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Chapter eight: Family Part C:

Hela was not happy.

There was a child clutching her neck and kissing her cheeks. Her reputation as a cold and emotionless goddess of death was falling to pieces as the animals of the forest and the spirits of the dead will no doubt speak of this and it will be all over the nine realms.

And her laughing brother was not helping matters.

"I have a big sister!" He squealed. His face buried on her neck

"How wonderful for you." she flatly stated as she tried to glare at the boy. After she had recovered from the sudden hug, she had sat up with the little one still attached to her. Normally, she would not have a problem removing anyone who unwittingly thought to lay their hands on her person. The problem was that Harry was her brother and a mortal. Her Hands of Glory, even with her gloves on, were dangerous on Asgardians and fatal to humans. She was not going to explain to her father on how she had accidentally stolen her brother away from him, and on the first day of meeting him.

"Fenris, remove him for me!" she ordered.

"But sister, I think he loves you, do you not love him?" he snickered finding the whole thing so amusing. He hadn't laughed this hard in centuries. He really liked his brother now. He will never forget on how Hela's feet sudden when over her head from Harry's hug attack.

"Fenris..." she growled.

"Very well." He reached out and very carefully grabbed Harry by the back of his collar, carrying up like a wayward cub. Harry giggled and struggled a bit before Fenris put him down. The wolf then leaned forward and gave him a wet lick, nearly drowning Harry in slobber.

"Yuck, gross! Don't do that!" He said as he wiped the saliva off his face and hair. Fenris simply chuckled.

Hela blinked when she suddenly saw something on Harry's forehead that was attacking her senses. Approaching him, she used all her senses to see what was strange about him and nearly flinched at the darkness she felt. She wondered how he was fighting it.

"Harry?" she leaned down to his level while he was wringing the drool off his cape.

"Yes?" He looked up at her with a smile. She frowned, not used to someone being friendly to her. Where was the fear? Where was the terror? Where was the begging and pleading for more time to live?

"Where did you get that scar?" she asked as she narrowed her eyes on it.

"Well, the Dursleys said I got it in a car crash, but daddy said that an evil wizard gave it to me when he was going to kill me. I like daddy's story better."

"There is something wrong with it." she murmured as she raised her hand.

"Hela..." Fenris warned, reminding her of her hands of glory. She waved it off. She was not going to touch him, merely wave a small spell for examination.

She jumped as if her hand was burnt. Her mind suddenly engulfed in darkness as she heard a high-pitched laugh followed by sickly green light and a form of pain, as if someone was trying to throw her soul out of her body. She clutched her head while hissing, now finding more reasons to see the wizard dead. What in the nine realms was that thing on his head?

Then, she felt a soothing feeling wrap around her very essence, healing her and comforting her like her mother used to. Slowly snapping out of it, she looked at Harry, who had his hands on her shoulders and was looking at her with concern.

"Are you okay, big sister?" he asked. She stood up, tall and strong and glared down at the brat that dared to assault her person.

"I am quite well. And its Queen Hela to you."


It was unbelievable, it was a nightmare. It was clearly a hallucination. No one wanted to believe what they were looking at but there it was, as plain as the nose on their faces: Loki and Fradral were dueling to a standstill. Loki, who shied away from weapons, who was fairly adequate with them but preferred trickery and sorcery, was fighting Fradral as if he had lived and breathed on a sword his whole life. It had to be a trick, some sort of new spell to embarrass those who had to train to get this good.

"Loki, what magic is this?" One of the warriors demanded. "What spell or enchantment have you used?"

"Nay, these skills had happened because I worked hard to learn them." He sneered as he and Fradral stopped their dual.

Thor smiled. "I have always believed that given enough of interest, you would do well in the arts of the warriors."

Loki sneered at him. "Well, I learned these not from you nor the lord of Asgard, but from my father from Midgard."

"You mean the wizard? Well, that explains it, no doubt a spell. We all know how lazy wizards were and how they bulk on doing actual work." Someone sneered.

"Oh dear, your stupidity is showing." Loki turned his nose up. "As a matter of fact, I was trained to use one with no help in magic. I used to train with him four hours a day. "

"How is it that he taught you well and yet when I taught you, you would fail?" Tyr sneered. He had tried to teach Loki one time, but soon considered him hopeless.

"Because he was a better teacher." Loki snarled. "He did not doubt me or insult me or become annoyed with my magic. On the contrary, since we were both magical, he encouraged it. Also, while he saw that I used a wand with my right hand, I was a left hand with a sword. You all mocked me for that as well, if I recall. He saw no problem, as long as I dueled well, he did not care which hand I used."

Before anyone could say anything snide about Charlus Potter, which would result in Loki losing his temper; Odin chose that moment to appear. He was in his royal golden armor while wearing his most solemn expression. By his side, Frigga entered, also looking grave. The news must be large indeed to warrant her attention. She rarely entered to know what was going on because, as a seer herself, she already knew it.

"Please be seated." Was all he said as he and Frigga sat on their thrones. Loki went to sit at the table to the left that was a bit further away from Odin. Sigyn sat to his right; however Thor chose to sit on his left. How wonderful.

As tradition the feast began before business could start. The servants all appeared with all manner of food and delicacies, placing them on the tables' before the guests. As soon as Loki smelled the food, his stomach gave a ravenous growl, telling him how very hungry he was. Normally, he would have ignored it, but he had started eating again ever since Harry came back to his life. At first, he only did so to encourage Harry to eat. But after a few days, he found his voracious appetite had returned and he was back to eating eighteen square meals a day, to the everlasting misery of his cooks.

The Asgardians watched in awe at the sight of Loki eating again. It had been so long to see him downing whole deer and boars that they completely forgot their food on their plates. Even Thor was stunned at the sight of his brother eating again. Naturally, since everyone was distracted by the way he was eating, none of them realized that he was stealing food from their plates.

All but one.

While Volstagg was stunned to see the Trickster inhale food again, he wasn't so stunned that he would let him plunder his plate. So as soon as Loki's hand reached for his roast pheasant, he decided to remind Loki that his warrior prowess in battle was exceeded by only his eating prowess at the dinner table.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWW!" Loki screamed in pain. Looking down, he noticed that a fork was embedded on his hand. Volstagg glared at Loki and placed an arm protectively around his plate.

"Touch my plate and face my wrath." Volstagg threatened while holding his fork like a weapon. Humorously enough; He sounded deadly serious, too.

Loki glared, but had his hand retreat from the plate. No point in stealing from Volstagg when he was this aware. That clumsy oaf was better at defending his plate then he was in defending himself in battle.

"Do not think to get past me with your magic. I have a keen eye and reflexes of a cat." Volstagg boasted.

"No point trying to get anything past you, it would take me days to get around you, anyway. Even with the help of magic." he growled.

"Loki?" Thor gaped as he looked at his indignant brother. He wasn't trying to leave and lock himself in some room. He wasn't trying to stay still and speaking only when spoken to, and for once, he actually not moping. In fact, his barb-wired tongue was sharp as ever. It seemed that something had happened to get Loki to become his brother again. The thought made him smile.

"What are you smiling about, you bumbling idiot!" He snarled as he glared at Loki, so pained from the hand that he forgot he wasn't talking to Thor anymore.

"Oh was merely thinking..." Thor smiled as he looked at the annoyed mischief maker.

