Sam and Dean froze in their spots, eyes wide.

"Let me through," Castiel commanded them. "I'll take care of you two after Sofiel."

Ever so stubborn Dean stood in place, and Sam, ever so brave, stuck by his side.

"If you want to get to her, go around us," Dean said. "I'm not going to move just because you're too lazy to take the long way around."

"Fine," Castiel huffed. "You'll be first then. I take you haven't changed your mind about bowing before me after this stunt?"

"You got that right, you son of a bitch," Dean hissed. "We'll never bow to you. Ever."

Castiel sighed. "Then you leave me no choice."

He raised his hand to obliterate them with light but Sofiel rammed herself into him, knocking him off balance.

Castiel turned to growl at her. "You pest!" he yelled.

"If you want to get to the Winchesters, you have to get through me first," Sofiel announced.

"That was the plan," Castiel snarled.

He then threw her up against a beam in the warehouse, and manifested an angel sword in his right hand.

He approached Sofiel with the confident stride of someone who knew he was going to get his way.

But Sofiel wasn't about to let him win easily.

When he was only a few steps away from her she bounced up onto her feet and punched him in the face.

Unfortunately, but as the Winchesters expected, the action didn't do much besides make Castiel even more pissed off then he already was.

Castiel grabbed Sofiel by the throat with one hand and squeezed.

"No matter how hard you fight," Castiel sneered. "You can't defeat me."

Sofiel tried to swat his hand away, then tried to pry it from her neck, but it didn't work. Castiel was too strong. It was as if his hand was super glued to her neck.

Seeing that Sofiel was in trouble, Dean did the only thing he could think of to distract Castiel for a moment. He stabbed him in the back with Sofiel's sword, which had fallen out of her pocket when Castiel had thrown her.

Castiel released his death grip on Sofiel and turned to glare at Dean as he pulled the sword out of his back with his just newly freed hand.

"How many times will you need to do that before you realize that I can't be killed by this thing anymore?"

"That wasn't the purpose," Dean replied.

As he finished speaking, Sofiel jumped onto Castiel's back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Run!" she shouted. "Be quick!"

Sam and Dean nodded, and bolted towards the warehouse doors, but when they reached them they discovered that they couldn't open them. The doors didn't have any locks, but that hadn't stopped Castiel from creating a spell to keep them closed. There was no escape.

Reluctantly, Dean and Sam spun around to look behind them. They turned just in time to see Castiel slam his back against a support beam, with Sofiel still hanging on and acting as a buffer.

Sore, Sofiel released Castiel, and he faced her. Sam and Dean could only watch in horror as Castiel stabbed the half hunched angel in the stomach with one of the two angel swords he now possessed. At impact, Sofiel gasped.

Shocked by the scene that had played out before them and unsure of how to help the angel as she let her body slide against the beam to a sitting position on the ground, the Winchesters remained rooted in their spots.

Sure that Sofiel would eventually die of her wounds and would not get in his way anymore, Castiel turned to the brothers, looking triumphant.

"And now for you two," he smiled coldly.

There was a dramatic pause, as if time stood still, and then Castiel raised his right hand.

As light began to illuminate from it, Sam and Dean closed their eyes and shielded their faces with their arms, expecting their demise.

But it never came. There was only the sound of a feminine gasp, Sofiel's, and a loud thump as something heavy hit the concrete.

Dean and Sam lowered their arms and opened their eyes. When they saw the scene before them, they gaped.

A couple of yards away, Castiel lay on the ground, dead, his white shirt dirty with a blood patch right below his rib cage.

Dean couldn't believe his eyes. "What the hell?"

Sofiel coughed, and Sam and Dean gazed at her, surprised to see that she was still breathing, let alone conscious.

"He was here," she murmured, voice quaking.

"Who?" Sam prompted.

Sofiel focused on Sam, and he could see wonder shining in her eyes.

"God," she breathed. "It was God. He was here!"

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