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The prompt set is Chaos Soda's Kiss Writing Prompts

Pairing: Soul and Maka of Soul Eater

Chocolate Kiss (#2:Pocky Kiss)

Maka couldn't quite figure it out but she had a feeling that something progressive was about to happen. She was walking down the street with a stick of chocolate pocky in her mouth with only one bite out of it and alongside her walked Soul, her best friend (and love interest.)

"Soul, do you want some pocky?" Maka inquired, pulling out her almost whole stick of pocky of her mouth in order to talk.


Maka put the stick back in her mouth, but didn't bite it off. She got out the box, only to find it was empty.

"Ohh…I'm out."

"That's okay."

In less than a second, Maka found Soul's face right in front of hers as he bit the other end, while the pocky was in her mouth! Her white cheeks reddened as she stared into his crimson eyes with her emerald eyes. The albino gave her his shark toothed grin and she smiled.

"Take another couple bites with me," the blond invited him suddenly.

Soul gave a small smile, glad to oblige her request. He closed the distance, turning to face her as they stood in the middle of a mostly empty sidewalk. She tilted her head up and they took a bite of pocky in unison as he grasped her shoulders in order to lift her toward him slightly. They took a second unison bite, leaving just one more bite; just one more bite. Wordless, the smiled at one another and closed their eyes. They took that final unison bite to chocolate kiss bliss as Maka and Soul's lips met softly for that sweet chocolate kiss.

"That was good," breathed Soul.

"I think I should buy us some more pocky. Strawberry or chocolate?" asked Maka.

"Does it matter?" Soul inquired, "I could kiss you without."

Maka smiled up at him and Soul kissed her again, tasting the sweet chocolate taste he would taste from now on whenever they kissed.