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Mr. Mom


There was a new addition on the house. It was impossible to not notice it as Jane's ride pulled up to her home; it was attached to the back, a whole new section added on to their two-story. Well. She would've preferred if she and Thor had talked about it together before doing a major construction project on their house, but seeing how he had managed it in only four days while still looking after the kids, she wasn't going to complain.

Obviously, there was probably some superhuman or magical explanation for the room going up so quick, but the house was in one piece. That's what mattered. A few years ago, she probably would've panicked, but being married to an Asgardian who also happened to be an Avenger tended to give you a sense of understanding about these kinds of things.

Or maybe she was just desensitized by this point.

Jane was ready to see her family again. Those four days in Egypt had felt like four months, and now that she had something she needed to tell them, she couldn't get there fast enough.

The taxi was just coming to a stop when the front door of the house flew out, the hinges ripping from the frame. One scraped the sidewalk and the other pinged off a streetlamp.

"Mama!" Tanner shrieked, little legs pumping as he toddled down the steps and toward the car.

The taxi driver turned back to her, his eyes wide. "Might want to get that door checked…"

"It's on the list," she said. She paid him quickly and hopped out of the taxi before Tanner could reach it. His unnatural strength was really getting to be a problem… Swooping him up into her arms, she covered her two-year-old in kisses, laughing as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.



Jane looked up to see Kat and Ben racing toward her, both of them smiling and looking perfectly fine. Except. Wait.

"Kat, what happened to your hair?" Jane asked as she sat down Tanner and opened her arms for her daughter and eldest son. Kat's hair had been a bronze color when she left, a mix of brown and blond, but now it was a startling white blond. She knelt down and tilted Kat's chin up then gasped. "And your eyes!" Hazel eyes were now impossibly green.

"I got magic!" Kat answered with a brilliant smile.

"What?" And she thought that her news was going to be the big shock…

Ben patted her arm before he gave her a hug, not seeming to mind too much that she couldn't stop staring at Kat. "It's okay, Mom, Dad fixed it. Sort of. She's mostly okay."


"I can explain that." In the doorway of their home, Thor looked somewhat chagrined, but the powerful effect of a big muscular Norseman taking up the entire space of the door was a little diminished by his hair, which was pulled up into askew pigtails. He walked toward them, stopping to lean down and give Jane a brief but satisfying kiss. "You have missed a few things. And I missed you."

"I missed you, too, but an explanation would be nice," Jane said as she watched him nod to the bewildered cabbie and take her bags from the man.

He didn't show an ounce of embarrassment, probably because he wasn't actually self-conscious about the pigtails. Kat had put them in, and they were messy, but she had wanted to practice. After the past few days of stress and chaos, it was nice to just do something simple and calming like letting his daughter style his hair. Now he just needed to face his wife.

"Mommyyyy." Tanner pulled on her fingers until she picked him up again, balancing him on her hip, but she reached out for Kat with her free hand. Whatever was going on, she wanted to know now.

"Uncle Steve was here, and Logan and Tony and Clint came too, and we went to Asgard, and Aunt Sif says hi," Ben said rapidly, uncharacteristically excited, "And we saw Doctor Strange and Mr. Richards!"

"You were busy," Jane said, glancing up at Thor.

Thor had all of her bags in one hand while his other rested on her back as they walked back to their house. "It was a complicated four days." Actually, day one had been pleasant, but the other three…

Jane glanced around, looking for any other changes to their home. Most of it looked intact, though the living room was a bit of a disaster. Still, it was only in the childish mess connotation of the word, what with toys and puzzles and games being strewn about the place and the TV left on to a video game. On the screen, a miniature version of Thor was paused while fighting Spiderman. Thor always played as himself while Ben often chose Peter or, when he was feeling mischievous, Clint.

Jane set Tanner down again and let Thor lead her over to the couch.

"Do you want anything to drink, love?" Thor asked as she sat down, giving her a small smile.

She shook her head and grabbed his arm, yanking him down to sit next to her. Or, well, he let her pull him down. The kids piled in around them, with Tanner settling next to her and Ben sitting on the arm of the couch beside Thor. Thor plucked Kat up and settled her down between them.

"So. What happened?" Jane asked as she reached out to stroke Kat's soft white-gold hair, unable to get used to it just yet.

Thor reached up and plucked the ponytail holders out of his own hair, stalling. "Well."

"Kat blew up the house." Ben gave an unapologetic grin as he took over from Thor, earning him a frown. "Her hair went all wavy and then her eyes glowed and then she blew out the back of the house. It was awesome."

Kat hunched her shoulders, becoming smaller. Black strands appeared in her hair. "I said sorry."

