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"Owwww" groaned a blonde boy who looked to be in his mid teens. He rubbed his head, getting off the ground to view his surroundings. However, it seems everyone in the area was interested in viewing him. Indeed, he drew the attention of many stares as the crowd gathered around him. To them, it was very strange. Never before had they seen anyone appear out of thin air, except maybe a magician. But to Naruto, it was…terrifying.


On one end of an ancient valley and the spectrum was one Sasuke Uchiha. His tan pants and blue shirt, along with his raven hair and Sharingan eyes were the exact opposite of the bright blonde hair and orange jumpsuit. Unfortunately, the mind of this one, Naruto Uzumaki, was not thinking of these differences. His mind was currently being tainted by the feral nature of the youki given him by the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

"Sasuke!" he shouted, his mind clouded by anger.

"Well Naruto" thought Sasuke. "It seems you really are special. It doesn't matter." From his neck, an inky blackness began to spread, covering his whole body. His hair grew out and turned white, while the black markings covered every bit of skin, before absorbing in, making his skin a sickly pale color except for a black, four-pointed star on his nose. "Because I'm more special than you."

Rushing at Sasuke, Rasengan in hand, Naruto slammed his attack at Sasuke, dragging him several yards. But once the dust settled, Naruto was shocked to see Sasuke unharmed. His eyes widened before a crunch was heard, followed by a sickening squelch. Jumping away, Naruto was just in time to dodge the large, hand-shaped wing that emerged from his back. Another moment and a second one also burst from his back.

"Come on" shouted Sasuke, powering up his Chidori. "Let's finish this Naruto. Right now…one attack." Naruto just gave a feral ground in response. His red aura of youki flared as a new Rasengan formed in his hand. The two stood facing each other for several silent moments, before they jumped at each other.

"Naruto!" shouted Sasuke, lunging at the blonde, who jumped at him with a similar battle cry, though his was directed at Sasuke rather than himself. For a moment, both sides felt as though time itself had slowed to a crawl. No sound, not even the chirp of the Chidori was heard by the two. And then, it happened. When the attacks collided, it was as if the amassed chakra of half of Konoha had been released all at once.

Both pushed back against the other with all the strength they could muster. The power exploded outward, forming a sphere of white light, of pure power, around the two. It became everything to the two. All that they were before, all that they would ever be, all they were at that moment was the sphere of light. There was nothing that existed now to the two aside from each other and the sphere. Slowly it expanded, breaking into the ground, vaporizing the water beneath them from the very heat of the orb.

Even through the light of the void within the sphere, both peered through at the other. They had become calm, the anger gone for the moment. All they could do was float and stare at the other. But it wouldn't last. Both boys were wracked with pain, as if their very beings were ripping to pieces. Naruto's pain subsided after a moment, and he noticed a barrier of youki protecting him, probably from the fox, as he hadn't called it. Sasuke's cursed seal however was nowhere near as powerful. It couldn't hold up under the strain. Naruto watched, and was forced to endure, his best friend scream as his skin exploded off his body, burning up in the white light around them. The muscle and tissue followed a slightly different action. Not melting, but purely burning into nothingness in a cascade effect around his body, until only his bones were left to tell the tale. And in another moment, even they were turned to nothing more than dust in the wind.

"No…whispered Naruto, but it soon turned into a shout. "Noooooooooo!" And all was black, until a hard jar to the head, indicating he had hit something, woke him up.

Flashback end

Back to the present, Naruto could think. He could hear the people around him talking. Whispering among themselves. It seemed all to familiar. His eyes closed for a moment before re-opening and widening. The strange park area he had been in was gone. He was standing in an alley back in the village, surrounded by villagers. And the whispering had taken the most dramatic turn, switching from wonder and curiosity to hatred as he picked up words such as "Kill the Demon" and "Finish what the Fourth started!" One of them, presumably the leader of the mob, began moving closer.

In the park, people were nervous and confused. When the boy appeared, he seemed to be injured, or at the very least very banged up. If one looked closely enough, they would even see several burns on his body. The most noticeable of all was the large scar on his chest, which was revealed as he sat up, as the front of his shirt seemed to have been torn to shreds. As people whispered to themselves, one concerned citizen began to step toward him. "Hey kid?" he asked. "Are you in pain? Do you need medical attention?" The boy looked up at the man, confusion in his eyes, but that seemed to be giving way to some deeper feelings.

