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Chapter Eight A: Family Part One

"Keep washing! I do not want to see a single orange on my person." Loki ordered as he pouted in his large tub. The servants were pouring scalding hot water over Loki, who did not even flinch. The ones wearing Iron gloves were washing the Prince's back and hair to remove all the orange that had covered his bodies; which would not have happened if Harry remained calm and not destroy a perfectly good skele-gro potion.


Many of the household had learned quickly enough that Harry was not fond of fire anymore then Loki was fond of water. Which meant that they had to make sure Harry was nowhere near anything too hot or any forms of fire. Loki had even made it so that every torch was lit up automatically by a lumos spell whenever Harry walked around at night. Candles were also forbidden at the dinner table so Sigyn improvised by having the chandelier light up. Harry never had to worry about any form of fire to come near him.

Until Harry had his first potions class.

Harry's teacher was an alchemist of great renown who once did all his business with the former ruler Eldred. When he learned that Loki needed tutors for his son, he jumped at the chance, knowing that the prestige of training him would make him great.

Harry was very good at it as it was similar to cooking. Things were going well until Harry approached the fire. The fire that was near the cauldron did not react to well to Harry. So Harry's ice powers countered and froze the cauldron. And for those that knew potions, doing anything different to a potion while making it can change the potion itself.

As soon as Harry cooled the cauldron, the contents started bubbling.


About three rooms down, Loki and Sigyn were playing a nice game of chess. Well, Sigyn was playing while Loki was blatantly cheating. Just when Sigyn was about to catch him about to steal one of pieces, the explosion that followed blew out all the windows and covered anyone near that room in orange, including the royal couple.


Loki muttered as he sat on the hot bath. Sigyn was in her own private bath as she could not take the hot water. Harry was also in his own bathtub, an ice-cold tub that would give even a frost giant frostbite. The servants that were not covered in orange gunk were either washing them, or cleaning off all the orange in the palace.

Sadly, that had not been the only Harry-related incident that had happened that week.


Lately, Harry had caused a great deal of damage with his ice powers. It seemed that whenever he was worked up, he would unintentionally freeze something around. One time, he had been startled by a nightmare of when he was back with the Dursleys.

Loki woke up to see it snowing in his lands... and inside his castle.

As the servants were shoveling the snow out of his home, Loki knew he had to teach Harry to control this power. If not, Odin would start to wonder where all this snow was coming from, and assume that Loki was mingling with Frost giants again. He'll probably send and army or Thor to investigate. So Loki reluctantly decided to personally train his son.

"All right Harry, in this room, I am not your father. I am a sorcerer and your teacher. Understand?" Loki stood tall, towering over his son as they stood in Sigyn's training room.

"Yes, daddy!" Harry saluted.

Loki raised an eyebrow as he placed his hands on his hip.

"I mean sir, yes, sir." Harry smiled sheepishly.

"Good, now first you must call upon your power." Loki ordered.

"How?" He asked.

"I am so glad you asked. Take note on my element. When I have need of my flames," Loki lifted a hand and showed him a ball of blue fire. "I simply use my state of mind to do so. It used to be rage." At that, his fire went from blue to black flames. "I had such rage in me. But now, I rarely call upon it."

"What do you use now?"

"Passion! I use happiness, love, joy, or sometimes even madness. It all depends on my mood." It flickered out, to Harry's relief. "It doesn't work if you're depressed, and if you're afraid, it is hard to control; as you demonstrated this morning and back when we first met."

Harry rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Now think of an emotion, Harry." He marched in front of his son. "Think and focus on that emotion."

Harry tried to think. What made him happy? What could he use to think about? He liked his toys, but Harry didn't put too much thought on them. His books were fun to read, but not enough. His own room was nice, but he still didn't feel much for tried hard to think what could make him happy.

"Focus Harry!"

Harry looked at his daddy, wanting to make him proud of him, but he couldn't think...

That it! His daddy made him happy! He made him feel adored and happy! Most of all, he loved his daddy. Harry closed his eyes and focused on that. He felt the cold energy form around him. He concentrated until it felt like he wanted it to burst out.

"Yaaahh!" Harry released a burst of ice.

"Daddy, I did it!" Harry smiled and opened his eyes. His smile disappeared when he looked at his dad. Loki was frozen in a block of ice, an expression of shock on his face.

"Oh-oh, Sigyn, help!"


One heat spell later...

"All right, let's try this again." Loki said while rubbing his face and glaring at his sheepish son. "Try making it smaller this time, and don't try to hit me with it."

Harry blushed, but placed his hands together as he called upon his power again. He tried to make it small, but it started to expand to the size of a basketball.

"Smaller! Smaller! Loki shouted from behind the chair. Harry frowned and smashed the energy ball into several pieces. The pieces looked like large sharp icicles and they were floating and circling around Harry's head. Loki sighed in relief of not being frozen.

"Well, you are improving." He congratulated as he moved out from behind the chair. Harry smiled at the praise, then he lost control and they flew out of his hands. Loki's eyes widened as several icicles heading his way.

"Yaaahhh!" Loki shouted, Harry covered his eyes, when he opened then, he cringed at the sight.

"Ummm, Sigyn... Help..." Harry panicked.