"You're actually capable of that? How has that miraculous ability come to you?" He sneered as he turned to have Sigyn look at his poor hand. Thor simply laughed. Loki may be insulting, demeaning and mocking him, but at least he was talking to him again.


The warriors were not the only ones stunned at the now changed Trickster. Odin was surprised to see Loki so active. Normally, at this time of day, he was listless and incapable of verbally defending himself. Yet here he was, eating again and insulting those around him. He looked almost back to normal, too. It was enough to make him have confidence with what he was about to say next would surely bring Loki back to them. Surely the news that the prophecy of Ragnarok was no longer shadowing them would make him happy, perhaps even forgive an old man for his mistakes.

After all, everything he did, even when it hurt his children, was all for the greater good of Asgard.


Back on Midgard, The staff members all jumped at the loud sneeze that Dumbledore let loose. As he blew his nose, Dumbledore absentmindedly wondered why he felt like suing someone for copyright infringement.


After the fork incident, Odin had ordered Balder to see that more food was provided for the warriors, whom became apocalyptic when they noticed their empty plates. Balder had then return not too long ago, with a weary expression.

"Balder, have the chefs begun bringing new food?" Odin asked.

"They will, once they calm down." He sighed as he sat down and rubbed his face.

"Calm down?" He raised an eyebrow.

"When they learned that Loki's appetite had returned, many had collapsed and wept in utter despair."

Odin winced as he had sworn he heard wailing. "Ah, I see. After this, give them the week off."

Loki rolled his eyes. Really, those servants were blowing things out of proportion! He wasn't asking much, really! Just eighteen square meals a day, in the form of banquets and feasts. After all, what were cooks for, if not to cook?

"I have called you here for significant news: News that will change the course of Asgard and our lives forever." Odin began solemnly as he gazed at his court, smiling as he watch Loki make an exaggerated deal of his injury while Sigyn rolled her eyes and simply wrapped a wet cloth around his hand. Clearly, the destruction of the prophecy has unknowingly lightened the heart of Loki. What other reason would he suddenly interact with others and eat heartily again.

"Before we begin; my son, Thor, brings news from Midgard. It concerns what had caused the severe disturbance we suffered from not too long ago." He turned to look at Thor as the Thunderer rose from his seat.

Loki looked up. 'There was a disturbance?' he mentally shrugged. He doubted anyone could pin it on him. He had been at Jotunheim at the time, everyone knew he went there.

"I was there when I spotted the source of the disturbance. It attracted the attentions of many powerful sources, and some of ill-intention." Thor stated as he rose to make sure everyone's attention was on him. "I seek your permission to place this in as my responsibility."

"What caused the disturbance?" Odin asked as he narrowed his eye. He had been trying to pin it down but so far he could not find anything.

"Not what, Who?" Thor said with a mysterious smile.

Odin frowned; only he was allowed to be enigmatic. He supposed he'll let his son have his fun. "Who?"

"A mortal boy of six years old created the disturbance. His powers had caused a snowstorm due to the mortal children attacking him. It was that act of great power that caused the gods with the power of clairvoyance to suffer a blackout of their powers."

"So, it was another of the heroic children, perhaps a mutant?" Odin frowned, other than that dark-skinned Midgardian female with powers similar to the goddess Jord, the odds of a mortal with that level of power was nil.

"Nay, father. It was a wizard." Thor answered solemnly as he waited for their reaction. This caused everyone to murmur. It had been a long time since they have known a wizard with such potential for power. The last time had been hundreds of years ago with the founders of one of their blessed schools, Hogwarts. However, even they did not have the ability to change the weather

Loki was getting a very bad feeling about this. He knew that Harry may have caught the attention of a few powerful beings on earth, but he never dreamed it would be reported to all the pantheons.

"He caused the snow storm and is connected with what had caused the oracles and seers to go mad. Apparently, from what I have found out from the sorcerer supreme of Midgard, he has a prophecy that claimed that he would defeat an evil wizard, which he has fulfilled. From what he has told me, he caused the seers on Midgard to go blind for a while with his storm, many mutants and magical alike had now found many, many pathways of the future including him and they are not sure which he will chose."

He looked at them all seriously. "It was chaos. Pure chaos."


In another plane of existence...

"You said it, handsome!" Chaos smirked. Magic and Gaia rolled their eyes.


The shouts became louder after that. Loki seemed very nervous as he noticed how many of them were upset by this revelation. To defy fate and destiny meant the being was in league a chaos god, probably an elder chaos god.

"He caused it? A mere child caused such devastation to the order of things? A mortal ruined Frigga's tapestry and called upon a storm in the likes that you had problems to control?" Odin was beginning to be skeptical, a mortal child, even a magical one, could not have caused such a ruckus. Perhaps it was a coincidence?

"Aye, it was the likes of no other. It reminded me of the Casket of forever winter. It took me a while to stop it, even then with the mistress of elements, Storm to help me." The King of storms said.

"He caused the storm and brought turmoil into our homes by attacking the seers and lady Frigga's tapestry." One of the handmaidens shouted. This exclamation triggered panic and paranoia. "And the Thunder god had trouble stopping it?"

"It was he who triggered that attack and dumbfounded our seers." A warrior shouted.

"Is it a frost giant in disguise?" another questioned.

"Surely he must be! No mortal wizard child could possibly trump fate herself nor cause a storm that even Thor has difficulty to control. Perhaps he has Juton blood in him? Their blood causes nothing but destruction and chaos." A warrior shouted, waving his axe around.

Loki visibly flinched, hoping no one saw that. The voices grew more violent as they allowed their prejudice to run rampant.

"It's a demon! It is a threat to both Midgard and Asgard."

"Thor, why did neither you nor your mortal allies vanquish this creature?"

"Where is it now? Is it plotting its next move?"

Loki bit his lip as what he feared the most happened before his eyes. He knew they would react this way, and they didn't even know Harry was his son yet! Soon there were shouts of rage and bloodlust as many were already brandishing their weapons with the promise to slay this beast in the guise of mortal boy. As more and more made suggestions on how to slay him, Loki felt all blood drain from his face as he contemplated several places in the universe that he could hide Harry in until he could find a permanent place where no Asgardian would reach him. 'Yes,' he thought as he started to make many contingency plans. 'Yes, that's exactly what I'll do.'

Loki turned to the side to see Sigyn was white in terror. Her eyes were wide and filled with fear. She was clutching her head in pain as she felt images and noises pour in. She could hear the sounds of children screaming, begging for her help, for her help. Loki rubbed the back of her neck while he muttered a memory spell. She calmed, but not nearly enough as she leaned on her husband's shoulders. Just when the room was about to break out into a fight to what must be done, Thor, in a state of pure fury, slammed his hammer down, shattering the table and making a deep crater on the floor around it.

"SILEEEEEENNCCCCEEE!" Thunder crashed loudly while lightning was so bright, many almost went blind. Thor glared at the Asgardians as his hammer glowed as bright as lightning. Storm clouds formed around the golden city with the threat to unleash a hurricane to end all hurricanes.