"Kid, it's time to end our pain. This time, no amount of medical attention will help you survive" snarled the leader as he inched his way closer. Naruto scrambled backwards, looking on in fear and hatred at these people. He risked his life for them, and for what. Hardening his gaze, he stood up and uttered a simple warning.

"Stay back." At the two words and the malice poured into them, the man stopped, looking around at the others, who were equally unnerved.

"Why do you want me to stay back?" the man asked. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not some sort of monster…"

"And just who the hell are you to tell me to stay back?" asked the leader, and Naruto's eyes narrowed. "We're going to hurt you worse than even you hurt all of us, you monster…" he continued, in both his words and his motion. As he reached out his hand to grab him, Naruto's anger took over. He quickly shot out his arm, grabbing the man by the wrist and twisting, easily breaking it with his youki-enhanced strength. Sometimes, anger did have its benefits. Acting quickly, he broke both the man's radius and ulna in the arm, causing them to burst out from under the skin, eliciting a satisfying howl of pain from the man before Naruto jammed the shark bone pieces into the man's side just above the hip, easily piercing the skin and muscles. Immediately, the angry mob went from enraged to panicked. It immediately broke up and its members ran in all directions, screaming about how he was a demon.

The crowd watched in horror as the man who had only tried to be kind to boy had his arm grabbed by the young blonde, who twisted it and squeezed until a sickening crunch was heard. Flipping his arm up, another sound was heard as bone shot up from beneath skin, and was promptly shoved back in again, only in the wrong place. Everyone was too stunned to move until someone screamed. After that, all hell broke loose. People ran this way and that, trying to get away from this blonde terror. But even as they ran, they could hear the boy shout a strange message.

"Not so fucking easy when I fight back, is it?" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Realizing that they may be back with reinforcements soon, Naruto ran, ducking and dodging through the park, until he came to a secluded area. Well, almost. There was one woman sitting on the park bench, what Naruto thought was an old shop he had gone to as a child. One look at her and he saw only one thing. "Haku?" The image shifted though and Naruto once more began seeing and thinking clearly. This was not Haku as Naruto had thought before. In fact, there were barely any similarities to them at a physical level. There was something about this young woman though. She had short, light brown hair, and wore a dreamy, yet equally sad expression on her face. She seemed to not have on much more than a blood stained lab coat. But her oddest feature was the red mark on her forehead, in the shape of a bird with images similar to the tomoe of a Sharingan eye positioned near the bottom. Deciding to chance his luck, Naruto slowly, cautiously, went up to the young woman, and began talking.

"Hey, what are you doing out here dressed like that for?" he asked. She merely moved her gaze to him, but for a second, Naruto thought he saw the release of the barest gasp.

"Ashikabi?" she whispered, making Naruto raise his brow.

"Ashikabi? Is that your name? My name is Naruto" he said. The girl still looked depressed, but at least he had gotten her interest.

"My name…" Naruto looked at her while she was speaking. "My name" she continued. "Is Akitsu."

"Akitsu? That's a cool name. Now though, why are you out here dressed like that? Are you trying to get sick?" he asked, but received no answer. "Come on, you can't just ignore me" he said. "It's impolite." Naruto watched, astounded as she seemed to think about what he said and found herself agreeing. But she too had a question.

"Why are you talking to me?" she asked.

"Why? Should I not be?" he asked back. "I just think you're interesting. You remind me of someone I once knew. An old friend."

"But I am not your friend" replied Akitsu. "I am merely a tool without a purpose, a weapon without a wielder. I am…useless." Naruto's eyes softened. Now Akitsu was definitely beginning to sound like Haku.

"Bull shit" he replied, making her eyes widen, if only slightly, and she turned to face him. When she tried to asked him what he meant, she was interrupted with the answer to the question she didn't ask. "Everyone on the planet has worth. For some, it is found farther within, but it is still there. I've only just met you, and yet you're worth something to me. Why? Because you merely talked with me. Not to me, but with me, regardless of how short our conversation was. The best weapon is the one that is never wielded, and the best tool is the one free to separate from the wielder and create on its own."

