Chapter 38: Epilogue

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May's POV

Wind rushed past and whipped my hair about, it was a good thing I was behind Ash, or it would have been all in his face. We sat on Rayquaza, who was flying through the sky, high above the ground. Ash sat in front of me gripping Rayquaza while I sat behind him, arms wrapped tightly around him. Pikachu was in Ash's lap, Lucario was behind me, hugging me tightly as to not fall off, and Gengar had perched himself on Rayquaza's head. We were on our way home, or Pallet Town in my case. Ash and I would be stopping there, and then flying over to Petalburg City in Hoenn to see my family. I had talked to my parents over the television phone and told them about Ash and I, which they seemed okay with. It had been a while since I had seen them so I figured I would have a short visit. After that, Ash and I would be going off on another adventure.

The day after Ash and Paul's victory at the Battle Kingdom, we all packed our bags and prepared to go our own ways, meaning Dawn and Paul would be leaving as well. At the beginning of this journey through Johto, I would have never guessed I would feel gloomy when Dawn and I parted ways, and even though I didn't know Paul too well, I knew I would miss him and his emotionless face eventually.

And then there was Barry, who also left Blackthorn. He said his goodbyes and told us he would fine us if we didn't meet up sometime soon. With that, he dashed down the road out of sight, that boy really liked to run.

After exchanging a few goodbyes with Dawn and Paul, we hopped onto Rayquaza and flew off. They hadn't decided where they were going to travel yet. They had planned on going back to Sinnoh to see their families, and then decide on where to go.

I adjusted my grip on Ash and laid my head down on his back, sighing deeply as I watched clouds rush by. "You doing okay, May?" Ash asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, I'm just enjoying the peace."

Ash laughed, "Yeah, we haven't had much of that lately."

It's funny how things can take such a turn. To think that when we first arrived in Johto, Dawn and I hated each other guts. Now we were great friends.

Thinking about our rivalry brought back thoughts of our journey through Johto. We had to help Professor Elm find his missing starter Pokémon, that's where I got Chikorita and were Ash caught an aggressive shiny Spearow. We found the starters and continued on our journey. We ran into the trainer Brendan, who was struggling to control his Haunter. We discovered Ash's shiny Spearow liked Brendan and that Brendan's Haunter liked Ash. So they traded the Pokémon, and Haunter evolved into Gengar, a playful Pokémon which we all grew very attached to.

Dawn and I were constantly making each other miserable, hurting and embarrassing each other as much as we could. I ruined Dawn's hair before a contest and in return, she knocked me out and tied me to a tree, causing me to miss my round, and thus not make it into the contest.

Ash also was finding Battle Facilities and challenging them. The first battle facility was Thorton and the Battle Factory, which challenged a trainer's ability to think ahead. Then there was Argenta and the Battle Hall which challenged a trainer's knowledge of Pokémon, it was there that Dawn and I made complete fools of ourselves on live television, luckily, nobody seemed to remember when the Grand Festival came around. After that was the Battle Palace, which was run by Darach and Lady Caitlin, they fought double battles and forced trainers to work in sync. Then he challenged the Battle Arcade, which had been hidden underwater in the Lake of Rage. Ash and I battled together against Dahlia and Misty, who were constantly having different effects occur on the field using a program. In Blackthorn City we met Palmer and challenged the Battle Tower, where Ash lost his first battle, but managed to come back victorious on his second try. Finally we challenged Tobias and the Battle Kingdom, were Ash fought a full six on six battle with a bunch of legendary Pokémon.

Throughout our journey we collided with Team Rocket, who was planning something devious. We first bumped into them in the Ilex Forest, They took Dawn and me to their base hidden in the forest, and they revealed their plans to catch Rayquaza in order to get Mewtwo. Luckily we were quickly saved by Ash and Gary, but Ash had to give up his Master Ball to save us, which Dawn had given to him for his birthday. When Rayquaza was enraged and attacked Olivine City, we managed to get the Master Ball back. After they lost the Master Ball, Team Rocket attempted to catch the three legendary beasts, whose combined power would be enough to catch Mewtwo.

After they tried and failed to catch Entei, the fire type grew angry and attacked us, but Rayquaza came to our aid in the nick of time, saving our skin. When we reached the Lake of Rage and met up with Misty, Team Rocket attempted to catch Suicune, another legendary beast, this time succeeding. When we reached Blackthorn City, we spotted Entei watching over the city, and heard from Meowth that there was a secret Team Rocket base nearby. And Ash said Team Rocket caught Entei during a contest. After Ash's battle with Palmer, Team Rocket attacked the city, and the Battle Tower toppled to the ground.

