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Chapter sixty three Bulletproof heart

Angela left with her paper coffee cup, still sporting flaming red cheeks. Sam went back to work but was continually distracted looking for Dean with a last man's hope. Jenny had observed him with sympathy all night, having a feeling Dean might be on his way from what he didn't say the night before. She let Sam go forty minutes early telling him to say goodbye to Dean from them if he caught up with him. Sam was surprised Jenny knew but grateful enough to smile as he grabbed his jacket and ran all the way home.

Sam skidded to a stop when he saw the Impala still parked in the drive. He put his hand on his knees and laughed at himself as he fought for breath. When his breath was sitting better in his chest, he went upstairs to find the main room in darkness except for the lamp which seemed to be on the floor casting a muted moody light. Sam saw Dean sitting on the couch with his feet on the coffee table and a book in his lap. Sam saw by Dean's feet on the table was an expensive looking bottle of whiskey and two expensive glasses he hadn't seen before. Dean dropped the book on the couch by his hip as Sam moved around to a chair and dragged it around so he was facing Dean, their knees almost touching.

Sam saw the stillness on Dean's face and the steel in his eyes.
"Hey Sammy. How was work?"
"Okay Dean."
"You're early," Dean observed.
"I ran all the way home. I was worried you would be gone. You are leaving right?"
Dean smiled slowly. "Yeah Sammy it's time to go. But first," Dean slid a thin rectangle leather bag out from beside his chair and placed it on Sam's knees, "this is for you. You can't refuse it as it's paid for in cash."

Sam opened the bag slowly blinking in surprise when the laptop slipped out. Sam's mouth dropped open as he opened the lid and slid his fingers across the plastic covered keys.
"Holy shit Dean. This is amazing, but I can't. It still has the plastic on it."
"Yeah new things come like that. Yes, you can take it. Like I said, it's paid for. Don't tell me you couldn't use it. It has the latest operating system and something called office I was assured you geeky types need."
"Careful on calling me a geek, Professor Dean."
"Very funny Sammy."

Sam slid the laptop to the table and stood and gave Dean an awkward hug since Dean was still sitting.
"Thanks Dean, this is fantastic. You shouldn't have but I love it."
"Of course you do. The cords and cables are in the side pocket."
"Okay. I appreciate it. Are you sure you're all right to go? I don't mind if you want to stay."
"Yes Sam. I'm fully recovered which means I remember what I went into the store for that night."
Dean leaned forward and twisted the lid easily off the bottle and quarter filled both glasses.
'He obviously had this all prepared and ready,' Sam thought.

Dean handed Sam a glass as he raised his own.
"A toast?" Dean asked.
Sam nodded.
"To family: always there when you need them."
Dean's voice was gruff and emotion filled and Sam knew he was talking about him rather than John. Sam took a very small sip at the smooth liquid.
"So the walls are back in place? All Dean's problems locked away again?"

Sam thought Dean might get angry or just walk out at his harshly spoken words but to his great surprise Dean smiled that slow sad smile of his.
"And a bulletproof heart to boot." Dean seemed almost regretful.
Sam sighed. He had hoped Dean would be a little more open with him after the last few weeks. He took a bigger sip of the best tasting whiskey he had ever had before letting his hands fall between his knees.
"Does this mean you won't be back?"

Dean appeared to search his face before replying. "It wouldn't be a very good idea Sammy."
"But I would love to see you again."
"I know but you left dad and me to get away from hunting and when you see me it just brings it back again so the best thing for me to do for you as a big brother would be to not come back. Leave you in peace."
"But Dean…"
"I know Sammy. It's hard. I will text you and come see if you are okay but I won't make contact. It just isn't fair of me. You want your life, I understand."

Dean felt tears at the back of his eyes and stood to leave. Sam stood and picked up the whiskey bottle trying to give it to Dean.
"That's for you Sammy didn't you hear me. I went in the store for that bottle of whiskey. We had our drink together and now the rest is for you. You know special occasions. God forbid one day you get yourself a girlfriend."
Sam smiled at Dean making him feel better with humor as in the old days. One things for sure: he was going to miss his brother. Sam went to the fridge and pulled out the packet of food he had made up and handed it to Dean.
"For the road big brother." Sam's voice was quivering with emotion.
"Thanks little brother." Dean patted Sam on the shoulder roughly.

Dean walked to the door and Sam followed.
"Thanks Sammy, really, you did a great job getting me back on my feet and don't worry I wont let dad off the hook easily. I will give him a dose of Sammy pissed off, should be enough to scar him for life."
"Seriously Dean, look after yourself."
Dean leaned forward and placed a hand on Sam's shoulder and gave it a much gentler squeeze.
"You too, Sammy."
Sam's mouth opened in surprise then almost hit the ground as Dean smiled his huge cheeky grin at him. He had been missing it so much it hit him like a freight train between the eyes. Dean took advantage of Sam's momentary confusion to pull him into a quick hug.

With a whispered 'thanks' in Sam's ear Dean squeezed Sam tight for a moment then stepped back moving through the open doorway and out of Sam's life.

The End.

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