"I don't know" said Akitsu, in her depressed, melancholy way, beginning to stare at the ground.

"Do you live around here? I can take you to your home if you like, it's a bit chilly here" said Naruto.

"I have no home to speak of" replied Akitsu.

"Well, what a coincidence, I have nowhere to stay either. Maybe we could possibly find one together?" Akitsu looked up suddenly, finding a hand held out for her to take, a smiling face accompanying it. Cautiously, she took his hand, and immediately, she felt the slightest flicker of something. Her heart fluttered. For the first time in a long time, she had the feeling of warmth flow through her body. She had no idea how or why, but her body was reacting to this boy's touch, something that she had been informed would be impossible by the MBI President himself. His very words were "no Ashikabi in this world could cause her to react, allow her to emerge." Yet here, right now, this boy…

Farther off, a window rolled up on an expensive looking car. The two people inside, one older, and one decidedly younger, maybe around fifteen, were having a conversation.

"Are you sure you don't want me to just grab her?" asked the older.

"I'm quite sure, Mutsu" replied the boy, one Hayato Mikogami. "The scrap Sekirei would have been a fine bonus to my collection, but if she can't be winged, there would be no point in bringing her by force. Also, her inability to emerge means she is no threat to us."

Mutsu merely shrugged, turning to look out the back window in order to get a glimpse of the blonde boy with the wicked looking scar.

Had either group paid any attention, they would have seen a young woman and man blast off into the sky in a tornado like wind, parting the clouds as they went through.

The next day found Naruto and Akitsu checking into a nice hotel, utilizing "acquired funds" Naruto just happened to find. All in all, he found several hundreds of dollars, quite a few credit cards, and several I.D.s that were mysteriously altered by Naruto to allow their pictures on them. Of course, both knew that it was in fact stealing, but Naruto could think of no faster way to make money. Akitsu was impressed with his Shinobi skills, but only because of the fact she was unused to the sight of mere humans performing such feats.

During the last day, Akitsu's reactions to Naruto kept intensifying, especially given his insistence in holding her hand while they looked for a place to stay. He seemed as though he was unwilling to let go of her, like the act of him holding on symbolized something. What it was, Akitsu had no idea, but it was getting almost unbearable. She was forced to use her powers to try to cool herself down, but it was if the fire under her skin blazed hotter than the sun itself. She couldn't hold herself back any longer. She needed to cool her body down, and if she truly was reacting to Naruto, than the only way for her to cool down was for him to become her Ashikabi, and her to do what was specifically said could not be done.

As they entered the room, she dropped down on the bed, hardly able to stand. "Hey" said Naruto. "Are you alright Akitsu?" She could hear the true concern in his voice, making her wonder just what kind of boy Naruto was that he seemed to come to care for someone so quickly after meeting them. Naruto seemed to be bright illumination and a dark enigma wrapped into one. And if things went alright, he would be her Ashikabi as well. Feeling her forehead, Naruto could definitely feel the young woman was feverish. "Wow, you're burning up" he said. "I'm going to try to get a doctor, ok?" Without waiting for an answer, he turned around only to be stopped by a hand grabbing his arm. Turning back around, he came face to face with Akitsu, who had sat up on the bed.

"Naruto" she whispered, barely allowing him to hear. "I believe only you can stop this burning I feel inside my body. I beg of you, let me emerge, and be my Ashikabi." Naruto couldn't stop the usually stoic, almost drowsy girl from her sudden burst of power as she pulled his head to hers and their lips made contact in the form of a kiss. It was only a fraction of a second, but when they pulled away, Naruto was shocked. The symbol on her head shattered before fading in with her skin. Behind her, a bright light glowed, flashing and forming a large, odd pale blue pair of wings, which then rearranged into several smaller pairs of wings in the same color. In a moment, they had faded away, leaving nothing to show they had been there.

"Um, Akitsu…please explain…" said Naruto. And for the first time in a very long time, a semblance of a smile graced Akitsu's lips.

Chapter end

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