"I did not tell you all this so that you may slay him! If I learn that any of you have attacked this boy, you will all die by mine hammer; I swear this upon the branches of Yggdrasill. How dare you persecute him like those pathetic mortals of Surrey have done? How dare you plot his demise when he has suffered far too much! How dare you call him a monster! I thought better of you all!" he took deep breaths which caused the storm to dissipate, while Odin casually repaired the table with a wave. Thor did not notice that Loki and Sigyn were looking at him with unreadable expressions. In a much calmer but even deadlier tone, he continued. "He will be placed in Asgard, for he has done a great service that deserves to be awarded. We will award him and I will personally see to his needs. He will not be harmed and he will not be prosecuted because of his power." Thor's eyes turned white with electrical power. "He is a wizard which places him in our care. What's more, if I recall, his family is one of my worshippers and a favored line of Odin, so his well-being depends on me. Force me to fail him at your own risk!"

Odin was curious as to who this boy is, never has he seen his son so protective of such a child. While the mortals no longer held interest to Odin as he had problems on Asgard to deal with, he had travelled there long enough to know that a boy with that power and divine attention had a great destiny.

Only one way to find out what that is.

"What is his name?"

"What? Oh!" Blushing; Thor could not believe that he had forgotten to tell them the name. "His name is..." that was when Loki decided to kill the conversation all together by slamming his hands hard on the table and setting himself aflame, gaining the attention of everyone there.

"Did I leave my home to hear about some insignificant mortal child? Is this what I was pulled away from my home for? My work for? What is this news you speak of, Odin Allfather! What is so important that it will change the Realms? Why did you drag me out of my lands?" Loki shouted before Thor could finish the sentence. He took deep breaths as the flames died down around.

Odin glared at Loki's rude behavior. While he wasn't sniveling anymore, he wished Loki was not so insolent either. So, he decided to overlook this as he preferred this mood of Loki to the ghost of a god he had once been. "You are right, my son. We will speak of the boy later, if he is found. For now, I am sure you are all curious as to what I have called you in for." He rose from his chair and beckoned Balder and Thor forward. Both sons of Odin approached with reverence.

"I also asked you here because this actually affects you the most, Loki." He added as he turned his eye to his wayward son.

That caught the trickster's complete attention. "Really?" he approached his father as well, but with a sharp nod, no more, no less. That was about as much respect he was getting out of him.

"As you know, the Norns had made a prophecy, a prophecy of Ragnarok, the end of everything we have known and loved; the end of our way of life and the destruction of the world as we know it. What is worst is that it will be unleashed by none other than my son, Loki."

Loki snarled and glared at anyone whom dared make eye contact with him. That prophecy had destroyed his life! It was even worse than the times he had been punished by both Thor and Odin for his mischief. At least he would admit that he was being punished for something he had done rather than for something he may or may not do.

When the Norns announced that he was going to bring the end of all, his life took a turn for the worst. He was first banished to the room of eternal sleep while many of the warriors traveled to Jotumheim to take his children away from them. Of course, Loki could never stay punished for too long before he eventually came back to Asgard. Despite being free, he realized he had been better off trapped in that room. (1)

After that, everyone looked at him like he was a time bomb waiting to explode. They whispered behind him, the attacks on his person were more brutal and he couldn't even so much as sneeze without everyone suspecting a plot behind it. His punishments from Odin had become even worse than ever before, for goodness sake, one time; he had locked him in a tree for centuries. A bit much, in his opinion!

So he tried to usurp the throne, big deal! It was a bloodless coup, mostly! Thor had nearly caused a war between giants, which would have resulted in a war they could not win and the deaths of so many of their people, and what was his punishment? Send his soul to a lame mortal healer and have him learn humility, meanwhile if he had tried that, he would be punished, like say, be sealed in a tree.

And his father had the audacity to claim he loved them equally.

"This prophecy spoke of Loki and his brood, as well as his allies of evil would bring the end of our way of life, each bringing our doom..." Odin droned on. Loki's thoughts dwelled on his children. How he loved them and how he wished they could have better lives. Before all this mess with Ragnarok, they had lived peaceful lives.

There was no doubt to anyone who knew their mythology or knew Loki personally, that he fathered many children. He had one or two in each realm and an abundance of them on Midgard; Yes, but very rarely can Loki actually had a hand in raising them. The very first ones he ever raised had been with his frost giant wife Angrboda, who gave him the three monsters that were destined to aid him to create Ragnarok. Funny thing was; Loki never saw them as the monsters that the nine realms portray them to be. To him, they were beautiful. They were strong, wonderful and best of all; they did not expect him to change to appease them, just as he did not expect them to change to appease him.

Loki lovingly remembered the days when he and his children knew nothing of Asgard, hate, or bigotry. He remembered fondly of Fenris, his first born son, who had been a surprise to him as he had had no plans to be a father at the time. Loki had been quite young, not a child but not quite an adult either, when he found out the pup's existence. He was surprised when his secret wife, the frost giantess and sorceress Angrdoba, was pregnant. He was even more stunned when she birthed a wolf cub the size of a large adult wolf: his beautiful and strong, Fenris.

Playful as any puppy; whenever he was around his father, Fenris often snarled and growled as well as pretended to be tougher then he looked. Yet, the wolf acted like a little cub around him. At times, when it was particular cold even for the wolf, Fenris would curl up near him for warmth as he sat near the fire and told him tales of his adventure in the nine realms. Like all his children, Fenris inherited his trickster nature, but his trickery was more different and blunt, not very subtle at all but the results are interesting and chaotic. Even his shape-shifting powers were different: It involved taking the forms of his victims or animals he's eaten: a wolf-in-sheep-clothing as he called it. In addition to that, he was a genius craftsman, as he made his own weapons, even a hammer that could match Thor's blow by blow. He always assumed that Fenris would grow to be a blacksmith and artisan, for he knew even the craftsmen of Jotumheim were impressed enough that he was welcomed among them. He had often bragged that he was far greater than even the dwarves.

His second born, Jomungand had also been a surprise. He had not known his wife had been pregnant from his last tryst. When he managed to sneak away from Asgard to visit her, he had suddenly been attacked by a large snake and was nearly squeezed to death. It took him a while to realize that he was being hugged rather then attacked when the snake started to speak excitedly about meeting his father, at last. This would not be the last time he would be hugged by the overly affectionate snake of a son. Like Fenris, Jomungand's skill in magic was different. His form of magic was mostly illusions or granting power to others just like he. He was a shape shifter as well, but his was the form of shedding skin. He would shrink and compact himself into any form, including human. He had even impersonated Fin Fang Foom once to capture Thor. When the sham was over, he would break or 'shed' out of his disguise and surprise his victim. Back when Loki noticed this power, he had hoped his son would be an enchanter or master illusionist when he grew up.

And then there was his daughter Hela; his very first little girl. The apple of his eye, his little dark princess (though she will deny it if asked by anyone.) Hela had been loved by all when she was born. She had been so weak due to being half-dead (Loki was still trying to figure out how that happened) that she spent the first few years of her life bedridden and almost incapable of moving. It took a great deal of gold and magic, but Loki figured out a way of keeping her strong through a magic cowl for her to wear, woven by the norn witches and dark elves themselves. As soon as she wore it, her dead half was replaced by living skin and she was running and laughing like any other child her age. Once she was strong enough, Loki started to train her in the mystical arts. She had been soaking in magic like a sponge to water after that. Loki found that she had inherited more than his shape shifting powers but his gift in magic. Loki knew that one day; she would be as strong as him in magic. With her cloak still wrapped around her, she was also as strong as any giant and could wrestle with her brothers without fear of being harmed.