Four healers later...

"Hello, Harry. While Loki recovers, he has asked me to train you instead on controlling your powers." Sigyn stated with a cheerful smile. Her husband had literally gone down to one knee to get her to help. "From what I heard about your progress, my husband forgot to teach you how to aim. You wouldn't want to accidentally hit me, now will you?" She grinned. Harry shook his head. Sigyn pulled one of her training dummies out and had Harry aim.

"Now, remember, eyes on the target." she instructed.

Harry nodded, forming a ball of ice and shot it out of his hands. The ice ball missed the dummy and hit the mirror, which caused it to bounce back at Sigyn, who ducked, which made it a bronze armor on the wall, ricocheting it to a shield and headed at the door, which was opening.

Outside the training halls, Loki was rubbing his ribs where the ice had impaled him. It was a good thing he has taken some ancient rituals to prevent things like this to kill him.(1) After he had left the healer, Loki had decided to cheer himself up by turning all the cars, busses and other transportation vehicles into ice-cream. Let's see them get to work now. (He frowned when Vernon's car was untouched.)

"Have you finished yet?" Loki asked as he opened the door, just in time for the blast to hit him. Harry gasped while Sigyn sighed and turned to her step-son.

"Harry, help me with the ice chipper."


Loki shuddered at all the ice attacks he had to endure. He was positive he was going catch a cold. How embarrassing would that be? A frost giant catching a cold! But he had taught enough to Harry that he would learn on his own, safely; and far away from the God of fire.

Of course, then Harry found out about his other powers...


Loki had known that Harry was a Parsel-mouth. While he was still figuring out how he got that ability, he had forgotten about it temporarily until Sigyn reminded him the usual way women tell men what they think of snakes.

Loki had been in his study doing paperwork, something he actually enjoyed because it was the one thing he was good at that Thor wasn't. Thor was involved in warfare and fighting, but as any true royal knew, running a kingdom was more than battles and telling people what to do. He was going to be in his study for a few days because he was five years behind. Sigyn had tried her best at it, but Loki could see that she did not have the right-mindset to it. It involved a great deal of reading between the lies, politics, and figuring out how it affected the people in the long run.

The last part never normally interested Loki. He would normally ignore their rights. Why should he care about the peasants, they never cared about him. At least, the old him didn't care. But now his thoughts were on the people, because he knew they depended on him for leadership and survival.

"Curse you, Charlus Potter," Loki smiled fondly. "My work is now ten times harder because I care now."

A loud shriek caused Loki to fall off his chair, papers flying and ink spilling. Loki climbed slowly to his feet.

"I did not know I had banshees in my lands." He stated curiously.

"LOKI! LOKI!" Sigyn shrieked again. Loki could tell this wasn't her 'I am in danger' scream. No, that was her 'There is something here I need you to take care of' scream. Quickly walking to where he heard the scream, Loki spotted her in the ballroom, backed into a corner with one leg up. Her eyes were on the ground. Loki looked down to see what could scare an Asgardian.

Sigyn, it seemed, was not fond of snakes.

"Get this out of here" she shrieked as she fearfully stared at a rather small confused green snake looking up at Sigyn curiously. Loki blinked before he started laughing at the sight of Sigyn frightened by a small snake of all things.

"Sigyn; tis only a garden snake. It is no threat to you. I doubt its venom is strong enough to harm our mortal son." Loki chortled.

Sigyn glared murderously at him. "I do not care! Get it out." She snarled at her husband, who still laughed at the sight.

"My brave warrior wife, what would your mother think seeing you frightened of a snake?" Loki picked up the snake and gave it an affectionate smile. He always did have a soft spot for them. Maybe it was because, as the Asgardians claim, he was a snake himself, or perhaps because he had a snake for a son.

"Legs, there are." Harry called out. Harry appeared beside him with some sort of scarf around his neck and reached up and scooped up the green snake out of Loki's hands. The snake stuck its tongue at Harry's face as if to lick him; eliciting an adorable giggle. The 'scarf' was now starting to hiss at Harry, demanding attention as well. On closer inspection, they realized that it was a boa Constrictor. Loki felt a hint of concern. Boa Constrictors were, indeed, dangerous.

"Harry, where did you find that?" Loki asked quietly as he eyed the boa who lazily stuck out his tongue at him. It didn't seem to be threatening Harry, but snakes in general, were not to be underestimated.

"These are my friends that I made in the garden. We were playing hide and seek." Harry smiled; Loki slapped his forehead. He probably should have seen this coming.

"Harry, I want them out of the house." Sigyn may have a soft spot for Harry, but not when he brought things like that.

"But... they're my friends." Harry had his puppy eyes complete with tears, but Sigyn was having none of that.

"NOW, HARRY! NOW!" Sigyn shouted, causing Harry to jump up.

"Okay, I'll go find the others." Harry pouted and ran out with his snake friends.

"There's more?" Sigyn whispered in horror. Loki sighed when he heard the female servants scream. It looked like he won't be getting any work done.


It turned out that Harry had brought over three dozen snakes in the palace each hiding in the cabinets, closets, under beds or even in laundry baskets. Needless to say, this did not go well for the servants at all, least of all Sigyn. She had spent the entire day latched on to Loki and refused to let go. He still had the bruises on his arms to prove it.

