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Ok Enough talk

I walked in, expecting the music to stop. Well… I suppose that was a silly assumption on my part. I opened my mouth to make myself known, but my eyes actually caught a glimpse of what was in front of me. Besides the room being a disaster, which I should have expected, I looked at Sherlock. He was sitting on his bed, shirt sleeves rolled up, eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed in concentration. His dark hair was slightly covering his face as he continued to play the unrecognizable tune, his long pale fingers moving slowly and sensually. And I couldn't help but think He's absolutely beautiful. Was that even a proper way to describe a man? It didn't matter. It was a way to describe Sherlock.

"And I've finally come to my answer" I almost jumped at the sound of his voice, much lower than usual. I looked at him and watched him slowly put his violin away. As soon as he placed it aside, his grey eyes locked with mine.


He walked up to me and closed the door to his bedroom before backing me up into it. I suddenly became very aware of our height difference. I peered up at him and saw the dangerous color in his eyes, pupils almost completely covering the grey-blue.

It drove me over the edge. I reached up and closed the space between us, pressing my lips roughly against his. I felt a small smile before I was pinned completely by the other body, one hand against the door and the other around my waist as his lips moved wildly, hungrily against mine. He nipped gently at my bottom lip and I gasped, which he took full advantage of by thrusting his tongue past my lips and began to explore. I gently teased his with mine, earning a small groan from deep in his chest. I put a hand in the dark curls and tugged him away before moving my lips to his pale neck. I watched his eyes widen and felt the vibrations of the low moan as he moved his head to expose more neck. I continued my venture down, nipping and sucking and kissing, leaving red marks in my wake. He thrust his hips slightly, our lengths meeting and a loud moan escaped us both.

It felt amazing to know that just these touches got him in this state. Feeling bold, I used this opportunity to push Sherlock back, making a line toward his bed before tumbling onto it and pinning him. His eyes widened and he let a small sound out when I pushed his wrists above his head and held them in a strong grip before attacking his lips again. It was messy and amazing.

He pushed me away slightly. I felt a twinge of confusion until I looked down. He was panting, obviously trying to calm himself. The fact that the expression was so obvious in a man that did his best to hide everything made me feel a great deal of triumph. I moved my free hand to his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it while caressing the newly visible skin. Once it was open, I unpinned his wrist momentarily to tug the fabric off.

He was absolutely magnificent. He was pale, almost glowing in the light coming in from the window, his slim toned figure slightly surprising as I now understood where that immense strength hid. I leaned down and began to leave a trail of bites down his chest, marking him. Making him mine.

He's mine.

I gently nipped the pertruding hip bones, moving toward the middle. I looked up at him. His eyes were locked with mine and I thought that for the first time, he didn't know exactly what was going to happen. Neither did I really, but that expression on the Great Sherlock was a turn on. He was vulnerable. To me. I smiled and gently nuzzled my cheek against his length. He threw his head back and moaned full and long. I came up slowly and looked at him. He stared up at me, a red flush spreading down from his face to chest.

"John…" His voice was octaves lower; something I didn't think was possible. The tone alone made my cock twitch and harden further. I became painfully aware of the fact that I was still fully clothed. I made a move to pull off my jumper but I felt Sherlocks fingers on my hands. He batted them away and pushed me so our positions were switched. He straddled me and slowly removed my jumper and shirt, throwing them off to the side. He then looked down, studying me. His fingers gently touched my shoulder, tracing lightly over the lines of the scar. My mouth hung open as a small gasp escaped. Sherlock noticed my reaction and bent down, moving his lips over it. I closed my eyes and just felt him slowly move over it, allowing his tongue to slip out and trace the scar, leaving little kisses along it.

Most of the other people that I have been with either looked at it or just ignored that it existed. Sherlock was the first and only one to give it this much attention, using the sensitivity of it to his advantage as he allowed his hands to roam over the rest of my body, fingers nimbly teasing my nipples. I was unable to do anything but just feel the man above me, feel what he was doing to me and the power that he had over me right now, that he always had over me in one way or another.

