Mission: Diffusion

"You're not God, Cas," Dean said, trying not to show his fear as he stared his once-angel friend in the eye.

"No, I'm not Him," Castiel agreed coldly. "I'm better."

Dean shook his head. "Those souls you soaked up are evil, Cas. Nothing good comes out of evil. Haven't you learned that by now? After everything?"

Castiel glared at him. "I won't say it again, Dean. Bow or die."

Dean looked away from him, pained.

The creature standing before him wasn't his Castiel anymore. The monster souls, their power, had already transformed him into something the Cas Dean knew before the Apocalypse ended, would have done everything possible not to become.

Hell, even Castiel's future-alternate timeline druggie self would have probably squirmed at the thought of himself taking such a dark path.

How had Castiel become desperate enough to risk himself and the world to kill Raphael? Why didn't he see what he was doing before it was too late?


Dean wasn't sure how he'd managed to get the word out after seeing the darkness on Castiel's face and feeling the dangerous power radiating off of him, but he had.

"What did you say?" Castiel barked.

Dean dared to look back at him. "I said no. We're not going to bow to you. You know we don't bow to anyone."

Castiel's face became grim, and for a split second Dean wondered if he had reached the old Cas, but his hopes were quickly crushed.

"Fine, then," Castiel huffed. "You leave me no choice."

He raised his hand, palm towards Dean, and it began to light up.

Realizing what Castiel was about to do to him, Dean quickly ducked and dived to the ground in Bobby's direction.

The light that shot out of Castiel's hand barely missed him by a hair.

"We need to run!" Dean shouted at Sam and Bobby.

Suddenly, Sam fell to his knees, hands gripping his head tightly.

"Shit," Dean cursed, rushing over, past Castiel, to help his brother.

Dean swung one of Sam's lengthy arms over his shoulder and pulled him onto his feet.

"Come on, Sammy. We need to get out of here!"

As he spoke, Castiel threw another ray of light at them and Dean had to dodge it, nearly toppling over because his brother's weight had put him off balanced.

"Damn it, Cas!" Dean yelled. "Don't do this!"

"You're not allowed to boss me anymore, Dean," Castiel rumbled.

Dean ducked again as Castiel aimed for his head once more, and growled in frustration.

Forget trying to get through to the angel, or whatever the hell Castiel was with the upgrade. He had bigger concerns at the moment.

Dean avoided another hit as he passed Castiel again, and basically dragged Sam out of the room, following Bobby to the outside.

A/N: Short chapter, I know. But I just had to start this story tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to post more soon. And don't worry, Sam and Bobby are going to get more attention in the next chapter and onward.

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