Soul Eater Characters wanted!

I wanted to try something different so In this Shibusen is EVIL! So its obviously AU. Follow the story of a young Kishin as he tries to free the suppressed masses from the Shinigami. Joined by unlikely allies such as the sly and cunning Medusa, the last immortal Free and the almighty Kishin Asura. Can Typhon save the world? Can he slay the God of Death?

Fill the form below please. I will use my character as a example.

Name: Typhon

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Kishin, Witch or rouge Weapon: Kishin

Personality: a rather plain individual and does his best to avoid attention from the outside world. However under his stoic mask lies a passionate individual who cares greatly for everyone. He despises people who have power but do not know how to use it.

Appearance: Hidden constantly under a white cloak and veil but his right hand is a long metal claw that can literally suck someone's soul out of their body. On the veil is the Kanji for "freedom"

Pairing: That is a surprise

Just to also say how does your character meet Typhon? How do they react to him and what do they think of him. This helps me build the bonds between characters. Depending how many Oc's come through will depend on the fics release date. So see you soon.