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Enjoy Part 3!

Collect the Memories

Part 3 –

"Brooke, are you sure about this?"

"Haley…" Brooke exasperatedly laughs in response. "I'm telling you, everything is going to be okay."

"Oh, I know it will." Haley sighs. "I just don't want you and Julian to become overwhelmed." She explains, handing over her six-month-old's diaper bag and nine-year-old's small duffel bag to the brunette.

Brooke graciously retrieves Lydia and Jamie's bags and gives her best friend a sympathetic smile. "And I appreciate that. But we're the ones who offered to watch the kids. You and Nate deserve sometime to yourselves. Besides, it'll be good practice, don't you think?"

"Well, you're right about that. Okay, so I'm going to pick Jamie up from school at three, and then I'll bring the two of them over."

Brooke knows that Haley is nervous about letting Brooke and Julian watch the kids overnight. Not that she doesn't trust them – because if there were any two people in the world she would trust to care for her children, it'd be them – but because it's the first time she's leaving Lydia since she's been born. She knows, though, that Jamie and her baby girl will be in great hands.

She was actually happy when the couple had offered to play babysitter for one night. And Brooke was right; it would be good practice for them, as they were expecting twins after all.

"Hey, babe."

Brooke looks up to see her husband walking down the stairs, coming from his office upstairs.

"Hey, you were up there for a while." She notes, and continues flipping through a book she had been reading. It was something Haley had lent her about things she should expect during her pregnancy.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Just working on some promotion for the movie."

Brooke grins at this. She's so proud of him.

"So whatcha reading?" Julian changes the subject.

She waves the book at him with a frown. "I'm not Tutor Mom. I'm not going to learn from a book."

Julian laughs at this. "Well actually…" He begins. "I've been thinking…and I may have a solution to your problem."

She looks up at him curiously as he moves closer and takes a seat beside her on the couch. "Oh yeah? And what's that?"

"Well…I was thinking about how we haven't gotten to spend that much time with Jamie in a while…and haven't seen Lydia that much since she's been born…and I don't know, maybe we could watch the two of them for a night or something."

"And give Naley a romantic night away?"

"Um, I guess you could say that." He chuckles at his wife's nickname for their friends.

"I'm gonna go call Haley!" She energetically gets up from her seat to retrieve her phone.

As she walks away, lugging her nearly six month pregnant stomach, Julian shakes his head with a smirk. He finds it amazing how she can still have that much energy while almost in her third trimester, carrying twins. She's absolutely crazy, and he loves her for that.

When the Scott's arrive a little after three, Jamie immediately rushes off to hang out with Julian. It takes Haley ten minutes of protests to finally hand Lydia over to Brooke's welcoming arms. It is another ten minutes before Nathan is finally able to pry his wife away and out of the house.

"Your mommy's crazy." Brooke mumbles to the six-month-old with a giggle as she walks over to see what the boys are doing.

She comes in mid conversation, hearing Jamie excitedly tell Julian all about school, and about how he and Madison are officially boyfriend and girlfriend…or as official as it can get for two fourth-graders.

"Does your mom know about this, Jamie Scott?"

Jamie turns around and smiles at his aunt, hopping off the couch to give her a hug. "Hi, Aunt Brooke."

"Hey, buddy. So I hope you're ready for a fun night. Me and Julian have a lot of things planned." She turns to Julian with a bright smile and throws a wink his way.

They feed the kids dinner, and then Brooke and Julian let Jamie make himself a nice ice cream sundae. He goes all out with the sprinkles and chocolate syrup, and it's only after they see he's made a complete mess that they realize perhaps it wasn't the smartest idea – now he's all hyped up on sugar, meaning he won't be going to sleep for a while.

"I have an idea…how about we go to the baseball field? Let Jamie show us some of his new baseball skills." Julian suggests.

"What do you say, buddy?"

And they both know he's not going to object. The kid loves baseball.

So they take a trip to the park. Brooke and Lydia watch the guys from the bleachers as Jamie brings Julian to shame in the sport.

She loves him, but her husband is no athlete.

When it gets dark out, they venture back home, and by then, Lydia is sleeping soundly so they put her down in one of the finished cribs they have in the soon-to-be nursery.

When Jamie's ready for bed, the two go to tuck him in in their guest room.

"So you had fun today, Jamie?" Julian asks.

He nods, but Brooke can sense that something is wrong as the smile on his face soon falters after a second.

"What's wrong, buddy?" She carefully sits on the bed.

"It's nothing." He shrugs from beneath the covers.

Brooke shakes her head. "Oh, I'm not falling for that, Jame. You know, not too long ago, me and you were best friends. You told me everything. And you know I'm still here to hear whatever you have to tell me. Julian, too."

"That's right." Julian reinforces.

"Okay…" Jamie starts off, breathing in slowly. "It's just…when the babies come…are we still going to hang out? I know that when Lydia was born, mom and dad were really busy with her…and you guys are going to have two babies."

"Jamie…you know I'm always going to make time for you. You've been my number one boy, you know that."

"Number one? Ouch." Julian laughs, attempting to lighten the mood.

"You'll get over it." Brooke jokes before turning back to her godson. "But Jamie, you know you don't ever have to worry. You're going to play a huge role in these babies' lives."

"Yeah, you're their big cousin Jamie." Julian tells him. "They're going to look up to you and love you. You and Lydia."

Jamie nods, satisfied with this news. "I just wanted to make sure you guys wouldn't forget about me."

"It's impossible. James Lucas Scott is unforgettable." Brooke informs him, dropping a kiss on his forehead. "I love you, buddy."

"Love you too, Aunt Brooke. And I love you too, Uncle Julian."

Julian pauses for a slight second. Jamie's never called him that before. And it feels truly amazing to hear it. His bond with the young boy was continuing to grow, and he was so glad that Jamie felt comfortable addressing him as his uncle.

Brooke beamed at the moment happening between her husband and her godson.

"I love you too, Jamie. Sleep tight."

As they turn off the light and leave the guest room, Brooke's hand clasps Julian's.

They silently close the door behind them and Julian stares into his wife's eyes.

"I think we did good today."

"We did great." She nods and kisses him on the lips. "They give me hope that we won't be so bad after all." Giggling, she places their hands on her stomach. "And it makes me more excited for us to have our own kids soon."

"Just three more months."

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