My spacosity! They're a harder couple to write for than Chelley but they're both too perfect to NOT ship. Maybe at another point I'll come back and rewrite some stuff, but for now it's fine :) I wonder though, what should I do for my next fic? Any ideas?

She always watched the moon. During the day, she was her normal bubbly self. Luckily, the fact the Rick and Fact loved to hear themselves talk made sure she was never short on questions. But ever since that day, once the sun went down Curiosity went silent. She'd put up the telescope he gave her and just stare at the moon.

Fact called it animosity.

Rick called it love.

She didn't know what to call it. All she knew is her heart went all heavy and this was the only thing that helped. Curiosity just knew that she missed her best friend with the hair like the sun. Sometimes, she'd see a speck of yellow light floating around and she know it was him. And Curiosity always wave when she saw it. Because he had promised that when he went space, he'd wave to her.

But she wanted him to come home. No one talked with her as eagerly like he did. And no one made her want to do something before asking like he did. Some days, she cheered herself up with the thought that he was spying on the space police, or seeing if the milky way was really made of out milk or non-dairy creamer. And more than anything, that when, not if, when he came home, he'd tell her all about it.

Days passed and turned in weeks, months, and now years. She didn't stop trusting his promise. Even when Rick said he was on the 'final adventure,' whatever that was. Especially not when Fact said he was dead, because wasn't Fact always wrong? And then one day, there was weird flash that darted by and the spot was gone. It was as if the sun went out.

And so did Curiosity.

Because from then on, no matter the time, she just sat in the corner quietly. No tale of near-death wonder or obscure fact made her react. Dust collected, stares dimmed, but nothing would move her.

"I'm back from SPAAAACE!"

Except for that.

Curiosity jerked up, unused to movement after this time. She could hear Rick scrambling about, having been awoken from his nap. But the blond man had no time for him. "I saw space!"

"Space? What was space like?" Asking questions again felt fantastic. Seeing him again felt even better.

"It was AWESOME! Things went SHOOM and KABOOSH! And there was the suuuun, I said Hi!" The man rambled on, listing things he had seen and done. "I waved! I waved and waved! And then spacebuddy missed lady! So here I am! SPAAAAAAAACE!

"Who's space buddy? Did you see spacepolice? Sun? Shoom? What was the light?" The couple drowned out any and all other distractions of the others. After all, spring had arrived with the sun, and curiosity had too much to listen to.