Loki considered himself very proud of all his children even though he knew that Odin and the others would be ashamed and disgusted. He did not care, as long as he had a family and a place to belong, he did not care. Let the Asgard make their sneers and jeers; let them scream in horror and hate. Loki had all he ever needed, far away from them in Jotunheim.

"Once that has been learned, steps were taking to prolong, even prevent this monstrous event from happening. We sought out the monsters Loki brought into the world and ..."

Loki snarled and tuned his father out again. Really, can he be any more boring spewing the same story over and over again? They already knew this! Things had been fine with him before he was known as the prince of evil. Then, Volla the prophetess made that prophecy about them and Ragnarok. That was when everything went downhill. To his horror, the witch said that it would be him that would create it, with an army of giants, demons, trolls and other unpleasant beings. Then his worst fears had happened: Volla revealed his children's existence to all of Asgard to hear; they now knew of the children he hid away from the eyes of Odin. The Asgard had learned of his children's existence and had mounted an army to kidnap them from Jotunheim.

Not a single giant opposed the army trespassing in Jotunheim territory, once it was clear they were coming in to kidnap his children (He had been hurt and betrayed when he learned that his wife had given up her own children without so much as a whimper.) No doubt they realized they were after Loki's brood and decided that they hated the trickster more then they hated the Asgard.

And ohhhh, how his fears had been justified when they were taken!

Loki had pleaded and begged, hoping that he could talk things out with Odin, but no one did anything. Just when he needed Thor the most, just when he hoped his brother would act all overprotective as he always did when others would attack him or wish him harm, Thor let him down as well. He was banished away to the room of forever sleep, and there he stayed; where his body was in stasis and his mind was alert until Odin willed it to release him. When Odin, out of the goodness of his fatherly heart, had eventually removed him from the imprisonment, Loki had been half-mad from the years of loneliness and the betrayal. The first thing he did was seek out the whereabouts of his children. He had been horrified at what had happened during his absence. He had hoped his sorceress wife Angrboda would protect them. Sadly, that was not the case; which showed that she loved them as much as a frost giant loves Asgardians. When he sought them out, his repulsion for the Asgard grew.

Fenris had been tricked into believing that he would be welcomed, until he made a terrible mistake of letting his guard down among them. Now he was chained like a wild animal and left forgotten in the realm of the lost, Varinheim. Fenris had been furious! Bad enough imprisoning him, but to have traitors gain his trust and then shattering it? And the Asgardians claimed to have a sense of honor! Fenris swore revenge! He would make Odin pay, hence his name, Odinsbane. When Loki learned of what became of him, he supported his son's new goal in life one hundred percent. The only loss on the Asgardians was Tyr's hand, which Loki laughed himself sick about for days.

Jomungand had not even been considered on an attempt to being a citizen or warrior of Asgard. A soon as he was brought into court, Odin ordered Thor to toss him into the seas of Midgard. The once excitable and enthusiastic snakling was gone from the years of loneliness, bitterness, and hate. He too, wanted revenge and dreamed of killing the one that threw him to Midgard and separated him from his family. Hence, the reason he was also known as Thorsbane.

Hela was only thirteen years old when she was banished in Niffleheim, but Odin had grossly underestimated her. She conquered it and now ruled the realm, in spite of Odin's punishment. However, her heart became full of hate. Gone was the smiling girl he knew and loved. She hated Odin even more then even her brothers did. If people thought Loki was filled with nothing but hate; that was nothing compared to how Hela felt. She hated Odin and Thor with a burning passion that sometimes eclipsed reasoning. Luckily, her cold and calculating logic helped her tamper that rage, but she will stop at nothing to claim their souls. Unfortunately, while his sons still cared for him, she was resentful towards Loki because she sometimes felt that if they hadn't been his children, none of this would have happened. She, at times, was trapped between hating and loving him. Sometimes, Loki was sure she could not tell the difference between the two.

Although lately; he noticed that she has been showing more signs of concern for him.

Learning of all their fates, Loki was not only consumed by hate and revenge, but equally with guilt. He had failed them; he had failed them all the moment the Asgardians learned of their existence. After that, Loki had been very careful to making sure any child he had had been protected away from his so called Asgardian family. All his other children were all safe and away from Odin's eyes in their homes, even those of Midgard. He prayed that the Norns would not mention them in anymore prophecy. The only children that were also punished after that had been Vali and Narvi, the princes of Asgard and the sons of Sigyn.

Loki felt the blunt pain return in his heart, it was just as bad as his pain from losing Lily. He had thought since they look nothing like monsters that they would be spared or treated with care. He had thought since their mother, in every incarnation, was a princess of Asgard or of another realm that they had royal protection.

He had never been so wrong in his whole life.

But it did not matter right now. They were not here and their memory of their existence served to teach him how cruel the Asgardians were, even to little ones that were part of their race. It was because of that that Loki had no wish to be directly involved in raising his children. He probably had many children on Migard he did not even know about, but Loki decided they were safer not knowing that he existed or that they owe his existence to him and left them to be raised by their mothers after that. He learned his lesson in being directly involved with their care because Loki did nothing but fail them in the end.

Now he hoped and prayed he did not fail Harry as he had failed many of his children. For the last thing he wanted was for Harry to be dead or filled with nothing but hate. Lily's son did not deserve that fate.

"As also prophesied, I and my favored son, Thor, were to meet our end by his sons, the prince of monster, Fenris, and the Midgard serpent, Jormungand. Thor would have died, killing the threat before taking five steps and dying from the poison. While I am devoured alive by Fenris; my son, Vidar would avenge me by slaying the beast."

Oh, that man just could not stop rubbing it in that Thor was favored above all sons. Once, this would have irritated him, but he had Charles' and Dorea's love and approval. Even when Sirius lived with him as a brother, the two proved to love and adore them equally.

Loki flinched inwardly as he remembered how Sirius reacted to their parents' deaths. Sirius had been the happiest he had ever seen when Charlus adopted him. To finally have a family in his life that cared and accepted his views had taken a weight off his shoulders that Loki had not known existed. So when they died, Sirius had been completely inconsolable for nearly a month, with only James as his rock. He, on the other hand, had been numb and in deep denial for the entire school year. It took coming out of the train at the end of the school year to realize that no one was picking them up, it took walking home to an empty manor to finally see that Charlus and Dorea were never coming back, and he had broken down and sobbed like a child. This time, Sirius was acting as his rock.

Loki looked at Vidar, the illegitimate son of Odin and a frost giantess named Grid, whose frost maiden wife had been slain by the Asgardians. Vidar had little love for his father as well and even tried to attack Asgard once. Loki found it hard to believe that the prophecy stated he would avenge Odin's death by slaying Fenris. Had it been him, he most certainly would not lift a finger to help that man.

"The monstrous children that he had spawned were collected from the realm of Jotunheim, where we had each imprisoned..."

Back on the subject of his children again! Can't that man ever talk about something different? He had hidden them away from Asgard not because he was preparing them for war or invasion, but because he knew that those close-minded fools would never accept them in their society. Asgard acted like they were truly evil. So that was what they wanted, well fine! Since they did not recognize Loki as their future sovereign, they will recognize him as their destroyer. Since they saw the children as a threat, they would give them that. Fenris relished the day he would kill Odin and Jomungand dreamed of days where he would kill Thor. Hela wanted nothing more than to bring an army to destroy everything. After everything they've done, the Asgard had no one to blame but themselves. As Fenris often said, "They made us who we are today!". Thus, the prophecy was becoming truer with each action from the Asgard.