Of course, that did not stop Harry from making more friends out of the animal kingdoms.

Loki pouted. What had happened to Sigyn was funny. But Harry had to go and get a species he was not comfortable with.


"LOOOOOOOOOOKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII!" the shriek rattled the windows of the palace.

"What is it now?" Loki muttered as he was in the middle of a meeting with the lords of his kingdom. Of course, he welcomed the interruption. There was only so much duplicity he can take for one day. Rushing down, he spotted Sigyn on top of the dinner table, her face as white as the moon.

"Ahhh, there's my brave little warrior princess. What has frightened thee now?" He smirked in a manner that normally would get him punched by someone. Sigyn looked indeed like she wanted to clout him. She pointed to the ground. Loki looked to see what was closely beside him.

It was a large hairy spider.


A high-pitch feminine scream shook the palace. Many of the people outside the palace wondered there was a banshee loose in the castle.


Sigyn eyed her husband who was also on the table. "Since when has my husband been afraid of spiders?" She asked as he held her and trembled. Harry appeared to see what the commotion was about.

"Oh, you found Stuart. Thanks daddy!" Harry cheerfully laughed as he scooped up the spider. "His family was worried about him."

Loki paled. "Family?" he squeaked. This time, it was Sigyn's turn to laugh.


It was Loki's turn to lay down the law to Harry. Nothing with eight legs was allowed in the house (With the exception of a certain eight legged son of his.) To make matters worse, Harry told him he wasn't sure he got them all. No doubt they were making their homes in small crevices and ceiling beams; ready to crawl all over him first chance they get. The thought made Loki shudder. Sigyn, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious that Loki was afraid of spiders when he used to conjure them up to scare the scullery maids in Asgard.

Loki growled. Everyone thought it was amusing that he was afraid of spiders now. No one bothered to ask why!

It was all Sirius' fault as usual! The moronic mongrel was supposed to make a simple port-key to Hogwarts to escape the Death Eaters that had them trapped. How in all the nine realms did they end up deep into the forbidden forest; where he met Aragog the Spider King and his clan of Acromantulas?

It was a miracle they had escaped at all. Ohhh, did those spiders give him the creeps after that. Loki snarled and promised to give Hagrid a swift kick in the rear when he had the chance. Who in Niffleheim thought it was a good idea to raise an Acromentula and provide him a family in a forest where kids go to school?

"Only Hagrid would, that's who." Loki muttered. He looked at his right arm that held a rune tattoo that acted like a port-key. One of Lily's more brilliant ideas, after he told her what had happened. She had researched for a month on what do and managed to create one that not only automatically send them to Potter manor, where Tippy would treat them, but did so involuntarily when your life was in critical danger. Loki sobered as he looked at the tattoo. He had almost forgotten all about it. Looking at it now reminded him of her. Losing interest into his bath, he rose and had the servants wrap him in silk robes. He looked down and saw that he was cleaned of all the orange coloring.

"Leave me." He ordered. In a moment, he was alone. Sighing, he turned to head to his room. As He opened the door, he caught Harry trying on one of his helmets.


A squeaky-clean Harry had snuck into his father's room to say he was sorry about the potion mishap. He hadn't meant to do it, it just happened! These things always happened to him. He snuck in the room to apologize to his daddy when he caught something glitter on a stand.

It was one of his daddy's horned helmets.

There were all kinds of horned helmets'. Some were like crowns with the horns even larger; others were small and had golden little wings on the side. Harry reached for the classic golden helmet that Loki used to wear and placed it on his head. They looked so huge on his head and yet they felt light. His daddy must have used a feather-weight spell,

"Oh," Harry let out a surprise shout as the horns fell on his head, covering his eyesight. The bathroom door was opening and Harry heard laughter. The helmet was removed from his head and Loki's smiling face was close to Harry's.

"Fret not Harry, one day, when you become a man, you will have your own helmet designed."

"Can't I have one like yours?" he had visions of charging at bad guys with it.

"Do you really wish to be a copy of Loki?" he raised an eyebrow impeccably. While he wanted his son to look up to him, he wanted him to be his own person. Besides, if Harry acted like him, it would not exactly make him very popular.

"Why do you have horns, daddy?" Harry changed the subject as he looked at the helmet in admiration.

Loki smirked proudly. "Because they are a symbol of my mischief. When I wear these, everyone recognizes me for what I am and what I do." He placed his helmet on his damp hair. "I have even been confused as the devil by the more religious mortals. Oh, do I have stories to tell you on the pranks I pulled on those priests on Midgard, especially the pranks I pulled on those devil worshippers. Now the kinkier mortals, when they see my horns, they assume that my mind is..."

"You look like a goat." Harry interrupted before Loki could finish that inappropriate sentence.

"What?" Loki was stunned. "A goat!? As in those smelly animals that pull Thor's chariot?"

"I don't know, maybe. But you look like a Billy goat gruff. Do you knock trolls off bridges and save the other goats?" Harry imagined his daddy bending over and charging at trolls to toss them off the bridges. Then he would frolic in the fields with the rest of the goats. The idea made him giggle.

