He spite out blood as his best friend took his arm out of his chest. There was nothing but pain, but not physical pain, it was something deeper than that. He was hurting because he could not save his best friend, and had had to kill him.

Naruto also removed his hand from his friend's chest. They looked at each other and they both had a smile on their faces. "Dobe…" Sasuke said trough the pain in his chest. "Teme…" Naruto replied through the sorrow that was building in his body. The hugged each other as they acknowledged that they were best friends and brothers.

Everyone in Konoha watch in horror as the two men embraced after the largest fight in the history of Konohagakure. They were very saddened as they watch their hokage hug his best friend for the last time. He was the best hokage, by far; he had improved the village tremendously for the better and had always been there to protect them. Through the good and the bad.

Naruto felt his knees give out from under him and he braced himself for the impact of the hard ground. But it never came. "Kakashi-sensei…" Naruto whispered. With a great effort he opened his eyes fully to see every one from his year. Sasuke was already gone and had been taken away for proper disposal. But Naruto because of the fox was still around. "Hey guys…" Naruto was just audible. They looked sad but tried not show it, Sakura who was franticly trying to save her husband, had tears in her eyes. "Sakura… stop, I'm not going to make it through this one, I already knew that." Naruto tried to sooth her. Everyone was surprised that he was soothing her instead of the other way around, but that was who Naruto was.

I have lived life to its fullest

There was sadness

It was hard

I must admit

"Don't worry guys, everything will be ok. Konohamaru will be a great Hokage. Even better than me…" Naruto said quietly.

"I don't think so boss, not better than you." Konohamaru was quick to respond.

I never gave up and I came through

I was lucky

I fell in love

My life was grand

"Naruto I need you I can't live without you, our child will need you when he is born. Please fight it please, I beg you…" Sakura pleaded for her husband to live, if not for her than for their soon-to-be son, Minato.

"Sakura, I can bet it this time, the damage is to great, and it is taking everything I have to stay right now. Please don't cry… Minato will need you to be strong, and to tell him who his father was." Naruto said trying to be as strong as he could be.

I could never ask for something more My life is whole

My life is perfect

Naruto could feel the darkness pulling him in… " Goodbye my friends, my love… I will miss you all so much… I wish you all… lu…luck…" were Naruto's finale words and as he left he heard the silent tears of all his people fall to the ground.

That was my life.