were snuggled up on the couch for their weekly musical marathon night when Rachel's phone signaled an incoming text message with the familiar strands of 'No One Mourns the Wicked'. Rachel grabbed her phone and flipped it open as Finn paused the movie.

"What is it?" Finn said at the questionable look at Rachel's face.

"It's from Blaine. It says 'Go check on Kurt ASAP'." Rachel said.

"That's it?" Finn said, trying not to let panic set it.

"Yeah…" Rachel said getting up.

"Get the keys, I'm going to go throw some clothes on," Rachel said.

Finn nodded and got up to search for the keys and slide his shoes on.

Ten minutes later, they pulled up to Blaine and Kurt's shared apartment. They walked up to 204 and knocked, no noise sounded from inside. Rachel and Finn glanced at each other before Finn grasped the doorknob and tried to open it.

Rachel already had her phone out and tried to call Blaine, but it went straight to voicemail. She then tried to call Kurt, but it just rang, Rachel could hear Kurt's ringtone for Blaine of Blaine singing from where she stood in the hallway. Finn began to bang on the door and begged Kurt to open it. Finally, the lock clicked and Finn burst in the door.

Kurt was sprawled on the floor with his phone clutched in his hand, silent tears streaming down his face.

"Kurt!" Rachel shouted before running towards her brother-in-law.

Finn looked from Kurt into the rest of the apartment, jogging through and checking the place before coming back and sitting down, pulling his brother into his lap.

"Kurt, what happened?" Finn said.

"He's gone," Kurt said, "Just gone."

"Blaine?" Rachel said.

Another sob escaped Kurt at his name and he clutched to Finn for dear life.

"Where'd he go?" Rachel said.

"I don't know," Kurt whispered

Finn and Rachel glanced at each other, their hearts breaking at the sight of the proud Kurt Hummel breaking down.

Finn and Rachel finally got back to their house and Finn carried the still silent sobbing Kurt into their house. Rachel raced to the spare bedroom and pulled the covers down. Finn placed Kurt gently on the bed and pulled the covers up.

The blank look never left Kurt's face.

The next week for Kurt was a nightmare. Rachel and Finn tried countless times to get him to talk, but he had not said a word since what he said when they found him.

The first day of Kurt staying with them, Rachel tried to call Blaine no less than fifteen times.

"Blaine, it's Rachel again. What the hell is going on? Finn and I have Kurt, he won't speak at all. Just please call me and let me know what is going on. You own it to him."

The second day, she tried ten times.

The third day, she tried seven times.

The fourth day, she tried five times.

The fifth day, she tried three times.

She did not try at all on the sixth day.

Twelve days after Blaine had vanished; Kurt received a letter in the mail. It was addressed to Kurt at Finn and Rachel's house, but it had no return address.

Kurt looked at the envelope and his eyes shot up to his hairline, he tore open the envelope and pulled the letter out. Rachel glanced over his shoulder to read along with him.

Dear Kurt,

I am truly sorry. I'm not sure what else to say besides that. I have listened to every one of the voicemails you, Finn and Rachel have left. My heart breaks every time I hear your voice. Please go on living. Know that I love you, but this is for the best. Do not try to find me. I can't be with you.


Kurt re-read the letter countless times over the next week. The words were blurry with tears by now, but Kurt longed to wake up from this nightmare. His entire world couldn't have crashed down so fast… could it?

A week after Kurt received the letter Rachel found him cooking breakfast in the kitchen when she and Finn woke up.

"Good morning," Kurt said when he saw the two of them come into the kitchen.

The table was littered with vegan sausage, pancakes, and a variety of fruit.

"Dig in!" Kurt said, sitting at the table and serving everyone.

Finn and Rachel exchanged a glance before looking at Kurt. His hair was perfectly coiffed and his clothes were immaculate, not a wrinkle in sight.

"Kurt?" Rachel said.

"Yes Rachel?" Kurt said, looking at her.

Rachel could still see the sadness dwelling behind his eyes, but she decided not to mention it.

Finn took a huge pancake and shoved the whole thing into his mouth, "Great breakfast bro."

"Thank you Finn," Kurt said.

"Kurt, you still have two days of vacation from your job, you don't have to go in today," Rachel said.

"I know Rachel. I'm ready to go back." Kurt said, daintily placing a piece of pancake into his mouth.

"It's time." Kurt said placing down his knife and fork.

Those words rang in the ears of all three. The underlying meaning screamed in the silence of the kitchen.

'It's time to move on.'

You know how the time flies.
Only yesterday,
It was the time of our lives.
We were born and raised,
In a summer haze.
Bound by the surprise,
Of our glory days.