Loki looked at his son with his mouth dropped. For once, he had no idea how to respond to that.

"Daddy?" Harry meekly asked.

"Aye..." he muttered, still holding his helmet.

"Can we go out today?" He asked with wide green eyes.

"May we go out today?" Loki corrected. One of the first things Loki was trying to fix was Harry's vocabulary. He was, after all, his son. He should not speak like the common muck he had surrounding his kingdom.

Harry sighed. "May we go out today?"

"Go where? Do you have a place in mind?" Loki frowned. There was not much to go out to. Loki had been trying to have his guards search out for any spies and traitors in his land. He knew he had some, while once upon a time he would have scoffed of the idea of anyone daring to betray him, but until now, he never had to worry about them.

"Well, I always wanted to go fishing." Harry grinned. He never had gone fishing before, but Dudley would often come back with Uncle Vernon from a fishing trip and brag to Harry had much fish they caught and how it was fun without him.

Loki blinked; the last time he went fishing had been in Midgard with Sirius. Of course, it had been in the black Lake of Hogwarts, and they had been trying to capture the giant squid on a dare. They almost succeeded too, until Professor McGonagall caught them and gave them six months detention.

"... All right; I suppose we can go to one of the lakes near the edge of my kingdom, provided no one sees us." He was sure he might run into someone from Asgard.

"YAY!" Harry ran off to get a fishing pole. It would be his very first fishing trip. He recalled Dudley coming home and bragging how much fish they caught and how they had more fun without him.

Loki looked at his horns. "A goat? First Thor claims I look like a cow, now I'm a goat."


A few hours later, Sigyn sat in her husband's office, doing what he should be doing right now, which was sign papers and decrees. She swears that the man purposely decided to go on that fishing trip simply to avoid all the paperwork. She was not trained for this! Her job was to keep the palace in order; Loki was supposed to handle the Kingdom. It had been two hours since the two left, and just when she was about to toss the papers over her head in frustration, Olga approached her with a small smile.

"My princess, (giggle) our lord has returned." Sigyn blinked; they were back already? And why was Olga giggling like that?

"Well, let them in." She said as she followed her servant. She needed to escape from all that writing anyway.

Harry ran in like a child who had eaten too many sugar canes. Judging from the water on the floor, he was soaking wet. Harry was followed by Loki who walked in, wet, shivering, and clearly unhappy. Then again, he was always unhappy when he encountered water.

Sigyn welcomed the cheerful boy with a hug and a sugar cane to eat. Harry thanked her and zoomed off, no doubt to terrorize the servants. She called for the servants to start the fire in the fire place while she got Loki out of his wet clothes. She pulled a large wool blanket and placed them around his shoulders, covering his whole body.

"How did the fishing go?" She already knew it did not go his way. Loki glared as he took the second blanket and wrapped himself in it. He went and sat on his couch right in front of the fire.

"As well as one can expect when dealing with a child of mischief." Loki scowled as he tried to remove the kelp from his now ice-blue hair. Sigyn blinked; Harry has been there for a while but he shown no sign of any of Loki's mischief in him. He was by far the best-behaved boy she had ever met.

When he wasn't making friends with snakes and spiders, that is.

"Perhaps you can explain to me what happened and why you are wet." She frowned at the wet floor; the servants had just cleaned it.

Loki groaned and turned to look at her, showing her a memory of what had ended the fishing trip.


Loki sighed in a bored manner as he grabbed another fish and held it up as it gasped for water. Normally, the sight amused him to see them frantically shake while gasping for air, now he was feeling a bit... What was that strange feeling? Ah, yes; Guilt. He dropped the fish back in the lake.

"Odd, this does not bring me as much pleasure as it used to. I normally find myself entertained by doing this!" he thoughtfully said as he looked at the serene lake. When he had arrived there, he had hope for some form of peace and quiet with all the chaos that happened lately. Harry was sitting a bit far off, but Loki had warned him not to wander off or anything. The last thing he needed was for Harry to fall in a ditch or meet the predators from the forest.

Just when Loki was about to doze off, he heard a loud splash.

"That was too big to be a fish." He turned quickly to see Harry was not in his spot and large ripples near the lake area he had been. The clues all indicated that Harry had jumped in.

"Harry? Harry!" Loki gasped. Harry could not swim with all those heavy clothes! Could Harry even swim? Not likely, the Dursleys would never teach him. Without a second thought, Loki allowed his Gryffindor habits to kick and dived straight into the water.

As Loki went deep into the water, he realized two very important details. One, he could not swim. And two, water and fire gods do not mix well.


Suddenly jerking awake, Loki gasped ad vomited out water, taking in gulping breaths for his poor lungs. Harry, who had been pressing on his back to get the water out, cheered in relief.

"You're alive!" Harry cheered as he wrapped his arms around his neck. Loki glared at his son; how dare he be so cheerful when he was soaking wet?

"What happened?"

"Oh, I saw a mermaid and she asked me to play with her, so I jumped in." He turned to wave at a black-haired mermaid on a rock, who waved back. " When I did, I couldn't swim too well." He pouted, then he perked up and proudly stated. "But I can breathe underwater. Am I a mermaid too?"