The Stupidity of the Asgardians was so astounding; it was enough to make a genius, such as him, cry.

Lily would call this behaviour a self-fulfilling prophecy. She had once read about the Norse legends and even pointed out that the Asgardians were just begging to be destroyed. She once said that they had free will; that some higher being cannot decide what we can or will do, that they could choose to do what they wanted and not what someone else tells them that they could be or do. She argued that most idiots would have avoided their fates if they just didn't try to prevent it, because that was what caused those messes to occur in the first place. She said that trying to know what your fate is, is the first sign of signing away your free will.

Heh, mortals and their silly notions on how the universe worked. It was a good try on her part, though.

Loki did not believe that, even as James. When he was James, he knew that seers were rare and powerful servants to the fates that often tell you what you need to hear and what is expected to happen. Free Will had nothing on the Norns, loom of fates, or even Destiny herself. Fate alone decided on who you would be destined with, it decided on what you would do, and there was no breaking out of it. Fate had a hold on him and claimed he would begin the age of Ragnarok.

Loki knew it was inevitable, even though he was making no effort to bring it. After Lily had died; he had spent every year doing nothing to plan the destruction of everything and everyone. He still occasionally had dreams of blood and vengeance, but those were always eclipsed by his nightmares of Halloween night. On the days when Odin would have his Odinsleep, he would be in Jotunheim, celebrating his wedding Anniversary/birthdays/mortal holidays with his late wife rather than take advantage of the realm's weakness. On occasion, he would wake up with the need to destroy, the need to raise the forces of evil to march to Asgard. But as soon as he would get up from bed, he would not even reach the door without asking himself, "What was the point?"

The death of Asgard would not bring Lily back, the deaths of Thor and Odin would not make him happier than it did when he had been James, sending himself and his children to their deaths would not help his friends and family on Midgard. So really, why bother? Besides, he was not as bloodthirsty as he used to be and any vengeance on Asgard had lost the glamour to him. So he turned around and went back to bed, sleeping the entire day away, instead (Unbeknownst to the trickster, he was frustrating a group of powerful beings.)

Loki sighed; he may not be in the mood to bring destruction and death, but sooner or later, he would have to fulfill the prophecy. HIs Lily was wrong, for it was impossible to break the chains of fate. Loki had tried, but he knew that he would bring Ragnarok eventually. Sooner or later, somehow, he would commence Ragnarok, just as it had been foretold.

No one can escape fate.

Just as no one could escape the prophecy that foretold that Harry would have to defeat that stupid mortal Voldemort, which Harry had fulfilled. He was not sure of the exact wording of the prophecy (That Dumbledore always did hold his secrets to his chest, even at the cost of others.) but from what he knew, Harry would have a power that would vanquish Voldemort due to being born on July thirty first with parents that had defied him thrice. Harry fitted that category to the T; the only other candidate was Lily's godson, Neville Longbottom.

They had tried to hide, to protect Harry, but it been inevitable. Voldemort found them in the end, betrayed by the last person anyone ever expected. He had been attacked, Lily sacrificed her life and poor Harry had to vanquish that monster himself before losing five years of his life to those animals...

Loki suddenly blinked as his mind suddenly caught up with his current thoughts. Something wasn't right with that line of thinking. What was wrong here?

"The prophecy that foretold Ragnarok has always been a dark cloud that has weighed over our heads for so many..." Odin droned on.

Loki's eyes were intent and his hands were tense, a sign that he was doing his deepest thinking. He thought back on what he knew. The prophecy stated one of the two wizards born on July thirty-first would be the one to destroy Voldemort,... Voldemort came into the house ... he killed him (or tried to...) and Lily defied him again only to be killed as well, then he went to kill Harry, Harry defeated Voldemort...

Loki's eyes widened as he realized what was wrong with that sentence. Thor looked at him with worry.

'NO! That isn't right! Harry did not defeat him! Lily did! She was the one who vanquished him once and for all.'

Loki's mind went into overdrive as he ignored everything around him. The prophecy stated that Harry would defeat him, except Lily was the one that defeated him instead. It was she that had destroyed him and saved the Wizarding World and the Normal World. (2)

"Yet, over the years, my fatherly nature would, at times get the best of me, and I find that I must release Loki with the hope that granting him mercy would allow him to see the error of his ways..."

'What does this mean? I may not know the full details of the prophecy, but Dumbledore said that one of the children born on July 31 would destroy that monster with a power only he wields. That was what he said.' Loki thought as he recalled his James' memories and kicked himself for not demanding Dumbledore for the full prophecy. However, Dumbledore pointed out that Voldemort was a professional Legilimens and could rip the information out of their heads.

He had also suggested the Fidelius ward to keep Voldemort from finding them. At the time, he thought the plan was brilliant, a perfect prank to release to the Wizarding world: Hiding in plain sight.

Loki recalled how he and Lily had fought over what had to be done. Lily didn't want that. She had wanted to go to New York where she had her Doctorate degree and stay with her friend, Dr. Steven Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme (Hah!) for protection.

But James hated Stephen Strange! He had been paying too much attention to his wife, and not because of her intellect and magic. The man was attracted to her; there was no doubt about that! Why shouldn't he be? Lily was an extraordinary woman and magical to boot! It was no surprise that she would attract the Sorcerer Supreme of Midgard. Unfortunately, Dumbledore had managed to convince her that going to America would be disastrous for morale for the light and the international floo-network and portkeys were also being carefully watch by both the Ministry and Deatheaters. Not to mention that Voldemort had already recruited outside of Britain. It would be no surprise that American Deatheaters were there and waiting to capture them.

Loki no longer believed that. Even if Voldemort even tried recruiting America, he would find himself hard-pressed with the numerous heroes and vigilantes there. Loki should have listened to her and left for Harry's protection. She may have been alive and here in Asgard with him. Lily truly never believed in the prophecy.

The only reason she ever went along with it is because Voldemort did believe in it and would kill Harry (and even if he didn't, the evil magical thug would just use it as a reason to sate his bloodlust.) She believed it even less when she learned it was Sybil Trelawney, the only so called true seer left in Midgard. She had not been impressed with her during Hogwarts and she still hadn't been impressed with her.

Lily had also did not to trust the Fidelius as it was so open to attacks. With the power of the Fidelius, they had to have no wards because it mixed with spells. So if the secret keeper revealed it to an enemy, the home would be virtually defenceless. She had wanted to go to the Potter ancestral home, but James had refused. His parents had died in that house from Deatheaters. It was no more protected than any other pureblood house that had fallen in Voldemort's rampage. Once again, Loki kicked himself for that. Even if the house did not save his parents, the ancient wards would have slowed Voldemort down long enough to get his wand while evacuating Lily and Harry.

'Calm down, Loki. You are getting off subject. Unless you plan to go back in time, which is near impossible at the moment, you cannot alter the past or think about what ifs. All you can think about is what now and what will be. Now focus! Lily defeated the mad man, what does that mean?' Loki frowned as he thought back on what it meant about Lily defeating Voldemort. Since it was Lily that defeated him, and not Harry as the prophecy stated...

This meant two things: The prophecy was false and his beautiful wife died saving the Wizarding world all because of the words of a fake. And if that was the case, Trelawney, Dumbledore, Pettigrew and a great deal of others will pay dearly.


