Zeke swore his heart stopped as he heard the shot ring out through the hall followed by a high pitched yelp and howl of pain. Then the sound of large weight falling over and hitting the floor lifelessly. All this combined with the clocks nearby sending out a ringing telling him it was midnight. The dark haired teen wasn't sure if he could bring himself to open his eyes to see what he was sure would be Astin and Casey both laying dead on the floor.

With another deep breath Zeke opened his dark eyes lowering his gun and saw the result of what he had planned to do.

Astin was laying on his back on the floor, naked with dead eyes staring up at the ceiling. There was a bullet wound in his chest spilling out blood onto the floor underneath him. He was officially dead.

Zeke hesitantly looked a foot away from Astin's body to see Casey laying on his side curled up slightly. He nearly choked seeing where the silver bullet had passed through his shoulder before it had hit Astin. Zeke knew this was going to happen if he shot, but he had hoped that the shot wouldn't kill Casey because the bullet wouldn't have hit any vital organs or stopped once it hit him.

But at seeing Casey just laying there with his normally vibrant blue eyes softly closed and his chest not moving.

Zeke made himself look down at his feet taking deep, shaky breathes to stop himself from breaking down completely. He picked up Casey's discarded jacket laying it over the teen's lower half to at least give him some dignity. Zeke knelt down softly and gently picked Casey's body up carrying him with as he went to Stokley who was coming out of her daze waking up.

Stokley opened her eyes to see Zeke carrying in a lifeless Casey in his arms and felt her heart sink. She didn't dare speak slowly moving over to the tall teen and looked down at her friend.

It took what seemed like hours before all three of them left the school to Zeke's house to decide what they should do.

Zeke sat in a chair in the corner of his room as he stared at Casey's body laying on his bed. He couldn't help but think he looked so peaceful...like he was just sleeping and would wake up any moment. And smile that shy, almost goofy, smile he always had.