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Come on! Are you telling me no one thought that having Loki the trickster god of mischief and James Potter didn't seem similar? They even look alike a bit alike!

Besides, chibi-Harry is always cute!


Prologue: Uatu the Watcher: Yet Another What If...

I am Uatu, the Watcher. I have observed this world for eons and have seen it from beginning to end, however, every now and then, I sometimes wonder how things would be if they had been played differently. An example would be the two worlds that I am observing, the worlds that both would ultimately lead to pain before things would become better.

In one world, the world of Marvel 616 as you call it, we have the world where beings of great powers, mortal mutant or immortal that exits there. Beings such as Thor and his Avengers, whom have defeated Loki, the god of mischief once again. There, Loki is about to be banished by his father again, this time by banishing him in the body of a vagrant, with no memory of Asgard or his immortal life whatsoever. We know that eventually, he will regain his memories and come back worse than ever, we now know that he will one day even truly bring the fall of Asgard once and for all. Is there a way to prevent this path? Is there some way to allow him to not bring down the noble house of his father?

Can Loki be redeemed?

In another world, the world of magic, we have Harry Potter, also known as the boy who lived, the chosen one and Voldemort's vanquisher. We watch as he is given credit for what his mother has achieved due to the fact that blood politics refuse to recognize a muggle-born witch as of any importance. We watch as he is abandoned on the door steps of the Dursleys, whom will make the poor boy's next ten years as painful as possible. When he comes to Hogwarts, he will be ill-prepared for the fame, tested to prepare him for his fight with Voldemort or his followers in each year, witness deaths of fellow students or loved ones that will drive him mad with guilt and finally placed in a position where he will have to destroy himself to destroy the hocrux within him due to the manipulations of a man who considers himself omnipotent. Even after this, the young man will truly never know true happiness as his past and experiences leave him traumatic and psychologically unstable. We witness on how he never fully recovers from being used as a symbol, pawn, scapegoat, chosen one, and finally weapon to back as a symbol. It leaves one to wonder if he would have succeeded in his destiny without being manipulated all his life.

One has to wonder if a significant change may allow the boy to gain the power he knows not and at the same time give Loki a second chance in being redeemed.

Can combining these two worlds bring happiness to them as one? Can two lonely souls come together and create a future that will not bring the end of their worlds or themselves? What will change? What will remain the same? Who will remain true and who will be the villain? What if there was a hope that both worlds can change it for the better? What if….



Ladies and Gentleman, a Harry Potter/ Thor Crossover. The story will not to Hogwarts right away. It will be many chapters before Harry gets there. When he does, you'll laugh or want to strangle him. Untilthen, We're going to have fun watching Little Harry Potter worm his way to Loki's cold heart.