"It was not your fault, you did not understand what was happening," Thor said as he leaned forward and kissed the top of her head before looking over at Jane. "Kat seems to have an unexpected gift. How was your trip?"

"Oh no, not yet," Jane said, shaking her head. She pulled Tanner into her lap, wanting to hug something soft and squishy. "What does all of this mean? Tell me exactly what happened."

Thor leaned back and shared a look with Ben before he turned back toward Jane. "On the second day after you left, we learned that Kat has the gift for magic. It runs in my family, but I did not really think any of our children would have it."

"Probably because you're a Muggle, Mom," Ben said, nodding.

"Midgardian," Thor corrected.

Ben shrugged. "Same thing."

"So…" Jane rested her chin briefly on the top of Tanner's head as she hugged him. "Kat has magic powers now? Like…" The number one magic user in his family that she always thought of was Loki, and he hadn't exactly used magic responsibly.

"Like my mother," Thor replied, reaching out to pull Kat closer. Their four-year-old was being very quiet. He tucked her into his side, protective and gentle. "Normally the first signs are not as destructive, and we are still trying to figure out what caused that."

"Ben did," Kat said, sticking her tongue out at her brother. He pulled a face right back at her while Jane raised an eyebrow in question.

"He ate the last of her cereal," said Thor, "It was apparently very important cereal."


"It was both of ours," Ben said, coming to his own defense.

"That is not the real reason," Thor said. He nudged his son, earning him a playful punch in return. "And besides, the damage was repaired by our friends." Steven, Clint, Tony and the furious cigar-smoking hairball named Logan had built onto the house, creating a playroom where the wall had been destroyed. He was going to need to send them gifts later as a thank you, perhaps tankards of summer ale from Asgard's mountain region. "I have asked the healers in Asgard to look into the matter, as well as Stephen and Reed. They should have answers for us soon enough, and Stephen said he would help train her."

"Mr. Strange gave me a pretty bracelet," Kat said, holding up her arm to show off a wide silver bracelet studded with a few gems.

"It helps rein in her magic," Thor said. He reached over and took Jane's hand, understanding that this was a lot to process. "She can wear it until she is more comfortable with her powers."

"All right," Jane said slowly after a quiet minute. She leaned over and kissed Kat's cheek, hoping she was being reassuring. This was all a bit overwhelming. Standing up, she set Tanner down beside his sister. "I think I'll get that water now."

"I will get it," Thor said, getting up and following her into the kitchen.

When they were out of the kids' sight, she turned toward him, reaching for his hand. "Is she going to be all right? Why didn't you tell me about this magic thing! You should have called, Thor."

He pulled her told him, catching her in a hug. It was hard to stay mad when you were wrapped in a bear hug like that one. "She will be fine. I simply did not think it would magic appear in one of our children." He kissed her, soft and sweet, his hands on her waist. "And I purposefully neglected to call you because I did not wish to worry you needlessly."

"I think this is a needful worry," she said, but she ended up shaking her head, "Next time one of our kids development new powers, you really need to call me, okay?"

"All right," he said, "I shall certainly remember that." He smiled at her a little. "How was your trip?"

"Nice and relatively uneventful," she said as he let go of her to get her a glass of water, "Not nearly as exciting as the time you had."

"They are all in one piece and did not tear open any holes in the universe," he said as he handed her the glass, "I consider that a success."

Jane laughed wearily. "Thanks. I guess we'll chalk it up as a pass." She sipped at the water and then glanced up at him. "So, is there a chance one of our other kids could happen to have the magic gene, too?"

Thor shifted his weight and crossed his arms. "I don't believe so. Ben would have already shown if he had that gift, and Tanner does not seem like a magic user."

"What about if we had more kids?"

"I do not know, it would depend…" He trailed off, looking at her like she was a new creature altogether. "What do you mean, more kids? Is that hypothetical?"

Jane sipped the water again and set it on the table, taking her time before she shook her head. "No."

He stared, mouth open. "You're—"

"Pregnant. I took like four tests, so I'm pretty—"

Everything stopped as Thor swooped in on her, wrapping both arms around her, his kiss deep and hungry and excited.

"Oh, man, not another one!"

When they pulled apart to breathe, both adults looked over to see Ben slumped against the door frame, looking depressed. "Not again. Come on, guys, three's company, four is like a soccer team. Or an army."

"Then I guess we're starting a platoon," Jane said with a smirk.

Thor grinned and kissed her again while their son made disgusted noises in the background. Another baby. He could manage that. After the past four days, he was certain he could manage anything.

He just hoped that Jane did not have a "meltdown" when she found out that there was now a portal to Stephen Strange's townhouse in their coat closet.