The prophecy was really true; however, if that theory was right, then that would mean that the prophecy was left unfulfilled. If the prophecy was unfulfilled, then that means it is still active. If it's still active then that means…..

Voldemort was still alive!

"But now, we no longer have to worry, no longer will we spend our days waiting for the end or..."

Loki grew pale, his black hair slowly turning white with him. Voldemort is somehow still alive, despite the fact that his body was obliterated; for only by his son's hand can he truly be defeated. If this was true, then it was all the more reason to go back to Midgard. Voldemort had caused a grave imbalance on magic with his attacks, not only that, he was still a threat to Harry. Harry was a demi-god, but he was still mortal and so easily killed, either way, means Loki will have to go back to Midgard to talk to certain people. As for the so-called immortal, He will simply kill Voldemort. Of course, if it were to happen that Voldemort would not die, then Loki will kill him again and again until Harry is old enough and Loki deems him ready to finish him off. Of course, this does not mean that Loki would not enjoy himself in killing the wizard, there were just so many terrible and creative ways he could make the man suf... wait! Did it just get quieter in here?

Loki blinked when he noticed, all eyes were on him. The audience seemed to be silent and some were in a deep state of shock. Even Volstagg stopped eating from his plate (Loki should probably take advantage of that.)

"What are you all looking at?" He snarled. Could he not think in peace? Here he was trying to figure out if whether to return to Midgard or not and everyone was distracting him.

His audience snapped them out of their mystified state. Finally, Thor leaned to Loki.

"Loki, did you not hear what father said?" Thor seemed excited about something. "Were you not listening?"

"I'm sorry, whenever the all-father talks, I either tune him out or fall asleep." Let it not be said that Loki did not keep James' sense of humour. It was only the ecstasy of Odin's news that kept Thor from throttling his brother for being so disrespectful of the Lord of Asgard and their father.

"The prophecy, brother! "

It took a second for Loki to realize that Thor was talking about Ragnarok. "What about it, fool?"

"The Prophecy that claimed you would bring the downfall of Asgard has been deemed void." Thor grinned, not at all bothered by the insults.

If Loki had been drinking, he would have done a spit-take.

... What did he say?

"Void? What do you mean void?" He attempted to push Thor aside as he stared at Odin in confusion and a touch of horror. There was no way this could be!

Odin was not done speaking, of course.

"It has come to my attention that Loki will no longer be a problem to the peace of Asgard. From what I was able to understand in the odinsleep, the prophecy had been shattered forever, by yourself, Loki." Odin finished by pointing at his bewildered son. He had to admit, it was amusing to see Loki had the same expression as Thor did when he was confused.

Of course, Loki would take that as an insult if said out loud.

'I did what?' Loki will admit he had not been paying much attention in Asgard's destruction, but he had also done nothing different to stop it. Besides, aren't these things supposed to be concrete or something? 'How is it that I have finally broken free of the chains that fate has placed me on?'

"The prophecy has passed. The contest has been cancelled. Ragnarok will never come to pass." Odin finished as many yells were followed. A great deal was shouting how this was possible, while others were staring at Loki, expecting him to shout, "Ha, Fooled you!"

Thor was the happiest he has ever been since Loki's return. With his brother feeling better and the threat of Ragnarok gone, perhaps he could finally gain back the boyhood friend that he wished so much to have again.

"Isn't this wonderful, brother. You have saved us all! Ragnarok will never come to do us harm again." Thor stated, not noticing how pale Loki was becoming. "And it is all thanks to you."

Loki still looked like he was in a state of catatonia. 'I stopped Ragnarok. I finally ended the hateful cycle.'


Fenris suddenly sat up and growled, which caused Hela to blink at her normally silent brother.

"What is it, dear brother?" she asked as she was still trying to understand what was on Harry's scar.

"Not sure, though. But I think father did something astronomically stupid... again." Fenris growled. What madness did he have to save his father from now?

Hela sighed, though her brother had no extrasensory powers, he was never normally wrong whenever he felt his father did something that had even gotten her to question his sanity. "It better have nothing to do with us, if he knows what's good for him."

"Indeed." He drawled, only to notice Harry was dancing happily around, looking as happy as can be. Fenris really found this unusual. Most people were never this cheerful when he was around, let alone when he and Hela were around. "What are you so happy about?" He growled at his little brother.

"I have a giant wolf as a big brother, a horse with six legs that can run wicked fast, a sister who's death and a another brother who's a dragon!" he sang.

"Yes, you do. What are you trying to say, Lunch?" Fenris drawled as he gave Harry a suspicious look.

"I have the coolest family in the wide universe!" Harry shouted happily.

That,... was not the answer they expected.

"What?" Fenris muttered. He didn't like being confused, and Harry seemed very good at getting him confused.

"I have a dragon, a giant wolf and death as my family! And my daddy is a god! That's wicked!" Harry grinned.

"You believe it is 'cool' that your sister is the goddess of death? You find it a good thing that I am may collect your soul one day?" Hela said in confusion. Most people did not normally welcome her with a grin and a hug. Yet here was Harry, only so happy to do so.

"If you're death, then I'm not scared of dying ever again. It just means I get to live with you from now on." Harry pointed out, once again showing his rare moment of wisdom. To Harry, he was not dying, only moving in with his big sister.

Fenris chuckled. "I wouldn't be so eager to move in, though. Sister here is not what you can call 'the perfect roommate'. You'll never see the inside of the bathroom with her, surrounded by unwanted spirits, her buffet of food leaves much to desired and do not let me describe on how she snores... yyyooooowww!" He shouted the last part when a bolt of black lightning hit his nose. He glared at Hela who gave him a satisfied smirk before she turned to Harry.

"Harry, this may seem very amusing to you now, but you will soon be frightened and disgusted with us once you..." Only for Harry to interrupt.

"You're not disgusting and I'm not scared!" Harry shouted. Why was everyone always telling him how he should feel?

"Because you do not fully understand what we are. We are outcasts, we are monsters, and completely unwanted. Of course, as you are the only normal looking one as well as the youngest, it will be no surprise if father spends time with you more than us." She said airily and with a hint of jealousy.

Fenris thought that was a harsh yet true statement of what their reality.

Harry was slowly losing his smile. Tears welled up in his eyes as he tried to stifle his cries, trying to ignore the image of his daddy acting like Vernon. He didn't want his brothers and sisters locked away, treated badly and not fed, their lives were bad enough. He also did not want to be treated like Dudley. What if he got fat and became a big bully as well? What if he suddenly became mean to people?

What if he became mean just like the Asgardians are to his family?

"Hela, what have you done?" Fenris growled. No matter his feelings, seeing Harry cry was not something he wanted to see.

"I... well... you see..." she could not understand why Harry was crying. One would think he'd be happy to grow up never wanting for nothing.

"Daddy is like uncle Vernon?" He wept. "Will he beat you up too? Is he going to be mean to you while I'm going to be treated like Dudley?"

Hela looked confused while Fenris' eyes widened in revelation.

"Harry, how dare you compare father to those animals?" Fenris growled. "He most certainly will not treat you like that or us. He does not believe in either spoiling or abusing his children. He cares about us equally and would never treat us the way you have been. Hela is only being silly." He gave his younger sister a glare. "Right Hela?"

"What?" she was confused at what was going on. Was she missing something?

"Jomungand didn't tell you about the Dursleys or why Harry now lives with us?"