Loki stared at his son on that new information. As it finally processed to his half-angry, half panicked brain, Loki kicked himself. Frost giants use their slight control over water by separating the hydrogen to create oxygen around the area as they swim, allowing them to survive underwater. He had forgotten that part, having used to do that himself before Surtur. He should have known that Harry would be fine. (2)

In fact, now that he thought about it, Harry had shown more frost giant trait than any other child he's ever had. It should have occurred to him that water was not his son's enemy, if he had thought this through instead of jumping without thinking. That was something that Thor would do.

"Being James has changed me more than I thought. Loki would never have made such an obvious mistake in judgement." He scowled and rose up, shivering as the cold air hit his body. "I have had enough fishing for one day. Let us leave." Loki sneered and glared at the lake. "Come, Harry. We are going home."

"Okay, bye-bye." He waved to the smiling mermaid. Many of the fishes were jumping out of the water as their own way of saying goodbye to Harry.

Loki could swear those same fishes were laughing at him now.


Sigyn laughed at the scene. She had to admit, it was rare to see her husband in this state. Loki glared at her for her lack of compassion.

"Loki, you and I know that it was not his fault as his element calls to him at times. And he is a Trickster; Thou should have expected this." She added an extra blanket on him. He sighed and ran his fingers through his black hair, which were tinged with ice- blue streaks.

"Be that as it may, Harry is far too curious for his own good. If he continues this, I'll go mad by the time he goes to Hogwarts." He groaned. He dropped his blanket when his inner demon fire started to ignite again. Sigyn smiled at her husband's physique, she took some pleasure and placed her hands on his shoulders. Loki leaned at the touch.

"I seem to recall another child that used to drive Odin out of his mind with his antics." Sigyn smiled mischievously as she remembered her husband from her childhood.

"That's different, he deserved it." He smiled roguishly.


Many people would think that having a Lokison would be a bad thing. After all, they were monsters and capable of nothing but destruction. But the people could not be any happier or more relaxed. Before Harry arrived, Loki had been a monster that they did their best to please.

At first, they had been apprehensive of the child, they were unsure if he was dangerous or not. But now they loved him, for he had managed to sooth the Prince's evil heart. If it were not for him, Annar would have been dead, and his family imprisoned.


Annar was a simple farmer. He was more a provider to his family then a warrior of Asgard. He knew how to use a sword as any Asgardian did, but he mostly left the defending of the city to the guards or the ones that enjoyed fighting. He, as a rule, did nothing to stand out, never made any outward enemies and tried not to antagonize anyone.

Unfortunately, he had done something that many people in these lands try to avoid doing: He gained Loki's attention.

For the past five years, he had not been paying his taxes. It was impossible to do so when the fates were clearly against him. The crops had not been doing well, someone stole his cattle, he had foxes that occasionally attacked his chicken pen, and his youngest daughter was recently bedridden from sickness. To make matters worse, he owed money to his lord.

Which is what brought him to his present problem.

"Do ye not know why thou have been brought to mine presence?" Loki sneered from his throne, Sigyn was sitting at his side, watching the proceeding. Annar whimpered from the floor as the guards held his arms down. He already could see a bleak future for him and his family.

He thought that with Loki so depressed and listless, he had more time. He thought he would be able to pay his lord back before he found out anything. Sadly for him, Loki not only recovered from the mortal woman's death, but he had found out that he had not been paying. Needless to say, he was brought before Loki.

"I have noticed that you have not been paying the taxes."

"It was only a little..." He tried to say.

"You owe enough for Odin's ransom!" Loki slammed his hands on his throne arms as he glared at the man. If there was one thing he hated, it was someone who did not pay his taxes. His royal treasury was not going to fill itself.

"Please, indulge me as to why you refused to pay." He waved his hand negligently while his eyes glowed with power. Annar sobbed and hoped and prayed for a miracle.

Odin must have been listening.

Prince Harry Lokison chose that moment to appear. The young prince had a hand full of flowers in his hands and a smile that could outshine the sun. Loki gave him a glance but ignored him for the time being. This was the first time he had seen the prince, but Annar was too busy fearing for his life to stare.

"Your grace, it has been very difficult to raise money. With all these attacks on my animals, my herd stolen, my daughter's sickness, and the taxes being raised..."

"Raised?" He looked interested now.

"Yes, it was during the time you went into isolation, my lord. The taxes were raised as you were in mourning... not to criticize you my lord..." He did not want Loki angry. He looked up to see that Loki wasn't listening anymore. Instead, he was picking Harry up to his lap, who looked at his father's hair with interest. The shape shifter's hair moved on its own accord and started to playfully swat Harry's hands. Harry let out a small giggle and tried to make a grab at his father's hair.

"I will do anything to pay you back, sire. Anything, but I beg you to spare my family. They have suffered enough from my blundering. Please do not punish them!" he knew that Loki was within his rights to punish him, but he prayed that his family would not be sold as slaves or thrown in the dungeons. Even after paying the king back, he knew that he would have to find more money to buy his family's freedom.

Prince Harry started to embroider the small flowers in Loki's hair, all in little braids. Loki either ignored it or did not notice it. Annar chuckled softly at the sight that reminded of his daughter whenever she played with her mother's hair.

