Hey ya'll here's the last chapter! The story was inspired by the song To make You Feel My Love By: Garth Brooks. Remember this is just a dream I had that I turned into a small story. And YES I do tend to have very weird life like dreams! Thanks for all the reviews! I hope you enjoyed it!


Chapter 10 - Feel My Love

It had been six months since Mika and Paul had decided to be friends. Things just seemed to be working out so well. But since Mika had been spending so much time with Paul, Embry had been avoiding her like the plague. He didn't understand just how much he was hurting Mika, and everyone in the pack was pretty sure he really didn't care.

Paul could feel her sadness and honestly didn't know what to do for her. She was happy when she was with him, but he knew she missed her best friend. The worst part was Embry had imprinted and hadn't even told Mika.

Embry had imprinted on Leah and vice versa. Apparently because Leah had started phasing when she was at college, she hadn't been back to La Push since, so she didn't have the time to go home and see the pack she concentrated on her studies at college. She had come back for the bonfire a few weeks prior and as soon as her and Embry saw each other it had happened.

Leah had also been trying to get Embry to go and talk to Mika, but he refused. He refused because she was still talking to Paul. Paul had given Mika the option of walking away so she could keep her friendship with Embry, because he knew how important he was to her. But she couldn't do it.

In the six months she'd spent as just friends with Paul, she felt like a lot of her old wounds and scars inside and out were finally healing properly. She'd actually grown to trust Paul. He had done so much for her in the last six months she was so grateful to have him in her life. Things just seemed to be going in a good direction.

She couldn't help but think it. She was falling in love with him. They were supposed to meet up later that night for a movie after school, she was on the verge of telling him she wanted him to take her on their first official date. Paul had told her she would have to make the first move and tell him when she was ready for the next step. And here she was sitting in Algebra class suddenly thinking she wanted to be wrapped in his arms watching a movie, any movie, it didn't matter.

Her heart was feeling the flutters every time he touched her. Just placing his hand on the middle of her back as he guided her to class. He walked her to every single class, carried her books for her. She held his attention from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. If some girl walked by in a skimpy outfit he didn't even turn to look at her, he kept his attention focused on Mika at all times no matter what.

A couple of hours later everyone in the pack with their imprints, with the exception of Embry were all sitting at the same table for lunch. Embry had opted to not sit with the pack during lunch because he didn't want to see Paul and Mika together. Even though they weren't in a dating capacity.

Mika glanced at everyone else and noticed they were all wrapped up in their own side conversations. Paul's voice brought her out of her thoughts. "What's up? You've been quiet all day."

Mika smiled softly as she looked at Paul. "Nothing I've just kind of been thinking about something."

Paul's eyebrows went up. "Is it a good something or a bad something?"

"Can we get out of here for a few before we have to go back o class?"

Paul nodded as he finished his water. "Absolutely. C'mon beautiful." Paul stood from the table as he took Mika's lunch tray and set it on his, while he took her hand in his right and the trays in his left and led her over to the side door. He tossed the trays as they walked outside and over to where the picnic tables were. Paul watched as Mika pushed up and sat on the table. He walked over and stood next to her, pushed some hair out of her face so he could look in her big grey eyes. "So what is it?"

Mika chewed her bottom lip as she tried to steady her stomach full of flutters. "I think I'm ready for that first date; I mean if you are." Paul's bright white smile nearly blinded her as he suddenly scooped her off the picnic table and swung her in circles. Her arms went around his neck as she held on for dear life. Paul gently placed her on her feet and he couldn't help himself anymore it had been so long since he had touched her lips with his.

Mika gasped softly when Paul pressed his lips to hers. It was a strong passion filled kiss. One that she would definitely enjoy repeating on an hourly basis.


Paul and Mika were snapped from their blissful kiss. Their eyes both turning to the shaking pissed off form of none other than Embry. Mika scowled. "It's none of your business Embry. You haven't even spoken to me in six months, why would you give a shit now?"

"Because you're standing here honestly telling this temperamental asshole you want to go on a date with him."

"Embry it's Mika's decision not yours. You're supposed to be her best friend but you wouldn't know anything about that would you? You've completely crushed her heart because you refuse to talk to her, just because I'm in her life. I gave her an out. And she didn't take it. I told her not to chose me over your friendship but she did, because you won't even speak to her. You know something I might be a temperamental asshole, but at least I grew out of it. You're just the jerk who hurt my imprints feelings because you're supposed to be her best friend and brother and you haven't been nothing to her." Paul snarled.

"You guys please don't fight. I don't really care anymore. Embry if you don't want my friendship anymore it's your decision but I'll always love you like the brother I never had." Mika frowned.

Paul and Embry got into a shoving match before they started walking to the parking lot, both stubborn and ready to just settle their issues with a good fist fight. Mika followed them as she dialed Jared's cell phone and told him to bring Jake and the others. Mika cringed as they started throwing punches. She couldn't stand it anymore as she walked up and grabbed Embry's arm. "EMBRY STOP IT! I LOVE HIM!"

Embry growled at her words and pushed back as he jerked his arm free. Embry pushing back against Mika sent her flying back and off the curb into the parking lot. Before she had a chance to move a car had been driving through the parking lot.

Paul watched in absolute horror as the car hit Mika's small body as she flipped onto the hood of the car and hit the windshield shattering it. The car slammed on its brakes and sent her limp body rolling off of it onto the parking lot asphalt below.


Paul recognized that scream as Kim's. Paul shoved Embry out of the way as he ran to Mika and lifted her broken body into his arms and took her over to the grass, he sat down in the grass and held her close to him. Her grey eyes opened. She could see the tears already falling from his eyes as she touched the side of his face.

"I love you. I've always loved you Paul."

Paul sat and he felt her heart stop. Her heart stopped beating for him. He felt his heart breaking. This couldn't be happening. He just get her back in his life. She loved him. "No Mika. PLEASE I love you too. I swear Mika. I've always loved you even before the imprint. Please don't leave me! MIKA!"

Makayla jumped up in bed she was covered in sweat and trying to regulate her breathing. Her whole body was shaking from top to bottom.

"Kayla, what's wrong baby?" Paul's calm voice broke through her freak out. He watched as she was looking down at herself.

Kayla turned and looked at Paul. "I just had the worst nightmare. Oh my god that was terrible."

"What happened baby?" Paul wrapped her up in his arms as he kissed the top of her head.

"I dreamt you attacked me..." Paul listened intently to her whole dream and couldn't help but agree that was a terrible nightmare. He would never let his temper get so out of control that he would ever physically harm her. They'd only been married a couple of years, but they'd been so happy.

Paul guided her to lay down in bed as he kissed her lips and calmed her shaking. "I'm sorry you had that dream. I can only hope you trust me enough to know that would never happen. Not now not ever."

Makayla nodded. "Of course. I love you Paul. I trust you with my life."

Paul smiled softly. "I love you too beautiful. I loved you even before you could feel my love."

They would go to the ends of the earth just to make each other feel their love.

The End