"I have been too busy to speak to anyone. In fact this is the first time in weeks that I have been home. What is going on? What about his relatives? What does that have to do with us being monsters?" she asked, suddenly very curious as to the circumstances of why Harry was here in the first place.

"NO!" Harry shouted indignantly, tears forgotten. "You're not monsters. You are my big brother and sister. I don't see you as monsters and I love you!" To further prove this, Harry walked up and wrapped his arms around her legs in a hug. All his life, he had been told that he was unwanted, a freak and should have been left in the streets. Harry had been told that nobody would want a freak like him and that he was only taken in out of the goodness of the Dursley's heart. Now he had a daddy, who was not a drunk or a bum. His daddy was powerful and brilliant. His mummy may be dead, but Sigyn was wonderful. So sweet and pretty and she always gave him a hug when he needed one. Not only that, he had brothers and a sister, something he wanted all his life! These people did not see him as a freak and they wanted him in his life, something Harry didn't think possible. He was not going to let them think badly about themselves like he used to think about himself.

"I love my family." Harry whispered.

Hela looked down and stared at Harry. She had no idea what to say to that. Mostly, people either feared her or were the evil ones who wanted something from her. Occasionally, she even met a romantic soul that was willing to trade their life for a loved one to live again, and even her family sometimes came to her either as a team-up against their enemies or to make some sort of deal with her. Never did anyone want to be with her for the sake of being with her. She turned to her brother for some form of explanation as to why this boy wanted her in his life.

Fenris waved his paw in a humanlike gesture. "Just go with it, Hela. Harry seems determined to love us and nothing we do or say will change that." He narrowed his eyes. "Of course, compared to his relatives, I do not blame him for preferring our company."

Hela made a note to research Harry's life prior to coming here. She was clearly in the dark in Harry's life prior to coming here and she didn't like it one bit.

Especially when it involved her family.


Loki neither breathed nor blinked. It was as if time stopped for him in the room. The voices around the halls roared as many tried to exclaim how that was not possible and how did it happen or it was a trick. There were some violent exchanges and even a few fist fights on this disagreement. All in all, everyone ignored Loki, who was in a deep state of shock.

Thor was stuck between being ecstatic and disappointed. He had always been told that Ragnarok would come and that he should be prepared for it. He knew that he would lose and would come back as he had recently learned that there were high forces involved in this. While he was happy that it was finally over, he wished it had ended in a bang instead of a whimper, as the mortals say. It would have been a glorious battle, indeed.

And yet, why was Loki so shocked by all this? Should he not be proud of this? He had ended the final contest.

Loki, still trapped in his mind, stared straight ahead as he tried to take in what had been said. This couldn't be! He had tried so hard to break the chains of fate and yet his lack of motivation was what ended it in the end?

'This is impossible! First there is a problem involving the prophecy with my son, now this! What is going on here? It is as if Chaos is doing a dance-a-thon on top of Fate's plans.' (3)

Loki sighed and tried to discreetly leave with Sigyn. He did not know what was going on, but sticking around here when it was likely to get violent was not a good idea.


So close...

"Aye, what is it, Lord Odin?" He murmured as he bowed.

"Loki, I am curious on what you did to cancel the prophecy."

"I honestly do not know. I have not done anything different that would destroy a prophecy that you were so sure I would unleash." Loki's voice was in awe and a touch of resentment. A small part of him was furious. All the pain and suffering he and his children had endured. All the dreams of bloodshed, the plots, the schemes and alliances he made with the dark forces. To think that it was now all for nothing. Yet at the same time, a large part of him felt elation. He was free, finally free. Fate no longer had him chained to this dark destiny. He was free to walk his own path instead of one forged by him.

But as he looked around and noticed the glares and suspicion, he knew that even with the prophecy gone, this changed nothing. He was still ostracized. He will always be an enemy of the gods, an outsider, and an alien to them.

Which means that he would continue to lie and hide Harry from the world.

"Do you have any idea how it came to be?"

Loki blinked as he tried to understand how the prophecy could be destroyed. Like everyone who has ever encountered the boy, Loki had one thought on his mind: Harry.

'This has something to do with Harry, I just know it. I find my son and now Ragnarok is cancelled; this is no mere coincidence. But what does it mean? Is it truly over, or is something worse to come along.' Loki was not going to foolishly believe that the end of Ragnarok was the end of his troubles. On the contrary, he knew something was coming his way.

"I know not, nor do I care." His hallow voice had returned. "It is over, that is all that matters."

"Well, now that this has been resolved. Will you come return to Asgard?" Odin asked as he looked at his youngest son. Loki froze, and then he slowly turned around and gave Odin an incredulous look. Did Odin just ask him to come back to Asgard despite everything he went through?

"Will that be all, Lord Odin?" Loki asked as respectful as possible. Odin felt his face fall. He supposed it was asking too much in one day.

"That is all."

"Very well. I have much to do and many things to think about. And I do believe I have lost my appetite again." He ignored the cheers from the kitchens.

"Loki! Loki, wait!" Thor shouted. Loki simply continued walking out with Sigyn, ignoring Thor, who followed him right out.


Sleiphner deposited his mother and his wife back in the lands of the lost. With another bow, he left.

"Let us collect our son." Sigyn smiled, though it disappeared when she saw Loki's scowl.

Loki could not believe the sheer gall of Odin, to ask for his forgiveness. They cannot ask him to go and join his family when he had one waiting for him. And then just when he was beyond frustrated with today, Thor had the nerve to follow him out and ask if they would ever be family again.

He will admit he channelled James again when he answered.

Still, Thor had changed ever since that event. Oh he still chose Asgard over him, but at least he was no longer cold and cruel and actually thought about the people he saved rather than the glory of battle.

'Stop it! They don't matter! Not anymore!' He scowled to himself.

Although, he felt a tinge of guilt for hurting Thor. After all, while Thor may have been cruel when they were adults, but Loki had been no angel himself. He will admit that he had started to resent his brother out of jealousy and loneliness as they grew older. He had even started to do things to hurt his brother. As he got older, the resentment and pain grew. But when his children suffered, Loki knew that he would never be accepted by the Asgard and they would treat any child he had worse than how they treat him. This was probably what slowly built his need to create Ragnarok, thus the creation of the cycle of hate began by them or maybe by himself. Loki, after having Charlus raise him, accepted the fact that he had been cold and cruel.

'Still, that gives him no right to believe things will ever be the same. I have been hurt far too much by them to open my heart up to them again. I have been betrayed by everyone.' Loki bitterly thought as he walked up to where he last saw his sons. 'He cannot possibly think we will be sons of Odin, brothers in battle and friendship again.'

"Brothers! Who needs them!" he snarled; thinking unkind things about the mutt and werewolf. After everything he did for them, this is the thanks he gets. He made a terrible error in judgement to believe they would care for his son should anything happen to him and Lily.

"Daddy!" A cheerful voice broke his foul mood.

Loki looked up with a smile, his bad mood gone. "Hello, my sooaaahhhh! Harry, what are you doing?"

"Apparently, playing in the jaws of death." Hela commented as she watched in mixed amusement and bewilderment. Harry was inside Fenris' mouth and was trying to hold the mouth open with his small hands. Fenris looked as if he was doing everything in his power not to close his mouth.

"Look how strong I am daddy." He smiled. Fenris' eyes were practically shouting 'Help me!'