"What are you planning to do to pay this?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. No doubt he wondered what everyone was staring at.

"I will surrender myself to you, and become your slave for five years, for every year I have not paid. I will do anything to make sure my family remains untouched."

The guards tried not to laugh; laughing at Loki was a quick way for a death sentence. It was difficult, however, to take the god seriously when he was having his hair braided with flowers.

Loki glared at the peasant. He was about to respond when he looked down on his lap. Prince Harry was staring back at him with large green eyes, his face the picture of innocence. He must have been listening in on the conversation from the way he kept shooting concern glances at him.

"Daddy...?" Harry asked with an unsaid question.

Loki bit his lip. He did not wish to appear weak, but Harry was watching him. How would it look if he tried to punish this man now after hearing this? What impression would that give Harry? Besides, looking at his green eyes, he imagined a woman with the same eyes and red hair, glaring at him, as if daring him to punish that poor farmer.

"You have a year. One chance only, I will not give you a second chance." Loki sneered."Get him out of here, we are finished." Loki then turned to Sigyn. "Have his claims about my taxes being raised investigated. Find out who dares think to rule in my stead."

Annar had never felt so lucky until today.


The people decided that Harry was welcomed here. Anyone who can calm the Prince of evil was more than welcomed in their lands. They all swore to make sure he was respected and loved, as the last thing they wanted was to face Loki's wrath. Besides, unlike those from the Golden city, they were not blind. They knew it was those cruel actions that caused Loki to hate and resent them. They will never create a second Loki by mistreating this little one. As long as he was happy, they were safe and happy themselves.

Until a royal messenger from the golden city of Asgard appeared.

They knew what a visitor would do. If he were to discover Prince Harry, he would inform Odin and the young prince would be taken from their lands, which would lead to a war. A war would mean great devastation to their lands and families as they would also suffer from Loki's wrath should they fail.

So they let the messenger go, but sent a secret messenger of their own to warn Loki that an outsider was here.


Inside the castle; Olga sprinted in, watching as Loki was entertaining his son with a fireworks display he was releasing. Harry squealed and giggled while trying to make his own display. Sadly, all that came out were sparks.

"Sire, sire! There is a messenger from Asgard. He wishes to speak with thee." She gasped and stopped to catch her breath.

Loki's eyes widened as and he swore his heart stopped. This was exactly what he feared would happen.

"Olga, take Harry out in the back and make sure the man does not see you. And tell the servants to keep him occupied until our guest is gone. Be sure to remind them that I was not bluffing when I made those threats. Harry is not to be seen by anyone."


"Ah, Loki, I thought I would never get here, your servants took me through a maze before I spotted you. I have a message from Asgard." The royal messenger was wearing light Asgardian clothes and had a simple sword at his side. He gave a curt bow to the frost giant son of Laufey and then to the princess of Asgard.

"What brings you to my kingdom?" Loki sneered from his throne, Sigyn sitting right beside him on her own. His expression was aristocratic and cold, with a small goblet of filled with Grey earl tea in his hand.

"The All-Father has awakened." He proclaimed.

"Oh whoopee twang!" Loki cheered sarcastically. He had no interest in seeing the all-father. He had enough problems to deal with, all of them centered on Harry. He swore; that boy will be the death of him. Sigyn glared at Loki and elbowed him to the side. Loki gave her a sidelong glare but focused on the messenger.

"He has called an assembly for tonight. He demands your presence to this feast." He said pompously as he stared at the ungrateful adopted son of Odin.

"About what?" Loki had a very good relationship with Odin now. The key to that had been their lack of communication as of late.

"I know not of what the All-Father wishes. But your presence is necessary. You must come to the halls of Asgard. Lord Odin has a large announcement that he claims will change Asgard. His word is law." He ostentatiously stated in a manner that made Loki grit his teeth.

Loki snapped his fingers and three burly guards appeared. "You have sent your message. See to it he is seen out of my lands." Loki ordered as the guards violently grabbed the messenger. Loki made sure that the interloper was out of his home before he turned to his wife.

"That was far too close. We can no longer have the luxury in assuming that Asgard will leave me alone when I am not in their line of sight. From now on, I must know who comes to my realm before they even enter them. We also need a better protocol to handle Harry. Just making him play outback will not do." Loki grabbed Sigyn by the arms to convey how serious this was.

"I understand, husband. Still, I wonder what he could want that demands our presence." Sigyn asked.

"I do not know or care, it is of no importance to me." Loki stated coldly. He did not want t have anything to do with his family. The less contact with them, the better; in his opinion.

"If it involves all of Asgard, then we must attend to it. If we do not, they send another to force us to come. They might even send Thor. Do you wish for Thor to discover Harry?"

"NAY!" He snarled. His brother would most likely try to take him back to Midgard once his mortal status was discovered. He might even send him back to the Dursleys, thinking that because they are family by blood, they belong together.

"If we leave, what of Harry? I cannot leave him alone." He challenged. He refused to take his eyes off his son, who knows what kind of ridiculous trouble he could get into.

"The servants..." She pointed out before he interrupted.

"Nay! I trust them not! I also am not sure how long we will be gone."

"What do you suggest, husband?" she asked as she rubbed her temples. That man could be so stubborn.