Palmer saved us and we found out that Team Rocket was attacking Blackthorn City attempting to catch Mewtwo. Rayquaza, who had been following us, quickly tried to intervene. Dawn ended up running into Mewtwo and Ash ended up dying. We brought him to Mewtwo, who claimed he could revive Ash. After defending the building we were hiding in for a while, Mewtwo indeed brought Ash back. Ash claimed that in order to stop an evil force Team Rocket was going to create; he would have to catch an equally powerful force to stop them. Team Rocket eventually got Mewtwo, and turned Rayquaza against us, using the power of the legendary beasts, who had all been captured.

We rushed into the main flying mother ship that held the beast and snuck on, using stealth, we freed the three beasts and escaped. Ash then caught the evil Rayquaza with his Master Ball, turning him back to normal. With Rayquaza's help, we stopped Mewtwo, and defeated Team Rocket once and for all.

My rivalry with Dawn started off pretty bad; we pulled horrible pranks on each other, all because we both wanted to have Ash to ourselves. At times I felt Ash was against me, choosing to team up with Dawn rather than me in Ecruteak City. While we were in the Battle Arcade, Dawn saved me from drowning in a flooding underwater tunnel. We set our differences aside and became friends, even teaming up in a double battle contest. That friendship came to a screeching halt when the final contest was announced. Dawn and I only had four ribbons, each needing five, and unfortunately, only one of us could win the final contest. Dawn ended up beating me in that contest because Pikachu had accidentally hurt my heel. Luckily, Ash gave me the ribbon he had won with Dawn back in Ecruteak City. We then proceeded to the Grand Festival, and Dawn and I were friends once again. After lots of hard battles, I finally defeated Dawn, who had managed to beat me two times before.

So much happened on this journey, I thought, even though Dawn and I were rivals in the beginning, the trip was way better than the first time I went through Johto.

I began to think about my friends. Drew, we had bumped into him during our travels, he wanted some advice about girls, which surprised me. I wonder how things are between him and that Lyra girl are going, I thought.

Misty had also been someone we had run into, she had talked about a special someone aside from Ash. Who was she talking about? I wondered. I'd probably find out someday, but that wasn't really a concern right now.

Gary, that young boy Ash used to be rivals with, had helped us as well. He seemed to be pretty nice, but from what I could tell from some of Ash's stories, Gary used to be a real jerk, but then again, the same thing went for Paul.

And then of course there was Barry, who loved to run. He and I kind of got off to a bumpy start, but after he saved me from Pikachu's electric attacks, we became friends.

After a little while, Paul joined us in our travels through Johto. He was really different from most trainers, he knew so much about Pokémon and was such a serious battler. He had helped Dawn come up with strategies for contests, most which were astounding and left me baffled. He was definitely an amazing battler, but he seemed a bit cold. That is, of course, before he and Dawn got together.

Dawn on the other hand was there since the beginning. She made the first half of the trip through Johto miserable for me, and I was determined to make it miserable for her. In the end, our rivalry got us nothing but disapproval and embarrassment. I'm surprised Ash never ditched us out of frustration; he forgave us so many times for our mistakes. But times change, several weeks ago I wanted to strangle Dawn, but now she and I were great friends.

And then there was Ash, that dense boy I fell in love with so long ago, just seeing his face made me smile. His compassion, his selflessness, his determination, and his bravery were all incredible traits he had. It was no wonder Dawn, Misty, and I had fallen for him. He was always there to help me and encourage me, and he couldn't stay mad, no matter what stupid thing Dawn or I did, he quickly forgave us.

I smiled to myself, and to think I was the one to win his heart. I held onto him tightly and snuggled closer to him. Upon my movement, Ash reached backward and scratched the top of my head.

I'm one lucky girl, I thought, one lucky girl.

Rayquaza let out a growl of annoyance.

"Gengar!" Ash shouted, "Get your foot out of Rayquaza's eye!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Ash, along with his Pokémon had become like a part of my family. Pikachu, Lucario, Gengar, even Totodile and Gible had all grown on me. Knowing I would most likely spend the rest of my life with them made me smile, and I looked forward to the adventures we would share... Where ever that may be.

The End... Maybe.

And that.



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