"Harry!" Sigyn shouted as she ran and snatched the boy out of Fenris' mouth, who sighed in relief. "What were you doing?"

"Fenris was telling me the time he was fighting the Avengers and one of them got in his mouth and held his mouth open really wide to stop him from eating him. So I wanted to see if I could do it and..."

Loki shook his head as his son began his tale. "Ah, my dear Hela. I hope to assume you are here not because Fenris would have snapped his jaw shut on Harry."

"No, father." Hela acknowledged the sight of her father. Her half-dead heart gave a beat before she gave a miniscule sigh in relief at the sight of her father. He looked so happy, like he used to before the Asgard took him. She was also sure he was putting on some weight. It seemed that Harry was doing him some good after all.

"Am I to assume that the two of you have bonded?" He asked Fenris

"Nay. With him finally gone, maybe I can finally get some sleep." Fenris grumbled, but there was no heat in his words.

"Yes, now my work can continue without his incessant laughter and need to place his hands on mine person." Hela added with an empty sneer.

Harry giggled and ran to Fenris and kissed his muzzle, startling the wolf. Harry then approached Hela with an expected smile. Hela hesitated, and then she leaned down and allowed Harry to kiss her cheek.

"Bye, love ya!" he shouted before running to his father's arms. Loki looked at his children; Fenris was looking away, embarrassed by the affection; while Hela had a pink tinge on her normally pale cheeks. As Loki turned to leave, he noted that they were looking at Harry solemnly. They almost seemed sad to see their little brother leave.

Loki smiled at his heir. 'Will wonders never cease? My son has earned the love of my children in less than a day.'

Hand in hand, Father and son began their journey back home.


As soon as they were out of sight, Hela turned to leave. The scar on Harry's forehead worried her greatly.

The wolf god smirked. "Leaving so soon, sister. I had hoped we could be spend some time together: plot the deaths of the traitorous Asgardians, bring death and sorrow to the nine realms, and slaughter the mortal relatives of our brother. You know, the usual fun."

"I have something to think about. Something about Harry's scar has…. Disturbed me. I need to find out what?" she said.

"Is it dangerous for him?" he asked gruffly.

"Not yet, he seems well protected. But I fear what will happen when he gets older. In fact, should Riddle somehow return to the dead, it will grow stronger than ever, to a point where he might control our brother. However, that is not what I find worrying." She said.

"That is not worrying?" He growled, hoping that whatever was wrong with Harry, Hela would fix. Not that he was worried of the little brat; just that his father would be in a sullen mood if anything happened to him, and guess who would have to pick up the pieces once again.

"Like I said, he seems well-protected. I must research this." With that, she vanished away to her realm, where she rushed in to her immense library, desperate to research Harry's scar as well as what she knew happened that night. The dark taint within was clearly a soul she could feel. Obviously, Riddle had done something to Harry that was anchoring him to the world of the living. She needed to know what that was, before she did anything foolish, like pull it out with her bare hands. However, whatever that thing was, she was not worried about. The taint was being held back by a powerful spell very similar to the one that Frigga had casted on her son, Balder; it was holding taint at bay. Yet that spell felt strangely like a soul. She already knew that the dark taint was Riddle's soul (how little of it is).

Now, who was the third soul?

The soul was working as some form of powerful exorcism force that could very much keep evil wraiths from touching him or cause the living dead possessed by the purest of evil to convulse in sheer agony. When she had been attacked by the evil taint, the soul sought to protect her from it. That in itself was strange enough as none of her souls that she collected would ever do that for her. What was even stranger was the feelings it invoked from her. It was warm, safe, comforting and most of all, full of love.

In fact, she could say it felt like a mother's love.

No, what she found worrying was Harry's own soul. While it was pure and warm, there was a silver of ice within him. The worrying part of it was that the ice in him was growing and strengthening with every negative emotion.

She feared that if Harry ever grew filled with hate and anger, his soul will be as cold as the casket of winters itself.


Things in Asgard were still growing active, even after Loki and Sigyn had left. While the excitement of Ragnarok no longer a problem was enough to be the talk of the town had not ebbed, the real excitement was Loki's current behavior.

"Did no one notice that Loki was far more himself then he has been in years?"one f the warriors pointed out.

"Yes, there was life in his normally lifeless eyes." Vidar agreed. He had been shocked to see Loki was no longer staying quiet and out of the way. He always found that unnatural considering he was the god of mischief.

"He was actually bantering!" Frigga's handmaiden smiled. Loki's mood had cheered up her mistress, who hadn't smiled in the longest time.

"This is the most active I have ever seen him."

"I saw his smirk, not the ghost of a smirk but a real one."

"Is Loki becoming the trickster god again?"

"Is that a good thing?" Sif came back. She had walked Thor back to the Bifrost Bridge where he had another argument with Loki. The god of Thunder was hurt but deep in thought about whatever it was the trckster said.

Her conversation with Heimdall was strange. He claims there was no danger or trouble, but something seemed to be amusing him. Sometimes she wished she could see what he was seeing.

"Thor has returned to Midgard. He seemed very... upset. No doubt the work of the barb-tongued one."

"We offer him yet another chance and this time he spats it right back at us. Clearly the barb-tongued bast..." one warrior said only for Odin to slam his goblet down.

"Silence! Though it describes the trickster well, he is still a prince and my son. It would do you well to remember that." He sighed. "At the least he is more lively than usual. Not a hint of tears today."

"My lord, you were not there, but his skills in swordsmanship have drastically improved. Not enough to defeat me, but he did manage to parry with me longer than usual." Fandral added. He had been happy that he actually made some progress today with Loki. In no time at all, they'll be exchanging insults like the good times.

Odin blinked. Loki was on par with Fandral? One of the best swordsman in Asgard? When did that happen?

"He is eating again, too." Volstagg said as he frowned to see his plate empty. Where were the fifth helpings he was promised. "Not just mouthfuls, he nearly emptied the table. I had to defend my plate with my life. We no longer fear he will starve himself."

Odin smiled while a glimmer of hope was in Frigga's eyes; Loki was truly getting better now. Oh, Loki still hated them with a passion, but they could find a way to have him come around. After all, with Ragnarok gone, Loki would surely be treated better by his fellow warriors. He was now one of them for sure!

"Wait a minute, in all this talk about Ragnarok and Loki; we had forgotten the boy from Midgard that caused the snowstorm. The one who's semi-ascension has caused great unrest to all seers as well as those sensitive to the order of things." Balder pointed out.

Odin blinked as he realized that he had completely forgotten about that. In fact, could they be connected somehow? Was Loki's good mood because of this?

Odin realized something else as well. "Thor still did not divulge the boy's name."


Fenris, Jomungand and Hela live to see the day when they bring the end of everything; they want so much to get back at Odin for everything they went through that their prophesized deaths didn't even matter to them. It will not be pretty when they learn that not only is Ragnarok over, but it was all thanks to their father.

I'm really hoping most of you have figured out who that third soul is.

Yes, Harry's powers are just as much a curse as it is a blessing to him.

(1) See Tales of Asgard issue: The Hordes of Harokin

(2) It has always been an argument among Harry Potter fans on who really beat Voldemort that night. I've always been in the belief that it was Lily first time around. Dumbledore and Voldemort both admitted to that even and evidence from the fact that Voldemort is still alive instead of dead on that Halloween thanks to the prophecy, proves it.

(3) She actually is and invited both Magic and Gaia to join her.