He moved up and joined his lips with mine, gently at first but quickly growing with need and lust. Our tongues danced together until we were both breathless and needing more. We separated and the look in his eye cause a groan to escape, pushing him back under me and quickly working at his trousers and pants. Which proves to be difficult when the other person is trying to do the same, but none the less possible. We discarded the extra clothing and gave a glance down at each other. Longer than most, slightly thinner as well. Same as the rest of him. I smirked as he studied me (for that was the only word to describe the look he gave me).


Sherlock looked up. "Side drawer."

I reached over and rummaged through it, finding it eventually. I brought it over and put a good amount on my fingers. Sherlock closed his eyes slightly and I smiled.

"Open your eyes."

He did so, slight confusion in his eyes. I didn't leave him like that for long. I traced down my own body and reached back, preparing myself. Sherlock gulped and his cock twitched. I smirked and closed my eyes, feeling the stretch and gasping as I added the second digit and finger fucked myself.

Suddenly I heard a low growl and before my eyes could open my fingers were removed and I was thrown on the bed. I looked up and Sherlock eyes were fixed on me as he lubed his own fingers, wasting no time in pushing them in. I groaned as his long digits were able to immediately hit that pleasure point inside, making me moan without caring who the hell was in the house or even anywhere within a five block radius.

"How are you the only person that can do this to me?" Sherlock growled as he roughly abused the spot, adding a third finger. "How are you the only person who can be an idiot and surprise me at the same time?" He pulled his fingers out and I cursed myself for the whimper that escaped my lips.

I looked at him. His eyes were wild as he spread a generous amount of lube on himself and tossed the bottle to the side, positioning himself above me. Then, wasting no time, he pushed inside.

"Ah… Sherlock!" I ground out.

He pushed himself until he was completely within me, breathing heavy. "You obviously haven't done this."

I shook my head. "I have. Not in a long time." I breathed. I was still trying to adjust myself around him. "You?"

"Same." He gasped. "Not often trusted enough to be giver though."

I looked up at him. He was serious. That's why he was surprised. Hell… I was surprised. I felt a bit of sorrow.

"Don't feel sorry for me. Just had… different experiences."

I shifted slightly. "That'll be different now." I said before leaning up and whispering "Although I think you should hurry up and fuck me hard so I can have the energy to reciprocate sooner."

I couldn't control the fighter inside me, but I knew the challenge inside Sherlock enjoyed that by the way he twitched and grew within me. He smirked and started moving, long deep thrusts making us both groan from the pleasure of just feeling. I groaned at the feel of the tip almost popping completely out before diving roughly back with me. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, dragging my blunt nails across his back making him arch into it and gasp. Every moment was testing my self-control as I tried to hold onto the moment as long as possible. His lips moved to mine and we kissed, messy and full of teeth and tongue and oh god the thrusts were getting quicker and hitting that spot. I heard my name on his lips, coming out like a mantra as my thoughts began to shut off and my senses were just full of Sherlock. And when I opened my eyes and saw the black curls damp with sweat, half-lidded dark eyes, tight muscles moving under pale skin mixed everything else I came, harder than I had in a long time, his name screamed as everything went white. I felt mere moments later his body spasm and fill me, a low growled "John" bouncing off the walls of the room.

He collapsed on me and just kissed any patch of skin he could reach as we tried to regain our breath. I pulled him in for a full kiss on his swollen lips, tender and passionate. He pulled out and I felt the loss. He rolled over so he was next to me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me under his chin. Again, the height difference was made clear to me, but this time I liked it and nuzzled into the long neck.


I looked up. "Well what?"

"Did I ease your boredom?"

I rolled my eyes and contemplated answering sarcastically but just settled on "Yeah."


"Yeah? What?"

"You're not going to leave the flat are you?"

I looked up at him. There was true concern in his eyes. "You know that I won't."

"One can never be too sure."

I smiled. "I won't surprise you with that. I'm sorry to say you're stuck with me for the time being."

"Because you love me?"

I sighed. "Yes. Because I love you."

There was a small silence before I felt his arms wrap around me tighter. "I think I love you too."

I shrugged mentally. This in addition to the question as to whether or not I was staying made a pretty sizable declaration coming from Sherlock. Still…"Allow me to try and get rid of the 'I think' in that statement."

Sherlock smirked and I felt him twitch to life again. "Should be easy. Only for you though."

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