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"I'm pregnant," she says, watching his every reaction. He's shocked, and his smile begins to appear. "You're the father."

He smiles wider, and is at a loss for words, but his eyes are speaking volumes. Any other time she would argue that eyes do not have the ability to speak, but tonight, she has been proven wrong. His eyes are dancing in the moonlight-or maybe the glow of the streetlight, she can see that they are also so full of love for her, and the intensity of this moment may have scared her away last year, but right now all she wants to do is jump in his arms.

"Say something, Booth. Please?" she begs, she can see that he's happy about this, but she needs to hear it, because she is scared to death of what this is going to do to them; not only as individuals but also as partners.

He moves to her, and she feels him wrap his arms around her, pulling her closer to him and holding her tight. She reciprocates the hug, hiding her face in his neck. She loves the way he smells, ever since they slept together after Vincent was killed, his smell stuck with her, and she craved it when he was away from her.

Their hug breaks, and he's peppering kisses all over her face until he finally lands on her lips. He kisses her with every fiber of his being, and his stomach flutters more when she begins to participate. He rests his forehead on hers and they both smile and gaze into each other's eyes.

"So," she says softly, smiling at him, "You're happy about this?"

Booth lets out a small laugh, "I'm ecstatic, Bones. You're pregnant, with my baby. I love you, so much."

She can count on one hand the number of times that those words have been said to her. He told her last spring when he wanted to give them a shot, which was the night she turned him down, and her entire trip to Maluku was filled with thoughts of him and what they could have had. The night she realized her mistake and he saved her from being hit by a car in the pouring rain; she told him she made a mistake and that she did in fact love him, more than she could have ever imagined. The night they first made love, and now the result of their love was a baby growing inside of her.

Tears form in her eyes, and she wraps her arms around his neck, "I love you too, Booth, and I already love this baby. Is that crazy?"

She can feel him shake his head before he answers, "No, Bones, it's not crazy. I love it too. I'm so happy right now."

She nods, "Me too." The single question she has looming over her head, the one she's scared to hear is answer of needs to be asked. She doesn't want to ruin this moment, but she has to know. "What does this mean for us, Booth?"

"We're a family, Bones. You, me, this baby, and whoever comes next. We're a family."

Whoever comes next. He wants more kids, and he wants them with her. She smiles, "So…we're a couple now? Well, I know we're a couple, we talked about that already, but I don't want you to think that just because I'm pregnant I wanted to trap you. I want you to want me for me, not just because I'm having your child."

He smiles at her, "I know, Bones. I want you to know that with or without this baby, my answer would be the same. I'm in love with you, Temperance; I'm never going to leave you again. I'm yours, okay?"

The use of her first name makes his words seem more true to her. Even though she's grown to love the nick-name he gave her all those years ago, when he uses 'Temperance', she knows that he's serious. "Okay," she whispers, putting her head on his chest, once again breathing in his scent. "Booth?"


"You're not going to ask me to marry you because I'm pregnant are you?" she asks, knowing this is opening up a whole other subject.

He shakes his head. "No, not just because you're pregnant, Bones. I'll ask you to marry me because I'm in love with you, because I love being able to hold you, kiss you and make love to you. I'll ask you to marry me when I feel that you're ready because the last thing I want to do is scare you away, I'll ask you to marry me because being with you forever, and yes, it will be forever, Bones, is more than I could dream of. You're my Bones, you're the mother of my child, you're my partner, you're everything to me; and when you're ready, that's when I'll ask you to marry me."

She smiles, "I will accept that answer."

He takes her hand in his, and they continue their walk to his apartment. Once in the safety of his home, he kneels to the floor and lifts her shirt up, placing soft kisses on her stomach. She runs her fingers through his hair, and smiles at him. She thought for sure that this action, and people touching her stomach would get on her nerves, but all she can do is watch him bond with his child in the only way he can right now.

He looks up at her from his place on the floor, and her hand cups his cheek. They both share a smile, and he rises from his kneeling position after placing a kiss and an 'I love you' to her abdomen. "And I love you too, Bones," he says, brushing the hair out of her face and leaning in to kiss her softly.

She doesn't know when she started crying, and she doesn't know she is until he wipes away a tear that falls. "I love you too." They walk over to his couch and he pulls her to him, her head resting on his chest. "What are we going to tell people?"

"The truth: We're in love, and we're having a baby," he answers, even if he still can't believe it himself.

"It's not that easy, Booth. They will have questions, especially Angela. What are we going to tell the FBI? I don't want to sever our partnership; I won't work with another agent. I will only work with you."

"Let me worry about the FBI, Angela will be too happy for us to grill you for information, she'll probably even say that 'it's about time'."

"That's what she said when I told her that we ended up in bed together. I didn't give her any big details, but I am sure the news of my pregnancy will confirm any suspicions that she's had."

"I'll worry about telling Camille," Booth says, "And just how much info did you give Angela?"

"Nothing too big; just that I ended up in your bed the night Vincent was killed. She nearly killed Hodgins when he came into tell us about the bullet. I think she was happier about us than we were," Brennan says with a small chuckle. "But no one knows what exactly happened; until we tell them about the baby."

"They all will be thrilled," Booth concludes, they have all but been hoping for the partners to get together and 'just do it' since their first couple of cases. 'We sound like a Nike commercial.'

"We have so much to discuss about this, Booth," she says, and it's true.

They have a lot more to discuss, but right now he just wants to be happy about being the father of Brennan's baby, he wants to hold her, and tell her how much he loves her, he wants to prove to her that her pregnancy isn't going to ruin things between them but will only make things better.

"I know, Bones," he says, kissing her hair. He rises from the couch, and pulls her with him, kissing her softly on her lips. "But that's another day. I'm tired, and I'm sure you are tired as well. You need all the rest you can get now that you're pregnant. Let's go to bed."

She nods, it was a busy day and she promised Angela that she'd go back to the hospital tomorrow to keep her company until she and Michael are released later that day. "I want you to be with me when I tell Angela. I told her about us by myself, but I don't think I'll be able to tell her about the baby by myself."

Booth chuckles, "She just gave birth, Tempe, I don't think she'll be jumping you. But I would love to be there when you tell her."

"Thank you," she says, climbing into bed after changing into one of his FBI shirts that falls to just above her knees.

He climbs in and gets comfortable, and she scoots closer to him, resting her head on his chest. They've talked about the marriage question already, and she loves him even more for waiting until she's ready, she's happy that he won't push her into something she isn't ready for. She smiles to herself, and thinks, I can easily get used to falling asleep in his arms forever.