Loki sighed as he rubbed his temples. "I know not, now fetch me Harry. It has been a hard day for me and I wish to see his smiling face."


Out in the back, a very bored Harry sat on the rock while playing the Shepherd's pipe that one of the shepherd's taught him to use. He was not allowed near cows or chickens and whenever he offered to help, the servants would shake their heads fearfully and work with more gusto than ever. The servant boys were busy with their own chores to play with him and Harry could not go to Olga as she was busy with her family.

Suddenly, Harry heard the sad chirping of a baby bird as he played with the Shepherd's pipe that one of the servant boys taught him to use. The chirping grew louder as he approached a large redwood tree. Near the ground, Harry spotted a small baby blue jay.

"Hello," Harry greeted softly. "Where are your parents?"

The bird simply cried in distress.

"Oh no!" The poor thing couldn't fly yet. It must have fallen off the nest. Harry looked up to see high up was a bird's nest. Harry gulped; He had never climbed a tree that high before, but he couldn't leave the baby bird on the ground. There were foxes and bobcats near their area, even his snake friends would eat him. The servants were too busy and his daddy and Sigyn were talking to someone in the castle. Harry frowned as he realized that it was all up to him.


Loki marched to his desk. The nerve of Asgard, sending someone here and ordering him to come to yet another feast for news of Asgard. Why was he involved in this now!

Snarling, he decided to place all of his anger in his paperwork. Maybe raise a few taxes, do more public execution, or maybe he could send a plague of locusts at Surrey... he was feeling better already.

He turned to adjust the curtains on his window. As he did, he spotted Harry climbing the top of one of his redwood trees. Harry noticed him and smiled, waving as he placed the baby bird back in his nest.

"Hi daddy!"

"Hello Harry," He absently said as he continued to sign several decrees. Three signatures later, Loki realized what he just saw.


Sigyn was out in the courtyard looking for her wayward son. She was annoyed with Loki, which was not exactly a new feeling. That man can be so stubborn sometimes. Did Loki think that he could ignore the All-Father forever? By not showing up will bring suspicion. Sooner or later, the all seeing eye of Odin will turn to their lands and he will focus on Harry. By coming to that feast, he will be given little reason to be suspicious of any wrong doing

Not that they were doing anything wrong. Of course they were breaking many Asgard laws, keeping Harry here and Loki sneaking off to Midgard being the two worst ones.

"Olga, where is Harry? Where is my son?" She asked as walked over to the servants outside. Olga stopped talking to her grandfather long enough to see where she last saw Harry.

"He is...He was right here!" Olga shouted as she realized that she had lost her charge. She had only taken her eyes off him for a second.

"Well he isn't now, is he? Now where is my son?" She coldly asked. The servants were supposed to see to Harry, and they had failed. Perhaps Loki had been wise to not trust them with Harry's safety.

"Fret not, mistress. He must be here, somewhere." She and the others started to look everywhere for the young master. Their lives depended on it.

"Harry James Potter-Lokison! Where are you?" Sigyn shouted as she searched the courtyards.

It was that moment she decided to look up.


"Harry! Why are you on that tree? You climb down from that right now!" Loki shouted as he struck his head out the window.

"Wait, daddy! I haveta make sure birdie is in her nest." Harry struggled to look up to make sure his new friend was safe.

"It's I have to make sure...! And nay, you don't! I am ordering you to climb down from that tree or it will..."


The good news was that Harry managed to place the birdie back in her nest safely. The bad news was that the branch he was standing on decided to break, causing Harry to tumble to the ground.

Nobody knew who screamed was higher: Loki or Sigyn.

Sigyn was already running to capture the falling boy, but Loki was closer and quicker. Without hesitation, Loki jumped off the balcony and swooped down like an eagle and grabbed Harry. Then he twisted his body and landed flat on his back, creating a deep crater as he fell.

"Harry/Young Master!" Sigyn and Olga shouted as they ran to the Harry was dazed but okay.

Loki... not so much.

Harry snapped out of his shock and started to cry from the scare of falling. Sigyn's heart melted and she picked up her step son and rocked him in her arms.

"Oh Harry, why did you climb up the tree so high?" She sobbed as she hugged the little boy, all traces of anger gone as she was just too relieved that he was alright.

"I just wanted to help the baby bird." Harry sobbed.

"Why did you not ask me to do that?" Olga asked as she pressed her hand on his cheek. She, too, had been scared, not for her life, but for the boy. She had grown fond of him for the short time he had been here.

"I didn't want to bother you. You were with your family." Harry meekly said. Olga smiled sweetly as she kissed Harry's cheek. Harry blinked in surprise as he could not remember the last time he had ever been kissed by anyone.

Sigyn sighed; having seen similar behaviour before from the boys of Asgard, mostly sons of great warriors. Balder himself used to be famous for befriending all the animals of the forest. Harry seemed to have picked up that particular Asgardian trait. A noble trait, but not one mothers liked their young sons to have.

"Does no one care to see if I am alright?" a voice interrupted their moment. They all turned to see Loki slowly climb out of the crater and smoothly wipe his sleeves of the dirt. Despite showing no signs of pain, Loki did not look happy. In fact, Loki was now glaring at Harry in a way that was not going to be pleasant for the boy's future.

"Harry, running would be a good idea now." Sigyn suggested as she placed him down. As soon as Harry was set down, he placed his quick little feet to work. Loki was not far from behind.


Harry looked at his knees as he sat on his bed, with his father ranting and raving as he walked back and forth in front of him. He had almost escaped his daddy, but his daddy had done that illusion trick again. While he had been chased by the illusion, his real daddy had double- circled and appeared in front of him and grabbed him by making him float again.

"What were you thinking?" Loki shouted at him as Harry looked at him fearfully.


"Yes, yes, yes! You already apologized to me at least seven times! That does not change the fact that you pulled such a dangerous stunt. Suppose I had not managed to grab you when you fell?"

"Sorr..." Loki waved his hand and Harry suddenly found his voice missing.

"I'll not hear you say that again, you have said that word too many times. Why did you feel the need to do such a reckless stunt? This is something I expect from the sons of the other dull-witted muscle-bound Asgardians, or those foolish so-called Midgardian heroes. Not my son!" Harry tried to explain, only for him to reach for his throat when no sound came out. Loki rolled his eyes and waved his hand, restoring Harry's voice.

"I wanted to help the birdie." Harry explained while keeping the tears back.

"Stop that blasted crying, you little freak!" he heard uncle Vernon scream in his head.

"Bah! I have servants for that. Many that are more experienced climbers then you are. They could have done it for you!" Loki scoffed.

"I didn't want to be a bother." Harry cringed when he noticed that it seemed to get Loki even more worked up.

"We are royalty, Harry. It is their job to obey your every whim, no matter how small and insignificant. For them to do otherwise will have them to answer to me! In fact, they will answer to me right now on how they did not see what you were doing." He growled; if Loki had not caught Harry, he could have very well broken his neck.

"Please don't punish them! It was my fault! I wanted to help the birdie. I found her so it was my responsibility."

"That bird's life is not as important as your own, to risk you like that." Loki shouted.

Harry glared stubbornly. "It is too, important! Just because you don't think so doesn't mean she's not." He shot back.

Loki was reminded of a similar discussion with his father. The Muggles did not seem so important to him that his father should risk his life for. He shook his head, that wasn't the same thing.

"Perhaps, but he would have been found by the other servants eventually."

"What if they didn't help him and ignored him like you want me to? What if they knew but didn't care? She couldn't fly there herself and there are foxes and animals that would have eaten her. She needed help! If I didn't help her, who would?"

Loki looked away as he remembered a very familiar conversation from his mortal life.

"If we don't fight for them, who will?" Charlus Potter said while James looked skeptical.

Loki shook his head. 'What am I doing? This is not the same thing! This is a bird, not a person!'

"It was just a bird, Harry. The parents would not have noticed and would have simply cared for the surviving hatchlings. They'll not thank you for it. I doubt you made a difference to them." Loki explained.

"I made a difference to birdie." Harry pointed out.

Loki smiled softly. Stubborn as a black bear, wise beyond years, and a compassionate nature for all living things. It was traits like these that reminded Loki that Harry inherited more than his mother's eyes.

"You may have made a difference to her, but you frightened your loved ones to death. You are important to everyone here, Harry. You are important to me and Sigyn. When I saw you fall off the tree, I almost thought I was too late in saving you." He managed to calm down and was now sitting next to his son.

"How come you didn't fly to catch me?" Harry asked.

"I wasn't exactly thinking clear." Loki pouted. Doing stupid stunt without thinking was becoming a habit for him. He didn't even have to fly out; he could have hit Harry with a levitation spell and made him float.

By the gods, he was becoming a true Gryffindor.

"Anyway, I expect you to think before you do anymore bone-headed actions." He poked Harry's forehead as he said this, eliciting a giggle.

"Okay, can you stay and play with me?" he politely asked. He was getting really lonely with no one to play with him.

"May I stay with and play with you, please try to use proper grammar, and the answer is nay. I'll be busy; the gods want me to be in an assembly tonight. You will have to stay with your older brother while I am gone."

Harry looked sad, until he caught the last part. "I get to stay with Jormungand?" Harry liked his brother from earth. He had been the first one nice to him and the one who lead him to his daddy.

"Jormungand is sleeping. However, Fenris is awake for you to play with."

"I have another brother?" Harry looked excited at this.

"You have many brothers and sisters. You already met Jormungand. So tonight; you'll meet your oldest sibling."

"REALLY!" Excited at the prospect of having older siblings to play with, Harry launched himself on his father.

"Whoa-hey!" Loki shouted as he fell backwards, with Harry on top of him.


Next time, we meet Fenris and Hela. Also, Loki finds out that the Ragnarok prophecy has been cancelled. How will he react to this news?

(1) Loki can take a lot of deadly hits. One time, he even had his head cut off by Balder. As soon as Balder left, his body picked it up and he was just passively annoyed by the whole thing.

(2) This was based off of Storm's power. She was able to travel to the city of Atlantis using her control over the elements. Harry is a frost giant. His element is ice, which everyone know is the solid form of water. It's not so hard to believe that he could now breathe underwater. No Gillyweed for this kid!